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How to Remove Tea and Coffee Stains at Work (From Carpet, Keyboard, Floors and Furniture)

How to Remove Tea and Coffee Stains at Work

Employees having tea and coffee while working is usual. Many businesses offer complimentary drinks to both employees, visitors, and customers. Spilling coffee or tea while working is a familiar sight too. It can happen everywhere, and it can leave tea and coffee stains if left unattended. This article will talk to you about simple hacks and tips to eliminate bad coffee and tea stains while you are at work.

We cannot deny the fact that a lot of people love caffeine. Coffee and tea stains will require time and effort to remove. These stains are not permanent, but you need to address them right away to avoid staining permanently. ...  read more

Office Blind Cleaning (How to Do Professional Cleaners Clean Blinds?)

Office Blind Cleaning How to Do Professional Cleaners Clean Blinds

Office blind cleaning is not part of routine cleaning in most cases. Most often than not, it is always neglected and left dirty and dusty. As professional cleaners clean blinds, we know that this is one of your many frustrations when we talk about getting your workplace dust-free.

In this article, we will demonstrate to you how we effectively clean office blinds. Be amazed at its effects on your business’s overall facade and how it helps improve your employees’ health.

Commercial cleaning has much expertise, and not all of them are willing to do tedious jobs like cleaning the blinds and shutters. We recommend that you only choose the cleaning company who knows the proper way of attending to these unique needs. ...  read more

Office Kitchen Cleaning – How to Keep Your Office Pantry and Kitchen Safe from Covid-19

How to Keep Your Office Pantry and Kitchen Safe from Covid

Covid 19 has indeed changed the way we live our everyday lives. Actions like stocking the pantry, cooking, and washing a procedure open possibilities of transmitting the virus.

This article will talk about office kitchen cleaning procedures to stop the spread of this deadly virus and how can you keep your office kitchen clean, disinfect and safe from Coronavirus.

We all know by now that Covid 19 is transmitted from person to person. Here are the simple steps on mitigating the spread of the virus in a workplace set up. ...  read more

Strata Cleaning & Common Areas Disinfection: What You Need to Know

Strata Cleaning & Common Areas Disinfection What You Need to Know

A strata building refers to a multi-level building or apartment complex usually having multiple floors. This can be an office building or residential apartments. Managing a strata building is a tough job. Many residential and commercial buildings have dedicated managers or strata cleaners to look after their cleaning & maintenance and manage occasional strata repairs and upgrades on behalf of the owners.

Besides cleaning, regular strata common areas disinfection is also an important part of strata maintenance, as it helps protect the health interests of the residents and/or workers in the building. This is particularly important in the aftermath of pandemic situations like the recent one where the world was hit by the COVID-19 virus and went under lockdown for as long as a year. ...  read more

Is Your Business Disinfection in Safe Hands (Who Is Australia’s Best in Business Disinfection?)

Is Your Business Disinfection in Safe Hands Who Is Australia's Best in Business Disinfection

Now that everyone is almost back in business, I want to point you where you can entrust your business’s disinfection needs.

We will talk about how we can protect your employees from infection. Also, we will cover the process of disinfecting your business after the lockdown.

Responsible business owners will hire experts to cover their post-COVID 19 requirements.

Who to call?

Clean Group has been making noise in the cleaning industry for more than two decades. They have unparalleled experience in creating and maintaining a safe place for you and your employees. ...  read more

Antiviral Sanitisation and Disinfection Cleaning in Australia

Since we are far from being over with Covid 19, the Australian Government Department of Health has come up with many campaigns and protocols to protect the entire population in Australia. This drive is not only being observed in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth but all over the country.

The cleaning industry works hand in hand in the Australian Government Department of Health to come up with fantastic antiviral sanitisation and disinfection cleaning services that will protect all business establishments against viruses and bacteria. ...  read more

Different Types of Cleaning Services Provided By Clean Group In Melbourne

Different Types of Cleaning Services Provided By Clean Group In Melbourne

In this post, I am going to show you the different types of cleaning services offered by the Clean Group in Melbourne.

In fact, there are 30,463 cleaning service provider companies in Australia but few of them offer all services to their clients.

Clean Group has been the foundation of commercial cleaning businesses for over ten years. We have numerous loyal and satisfied customers all across NSW, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We take pride in the hard work of our professional commercial cleaners.

Their competencies and experiences had made a strong backbone in our business.
Now, Clean Group speaks premium quality commercial cleaning Melbourne...  read more

Is it More Cost-Efficient to Outsource a Cleaner or Hire Your Own Employee?


It has been a long-debated issue in the cleaning industry. The competition between cleaning staff vs shop workers will never end. Why? The answer to this very question will vary depending on each business.

There are different pros and cons when it comes to hiring your own cleaning staff as opposed to hiring an outsource cleaners.

Some companies are small, and it will make sense if they ask their own employee to take care of the cleaning duties in their shop.

This will not apply to large scale corporations. To some companies, getting your own employee as outsource cleaners is an added burden. ...  read more

What Do You Know About Office Cleaning?

We all get it. Cleaning plays an essential part in all businesses. Every business owner will like the idea of having their workspace presentable to both customers and employees.

Commercial cleaners are everywhere offering services like window cleaning, office cleaning, strata cleaning, warehouse cleaning, and a lot more.

Cleaning in Sydney is definitely a fun and exciting game for business owners who offer cleaning services all around the Sydney CBD area.

It is the battle of the most qualified office cleaners. In this article, we will talk about the things that you need to know about regular cleaning for Sydney offices. ...  read more

General Cleaning Vs Deep Cleaning: Know the Difference

It is pretty easy to tell the difference between a general cleaning and deep cleaning for someone who has been in business in the cleaning industry like us. For the benefit of all other readers, we will dive into this topic today.

We will make this article answer your lingering question on what’s the difference between the two.

In a nutshell, general cleaning is like your routine cleaning. Something that you will do every day to keep all the areas clean, presentable, and have the highest air quality. General cleaning can take care of the usual amount of dust and dirt. ...  read more

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