General Workplace Cleaning Vs Deep Cleaning: Know the Difference

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It is pretty easy to tell the difference between general cleaning and deep cleaning for someone who has been in business in the cleaning industry like us. For the benefit of all other readers, we will dive deep into the topic to understand the differences between general cleaning and deep cleaning services. We will make this article answer your lingering question on what’s the difference between the two.

In a nutshell, general cleaning is like your routine cleaning. Something that you will do every day to keep all the areas clean, presentable, and have the highest air quality. General cleaning can take care of the usual amount of dust and dirt. Whereas a deep clean can be similar to spring Commercial cleaning. This type of cleaning is more thorough, emphasizing those areas that are not usually being touched during the routine cleaning.

A deep clean sometimes calls for special cleaning services like carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

Deep cleaning is something that regular cleaners will not easily do as they are not trained or equipped to do it.

With that said, you need to trust a more experienced commercial cleaner to handle the unique needs of your business.

These two types of cleaning are normally offered by a company that runs a cleaning service. Commercial cleaners are all over the place, and you will never run out of choices.

Don’t get confused, Clean Group experts help you to understand what is a general cleaning? And, what does general cleaning include? Keep reading our blog to learn more about these two types of cleaning services.

What is General Cleaning?

General cleaning is something that you do regularly. Depending on the agreed cleaning frequency, commercial cleaners perform the cleaning tasks in all areas. Regular cleaning takes care of dust and dirt and prevents them from building up fast.

It is often performed in commonly used areas of the office and obvious places like glass doors and window frames.

Always remember those high traffic areas harbour more dust, germs and viruses that can endanger your employees’ health. That being said, the population plays an important role in determining how often a business should get cleaned.

More people working in an area demands a higher cleaning frequency.

Always propose a workable cleaning schedule for your customers. Most of the businesses in Australia favour cleaning out of their business hours.

What does general cleaning include?

A general cleaning meaning consists of basic cleaning activities that include sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, etc. This type of surface cleaning is performed on a weekly basis to maintain a level of cleanliness and hygiene in your home and offices.

Also having a General Cleaning checklist can help you to understand what should or should not be expected from general cleaning services when you hire professional cleaners.

Routine activities that happen during the general cleaning include:

  • Tidying and organised rooms convey order and comfort
  • Wiping windows, mirrors, and glass
  • Cleaning floors
  • Wiping surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Taking out the trash
  • General dusting

General cleaning equipment and materials that are used for house cleaning include:

  • Broom and dustpan 
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Mop
  • Floor Cleaning Cloths
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Water

What is Included in a Deep Clean?

Regular businesses like offices need at least a once-a-year deep cleaning. An office can be a home to different germs, viruses, and deadly pathogens even if you maintain a general cleaning routine.

Dirt and dust can pile up quickly even if you follow regular cleaning tasks. People who come and go from your business will continually transport these unwanted visitors. Obviously, the word deep means you need to be in-depth with the cleaning.

You need to entrust this with experienced commercial cleaners. These guys will understand your need perfectly as compared to regular cleaners.

A deep cleaning may include:

    • Steam carpet cleaning
    • Internal and external window cleaning
    • Wall washing
    • Cleaning of air vents
    • Cleaning of the
    • Internal fridge and microwave ovens
    • Floor Scrubbing
    • Strip and Seal
    • Removal of graffiti
    • Wiping the insides and tops of cabinets
    • Scrubbing of window frames
    • Cleaning of office chairs
    • Deep cleaning of upholstered office partitions

Expert Tips for Deep Cleaning

Since many office cleaners are not yet as qualified as commercial cleaners to perform a deep clean, we decided to share some useful tips with you in the hopes that they will help your business grow.

We all know that deep cleaning requires more knowledge and expertise. We had cited differences in deep cleaning vs regular cleaning.

Prepare the Area by Removing as much Furniture and Clutter as Possible.

It will be easier to move around and reach neglected areas if the surface is free of clutters. You may want to include this in your pre-deep cleaning checklist and general cleaning checklist.

Discussing this with your customers ahead of time is also advisable because they may prepare the area for you.

This is a must especially if you will wipe over desks. They need to clear out the desks from papers and other clutters.

Focus on the Hard Reach Areas.

Regular cleaning will definitely get rid of the everyday dust that gets into the workspace. This is true for commonly used areas.

Deep cleaning is a must for places like ceilings, skirting boards, high horizontal surfaces, back of computers, and all those nooks and crannies where horror normally builds up.

It is similar to how you do it with your home spring cleaning.

Clean The Kitchen Appliances.

Deep cleaning is the best time to pay attention to your everyday kitchen appliances like the coffee maker and microwave. It is very seldom that these appliances get the attention that they deserve.

One thing that I learned from working in the commercial cleaning industry is you can multitask with these parts of cleaning.

You can boil vinegar in the coffee machine while you scrub your way to the sink and other sections of the kitchen.

Using white vinegar will definitely eliminate the water calcium build-up from the coffee machine.

It is also the best time to clean and deodorize the microwave oven. You can start by removing the microwave plate and giving it a good wash.

When you are done with that, get half a slice of lemon, toss it in a bowl with water, and let it run in the microwave for about five minutes.

This will leave the microwave clean and smelling fresh.

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Other Useful Facts About General Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

Cleaning regardless if it is deep cleaning or regular cleaning can be very tedious. Don’t you think that you can use your time to do more productive things instead of cleaning your office? There are a lot of commercial cleaners in Australia that offer a wide range of cleaning services from spring cleaning to regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

It is necessary to have a lot of general cleaning equipment so that you can clean your office or house well. A general cleaning service usually doesn’t take a long time as compared to deep cleaning, also it totally depends on you how frequently you want to do general cleaning for your home and it typically costs less.

After a deep clean, you can open the possibility of rearranging the office for your customers. This is something that they may have been dying to do for a long time but just do not know where to begin. It is an example of going above and beyond.

When someone hires you to perform general cleaning duties, do not let go of the opportunity to offer them a routine cleaning service. Getting a regular customer should be your number one priority.

If you have done the deep clean very well, explain to your customer that regular cleaning is a must to maintain a spotless office.

Have you also tried to suggest to your customers to bring in plants in the office? Plants have so many advantages.

We can talk about it at a different time, but I am telling you right now that having a small plant in the office will do more than one benefit.

We know all the science behind plants and how it produces oxygen that can help purify the air that we breathe in.

By now, we hope that we enlightened the confusion that may be clouding your mind about deep cleaning and regular cleaning.

What’s the difference between the two? Pretty simple, it is the depth of cleaning effort that a professional commercial cleaner needs to exert.

Professional commercial cleaners will definitely help you reach your objectives if you are someone who wishes to maintain a healthy and safe workplace for your employees and customers.

I am sure that this is not the first article that you read about different types of cleaning. We want to know your ideas about it. Share your own tips with us by writing a comment down below.

How are you able to complete a deep cleaning contract and how do you maintain your regular cleaning contracts?

There are a lot of aspiring cleaners out there who look for this kind of good read. We will continuously share our knowledge to help our industry grow.

Let us encourage them to grow. Check out our other blogs. Let me know what other topics you want us to talk about on our next release.

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