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Tips On How To Clean Those Most-Touched Areas

During these trying times, home and office sanitation has become a top priority. But, this doesn’t just involve cleaning the flooring, windows, or furniture alone. We sometimes forget to clean high-touch areas, fridges, gadgets, and furniture. “Most-touched area” refers to a surface that’s touched by most people regularly throughout the day. Cleaning and disinfecting such […]

Tips on How to Organise and Clean the Office Fridge

Maintaining cleanliness is very important for any business. Most business owners implement various cleaning techniques for their employees to practice. Nevertheless, particular areas are often not taken seriously – like the office refrigerator.  Keeping an office fridge organized and clean can be a hassle since different people at work use it. Although office cleaning service […]

3 Reasons Why You Need to Clean Your Warehouse

Warehouses are used to store valuable products, staff member’s workspace, and machinery. For this reason, it should surely be kept clean. With machines that run day and night on products that emit dust, particles, and work tools, a warehouse can get very dirty and sometimes even filthy.  To reduce the risk of hazardous accidents and […]

How to Remove Limescale and Keep it Away

Limescale is a hard off-white substance with a chalky consistency, mainly consisting of calcium carbonate, which builds up near places where hard water has evaporated. It is usually found in hot water boilers, washing machines, inside kettles, pipes, and plumbing fixtures. In bathrooms, it can be found in showerheads, taps, and plugs. Limescale removal can […]

How to Remove Stubborn Stains in Sydney

You’ve been clumsy with a bottle of ketchup and poof, there’s a big old stain on your T-shirt. So how do you get stubborn stains out? There are two basic methods for stain removal. They include interacting with the stain chemically or physically loosening the stain to remove it from a surface. Many hard-to-remove stains […]

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