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Best Practices in Welcoming your Visitors During Covid 19

office visitors during covid 19

When the trade slowly opens at the start of 2021, safety and health become the top priority of every business. Everyone follows the CDC guidelines set for Covid 19 protocol.

Crowd control is the number one factor in ensuring the safety of office visitors during covid 19. Read through with us to know these helpful steps and techniques to safeguard the people involved in your business.  

Every day, you are expecting a different pool of people to visit your office. You can never be too sure with these people because the Corona Virus is airborne and there is a 14-day lapse to know if someone is infected.  ...  read more

Fitness Center Cleaning – How Do You Clean A Fitness Center and Gym?

Fitness Center Cleaning - How Do You Clean A Fitness Center and Gym

Gyms and fitness centres receive a high amount of foot traffic. Sometimes, the smell of sweat may linger in the air, but it is unacceptable. Your gym has to hire a competitive commercial cleaner that can look after the facility’s overall cleanliness and sanitation. This article will talk about you steps of Fitness Center Cleaning and things you need to consider when caring for a gym.

Fitness Centre Cleaning Checklist: How to Work Out In Gym Without Worry

Everyone can use the workout space in a gym. The same set up goes the same for A-class gyms, commercial gyms, and small studios. Big or small gym – your business needs to hire a professional commercial cleaner that knows the unique needs for this kind of setting and some important cleaning hacks for your fitness centre.
There are equipment and surfaces that are often touched by many individuals. Without proper care and disinfection, this can spread germs and viruses that can be very harmful to the people that go to your gym so you need to know about cleaning checklist.

5 Steps in Effective Gym Disinfection Cleaning

Fitness centre cleaning professionals reveal these five simple steps in making your gym safe for everyone. You need to include these as part of your cleaning essentials to get the best result, especially during the Covid season.

  1. Practice good hand hygiene as often as you can. Before you start disinfecting surfaces and equipment, make sure to wash your hands with running soap and water for no less than 20 seconds. You can use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser in the absence of soap and water.
  2. Wear your appropriate PPE.
  3. Using a clean cloth and your preferred disinfectant, make sure to wipe a surface following one direction. It is essential for you not to go back and forth to recontaminate the surface you already disinfected.
  4. Disinfectants have their own specific contact time to become effective. Always check the label and make sure to follow the recommended contact time.

Equipment like a stability ball and foam roller is commonly used by many. Things and surfaces like these need to be disinfected several times in a day. Some disinfectant requires washing up because of the strong chemical composition that can irritate the person’s skin.

It is always best to read the manufacturer’s label to determine if your process should include a quick wash up after the disinfection is completed.

Fitness Center Cleaning Guidelines: How to Clean Gym Equipment to Prevent Germs and Viruses

There is no rule book when it comes to Corona Virus protocol. In a nutshell, the cleaning staff is working full time to create a safe environment for your members.

Commercial fitness gym cleaning cleaners can help by properly sanitising the gym equipment after each use. We will show you in this Cleaning Guidelines on how to do it right.

  • Bleach and disinfecting wipes can damage gym equipment over time. Many gyms will have hospital-grade disinfectants available. It is recommended that you ask for the data safety sheet that is being used in the facility
  • For gym equipment, you can use two cups of warm water with three drops of dish soap. You can also use distilled white vinegar with an equal part of the water that can be used as a fitness cleaning alternative.
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    Electrostatic Disinfection Process – Everything You Need To Know

    Electrostatic Disinfection Process

    The pandemic had introduced a new approach to living for people like us. Vaccines may be out, but it is less likely that everyone will get vaccinated right away. People are exposed to the deadly effects of the Covid 19, especially now that a new variant is rising. We cannot be vigilant as the number of Covid-positive people is still increasing by the day.

    We all know that the only way to combat this virus is by keeping a clean environment.

    As the day progressed, many technologies were being introduced and had shown promising results over this pandemic. In this article, we will talk about the wonders of Electrostatic Disinfection and how it can protect us against CoronaVirus and other deadly viruses, germs, and bacteria. ...  read more

    Is Your Office Ready for Major Challenges of 2021 Amid Pandemic?

    Is Your Office Ready for major Challenges of 2021 amid pandemic

    With the pandemic, many businesses resulted in working from home or have placed a strict social distancing protocol in their office ready. Everyone has been worried about the health and safety of their employees and family members.

    Coronavirus has drastically affected the way companies make their everyday trade. We are so far from wallowing and worrying about our businesses, and we want to be a step ahead of the game.

    Trades are slowly opening, and many offices have declared office is ready for the work. We want to ensure that everyone is safe from the virus.

    As a leading commercial cleaning company in Australia, we will share with you the ideas on how to clean your office ready for 2021. We want to let the whole world know about this long-term solution to combat Covid 19.

    4 Major Office Challenges in 2021

    Many companies are now planning ahead for the coming year. They will need to make sure that their workplace is safe once their employees return to the office ready.

    The Coronavirus pandemic changed so many norms when it comes to our daily operation. People are now slowly embracing the changes putting their health as their number one priority.

    For the past eleven months, it is already known to us that the Coronavirus spreads through close contact with an infected person or surface. Having this in mind, the health and safety of many people should be our top goal.

    Returning to work is possible as long as we have the right mindset and action plan to fight what is ahead of us.

    #1 Long-Term Working from Home Arrangements

    We need to limit the number of employees gathered in a particular office space. Social distancing is only possible if a controlled number of employees are present.

    Strategize and have a meeting with your management and map out the functions and roles of each worker and carefully consider whether or not it would be essential for them to work in the amid pandemic situation is an office-ready.

    Some positions can be done flawlessly in a remote work set up. Many companies have made this possible. Some of the roles in their organization are now functioning with their employees working from home.

    The employee does not have to face the risks of contracting the virus on his way to work and from person to person encounters with his colleagues.

    #2 Reimagining the Workplace in Pandemic

    CDC had implemented strict guidelines on how to stop the spread of the Covid 19 effectively. One of them is the enforcement of social distancing. With the new normal, offices had rearranged the overall facade of their office to make sure that there is enough space between the employees who are tasked to return to the office.

    Some even installed barriers between shared desks. There should be a concrete plan for both returns to the office and remote working employees.

    Apart from enforcing social distancing. Many companies had installed handwashing facilities and invested in signages to increase the level of awareness of their workers. Companies also make sure that their employees must have access to supplies like hand soap, hand sanitiser, hand towel, and other consumables that are needed to promote health and safety. Staff should be encouraged to wash hands and wear the mask after the office ready to open.

    People will tend to remember easily if they can see signs and posters near the sink or any common areas like the kitchen and toilets. In the school industry, kids are being taught on how they can wash their hands.

    Many information about Coronavirus can be found on almost all the walls of the facilities to increase awareness.

    #3 Reduction in Office Travel Expense

    The world is far from returning to its normal course. A company can indeed cut down the travelling cost since travelling is not necessary. We must use our company’s budget diligently and invest in cleaning instead. Cleaning is the game-changer during this pandemic.

    If you have your own trusted professional cleaner to do the cleaning and disinfecting in your workplace, employees will definitely be confident in returning to the office ready. Plus, if you have a clean, safe workplace, people will trust you more.

    #4 Embrace the Digital Transformation

    Same as investing in cleaning and disinfection of your workplace, please invest in the proper tools, equipment, and software that will make your life easier during this pandemic stage.

    Choose the software that will monitor your workers’ productivity even if they are into remote work. Digital transformation will make all things possible. This is part of the new normal.

    Getting Your Workplace Ready for 2021

    Employers should communicate with their staff and teach them simple steps that will safeguard their health and limit the spread of the Coronavirus. Display posters are promoting good =&0=& or reminding your staff to cover their mouth and nose with a bent elbow or a disposable tissue.

    Management should ensure that paper towels are available in the workplace, along with closed bins. This will make it easier for your workers to identify the proper bins to use in disposing of the used and contaminated tissues once used.

    Employers must promote regular and thorough handwashing by employees, contractors, customers, and visitors. Make sure that everyone on the site has access to places where they can wash their hands with soap and water.

    Washing hands is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself and others from illnesses. Display hand hygiene signs and posters around your workplace to remind people to wash their hands correctly.

    Make hand sanitisers available in prominent areas around your office. Ensure that the dispensers are refilled regularly and easily accessible. Ensure that your office is clean and hygienic and office ready to work.

    Surfaces such as desks and objects such as keyboards and telephones need to be wiped with disinfectant regularly.

    Contamination on surfaces touched by staff, customers, and visitors is one of the main ways that Covid 19 spreads. These low-cost measures will equip your business to prevent the spread of infections and reduce the risks of lost working days due to illness.

    Cleaning and Disinfecting During the Pandemic

    Cleaning and disinfecting is an essential component for stopping the spread of Coronavirus. Cleaning removes microorganisms using water and detergents, but it cannot kill the microorganisms present on the surfaces. Disinfection is needed if you aim to kill viruses and germs.

    Different areas of a building or office are needed to be cleaned and disinfected differently. Some areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, may need to be cleaned and disinfected daily in these pandemics environment.

    =&1=& are great for tables, countertops and other high-touch objects like door handles, mobile phones, and light switches.

    Here Is How to Use Disinfection Wipes:

  • Personal protective equipment is not needed. We recommend the use of gloves if your skin is easily irritated or you can also wash your hands as soon as you are done with the wipes.
  • Always check the safety information on the label before use.
  • To disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces, thoroughly wet the surface with a disinfectant wipe. It must remain visibly wet for five minutes in order for disinfection to occur.
  • If a surface is dirty or has food stuck on it, you need to clean it before disinfection. Always clean before disinfecting. This could mean using one wipe to remove the dirt or any visible contaminants, then re-wipe to disinfect.
  • For surfaces that may come in contact with food, most manufacturer’s recommendation is to rinse the surface with water after disinfecting. Make sure that the lids are always close after using disinfection wipes. Otherwise, the product will dry up and won’t disinfect the surface effectively.
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    Top Commercial Cleaning Company In Australia

    Top Commercial Cleaning Company In Australia

    The commercial cleaning company is on the rise because of the height of Covid 19. In this, many businesses have entrusted the fate of their employees and customer’s health on this line of business.

    Cleaning can be unbearable as it consumes time and strength. One has to know the right way of addressing cleaning needs to get the best result. We all believe that there are different approaches out there that are suitable for each unique commercial cleaning company requirement.

    If you are the type that does not know anything about commercial cleaning, your best bet is to get and hire a commercial cleaner. Read through if you want to know who to hire and who to call. We want nothing but for you to get the best cleaning services possible.

    The Best Commercial Cleaning Service in Australia

    Clean Group Pty Ltd

    You may think that this is a marketing stunt, but do not get me wrong. Clean Group has been in business for more than two decades. This brand has been making noise because of the unparalleled quality of cleaning.

    Commercial cleaning is the flagship of this company, and they have been in service for over 200 businesses all across NSW, VIC, and QLD.

    They are strongly committed to reliability and highest customer service, back-end support.

    Why are we promoting Clean Group?

    Here is why…


    The number of years in service tells you something about the company that you are dealing with. More than two decades in service is no joke. Few companies had reached this milestone.

    If Clean Group managed to be on top for these number of years, it only means that they are doing something right. What sets them apart from the other commercial cleaning out there is their =&0=&


    They value their commitment. In all kinds of relationships, you need to deliver what was promised to nurture and grow. Clean Group has a pool of dedicated cleaners that come on time, on the day, to provide the highest commercial cleaning company.

    All-In-One Stop

    Because of experience, Clean Group can provide almost everything that speaks about commercial cleaning. They have a complete array of different equipment and tools to satisfy your unique needs. Not all cleaning companies out there can do that because investing for equipment will never come cheap.

    It will be a pain if you need to hire multiple cleaning contractors for a set of tasks needed to be done. You might as well get a contract from someone who can be with you from start to finish.


    All cleaning technicians of Clean Group follow their core value that speaks about trust and loyalty. These cleaners have undergone a strict background check.

    The owner of the business knows all of them personally and had entrusted them to carry the name of the company with pride. The cleaners are aware that their job will become the mirror of the brand.


    This speaks about peace of mind. Hiring a top class commercial cleaning company who will clean your office at night without someone from your company to keep an eye on them means you are trusting them.

    There are times that accidents may happen and you do not want to burden yourself about things like paying the damages upfront. Clean Group has insurance to back you up, and you can put your company’s trust in their hands.

    Strong Customer Support

    Clean Group will never leave you hanging. It is true that issues and complaints may rise because cleaning will always be based on perception. Customers may not be satisfied at times. Clean Group has strong customer support that makes their customers feel valued. This is literally “one phone call away” type of relationship.

    Clean Group Services


    • Offices
    • Warehouses
    • Medical practices
    • Daycare centres, Schools, Colleges, and Training centres
    • Restaurants
    • Store Fronts and Showrooms

    If you want hassle-free, top of the line cleaning quality, call them at 1300141946.

    One way or another, you will need to hire a commercial cleaner to take off the dirty, messy, part of the business. In the midst of the pandemic, businesses are still running with so many precautions as the health and safety of everyone are on the line.

    Clean Group will be with you all the way. Their commitment to cleaning is unwavering, and their passion for cleaning is totally out of the question.

    We dare you to do your own research. I will wait for you to drop a comment below to validate our recommendation. Existing customer of Clean Group, I encourage you to drop a line down below and let us help market this excellent brand. See you next time.

    Who is the Best Cleaning Contractor in Sydney, Australia?

    Best Cleaning Contractor

    Many commercial cleaning businesses claim that they are the best cleaning contractor in Sydney, Australia. In a customer’s perspective, how can you bank on these claims?

    Claiming to be the best in the commercial cleaning niche is just a word. You need to bank on strong validation to prove to yourself that you are indeed the best.

    I have seen different commercial cleaning companies in Sydney. A lot of cleaning companies are testing the water in commercial cleaning, which makes it more difficult for a searcher to determine if they are genuinely engaging with the perfect cleaning provider.  ...  read more

    Showroom Cleaning Services By Professional Office Cleaners in Sydney

    Showroom Cleaning Services By Professional Office Cleaners in Sydney

    In this blog, we are going to share with you showroom cleaning services provided by the professional office cleaners in Sydney – Clean Group.

    Showroom – it can be for cars or expensive pieces of furniture. A showroom is generally a wide, open floor, surrounded by glass. The vast expense displays luxury. It only deserves the finest of cleaning quality possible.

    Not all commercial cleaning companies are equipped to deliver this kind of showroom cleaning service with such ease. In this article, we will share with you standard practices on how we became successful in managing the most critical parts of the showroom, which are the glasses and the floors. ...  read more

    How To Clean Different Types of Floor Like A Pro: Commercial Cleaning Quick Guide

    How To Clean Different Types of Floor Like A Pro Commercial Cleaning Quick Guide

    This is a complete guide to dealing with different types of floor like a pro in commercial cleaning by Clean Group. Let’s dive right in.

    Admit it or not, floors have to be shiny. Regardless of their material, a floor of a business represents the overall appearance and cleanliness of an enterprise. Commercial cleaning has its own way of branding their businesses with different approaches on how they deliver this service to their valued customers.

    Most often than not, we normally associate floor cleaning with a lot of scrubbing. Some floors require less maintenance but other floors require rigorous cleaning.

    In this article, I will tell you which is the best, easiest, and simplest approach in how these shiny floors can be achieved.

    Types of Floors and their Suggested Care

    Hardwood floors are very common in office cleaning. According to my research, hardwood floors have two finishes. It can only be wax or polyurethane. The best way to identify this is to rub your finger across the surface. If it smudges, you can safely say that the floor that you stand on is waxed.

    With cleaners, we normally mix ¼ cup of mild soap in a bucket of water. The next thing you need to do is make sure to wring the mop out dry then proceed with damp mopping. After damp mopping, make sure to use a microfiber cloth to wipe any excess moisture.

    Cleaners recommend cleaning high traffic areas at least once a week and fewer traffic areas at least once a month. Waxed floors are often damaged by water.

    Never damp mop a waxed floor. Cleaners normally vacuum with this kind of floor in place. For Vinyl floors, commercial cleaner recommends a mixture of ¼ cup of vinegar, a drop of dish soap, and warm water in a 16-ounce spray bottle.

    As you go, just spray the mixture on one side then follow it up with damp mopping with the use of a microfiber mop. Cleaners also suggest having a steam cleaning done on a periodic basis to get rid of the dirt seated on the vinyl tile and grout.

    Laminated floors are common in the office area too. Office cleaner normally sweeps or vacuums the surface to get rid of the dirt and dust that settled on the surface.

    It can resemble different floor materials like hardwood or stone but cleaners will always need to look and take care of it as laminated floors.

    The vital information that you need to take note of is that you need to keep water from getting underneath each plank. Commercial cleaners recommend dry mopping or you can spot clean the surface with a slightly damp mop.

    It is also very important not to polish a laminated floor. It the plank no longer looks right or it got damaged due to wear and tear, the best way to go is to replace it.

    There is a lot of misinformation out there on how to clean your laminate flooring. There are literally thousands of different styles and makes of laminate floors available on the market today but regardless of which type you have in the office, I will name some tried and tested tips on how to properly care for it.

    Debris on the floor can get caught underfoot and dragged around by a mop and can cause scratches on the surface. Remember to use a vacuum with a hard floor attachment and not the beater bar. The frequency depends on how messy space gets and how frequently it gets used.

    First of all, using the right mop is crucial. For laminate floors, they told me that a flat head mop with a microfibre head is the boss because it keeps moisture out and it is the easiest way to use a spray product which brings me to this next point.

    Using a bucket full of pine cleaner, lemon cleaner, and any cleaner available in the market are not recommended for this type of floor because they do not leave a nice finish and can actually ruin the floor.

    If you want your commercial cleaner to clean the floor the way the manufacturer recommended it, you have to use a properly formulated laminate cleaner.

    It most commonly come in a spray bottle that is easily available to almost every home care section. When you mop, make sure you in the direction of the grain to avoid the appearance of streaks.

    Flat mops can also take care of the dirt and dust that already build-up in the edges of your floors.

    For laminate floors, sweeping and vacuuming debris is a simple way of keeping it clean and presentable. The most valuable step is also the easiest. Caring for your laminate floor starts with sweeping and vacuuming it on a regular schedule.

    Cork floor is literally made up of cork. With that, it gives a porous property which makes it highly susceptible to water damage. The secret to keeping a clean cork floor is to have your office cleaner vacuum it often and wipe any liquid spills immediately to avoid absorption. It is also best if you can wash this once a week.

    Cleaners are advised to skip commercial cleaning products in favour of a mixture of vinegar and soapy water with warm water. The natural component of the vinegar works well with the soap and break down dirt and disinfects.

    Lastly, I will talk about the natural stone floor. With natural stone, we will eliminate the use of vinegar, unlike the four-floor types that I discussed. The small number of acidic compounds will damage the stone floor the same as bleach and ammonia.

    Commercial cleaners are highly advised to just mop the floor with hot water with a microfiber mop. If the dirt is deeply seated, steam cleaning is also advised but never ever uses any chemicals as it would penetrate into the stone and resulting in damage.

    Cleaning and Disinfecting – Facts and Benefits

    Cleaning and Disinfecting Facts and Benefits

    Cleaning and disinfecting chemicals play an essential role in keeping your office safe and healthy. Not all cleaning chemicals have antiviral cleaning and disinfecting property. One of the biggest misconceptions in cleaning is that all disinfectants can clean. In this article, we will talk about the back end of cleaning and disinfecting. We will present to you information that will help you determine which product to use best in commercial cleaning.

    What is Cleaning?

    Cleaning is the removal of dust, dirt, debris, and unwanted soil. It can also remove oil and grease. Cleaning can remove anything that you want, drawing from the surface like mirrors, floors, and counters. It is a gratifying process, and it is fantastic.

    To effectively clean, you need two things. You need water and a cleaning chemical. Some call the cleaning chemicals as surfactants.

    Surfactants transform ordinary water into a magic potion. However, in order to understand how this works, we need to go over a little bit of chemistry first. The first thing that you need to understand is how water reacts on the surface. Water has a high surface tension.

    Water is made out of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Because of this chemical makeup, water molecules tend to stick together through a process called hydrogen bonding. When you put water on a surface, the water will beat up into tiny droplets, which prevents it from spreading out. If it does not spread out, it will not penetrate and it cannot clean. The surface is repelling the water. Water is a horrible cleaner by itself.

    When you add a surfactant to water, it changes those chemical properties, and it interferes with those water molecules bonding together. It breaks the unwanted particles on the surface.

    What is Disinfecting?

    Disinfection is the process of killing the germs that are present on any surface. For the disinfection to be effective, a surface has to be clean and free from any debris.

    Process of Cleaning vs Disinfecting

    Despite what you may think, cleaning is not disinfecting, and vice versa. Cleaning is the removal of dirt from any surface and nothing more. Killing germs and bacteria is something that is entirely different. The professional way of doing things is to clean the surface first and then disinfect so that the germs and bacteria cannot reproduce.

    It is always a two-step process. In 2019, some products were available in the market that claims to do both the cleaning and disinfecting.

    The multipurpose cleaner can wash away the dirt, but if you want to kill the remaining germs and bacteria on the surface, you will need to follow it up with a cleaning disinfectant.

    Disinfecting wipes and disinfecting spray has zero cleaning power. These two are proven to kill viruses that cause cold and flu.

    One of the cheapest disinfectants that are readily available is household bleach. This can be considered as the most excellent cleaning and disinfectant of all times.

    Disinfecting chemicals kill the following types of germs and viruses:

    • Salmonella enterica
    • Staphylococcus Aureus
    • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
    • Escherichia Coli
    • Listeria

    You need to follow the instructions found on the label if you want to cleaning and disinfecting properly. When you apply disinfectant to a surface, you need to let it dwell depending on the time stated on the label. You need to give it some time to work.

    Also, not all disinfectants are created equal. It has been proven with numerous studies. Only bleach has proven to be effective at killing everything. Bleach is effective in killing all forms of bacteria. It is also proven to be effective on viruses too.

    The History of Germs and Cleaning

    In the last 200 years, we have seen life-changing breakthroughs in cleaning and health safety. These involve all products that protect and improve our lives.

    One of the most discoveries in history is the discovery of germs and how they spread.

    In 1847, a Hungarian Physician observed the growing numbers of germs and realized a link between those who are sick and the instruments that were used during the medical treatment.

    The breakthrough occurred when the Physician contracted a fever after pricking his finger with a scalpel used on a trauma autopsy. Before the term “germ” is even conceived, he already identified the problem and tested a solution.

    Disinfecting of hands and instruments between performing autopsies were observed. As a result, the rate of mortality decreased dramatically. To continue the decline, he imposed steps where doctors and medical instruments and devices are diluted in cleaning disinfectants.

    Cleaning and Disinfecting of hands instruments between performing autopsies were observed. As a result, the rate of mortality decreased dramatically. To continue the decline, he imposed steps where doctors and medical instruments and devices are diluted in disinfectants.

    Cleaning and Disinfection now became a common practice and became a mandatory requirement for medical settings.

    Eventually, it evolved in different solutions used in home and businesses. Through the introduction of cleaning and disinfectants, we are now using active ingredients like chlorine, bleach, and ammonium chloride.

    Now that the germ theory is known as fact and disinfection is expected, not only in hospitals but in everyday settings like daycare and shared offices. Many people clean kid’s toys with disinfecting wipes. They also clean countertops and cooking surfaces with cleaning disinfectant spray.

    The balance of harmful germs and beneficial germs is maintained through a system that checks and balances. Maintaining this equilibrium is achieved through the acceptable practice of hygiene.

    Simple handwashing with water and soap is enough to keep the germs and diseases away. Coughing into your elbow when there is a need. Staying at home when you do not feel well. These are simple things that we can do to eliminate and stop the spread of harmful germs.

    Many Health Benefits of Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Working in a clean office will make you less stressed-out. Working in a messy office is like having a constant reminder of things that need to get done.
  • You will have lesser allergy symptoms. A dirty office is a breeding ground for mould, mildew, and dust. All of these are allergens which can make you sick.
  • Your office will be safer. Harmless clutter can quickly turn into accidents. This can easily happen if there is a bunch of stuff laying around. You can easily trip on it and hurt yourself. Clutter can also block doorways that need to be accessible, especially during the time of emergency.
  • A clean office keeps pests away. Same as with allergens, mould, mildew, and dust is not the only thing that can make people sick. Pests love dark places, and they can live in clutters where they can easily hide in. Pests carry diseases that can be harmful to you and your colleagues.
  • A clean office means fewer sick days and more productive days.
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    Medical Facility Cleaning Guide by Clean Group

    Medical Facility Cleaning Guide by Clean Group

    Medical facility cleaning is a high-traffic zone. We cannot eliminate the fact that germs and viruses are lurking around. A medical facility must hire a medical cleaning company that will commit to the health and safety of every person that comes and goes. In this article, we will talk to you about methods and tips on how the leading commercial cleaning company in Australia manages to adhere to the strict requirements of hospital cleaning.

    How To Clean an Occupied Patient’s Room

    Putting on PPE

    Putting your personal protective equipment is the first step in every medical facility cleaning procedure. The goal of the personal protective equipment is to protect you and the patient from infection. Put on your PPE in a correct manner. You need to do the following:

  • Before putting on the PPE, you should practice proper hand hygiene.
  • Put on the gown and tie it in place.
  • Put on your facemask. This is a piece of equipment you will need to remain safe in the care environment.
  • Put on eye goggles.
  • Finally, put on gloves. You always have to have gloves, especially when you are using chemicals.
  • Sometimes, you are required to wear additional PPE based on what is happening to the patient or resident. Most healthcare settings use signs that are seen outside the patient’s room to tell you about the PPE you will need.
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