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At Clean Group we offer a full spectrum of professional cleaning services. We will be your number one reliable office cleaning provider in Sydney. Our team of dedicated and meticulous professionals will always show up on time and do a fantastic job consistently. You can trust that the level of cleanliness will be beyond your highest expectations. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology we will provide our clients with premium professional cleaning services Sydney and Australia wide. All your cleaning challenges will be properly dealt with by a team of office cleaning experts.

A Vast Variety of Professional Cleaning Services

With Clean Group, you can be confident that you will receive top-to-bottom cleaning solutions for your facility. Clean Group guarantees that your business spaces are clean, refreshed, tidy, and well-maintained. Cleanliness is our top priority. We use the highest quality, non-toxic chemicals and cleaning solutions to ensure that your workplace is always safe and germ-free. We offer complete office cleaning solutions and services, with a special command in the office and business cleaning services Sydney wide.

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Clean Group Professional Cleaning Services

  • Office Cleaning Clean Group offers premium office cleaning services guaranteeing that your business spaces are always spotless, refreshed, tidy, and well-maintained. From floors to office carpets, kitchens and toilet seat cleaning, everything will be squeaky clean.
  • Strata Cleaning We offer a complete range of strata cleaning and maintenance services to both residential and commercial strata buildings, complexes, and warehouses. From cleaning of cobwebs in and around the common halls, areas, roofs to wiping and disinfection of light switches, boards, in common areas and halls and cleaning of bins, removal of garbage and replacement of liners those are just some of the cleaning services we offer to clients who need strata cleaning services.
  • Medical Cleaning Medical centre cleaning refers to the cleaning of medical premises like hospitals, clinics, pharmacies & nursing homes with a focus on safety and hygiene. Our medical centre cleaning services are all-inclusive and will cover routine cleaning of patient rooms, operating theatres, toilets, waiting rooms, etc., followed by complete disinfection by professional cleaners.
  • Gym Cleaning Our cleaners have vast knowledge on how to use advanced technologies because that is how we provide gym cleaning services. We use high-tech gym equipment and eco-friendly materials and chemicals to clean the entire dirt and grimes of the entire fitness centre.
  • Childcare Centre Cleaning We are a full-service childcare cleaning company. That means we have extensive experience in professional daycare cleaning and can provide all kinds of childcare cleaning, care and maintenance services. Our all-inclusive cleaning job will include the complete cleaning of your centre from top to bottom, including disinfection and decontamination.
  • NDIS Cleaning We are a comprehensive NDIS cleaning agency that will take care of all your cleaning needs at your home, office, or other properties. Our cleaners are specifically instructed and trained to provide you with every kind of support and keep care of your comfort in all conditions.
  • School Cleaning Clean Group trusts in providing a clean, healthy, and safe environment to all the children, regardless of whether they are in their primary or high school. We will clean classrooms, auditoriums, floors, desks, chairs, corridors and every inch of the school facility making sure everyone is safe and nowhere near bacteria.
  • Carpet Cleaning Clean Group offers you a wide range of carpet cleaning facilities that will leave your carpets spotless, stain-free, unblemished, unsoiled and everything in between. We offer a variety of carpet cleaning services including carpet steam cleaning, spraying and shampooing, carpet dry cleaning, carpet vacuuming, cleaning and conditioning, and carpet washing.
  • Warehouse Cleaning Clean Group has the facilities to provide a well-polished cleaning to warehouses cleaning services. We have dealt with various kinds of a warehouse, whether they are private, public, or climate-controlled.
  • After Builders Cleaning Here at Clean Group, we offer tailored and affordable after construction cleaning services to businesses and households across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our cleaners are trained to thoroughly clean your place after construction work for dust, debris, rubbish as well as defects such as grout lines, window splatters, grout haze, paint marks, and more.
  • Church Cleaning Clean Group has a deep cleaning procedure that will leave your church sparkling new. We do mopping, steaming, washing, vacuuming, polishing and every other thing in between to maintain a healthy, sanitized, sterile and aseptic church.
  • Green Cleaning To provide efficient green cleaning services in Sydney, Clean Group also invests in several green cleaning technologies. This includes the use of innovative cleaning tools and equipment such as microfibre cleaning cloths and the i-mop floor scrubbers. Our professional cleaning services will include all areas in your business premise – from the reception area, up to the last corner in your restrooms.

For us, the satisfaction of our clients is on priority. With this approach, we have become one of the most reputed cleaning companies offering nothing but unmatched cleaning services Sydney wide. In addition, each professional in the Clean Group team remains a closely-knit family member, and they fully understand our vision to make every penny you spend on us is worth it for you. We will treat your office as our own, and look after it properly. With our experience, knowledge, team and equipment, we will try our best to provide the best possible cleaning solution. Contact us today to get a quote and hire the best cleaning professionals in Australia.

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