What is After Builders Cleaning Prices? (Cost of Builders Cleaning in Sydney)

If you are not from the construction industry, you will not know what after builders cleaning is. After builders cleaning is also known as post-construction cleaning. How do we quote for after builders cleaning? The simplest way to go about determining your price is either through production rates or the time that is going to take you to do the post-construction cleaning.

What is after builders cleaning, and how can we explain this to you in a nutshell? It is not the just basic commercial cleaning that we do at home or in the office.

How Much Does After Builders Cleaning Cost?

There is no definite way for you to name the price for this cleaning requirement. The after builders cleaning cost varies depending on a few factors.

A builders cleaning is priced at least double of what a commercial cleaner will charge for regular cleaning. Usually, cleaners will consider how bad the situation is like getting the stickers inside and outside of the newly installed windows.

There are no bad jobs, but there are jobs that are badly priced. As long as it is a reasonable price, then, that makes it worth doing.

Skills and Care of Merchants

If the merchant knows how to protect their work and clean-up after themselves, it will only take a little of your time to do post-construction cleaning. Can you imagine how much time and effort you need if the tradesman does not care about the paint spill on the carpet or any other surfaces?

Construction Materials that were used in Building the Property

Sophisticated surfaces like mirrors and glasses take much time in cleaning because of their delicate nature. Since time is money in the cleaning business, you need to name your price depending on the time that you need to spend cleaning around these materials.

Two Stages of After Builders Cleaning

Rough Cleaning

It is often called initial cleaning. Rough cleaning involves the removal of rubbish, dust, dirt, and debris from all surfaces. Usually, initial cleaning is done during construction. Mostly, this is required before the flooring is installed. Trade defects typically become visible after the initial cleaning.

Final Detail Cleaning

This is the final stage of cleaning, wherein all of the trade defects are fixed. The final detail clean will show that showroom quality finish. The final clean gives highlight to all the details there is a property.

A few of the scopes of the final detail cleaning includes straightening of grout lines, detailing of tiles, removal of paint marks from floorboards and more.

After Builders Pricing Guide

Naming your price for a cleaning job is an essential part of your business as a commercial cleaner. Your success highly depends on it. Potential leads will not only look at one quote. They usually ask for at least three comparisons.

For a start-up commercial cleaning business, determining your rate is a struggle.

There are a lot of things that you need to consider. You want to make sure that you are not underselling the services that you want to cater to your patrons.

The Economics of After Builders Cleaning

Most of the cleaning jobs are priced by the hour. Your employees will thank you for paying them fairly by compensating for the hours that they had worked for. Add your profit thinking about the overhead cost of your business. Always remember that your competition will always outbid you when it comes to pricing.

Steps on How to Set Your Price

There is no one answer because every job is not the same after builders clean. The after builders cleaning prices will vary by the location that you are in, the city you are in, and so on.

When it comes to after builders cleaning, the average pricing may depend on a number of factors. Similarly, for the final clean, it may range a lot depending on your specific requirements.

Contact us to have an on-site inspection of your place and get the best price quote for an after-builders cleaning service. Touch-up or light cleaning may be involved in the package. These amounts are just the average. Your price can be lower or higher.

Just like anything else that we do in commercial cleaning after builders cleaning, we have to do a walkthrough; we need to ask a lot of right questions.

By asking a lot of questions, you will know more about the cleaning requirement, and you will be able to price the job accurately.

Choose your Niche

Pricing services are different in each industry. You need to know where to do you want to focus. After builders cleaning is most expensive because of the amount of work required for the task. Determine the rate of your employees

Most of the commercial cleaners are paid by the hour. It would be best if you compared their rates from that mandated by the government and what is currently in the market. Often, a good and fair salary attracts good employees. To know about our after-builders cleaning cost, contact now!

Include your Overhead Expense

A cleaning business entails typically the use of cleaning chemicals, your equipment, and cleaning supplies. Apart from these supplies you also have to consider your management costs – salary of your office staff, your marketing expenses, petrol, toll fees, uniforms, business cards, insurances, etc.

What is your Hourly Rate?

Now that you have listed your major expenses, you need to add your mark-up. By doing so, you are now ready to determine how much is your hourly rate.

Compare your company’s hourly rate from the businesses in your area that offers the after builders cleaning services. Know your competition and think of ways on how you can outshine them.

Timing and Pricing

For sure, you are familiar with the classic saying that Time is Gold. This is true in almost every aspect of life. In the cleaning business, where a job is paid mostly by the hour, you need to know the average time on how long you will be able to complete a particular task.

Other Ways in Determining Your Rates

Not all cleaning tasks are the same, and timing the job and pricing are based on the time spent will not apply to all scenarios. When time and price do not fit, you need to consider doing the following:

Charge by Square Foot

Normally, this scheme is applied to larger commercial businesses. Pricing your services is completely up to you but for After Builders cleaning, the cost per square foot may depend on your cleaner’s skills & experience.

Cleaning Frequency

After Builders cleaning is usually a one-off job. The idea behind this principle is, the less frequent the job is required, the more expensive it gets. Regular cleaning will always be cheaper than a one-off after builders cleaning.

After builders cleaning service may not cost more for a small business but can go high depending on the size of the business.

After builders, clean does not include professional carpet cleaning and external window cleaning. You can ask your local professional commercial cleaner for a quote if you are interested in availing yourself of these services.


We want you to get the best out of the information you are given from this article and apply it to your next after builders clean. All these cleanings have to be designed carefully and correctly.

After builders cleaning is a very wide market encompassing different situations. We want you to have an idea of what could happen in these situations.

During or after construction cleaning is a challenging work that is quite often not treated with the respect it deserves. You need to be very good at the job and you need to be trained.

You need experience. I hope that we show you everything you need to know about carrying out these unique cleans. In fact, the skills that you need are easily transferable to your office cleaning and will help you get the ratings that you wanted.

You can go after difficult contracts which often go unfilled due to lack of knowledge and ability. The future is all good as you mean to start as you go on. As we mentioned many times before, this is not easy work. You need a right eye on the work and the skills required for you to complete the job.

There are a lot of trained, professional cleaners all over Australia that can give you a comprehensive quote for your after builders cleaning requirement. We suggest that you gather at least three quotes for a better comparison.

After builders cleaning is a tough job and can take so many hours. With proper equipment and knowledge, this business venture will surely become a success. You just have to know your market and your strengths.

We hope that you enjoyed this article and find it relevant to your daily business routine. There are many aspiring commercial cleaners out there who need help in growing their businesses.

Please feel free to share this article with your social media platforms to reach all these targeted audiences. Let us know your thoughts on this reading material by dropping your comments below too.

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