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Clean Group is one of the few cleaning companies in Sydney that is ISO accredited, i.e. has its cleaning process & techniques certified to follow the highest quality and environmental safety standards.


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Warehouse Floor Scrubbing Services| Ride On Industrial Scrubbing Sydney

Is the floor of your warehouse or factory looking dull, stained, or worn out? A poorly-maintained warehouse floor can impact the overall performance and impression of your business. You need to hire our expert warehouse floor scrubbing services right away to return back shine to your floors and revitalise your workplace. Keeping your industrial floors spotless is also crucial for the safety of your employees and to avoid workplace accidents.

Our professional industrial floor scrubbing services include basic cleaning plus deep scrubbing of your floor to remove all kinds of dirt, debris, and stains of oils, chemicals, etc. We utilise advanced equipment, including ride on scrubbers, to thoroughly scrub clean your commercial floors quickly & efficiently and bring back shine to your floors. Our thorough scrubbing process will ensure that every part of your floor and surface is deep scrubbed to remove any and all stains and reveal the true beauty of your place.

Your factory or warehouse may just be the face of your business. In order to make a great impression on your visitors and encourage your employees, you need to always keep your warehouse clean with our industrial scrubbing services in Sydney.

Over time, your industrial floors will become dull and dirty and lose their shine due to regular use. You can expect your floors to accumulate all kinds of dirt, debris and stains over time, especially when you’re not maintaining them regularly. This is why you need our expert industrial floor scrubbing services to make your floors beautiful again through deep scrubbing using industrial scrubbing machines and equipment. Our cutting-edge floor scrubbing equipment will ensure your floors are spotless and stainless in no time.

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Complete & Affordable Industrial Scrubbing Services Sydney

Keeping your warehouse floors clean and stain-free is important not just to make them look beautiful but also to maintain a safe working environment and reduce accidents. Our industrial floor scrubbing in Sydney is suitable for all kinds of industrial buildings, warehouses, factories, cold storage, manufacturing plants, and more. We can help make your floors attractive and safe for your workers by eliminating spills, debris, dirt, and distasteful stains. Also, our deep ride on scrubbing will remove dirt, bacteria, and allergens from your floors to promote a healthier living in your workplace. When you’re ready to talk, call us at 1300141946.

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What Is Included in Clean Group’s Industrial Warehouse Scrubbing Services?

Clean Group’s warehouse scrubbing services include comprehensive & systematic scrubbing of your industrial floors using high-tech equipment and machines such as floor scrubbers and ride-on scrubbers. We take pride in being the #1 choice for high-quality factory scrubbing in Sydney, as our services are used by hundreds of businesses. Clean Group’s floor scrubbing services include cleaning beyond the surface and deep scrubbing to remove stubborn stains and spots from your floors to leave them gorgeous as new. Our process will cover scrubbing every inch of your floor, including every nook and corner to remove dirt and debris completely from your warehouse.

Our factory scrubbing services aim to restore the beauty of your workplace through high-quality floor sweeping and scrubbing. Here’s what you can expect from our floor scrubbing Sydney professionals:

  • Floor preparation for scrubbing Before starting, our team will first prepare your floor for scrubbing by removing any loose debris and shifting items to other areas to ensure a clutter-free floor is ready for scrubbing.
  • Thorough scrubbing We use high-quality, industrial-grade cleaning equipment and products that deep clean and scrub your floors to remove stubborn stains, dirt, and grime, and eliminate contaminants to provide a cleaner surface.
  • Stain removal Our industrial floor scrubbers will easily remove even the toughest stains and spots from your warehouse floors. We can remove a variety of stains, including oil, paint marks, grease, chemicals, etc. to restore your floor’s quality.
  • Hard-to-reach areas We make sure to not miss the corners, edges and other hard-to-reach areas of your floor when scrubbing it and ensure all the dirt and debris are properly removed from these places.
  • Drying & Polishing After we’re done scrubbing your floors, we’ll also make them dry completely before allowing use to prevent slip hazards. We may also offer floor polishing if required.

All our floor scrubbing services are provided by expert technicians having years of experience. Contact us for a customised warehouse floor scrubbing quote in Sydney.

What Separates Clean Group from Other Warehouse Floor Scrubbing Sydney Companies

At Clean Group, we have been providing cleaning, scrubbing, and maintenance services to industrial properties for a very long time now and have a full-time team of experienced & trained professionals who are all insured for your safety and peace of mind. We are one of the most reliable and reputable scrubbing services providers in Sydney and are trusted by both small businesses and enterprises alike. If you’re searching for a floor scrubbing provider who is committed to excellence and can provide high-quality service at a great price, look no further.

Key things that set us apart from other floor scrubbing companies include our extensive experience & unique expertise in industrial scrubbing, tailored solutions, high-quality standards, cutting-edge equipment & technology, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Years of Experience

With many years of experience in the industrial cleaning & scrubbing industry, Clean Group is definitely one the best places to buy your warehouse scrubbing services from. We have unmatched expertise when it comes to thoroughly & adequately scrubbing your warehouse floors to remove tough stains and dirt.

Tailored to Your Needs

Because different types of floors have different scrubbing needs, we’ll personally inspect your floors for their scrubbing requirements and offer you the best plan and quote that are customised to your goals. Our floor scrubbing plan covers deep scrubbing of your industrial floors and stain removal.

High Quality

We work in accordance with the highest quality standards using high-tech equipment and efficient techniques to deliver the best possible results in every service. From hiring skilled & trained professionals to using advanced equipment and conducting regular inspections, we are committed to delivering excellence.


We at Clean Group are doing everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes using eco-friendly products and methods in our warehouse scrubbing services. While other companies continue to use toxic chemicals for cleaning, we have always been a sustainability-driven service provider.

24x7 Service

Clean Group is one of the few industrial scrubbing services providers operating 24x7. You can hire our Sydney warehouse scrubbing and factory scrubbing services for your business at any time, any day, including weekends and most holidays. We can also perform floor scrubbing after your business hours.

Customer Satisfaction

To ensure all our customers enjoy optimum service quality and get the best value for their money, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We always strive to not just meet but exceed our customers’ expectations by providing consistently outstanding scrubbing services. Call us to know more.

Book A Warehouse Scrubbing Service with Clean Group

Are you ready to book a professional Sydney warehouse scrubbing service for your facility in Sydney? Contact Clean Group to schedule an onsite appointment to book a service at your preferred time. Here’s how it works.

When you book an appointment with us, one of our managers will arrive at your place at the scheduled time to physically inspect your industrial floors for their scrubbing needs. Based on their findings, they will prepare a quote describing the type of services, personnel and equipment required for the job and the final cost of service. You can, of course, provide any suggestions you may have and get a customised quote that fits your particular needs and goals. Follow these steps to book our industrial scrubbing services in Sydney.

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Step 1: Contact Us

You can call us at 1300141946 or use the contact form on our website to request a free quotation from us. Make sure to describe your requirements and project in as much detail as possible.

Step 2: Get a Quote

When our manager visits your factory or warehouse for a free inspection and quote, you can ask them your queries and questions and explain your requirements in order to get the best quote.

Step 3: Discuss Your Requirements

One of our team members will get back to you to further discuss your factory scrubbing requirements based on the type and size of your place. They will schedule your on-site inspection and quotation at your preferred time.

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The Clean Group Difference - Quality, Integrity, Guarantee

Clean Group is a leading provider of Sydney industrial scrubbing services, specialising in providing highly efficient & quality-driven scrubbing services to all types of commercial and industrial facilities all over Sydney, NSW. For Sydney-wide industrial scrubbing by fully insured professionals with a 100% guarantee, call us today.

Keeping your warehouse or industrial facility clean is easier now than ever. For the most reliable, efficient, and advanced floor scrubbing service in Sydney, you must call Clean Group right away. Our professional team is just one call away and fully equipped with high-tech equipment to handle any industrial scrubbing jobs, big and small, anywhere in Sydney. Our fleets of scrubbers include 50+ highly trained and fully equipped & insured professionals who are ready to assist you with all your warehouse scrubbing requirements Sydney-wide. Our deep floor scrubbing will rejuvenate your industrial building, remove dirt & stains, and return back shine to your floors. Our team will pay full attention to detail and leave not even a single point unattended. Rest assured, our warehouse scrubbing will go way beyond your expectations to meet your goals and deliver the results you deserve.

When you choose Clean Group as your warehouse scrubbing services provider, you get unprecedented access to our highly trained team and cutting-edge equipment to get your floors thoroughly scrubbed efficiently and fast and with a routine. You can, of course, hire us for one-time floor scrubbing, but we recommend routine warehouse scrubbing Sydney for the best results. Our team is always on time and comes with a dedicated team manager who is responsible to ensure that our performance and results meet your expectations. When working on your floors, our technicians will go above and beyond to deliver the results you want along with a high-quality factory scrubbing in accordance with the industry standards.

Worried about the results? Don’t! We have a 100% satisfaction policy, which entitles you to get 100% satisfaction from our scrubbing service in your place. If you’re not completely happy with our service, you can contact our support team for help. Moreover, we conduct frequent inspections to ensure our work meets your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Warehouse scrubbing is a type of industrial cleaning process that involves the use of an advanced floor scrubber machine to deep clean and scrub industrial floors to revitalise their shine and quality. Regular scrubbing will keep your warehouse floors free from dirt and touch stains and also remove harmful contaminants that might impact your workers’ health.

Warehouse scrubbing is one of the best ways to maintain clean and sparkling floors in your facility. Industrial floors can get very dirty very fast because of the high foot traffic. Professional ride on scrubbing will prevent dirt, stains and debris from accumulating on your floors or affecting their appearance. Regular scrubbing will enhance the overall appearance and quality of your floors.

The number of times you should get your factory floors professionally scrubbed will depend on the size and type of your factory and the average foot traffic. The busier the place, the more frequent scrubbing it might need. If you’re not sure, just contact Clean Group to talk about your Sydney factory scrubbing needs and get a free quote from an expert.

Not likely. High-quality, industrial-grade scrubber machines are made to work efficiently on large industrial floors. They will not damage your floors and provide efficient and fast cleaning. Still, you should not take chances and must always hire industrial scrubbing services from a professional and reputable company like Clean Group for your warehouse in Sydney.

Of course. We understand it can be difficult to spare time for cleaning when you’re already too busy handling your business. But, we only make things easier for you by working around your schedule. What it means is that you can book our floor scrubbing service for any time, any day according to your convenience. We are a 24x7 cleaning company and also provide services on weekends.

The time it takes to thoroughly scrub your warehouse will depend on many things, including the size of your place and the time required to prepare the floors for scrubbing. Also, the condition of your floors will affect the scrubbing duration. However, our team will do their best to efficiently scrub your warehouse floors in the minimum time possible using our cutting-edge equipment and machines.


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