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If you’ve never hired one of the best commercial cleaning Brisbane companies in the community before, the odds are pretty good you’ve discovered just how daunting a task this can be. At the end of the day, after all, you are going to be inviting a group of total strangers into your business or your office building (almost always after hours) and trusting them to do a great job without ever negatively impacting your operations. It’s a lot to take on.

At the same time, it’s never a good idea to have any of your employees handling the office cleaning tasks that can be effortlessly outsourced. This is particularly true when their time could be spent on a higher return on investment activities. There’s no faster way to kill morale in an office than to ask employees that never expected to do any office cleaning as part of their job to pick up a broom, mop, or a duster and get to work during normal business hours.

Thankfully, when you choose to hire a top-flight office cleaning Brisbane operation (like our own) you don’t have to worry about any of that headache or hassle. Instead, you’ll be getting quality cleaning services at prices that can be custom-tailored to your specific needs and your specific situation.

All of these commercial cleaning services are performed by top-flight professionals with thorough background checks and training, professionals that are always equipped with all of the office cleaning supplies and tools they need to do a great job regardless of how often you may have contracted their cleaning services for.

You likely have a whole host of questions you want to have answered about hiring out these kinds of cleaning services, and there’s a handful of questions you’ll need to make sure you ask of any cleaning service you’re thinking about working with before you move forward. Let’s dive right in and cover the most pressing questions and concerns you likely have about these kinds of commercial cleaning services in Brisbane!

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Are you a licensed, insured, and bonded organization?

Right out of the gate, you want to be sure that you are only about working with completely legitimate commercial cleaning operations like our own.

Plenty of fly-by-night operations exist in the Brisbane community (and throughout the rest of Australia, for that matter), promising the moon and the stars when it comes to office cleaning services, results, and prices but never delivering the goods, so to speak.

As we highlighted above, you’re going to be trusting these individuals to come into your place of work or your office after hours. You want to make sure that they are professionals worthy of your trust come in the best way to do so is to work only with licensed, insured, and bonded organizations.

Are background checks conducted on all employees?

The overwhelming majority of reputable office cleaning organizations in Brisbane, including our own cleaning services, conduct background checks on all of the employees that we end up hiring.

This guarantees that only the highest caliber individuals are going to be trusted in your office or your workspace when you aren’t around, and it gives you a lot of confidence and peace of mind to know that you don’t have anything to worry about when you close up for the night.

On top of that, you’ll also want to make sure that you have a “regular crew” coming in and taking care of the office cleaning services for you as much as possible. That is what you get to know the people you have handling this kind of heavy lifting for you, lets you establish a relationship with these professionals, and should go a long way towards putting your mind at ease as well.

Who is responsible for supplying equipment and cleaning supplies?

To get the best results possible, and to streamline things as much as you are able to, you’ll want to be sure that the Brisbane commercial cleaning company you are working with is either bringing their own equipment and supplies or that you have an agreement in place to provide these essential tools on your own for cleaning services.

Most top-notch commercial cleaning enterprises use only the latest technology and tools to provide the best deep clean results possible, and almost all of them use eco-and environmentally friendly products that are a lot easier on your office space, your employees, business partners, and customers, and the local environment than more traditional harsh chemicals ever could have hoped to be.

Our focus is on using highly recommended commercial cleaning tools and approaches for a quick and high-performance floor, glass cleaning that saves management time, and requires less after support. We handle professional cleaning & Brisbane office cleaning service to meet the needs of businesses, builders, and individuals in all suburbs of Brisbane. Our trained cleaner takes safety very seriously and uses minimum water for regular cleaning of your place.

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Advantages of using eco-friendly cleaning products

Clean Group commercial cleaning team uses only eco-friendly and healthy cleaning supplies and detergents. Here’s why.

Healthier Workforce: Our eco-friendly cleaning supplies are free of harmful chemicals, thereby ensuring the complete health of your employees.

No Risk to Team : Making use of only pure and high-quality products ensures that our cleaning team remains safe from any health risks.

Cost-effective : Natural and green cleaning products are relatively cheaper than commercial supplies because of less chemical content.

Protect the Environment : While artificial, chemical-rich cleaning products are harmful to the environment, our cleaning service include products that are eco-friendly.

Besides the above benefits, there are many other reasons why we use only eco-friendly products in our commercial cleaning company. We understand that the use of harmful chemicals may lead to serious health risks and may open our team to diseases like occupational asthma. To avoid such risks, we do and encourage the use of only green cleaning supplies.

How are we a better commercial cleaning company in Brisbane than the competition?

Clean Group is a fully native and your own local commercial cleaning service Brisbane provider that is committed to offering the first class cleaning and maintenance services to businesses of all sized & scale. Even though we are a small business, you can expect to receive the services of an enterprise level by a team that has been trained for this job and has years of experience. Our strict recruitment and selection process ensures that we only hire capable and committed personnel who will be able to give you the best cleaning results in the most economical fashion.

Clean Group is a professional commercial cleaning organisation based in Brisbane and providing commercial cleaning services in multiple locations throughout the country. We have access to the topnotch resources, both human and machines, that enables us to manage your cleaning needs and keep delivering high-quality, customised office cleaning services to companies in Brisbane. Our company values lie in our commitment to achieving higher standards in cleaning than our competition and in line with our clients’ expectations.

Our team is here to serve all your office cleaning needs and land you the best cleaning resources and technologies for commercial cleaning. Should you want to have a discussion, feel free to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What all services are covered under your Commercial Cleaning Brisbane?

We offer all kinds of commercial cleaning services in Brisbane that include floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, desk cleaning, walls, windows & light boards cleaning, tiles cleaning, toilets, etc. Also, we offer services to all the major types of businesses such as medical centres, childcare centres, schools, businesses, warehouses, retail chains, and more.

What things should I consider when hiring a cleaning company in Brisbane?

First of all, the cleaner must have good experience in cleaning your particular property type. Also, they must be reliable and have a good reputation, as you do not want your staff or family to feel unsafe. They must be flexible and available as per your preferred hours. We want to secure a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

What is the cost of your Brisbane Cleaning Services?

We do not follow fixed pricing, but can offer a custom quotation based on the unique needs of your business. Call us now to let our experts examine your place for the cleaning needs, based on which we will be able to give you the best price quote. In general, the cleaning cost depends on things like the number of hours, cleaning materials & equipment, number of cleaners, etc.

Do your cleaners in Brisbane have insurance?

Of course. Our entire cleaning staff has been insured through all proper means. You will get the insurance certification along with the price quote. We will never take risks with the safety or property of our clients.


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