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How has Covid-19 Affected the Commercial Cleaning Industry in Sydney?

Covid-19 brought the changes to both individuals and businesses, and nothing will be the same anymore. As a respiratory disease, that might have mild or strong effects, the first way to prevention of its spreading is hygiene. For both the domestic and the commercial properties, cleaning is not something new, but, with the appearance of the virus, some of the practices have changed.

Commercial Cleaning Industry in Sydney is one of the most important parts of a company and a business. It is essential for the health of the workers, good results, inspiration, and motivation. When there is a lack of clean space, people might get sick or get hurt, something that is quite not what any commercial business wants.

The Covid-19 imposed a new way of cleaning. Not only the commercial cleaning was set on a higher standard, but it was required by the employees too to maintain the best possible level of hygiene, both on them and in their workplace. Not only that has affected the lives of everyone and got a different turn, but it also greatly affected the commercial cleaning industry in Sydney.

Due to the inability to keep paying salaries to their employees, many commercial businesses were forced to close. They would remain closed for a long time, and employees were either laid off or sent at home. This has had an impact on the commercial industry too. Those who were no longer in business would start cancelling their contracts and appointments with the professional cleaning services, to save money. Since there were no employees at the property, there was not a need for regular cleaning.

If there is one thing that is for sure, that is the pandemic affecting the global awareness for cleaning. Up until now, the cleaning was seen as an additional process, something that is needed, but not necessarily important to upheld almost every day. Today, no matter if it is facility cleaning, residential cleaning, hard floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, or any type of cleaning, people are very much dedicated to it, especially after seeing the devastating results that the pandemic brought. People see the value of clean offices and believe that is what is important. Cleaning is not anymore a thing about appearance issues, it is a way of life and necessity.

For the commercial cleaning in Sydney, the pandemic is writing a new history. The cleaning companies will have more data, science, and evidence to push their companies to the next level. This applies both to the regular and restoration cleaning business. People and companies are willing to pay more for quality service, which will directly influence the increase of the company’s budget when it comes to cleaning. Commercial cleaning will become an even more competitive and profitable business for the cleaning companies and crews.

This change is also going to be noticeable in the products that are used for commercial cleaning. The future will bring more innovation with the cleaning equipment, tools, and solutions. Companies and the cleaning business will spend more money on research and development.

What Does Professional Commercial Covid-19 Cleaning mean?

Keeping the workplace safe and free from infection is not a primary concern for all commercial businesses. This is true both to prevent illness in the facility and to preserve peace of mind for all occupants, so they know that all steps are being taken to keep them safe and they can do their work in a more relaxed way. For every commercial business, it is essential to “clean and disinfect all areas…routinely.” Additionally, at this point, it is clear that individuals can be asymptomatic and still transmit COVID-19, which might require taking up all necessary actions.

As a result of that, many commercial businesses are taking steps to keep their facilities sanitized, such as wiping down areas with disinfecting wipes and cleaning more regularly than normal. These steps are important but not sufficient to maintain a safe work environment during an epidemic and they will definitely shape the future of commercial cleaning.

Hiring a professional cleaning company service will disinfecting the facility in a way that will keep the employees and occupants safe and keep essential personnel working in this time of crisis, as well as set new cleaning rules and guidelines. Here are three of the reasons why:

1. Professional sanitizing can reach all corners of the facility.

By applying disinfectant using a combination of techniques—including fogging, surface wiping, and spraying—all the areas of the commercial building will be addressed. Normally, they would otherwise be missed by ordinary cleaning. These methods include:

Fogging— It is a technique that uses a fine spray to deliver disinfectant so that it reaches all interior spaces. The process can be done in interior spaces as well as in air duct systems.
Surface wiping—it is a process that includes wiping down all surfaces with industrial-grade disinfectant. The solution is applied wet, allowed to dwell, then wiped for maximum effectiveness.
Spraying—This is a method that includes applying a “wet” spray to completely coat a surface in sanitizing solution. After the solution is applied, it is allowed to dry to ensure effectiveness. You’ve probably seen footage of this on the news, as cities have been wet-spraying public spaces.
Through these techniques, every part of the commercial facility—from high-touch surfaces to the interior of the air duct system—will be sanitized.

Professional cleaning utilizes a different quality of sanitizing product

Off-the-shelf products can be effective at addressing Covid-19, but they will not have the efficacy of a higher-strength disinfectant. The professional commercial cleaning industry in Sydney puts special attention on disinfecting products:

• The disinfecting and sanitizing products that are used for cleaning commercial buildings include both professional-strength and off-the-shelf products.
• There are new terms for cleaning products labelled as “hospital grade” or “industrial grade.” These are purely marketing terms and don’t represent anything about the quality of the product. That said, there is a distinction between professional-strength cleaning products such as the ones that professional cleaning companies use and off-the-shelf products that can be found at the store.

By not using your employees or staff to clean and disinfect the premises, utilizing a commercial cleaning service will keep them safe

The professional commercial cleaning service is trained to wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and clean in such a way as to minimize risk to the cleaners themselves. This might not be the case if the cleaning is performed or asked by the employees. In addition, the commercial cleaning companies can schedule after-hours work to avoid contact with your occupants and eliminate any person-to-person interaction. This is much safer than having staff clean during regular business hours. (If it is not possible to schedule after-hours work—as in the case of facilities that are open 24 hours a day—such companies are open to finding a solution.)

For all of the reasons above, every commercial business should be regularly conducting professional cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. This is not something that is needed now, but it will also become a regular practice post-Covid-19.

What are the current Covid-19 prevention techniques that apply to the commercial sector?

Commercial businesses must protect people from harm. This includes taking reasonable steps in protecting the workers and the others that enter the commercial premises from Covid-19. It is very well-known that the coronavirus can transfer from people to surfaces, and it can also be passed on the others that will touch the same surfaces.

Keeping the workplace clean and frequently washing the hands can potentially prevent the coronavirus from spreading. That is a critical part of making keeping any business working safely. That is why the hygiene must be maintained, surfaces regularly cleaned and the people must be provided with the right facilities to control the risk from Covid-19.

Hand sanitizer

The works, duties, and obligations of the commercial cleaning services have been broadened to a whole new level, that goes beyond the regular janitorial services. Due to the Covid-19, here is what every commercial business owner must provide in their facility, which is carried out by professional commercial cleaning services.

Hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In those terms, the commercial cleaning business use signs and posters to help the workers practice good handwashing technique and to remind them to catch the coughs and the sneezes in tissue and avoid touching their face. The commercial cleaning service will provide:

  • soap and paper in the hand-washing facilities;
  • hand sanitizer at locations where there is a lot of human traffic.

    Hand sanitizers will be placed at the entry/exit points so that the people can disinfect their hands when they arrive and leave work. Additionally, they can be placed as an additional handwashing product in places where people can wash their hands frequently. All of these services will be followed by constantly checking the level of remaining sanitizer and refilling it.

Cleaning the workplace

Because of Covid-19, the cleaning of the commercial spaces needs to be increased, and it should be done thoroughly, especially referring to the surfaces that are not normally cleaned. The professional commercial cleaning service will.

  • keep surfaces clear so that cleaning can be carried out more effectively;
  • the areas will be cleaned regularly in line with the cleaning regime;
  • there will be clear guidelines set for the use and cleaning of toilets, showers, and changing facilities to make sure they are kept clean;
  • the work areas and equipment between uses will be cleaned;
  • frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that are touched regularly;
  • If equipment like tools or vehicles is shared, they will also be cleaned after each use.

Identifying frequently touched surfaces

Doors, banisters, buttons, and anything that is frequently touched, especially if it’s touched by lots of people, may need more regular cleaning than normal. Examples of frequently touched objects include:

  • work surfaces like desks, platforms, and workstations;
  • handles on doors, windows, rails, dispensers, and water coolers;
  • common areas like toilets, reception, changing rooms, corridors, and lifts;
  • the vehicle handles, steering wheels, seat belts, and internal surfaces;
  • control panels for machinery, control pads, and switches;
  • computer keyboards, printers, touch screens, monitors, and phones;
  • taps, kettles, water heaters, fridges, microwaves, and cupboards;
  • shared equipment like tools, machines, vehicles, pallet trucks, and delivery boxes;
  • post and goods coming in or being shipped out.

Bathrooms and toilets

As mentioned above, the frequent washing of hands is absolutely necessary, so the commercial cleaning service will also see that:

• the facilities are well ventilated, by opening the windows and vents where possible and making sure that the mechanical ventilation is working properly;
• scheduling a plan for cleaning the bathrooms, toilets, and the handwashing facilities;
• providing soap and replenishing the towels and the hand sanitiser;
• putting up signs and posters to increase awareness of a good hand washing technique.

If the commercial business does have vehicles, the commercial cleaning service will also see that they are properly cleaned and disinfected. Cleaning of the vehicles should be done regularly, particularly between different users. Cleaning will include going over the commonly touched areas in the vehicles such as:

  • handles (inside and out)
  • steering wheel and starter button
  • centre touchscreen and stereo
  • handbrake and gearstick
  • keys and key fob
  • indicators and wiper stalks
  • windows, mirrors and mirror switches, seat adjusters, and any other controls

With all of the above-mentioned, it is more than evident Covid-19 has greatly affected the commercial cleaning industry in Sydney. With so many requirements in terms of regular and thorough cleaning, the demand for commercial cleaning companies and services is on a high rise. The companies are spending more on cleaning and incorporate regular cleaning practices.

Know Why Commercial Cleaning Is Important In Sydney?

If you have ever wondered why there is so much fuss about Commercial cleaning in Sydney, well there is a simple answer to it – because it is very important. On many occasions, you might have heard the terms residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. Although they might apply to a similar process, in their core, they are different because they are designed for different types of properties.

What many people fail to do is to make the right distinction between these two types of cleaning, and go for the one that is required for their workspace.

As you might already know, there is a difference between commercial and domestic cleaning services. Shortly, the domestic cleaning service applies and is required for the residential homes, while the commercial one is the most suitable for commercial buildings and offices.

Cleaning a house and cleaning an office or a lobby is not the same thing. Not only the house sees much lesser visitors and traffic, but the entire approach towards the cleaning is different. This includes different cleaning products, tools and appliances, and of course, human power.

With the appearance of the pandemic, people and the commercial businesses in Sydney started to face the need to hire expert help in dealing with their cleaning requirements. And that is something to be expected. For example, if the regular cleaning was done on two or three days, now, it is required to be done every day.

And this especially goes to the commercial offices and properties in Sydney, where there is a great number of people that are moving through the place. So, commercial cleaning services are the most suitable and equipped solution to deal with Commercial cleaning in Sydney requirements.

Why commercial cleaning companies are important in Sydney?

When it comes to running a business, hiring the services of a professional commercial cleaning company can prove absolutely an excellent move. They are essential to delivering a smooth, profitable operation. These types of companies are suitable and equipped to deal with Commercial cleaning in Sydney needs which will ensure the best possible results.

Every commercial building or business does want clean and healthy premises. And there are some additional things that are closely connected to the needs of hiring a cleaning company. Many business owners see it as an opportunity to take a weight off the backs of their staff and management, streamline the business’s operation, improve the customers’ experience and preserve the longevity and aesthetics of the establishment.

All of these will significantly help improve the profit margins and improve revenue. That is why, many opt for getting a contract with a skilled, reliable, and capable commercial cleaning company.

Here are five reasons why every commercial business owner needs to hire a Commercial cleaning in Sydney for their business or establishment.

Easier on Staff

Employees are not particularly keen on working hard and performing at their workplace, only to find out that they’re also expected to clean, tidy, and sterilize their workspace. Getting the staff to clean the establishment as well as their other duties is an additional chore that can impair the quality of the overall work and performance. Additionally, many would argue that cleaning does not fall in the category of their work chores.

On the other side, it’s a fact that staff and workers function, work, and are generally more productive and positive in a cleaner and safer environment. That is why everyone wants to provide the best possible workspace. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is always a great idea for the business.

Easier on Management

Many commercial business owners have looked for other alternatives to hiring a commercial cleaning service. Those alternatives usually include setting up an in-house cleaning team or splitting the cleaning roles between existing staff. Neither of those solutions is a great option for a bunch of reasons. Setting up an in-house team is time-consuming, awkward, and can be potentially difficult.

As a business owner, it will be your duty to recruit, manage and employ a selection of experienced cleaners, paid holiday, maternity, and other tax expenses, as well as salary. This would also mean finding the right substitute when someone gets sick.

Some additional obligations that would also need to be considered are purchasing various specialized equipment and cleaning materials. Alternatively, these cleaning roles can be delegated between the existing staff, however, as mentioned above it might have a demoralizing effect, as well as potentially not provide the top standard cleaning job you can be expected from a commercial cleaning company.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company is definitely a lot easier on management, and leaves the work to the professionals to focus on less mundane matters, as well as optimize the company’s profits, projects, or expansion.

Importance of Outsourcing

Utilizing outsourcing is one of the key factors in running a commercial business and that refers to the cleaning too. Streamlining the company and avoiding micro-management is key to making sure that a business is as successful as possible.

Neglecting the potential offered by commercial cleaning companies puts unnecessary chores, pressure, and dissatisfaction on the employees, while potentially actually costing the business money. Outsourcing is a great way to streamline the business in the way that it allows the business owners and the employees to focus on their actual activities, services, and jobs which are related to expansion, profit margins, and projects.

Better for Customers, Better for Business

Another important rule of running any kind of business is being good to the customers. This one especially applies to service-based businesses. That means that the commercial business owners have to provide the cleanest, safest, and most welcoming environment for them.

That is absolutely vital and necessary when it comes to guaranteeing that the customers will return. If a customer at any point feels that the establishment of the offices is unclean, unhygienic, or unsafe, they will most not likely want to return. This is going to damage the business’s potential profits and customer base. Hiring a commercial cleaning company offers a standard high-quality cleaning that commercial businesses can rely on.

Better for the look of the commercial building

Hiring anyone other than a professional and specialized Commercial cleaning in Sydney can risk damaging the building or establishment. This does not only refer to the internal damage, but to the external too. With a professional commercial cleaning company, their level of training, expertise, and experience guarantees complete safety when dealing with any requirements.

This is not the case with the less experienced cleaners that might accidentally damage, or reduce the lifespan of something. The experienced professional commercial cleaning service will always preserve and look of the commercial building.

Why clean work environment and commercial cleaning is important in Sydney?

Improved motivation and performance of the employees

The work hours today and much different from how they used to be in the past. With so many demands from the businesses and the market, many employees spend more time at work than in their homes. For many employees, 8 to 10 hours a day are spent in their workspace, which might be considered as their second home. Working and being for so long in a messy and dirty office is not particularly motivating. However, being in a clean environment is a good way to start the day on a positive note. A clean area to work in can give a clear head, good energy, and motivation to perform all the daily tasks more efficiently and productively. Employees are happy to come to work in a space that is clean and comforting and perform better when they are happy to be at work.

Company’s image

The image of the company image is what matters a lot for corporate businesses. A company can sell its services, but it also sells the company as a whole. The way the company’s office looks is a direct reflection of how the company operates. A dirty office and dirty business premises are not only a hazard to the employees in general and their health but exactly the sort of thing that can ruin a company’s reputation.

Employees do not want to work for a company with a dirty office environment. Attract clients, potential employees, and generally keeping the current workforce happy is something that can greatly be achieved with great cleanliness. A professional cleaning corporate company can help create a clean and welcoming environment.

Occupational safety

Occupational hazards are accidents that can occur at the workplace. Anything in the workplace that can cause harm can most commonly happen when employees work in a messy environment. These hazards are caused by neglect on the part of the employer. When an office or workspace isn’t clean, the hazard can go unnoticed, masked under all that dirt and mess, and this is when employees get hurt. For example, if the lights are all dirty and the light is dimmed, an employee can miss a step and fall. Another example is the bathroom. If the bathroom toilet has a drip and has created a puddle of water that is not dripping, it creates a slip hazard.

If trash or boxes are piling up, a worker might fall on and get an injury. Keeping the workplace free of debris is important for everyone’s safety. A professional commercial cleaning company can help keep occupational hazards at bay. They will keep everything neat and tidy, straighten any mess that could cause an accident, maintain clean, dry floors, and other essential elements that will prevent slips and falls.


A clean work environment improves the employees’ sense of well-being and health. Germs, bacteria, and diseases can more easily appear in a dirty environment. The health hazards of unclean workspaces are frequent and common if the hygiene is not properly kept. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company can keep the workspace clean, germ-free, which will reduce illness among staff and minimize employee sick day usage. These professionals can focus on hot spots in the office for germs, such as bathrooms, breakrooms, doorknobs, handles, sinks, telephones, and keyboards. Frequent cleaning reduces the chances of illnesses spreading at work.

In addition to cold and flu-type health issues, messy or unhygienic workplaces may cause stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Dirty workspaces decrease worker productivity, lose interest in being there and performing their tasks as they do not enjoy working in the office, take more leave, and domino effect with low morale for others. Employers want their employees motivated to work in the office, and a clean office can have a variety of positive effects.

Reduction of hazardous substances

It is well known that proper air filtration lowers the employee’s exposure to hazardous substances. The dust and vapours might not be visible, but these hazardous substances can create respiratory issues. Improper air filtration increases employee exposure to these substances and creates an unsafe environment for employees. Building ventilation is a very important factor in the health and productivity of workers.

A professional cleaning commercial company in Sydney can regularly clean HVAC system filters to minimize any employee exposure to dust and hazardous vapours. Additionally to this comes pest control. Pest can appear when the trash piles up. This leads to infestations and bacteria posing a threat to the work environment. Providing a safe and clean work environment is very important and pests can ruin that.

Hiring a Clean Group cleaning company can help all commercial businesses improve the cleanliness of their workplace. With a proper determination of the issue, tackling the details that need to be cleaned as well as proper waste disposal the commercial offices and the building will be kept in the best possible shape.

How Can I Find a Commercial Cleaning Service In Sydney?

Commercial cleaning is an exceptionally important part of one company’s image and reputation. And with such high demand, finding the right commercial cleaning service in Sydney might not be an easy task.

The market today is full of all different kinds of commercial cleaning companies that offer the most varied services. However, when it comes to commercial cleaning services in Sydney, there are certain things that need to be taken care of and that are different from regular cleaning.

Commercial cleaning service in Sydney is a specialized type of cleaning that caters to the needs of commercial buildings and businesses in Sydney. It is most usually followed by a team of cleaners that are doing regular cleaning duties, and from time to time, offer a deep clean.

The right type of cleaning is very much important and demanded the offices because it directly influences the motivation and the behaviour of the employees. Dirty and messy office spaces are not a good picture, and additionally, they are not very healthy to work in. That might have a great effect on the health of the employees, as well as their performance.

That is why more and more businesses in Sydney are dedicating a bigger part of their budget to commercial cleaning services.

Especially due to the appearance of Covid-19, the commercial companies in Sydney are focusing on more frequent and thorough cleaning, that will deliver the best possible results for its employees, as well as preserve the good look of the business.

Finding good and quality cleaning companies to work with can always be a challenge. It is essential to find a company that is a good match for the company and who can meet the needs while providing exceptional service. When looking for a commercial cleaning company it is important to know what qualities to look for to find a good match. Here are some things to look for when hiring a commercial cleaning service in Sydney:

You Need to Find a Commercial Cleaning Company That Understands Your Facility

The search for the right commercial cleaning company in Sydney can be a truly difficult task. The first thing to do is to determine why do you need a commercial cleaning company. What parts of your commercial offices need to be cleaned? Is it a deep clean or regular clean? The commercial cleaning companies in Sydney offer a bunch of services ranging from vacuuming and mopping to carpet shampooing and post-construction cleanup.

The cleaning company you find should have a dedicated and motivated staff that will handle cleaning tasks you didn’t even realize existed, as well as diagnose possible issues before they become full-blown cleaning crises. As mentioned before, no matter if you’re looking to have a one-time cleaning session at a single location, or schedule a regular inspection of multiple offices, a commercial cleaning company should provide all of that and satisfy your needs.

You Need to Find a Commercial Cleaning Company that Understands Your Privacy Needs

Every commercial business pays a lot of time and money in protecting their work. There have been numerous cases where the information might come out, from third parties, which ruins the reputation of the company. This is a very important issue that needs to be considered when choosing a commercial cleaning company.

The sensitive information should not leave the company, especially not by the cleaning team. So be sure to check how the cleaning company stands on this part, and even if possible, sign a written agreement.

You Need to Find a Commercial Cleaning Company that Offers Emergency Commercial Cleaning Services

Perhaps you don’t necessarily need someone to take routine care and regular care of your commercial offices. Maybe your premises have experienced some accident like weather damage, or an unexpected issue such as vandalism. If that is the case, then you need quality work and you need it fast.

You will most certainly fear that “fast” and “good” work are mutually exclusive, or that you will be charged triple the price for needing to find a commercial cleaning company to do quality work with such short notice. This should not be an issue, because the majority of cleaning companies do offer this type of service.

Depending on the type of incident, you and your business may be facing immediate and gradually continuing damage. The professional cleaning company has the experience, equipment, and human resources to respond quickly and thoroughly to the cleaning emergency, no matter if that is water damage inside the facility or weather damage. Choosing the right commercial cleaning company will secure mental peace of mind.

So, when you know what you need, it is time to start looking for the right commercial cleaning company in Sydney. You can do your research and find the right cleaning company following these steps:


The internet is one of the most common places where you can find a suitable commercial cleaning company. All the commercial companies that want to be known and get gigs, do post their online account on the internet, which for you as a commercial business, makes it very suitable and easy to research for. Do your research carefully.

There are lots of scams on the internet, so look deeply and thoroughly through the web pages or online accounts of the companies that look credible to you. Be sure to reach out to them by phone, and if needed, you can even go and schedule an appointment in their offices which will add to the legitimacy of their business. The best way to do good and wide research is to type the location next to the research words which will narrow the results.

Through a professional network

As mentioned above, you should look for a commercial cleaning service in Sydney professional network within your city. This type of company usually has its own network which makes the search much easier. In this age and time, most of the meetings are no longer done in a physical location but within a WhatsApp group, or any other online community.

Talk to business owners you know

Whenever you are looking for a good commercial cleaning service, one of the best ways to go about it is to get referrals from people that you know have used the same or similar service and have an opinion based on their experience. The people you know are usually the ones that you are relatively close to, and who will give you an honest opinion on why you should or should not hire a particular commercial cleaning service in Sydney. Ask them questions like what kinds of cleaning services they required and where they found the commercial cleaning company they used.

Ask all the questions that matter to you, not just the questions like how was working with the company like but also questions that will answer where and how they were found them and what the process to find them was like.

Choose a local option

The best option and the most convenient one is to always choose and go for a commercial cleaning company that is close to you. If the company is headquartered near you, you may be able to get a faster response if you need something done quickly. For example, if you have a problem and need a special clean-up done right away, you might be able to get the cleaning company to your location sooner than if they are a company with a headquarters states away.

Talk to a few commercial cleaning companies

In the time of your research, before you do the actual hiring of a commercial cleaning services company, it is important to take the time to talk to at least three. While you are doing that, you should make sure you get detailed information from all three companies.

It is especially important to get the quotes in writing so that it will be easier for you to compare and contrast the data. Another reason is that once you have contracted with a commercial cleaning company if you find they are not doing things as discusses, agreed or you have other issues, you can refer back to the paperwork you were given.

Get informed about the type of insurance they carry

A good commercial cleaning company has a big team of employees and workers that can cover different commercial needs. As a business party who is looking for a commercial cleaning service in Sydney, you need to make sure that the company you hire will have the appropriate amount of workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

You should ask them about it and verify everything that they tell you. If they do not carry the right amount of liability or any kind of insurance, you can be on the hook for a lot if something happens. Any amount of time you spend checking on this will be worth it.

Ask about their staff/team

One important thing that many fail to ask the commercial cleaning companies is the questions connected to their staff/team. A well-known saying goes that a commercial cleaning services company is really only as good as the people they hire. So, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • How do they find the people? The answer to this question will explain how the cleaning company finds and hires its staff and it will make a big difference. You also need to know if they are trustworthy because most commercial cleaning companies work at night and when the staff is gone and done for the day.
  • What is their turnover rate? Ideally, you would like to hire a commercial cleaning company that treats its people so well that they have almost no turnover. According to the information on how often people change jobs today, that may not be possible and easily revealed but you can find one that treats its people well.
  • What kind of training do they provide? Commercial cleaning companies should provide at least some kind of training because commercial cleaning is a business cleaning, which is not the same as cleaning a home.

Ask about the cleaning products they use

An important part of today’s cleaning is preserving the environment. Sustainability and chemical-free products and ingredients play a big part in the decision-making process. With so much pollution and plastics ending up in the oceans and the landfills, it is up to personal awareness to make the best possible decision, which can start by using green cleaning products.
The indoor pollution levels can be anywhere between two and five times greater than those outside in a home. This difference in numbers can be even greater in businesses.

One way to make the workspace healthier is to hire a commercial cleaning company that uses healthier products. That way, you will set a tone that your business is green-oriented and cares for the environment. Additionally, the green cleaning products are much safe for the employees and the air they breathe than the regular commercial ones.

Customer focus

The commercial cleaning company should be customer-orientated and open in their dialogues with the potential commercial businesses and clients. Strong communication is key to developing worthy working relationships with commercial businesses, so if there are any problems or issues that might come up, they can be addressed easily and swiftly and tackled in an efficient manner.

The ability to understand what you as a customer needs and carry out your commercial requirements in the best manner possible is more than a valuable point that comes out from a positive communicative relationship.
So, when looking for a commercial cleaning company in Sydney, be sure to check out all of the important notes mentioned above. We at Clean Group offer all of that and much more.

With us, you will have a piece of mind knowing that your commercial offices are clean, tidy and the workers will be happy and satisfied while performing their daily activities.

Deep Commercial Cleaning VS Regular Commercial Cleaning In Sydney?

Cleaning and maintaining the workplace clean and safe in Sydney, for all the employees and the personnel, is one of the most important things that speaks a lot about the corporate culture of the company. Especially in a time of the pandemic, the cleaning is put on an even higher level, with higher demands and more frequent attention to all the surfaces, rooms, and floors.

One company, in addition to the regular cleaning services, can ask for seasonal deep cleaning of its commercial spaces. Many corporate brands do not know the difference and what office deep cleaning entails, and why it is important.

Maintaining a clean office space is essential in protecting the health of the employees and keeping a professional image of the company. Keeping a clean working environment is not an easy task. The best way to do this is to hire professional and trusted experts that will give a thorough clean every once in a while and regular cleaning services day today. This is a great way to ensure maximum cleanliness levels, which will contribute to employees’ motivation and boost productivity.

Commercial spaces are the first thing people notice when they enter some business establishment, the offices, the cabins, the desks – all of them are part of the company’s image. Having them clean and regularly cleaned is crucial for good business.

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is the cleaning of commercial buildings such as offices, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, clubs, entertainment centres, and malls. This is an essential type of cleaning for all those who want to promote a neat, clean, and hygienic work environment. Companies that hire cleaners and then provide corporate cleaning services are known as Commercial cleaning companies.

They carry out cleaning jobs on a variety of different premises and provide cleaning services by trained professional cleaners. This type of commercial cleaner is well trained and experienced. They also take responsibility for all the cleaning works in the business space.

Commercial cleaning service providers are contracted to uplift and maintain the visual beauty and hygienic appearance of the commercial properties. That’s why, for the commercial buildings in Sydney, hiring the finest cleaning services in Sydney are is exceptionally important.

What is the difference between commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning?

Cleaning is a process that can be carried out through different methods and in different places. According to the needs of the place, the cleaning can be divided into commercial and domestic cleaning. These are two different types of cleaning between Deep Commercial Cleaning VS Regular Commercial Cleaning, which cater to different needs of the space, require different tools, time, and techniques.

As the name suggests itself, commercial cleaning refers to commercial spaces and areas, while domestic cleaning refers to residential areas, houses, and buildings. But the division between these two meanings’ and processes is more varied than this basic definition. So what makes them different?
Additionally to the type of cleaning, the distinction has a lot to do with the quantity of use of power.

Domestic cleaning does not require any heavy power tools. However, commercial cleaning takes place on larger buildings, so it does require powerful cleaning tools and devices. Some of the cleaning tools and devices are so powerful that their use in residential places might cause damage to the home furniture. Some examples are floor polishers, huge vacuum cleaners, and other devices that are suitable for cleaning larger areas like hotels, schools, restaurants, malls, and hospitals. However, domestic cleaning can be done with simpler cleaning tools, which are more convenient for use in smaller areas.

This leads directly to the time needed for cleaning. At commercial places, the cleaning tasks are divided, whereas the residential cleaning process is simpler and on point. Additionally, the cleaning processes can vary from business to business.

Deep Commercial Cleaning vs. Regular Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to commercial cleaning services, not all are the services and the processes are delivered the same way. One important thing to notice and to remember is that the cleaning can refer both to deep and regular cleaning, which might be confusing for some.

But there’s a difference between Deep Commercial Cleaning VS Regular Commercial Cleaning, and it comes down to the level of cleaning that will be performed. So before you look up office cleaning services near me, make sure to understand the difference and what you’re paying for.

What is Regular Commercial Cleaning?

Generally, “the regular commercial ” cleaning refers to any cleaning that would normally be done regularly. Such examples of “regular commercial” cleaning performed by professional office cleaning companies can include wiping down hard surfaces in the bathroom or kitchenette, vacuuming carpets, and collecting and disposing of trash. Regular commercial cleaning can happen on a daily or weekly basis.

This is not suggested for those who are hiring a cleaner’s service for the first time and have not been on top of cleaning for a while. The regular commercial cleaning is designed for maintenance, and not to get rid of dirt and grime that may have been accumulating for a long period of time.

Regular commercial cleaning is important for those businesses that run on office or commercial space that is often used because those are places where germs and dirt can constantly accumulate.

However, if the business is just moving into a new space, or is a place that has not had any professional cleaning done for a while, then the best way is to go with a professional office cleaning service that specifies deep cleaning.

A regular commercial cleaning includes:

• Sweeping and mopping the floors
• Garbage Clearing away
• Furniture Dusting
• Cleaning the toilets
• Restocking towels and toilet paper rolls
• Cleaning the windows
• Vacuuming and cleaning the carpets

Why do you need to perform a regular commercial cleaning?

Today, a neat and fresh building is an important thing for the commercial image of the business. Failing to do so usually results in unpleasant consequences like poor health and air quality. These are the benefits of regular commercial cleaning:

Better Air Quality

When dust and dirt build-up on the commercial furniture surfaces, like the carpets, floors, ceilings, and windows, the air that the employees and the visitors breathe will be uncomfortable. This usually leads to allergies, asthma attacks, and respiratory ailments. All these situations cause a direct health issue to the workers. That is why, every surface must be dust-free and gleaming, and the regular cleaning will deliver just that.

A More Beautiful look of the Office

When the office is cleaned from all the stains, spots, trash, and other elements, it will instantly become a more beautiful place the employees will enjoy. The dust and dirt can make the area look dull and faded. With regular commercial cleaning, the place will look brighter and more appealing.

A Pest-Free Environment

Pests can appear in places that are not cleaned regularly. Things like food leftovers, containers, wrappers, and clutter are the main reasons why cockroaches, flies, mice, and other pests appear. If the cleaning is performed regularly and on time, that means that the cleanliness is taken seriously, and that will prevent the pests from appearing.

A Happy Workspace

A clean place is a happy place. A health-friendly workplace is a place where the employees will be healthier and happier while on the premises. The overall well-being will be improved, there will be greater motivation for working and finishing the tasks on time. All of that will lead to a more productive environment.

What is Deep Commercial Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is a cleaning process that goes deeper than regular cleaning. It is designed and created to target all spaces in an office and a commercial building. These are the places that do not get attention during regular cleanings.

For example, professional commercial cleaning companies that perform a deep clean might include works such as cleaning under sinks, washing the inside of windows and blinds, removing all dust and cobwebs, and even steam cleaning carpets to go beyond the surface to where germs and allergens can hide.

An important thing to remember is that that “deep commercial cleaning” is not something that needs to be done every time then commercial cleaning company is booked for their service.

Deep commercial cleaning is most commonly done during the first visit to a corporate site because then can be established as a baseline for future “regular commercial” cleanings. Additionally, a business can also request a deep cleaning, from time to time, to ensure that the corporate offices are as spotless as possible.

Deep commercial cleaning includes:

  • Vacuuming all carpets thoroughly (moving furniture if necessary).
  • Detailed mopping and scrubbing of all floors.
  • Cleaning light switches, fixtures, and door handles.
  • Vacuuming drapes, blinds, windowsills, etc.
  • Emptying and cleaning inside cabinets.
  • Cleaning inside appliances (microwave, fridge, etc.).
  • Comprehensive bathroom and toilet cleaning.
  • Sanitizing computer keyboards & screens.
  • Dusting vents, baseboards, ledges, etc.
  • Sanitizing all surfaces with effective green cleaning agents.

When is time for deep commercial cleaning?

The offices and the other areas are regularly cleaned and they might not look like they would need a deep clean. However, a regular corporate cleaning service usually tackles the areas that are easy to reach.

This means that dust will accumulate behind the appliances, under desks, and on the carpets, unless these areas are given the proper and deep attention they deserve.

So, the first moment when there is more dust than usual, or when the light fixtures need extra attention, it is time for a deep commercial clean. This way, all the dangerous germs will be removed and the number of dust mites will be effectively reduced, which directly leads to alleviating allergy symptoms of the employees.

How often do commercial offices need a deep cleaning?

The process of regular dusting and vacuuming does the trick for most of the offices, but the commercial space does require a more thorough clean every once in a while. This is important and gives the less accessible areas a good scrub and keeps the dirt in check.

A general rule is that deep commercial cleaning should be booked every six months to ensure an optimal level of cleanliness. That way, the commercial space will not get too dusty and messy and the regular weekly or daily cleaning will be just enough to maintain desirable hygiene standards at all times.
At Clean Group you will find the most unique and varied commercial cleaning service. We know and understand how important cleanliness and health care are for the employees and the managers, as well as for the image of a brand.

That is why we offer both Deep Commercial Cleaning VS Regular Commercial Cleaning services in Sydney. Each of these services can be customized according to the needs of the commercial building and the workplace. Today, a clean and enjoyable working environment can easily be achieved by hiring the right professional for the job.

Be sure to reach out and schedule an appointment. We will come to take a look at the commercial building and the premises and we will arrange a cleaning schedule that will be the most beneficial for you and your company.

Industrial cleaning Vs Commercial cleaning in Sydney

Industrial and commercial cleaning are two different and very important cleaning branches in Sydney. Since cleaning is one of the most important aspects of functioning, preservation, and keeping a good look both of the inner and the outer parts of buildings, the cleaning must be performed accordingly.

There might be a misunderstanding in Industrial cleaning Vs Commercial cleaning when it comes to commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning..Since they both cater to business areas instead of residential homes, one might think that this is the same type of cleaning. However, commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning are two separate services in Sydney.

What is industrial cleaning in Sydney?

Industrial cleaning is the act of cleaning which includes catering to hazardous areas in industrial facilities such as factories, warehouses, power plants, and other types of industrial facilities. This is the simplest definition of the general meaning of industrial cleaning. It is very needed for cleaning factories, generating plants, or other industrial job sites because there is such a variety of needs in different facilities that a building service contractor may come across.

The industrial cleaning service may be contracted to clean large facilities, like factories, plants, warehouses, and various other industrial settings. A cleaning position like this will most certainly require appropriate job training and knowledge about safety. This type of cleaning additionally requires handling special equipment, or the use of specific chemicals needed for the process.

The job of an industrial cleaner is dirty work and it is nothing like the job of a corporate cleaner. This difference can immediately be spotted on-site, as well as the tools and the equipment that are used for the cleaning.

Maintaining and cleaning the offices of industrial sites is very demanding because there is dirt being constantly tracked in from the outside areas of the factory floors. Furthermore, The cleaner faces the challenges of working around heavy machinery, and the safety risks that are involved, such as paints, lubricants, metal shavings, and fibreglass are even higher.

There is also some machinery that is sensitive to things like dust and dirt, and cleaning them will be essential and must be performed with utmost precaution. Another big concern when it comes to cleaning industrial sites is the staffing areas.

For example, employees that do the industrial cleaning will need to be in good health and in condition to perform the duties required. Industrial cleaners also need to be concerned with effective communication.
Industrial cleaning services are most commonly based on the type of industrial operations within that particular business. If you think deeper, it all comes back to health and safety and meeting Sydney’s high standards that it has to be done right.

Industrial cleaning services are not just basic cleaning services. They require the correct training, equipment, tools, and knowledge so that the job can be completed thoroughly and successfully. In general, industrial cleaning has more hazards than commercial buildings, which makes it one of the biggest differences in the cleaning industry.

Industrial cleaning can apply to many businesses and different things. For example, cleaning dairy plants or food manufacturing plants come with their own set of techniques and specialty areas that require deep and correct cleans more regularly. This includes specialty machinery and equipment. Breweries, on the other hand, are a good example of industrial cleaning. Here, the fermenters and large vats need to be regularly cleaned with the correct chemicals to ensure the end product is not contaminated and to minimize loss of product.

When it comes to industrial cleaning, sterilization and extra attention to detail are key to properly ensure that the industrial environment is safe, healthy, and free of contaminants.

It is important to mention that when a business produces hazardous waste it does requires extra attention and knowledge from the cleaning professionals. Understanding how to properly deal is crucial in the process, as well as cleaning and disposing of the hazardous waste which is not just something that can be learned overnight. It requires specialized training and certifications.

With all of the above mentioned, Industrial cleaning Vs Commercial cleaning, it is more than evident the industrial cleaning in Sydney is a complex and demanding job, because it holds and carries different requirements that come from the different types of cleaning services.

Types of industrial cleaning services in Sydney

Industrial cleaning services can be more generally defined as a type of cleaning services that are performed in industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities. Industrial cleaning services are usually handled by an industrial cleaning company vs a residential or commercial cleaning company

There are many different types of industrial cleaning services including:

  • Floors
  • Restrooms
  • Surfaces
  • Office cubicles
  • Conference rooms
  • Labs
  • Locker rooms
  • Loading docks
  • Warehouses
  • Cafeterias
  • Storage areas
  • Industrial equipment
  • Exhaust systems
  • Silos
  • and more

Some additional industrial cleaning services, that can be arranged according to the needs on-site can include:

Asbestos Removal – Asbestos removal is one of the most popular types of industrial cleaning services. Much older buildings in Sydney are known for having asbestos in fireproofing, drywall, and more.

Hydro Blasting – Hydro blasting is also known as pressure washing. It is a high-pressure waster blasting method used for paint and lead removal. It’s mostly used for large mastic and epoxy coating removal projects on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Its use goes even further for paint removal on highways, parking lots, and airports.

Lead Removal & Abatement – Lead removal is a cleaning process that includes using chemicals to break down various coatings that contain lead and lead derivatives. For this type of cleaning, the industrial cleaning company must be accredited with the EPA to perform lead abatement products.

Mercury Spill Cleanup – Mercury spill cleanup is a cleaning process that is used to eliminate mercury vapor and mercury vapour sources. Common areas where mercury spill cleanup is performed are in industrial facilities, warehouse floors, production floors, assembly floors, and more.

Mold Removal & Remediation. In the cleaning and the health industry, mould is known as one of the issues that might cause serious health hazards. Certain types of mould such as Stachybotrys mold, Fusarium, Cladosporium, Penicillium mold, and Aspergillus mold can cause serious health problems. Removing the mould falls under the area of the industrial cleaning and it needs to be performed by a trained mould remediation specialist which will first have to do mould testing, air testing, secure the containment area, and provide mould removal services.

Decontamination – In the cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry, any type of chemical spill is considered very dangerous. A great industrial cleaning company will include professional decontamination services to make sure that the factory or the labs are a safe place to work.

Industrial Vacuuming – The floors in any facility that is not commercial contain chemicals, metal shavings, debris, dirt, and more. The standard janitorial services cannot remove these substances. That is why, power vacuuming with industrial cleaners is the only way to remove the objects and substances from the equipment, walls, and flooring.

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning services are services that often rely on a regular cleaning schedule. Additionally, depending on the needs of the commercial place, there is a possibility of a deep clean which is needed less often than an industrial cleaning service.

The commercial cleaning services in Sydney cover the cleaning of commercial premises such as retail, office, supermarkets, schools, banks, and other high traffic areas that have a constant flow of people. These are the places with so many visitors, and there is a good chance that colds, flu, and germs are coming through the door too.

Contrary to industrial cleaning, the commercial premises need attention to a completely different set of key areas that require a thorough clean. Again, it all relates to health and safety. That is why commercial buildings have a different set of standards.

Of course, it is important to mention that with the impact of COVID19 and the collective understanding of the general population, the cleaning companies now do the cleaning on the commercial premises more frequently. With that, the commercial cleaners need to ensure that the commercial space is tidy, well presented, and free of germs and bacteria, which is going to be safer for the staff and customers.

Besides the commercial building that mainly includes offices, this type of cleaning can also be performed in schools and daycare centres. Cleaning a school or daycare is vastly different from cleaning a bank or supermarket. As mentioned before, all premises are different and bring with them a unique set of cleaning challenges.

Why do you need a regular commercial cleaning?

Staying on top of the commercial cleaning with regular maintenance and cleans means less work and fewer costs for the business, considered in the long run. The commercial and retail spaces often fail to schedule regular cleaning plans which is not good from many different aspects. Not only the health of the employees and the visitors are being endangered, but working in a dirty environment does not bring good working results.

Schedule a customized plan for regular cleaning is a very suggested thing to do. That way, the commercial premises will be more manageable and it will result in saving some money.

Overall, commercial cleaning has more to do with the health and safety of customers, clients, and staff, whereas industrial refers to the cleanliness and health of the facility and the appliances.

Commercial spaces are the areas that see and face more traffic, so it is very important to ensure that the commonly used areas and spaces are cleaned well to avoid the appearance of bugs, pests, and bacteria. Diverse spaces have various areas that need extra attention, and the list here is endless.

How is industrial cleaning different?

As mentioned above, Industrial cleaning Vs Commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning is generally cleaning on a larger scale, which includes large-scale buildings which are often complicated. These buildings have so many places where dust, bacteria, and mould can be found.

A larger team of industrial cleaners who have specialist training in that area is what is required for performing such tasks thoroughly and deeply. Industrial cleaners differ from commercial cleaners in the types of tools and equipment needed for the job.

For those who are looking for a team of cleaners, one good cleaning company has to have a wide range of services. By having that, they can deliver everything the business needs to ensure a proper clean.

Industrial buildings can operate on a 24/7 basis, which might require a cleaning team to be:

  • flexible with times, days, etc.
  • have a sound knowledge and experience of specialty cleans
  • be highly trained in chemical handling, working at heights and difficult areas
  • able to work around your operations and are non-disruptive

Overall, industrial cleaning is generally on a larger scale, requires more thorough attention to detail, meets different health and safety standards, and has a different set of techniques and chemicals compared to commercial cleaning. The cleaning services needed in an industrial space are mainly focused on hygiene standards.

As a well-established and reputable commercial and industrial cleaning company, the Clean Group offers a variety of cleaning services that will cater to everyone’s different needs and requirements. Our staff has the know-how, a can-do attitude, experience, and the right qualifications to get the job done right.

If you want more information about industrial and commercial cleaning services our website covers many frequently asked questions be sure to schedule an appointment.

A List of Essentials When It Comes to Dusting

There is more to dusting than just picking up a feather duster and brushing it all over your house. Remember that dust may linger in your furniture, fridge, and walls.

Surprisingly, not many people know how to dust correctly. Even though we regularly clean our homes or offices, most of us still make plenty of mistakes. 

Tiny dust can be dangerous to your health when not clean. Fortunately for you, today, we listed the essentials when it comes to dusting.

What comes to your mind when you think of dust? Probably, you think of pollen, dead skin, human and animal hair. But that’s not all. 

Dust also contains several toxic chemicals from your furniture, plastic, and machines around your home. When inhaled, these chemicals can significantly affect your health. And the effects of dust are more severe to children.

Because of these reasons, it is necessary to deal with dust appropriately. The good news is, cleaning dust is very easy provided you know how to do it correctly.

How to Dust Properly

Here is a quick guide on how to clean dust. Follow these four steps to get your house clean more efficiently.

Step 1: Gather Essentials in Dusting

Most dusting tools are affordable and accessible in your local store. Include a dusting wand made with a microfiber cloth, a specialized dusting cloth (we will expound more on this below), an air purifier, a vacuum cleaner, and a dust mop in your list.

Step 2: Ensure That You Remove all Items in Your House

When it comes to dusting, there is no shortcut. Set a cleaning schedule. Dust when you have some free time. The first step is to remove dust in all the items. If it’s a sofa, remove the cushions and push them from the wall. Be very thorough.

Step 3: Invest in Dusting Cloths

The thing about rags is that they don’t get rid of dust, it only spread it to another area. Dust is no match for dusting cloths. These are specialized microfiber cloths that attract and hold on to dust. With this, you will capture all the dust and particles that won’t be left lying around.

Step 4: Get to Work

With each item separated, use a dusting cloth to dust everything in your house. Create a sequence so that you don’t leave some parts undusted. During dusting, it is normal for particles to fly around. So make sure to clean the areas surrounding your furniture. A vacuum cleaner can help with this.

5 Useful Tips to Help You in Dusting

  • Always dust from the top going down. Clean beginning with the ceiling going downwards ensures dust doesn’t fly into the air and later settles back when done.
  • Dust your home at least once a week. We are not talking about deep cleaning. However, your house deserves to dusting schedule once a week. To help you with that, you will need plenty of dusting cloths.
  • Some force is needed to remove dust from furniture. Light brushing won’t cut it with dust. Rub the surface of the area to create static which attracts dust to the surface.
  • Pay a lot of attention to your mini-library. Dust is attracted to books more than it is to any other thing. If you have a bookshelf, you should focus on when dusting your home.
  • Wrap up the dusting process with the floor. If you follow the top-down approach, most of the dust will have accumulated on the floor. You can get rid of it using a vacuum cleaner.

Places That Most People Forget to Dust

Now that you are familiar with the art of dusting your house or office, you must use these tips in cleaning your entire home. Unlike other dirt, dust can find its way into every corner of your home. And some of these areas may not be easy to reach or noticeable.

Failure to clean these areas can cause the dust to spread and make you or your family members sick. To help you avoid such scenarios, here are places that most people forget to dust.

  1. Bedding and pillows – Yes, you do change your sheets regularly. But are you doing the same for your sleep pillows or beddings? If you are constantly sneezing, dust your pillows and beddings or wash them.
  2. Underneath and behind furniture – We often pay more attention to the cushions and forget that dust can also settle underneath and behind home furniture.
  3. The walls – dust loves to cling on walls because most of us rarely clean them, especially if the wall is out of reach. If your walls look flurry, they need dusting as well.
  4. Inside drawers – When performing a deep clean dusting, always look inside the drawers and dust those well.
  5. Air filters and vents – Have you ever opened your air vents and seen how much dust piles up in there? If not cleaned, the dust ends up being blown back to your house. We do not want that.
  6. Plants – Even though plants are living things, they can’t wipe the dust off their leaves. Dusting plants is essential because plants may not be able to photosynthesize, and they may die.

The Importance of a Deep Clean Dusting

For starters, whether you are doing a light or deep clean dusting, stick to the above process. Like regular dusting, deep clean dusting is also necessary. But, it will depend on how prone your home is to dust. So always schedule to give your home a deep clean dusting at least once a month.

Pro tip when dusting: Always be on the lookout for noticeable areas. Places such as behind the bed or on walls are a priority when cleaning.

Dusting may not be the most fun house chore. But just like other chores, it’s something you can’t avoid. A buildup of dust in your home can leave an unsightly mess, and it’s dangerous to your health. 

With the above tips, you can now eliminate dust in your home. It is advisable to know how to prevent dust from getting into your house by sealing windows, vents, and doors. You can also get an air purifier to trap dust particles in the air. And leaving your shoes behind can also prevent the entry of dust particles.

NDIS Cleaning: How To Clean Hard Surface Floors

Hardwood floors add an elegant and classy look to your home. However, if you do not clean it well, it can accumulate dirt over time. Moreover, it will ruin your house’s aesthetic style. 

In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how you can clean your hardwood flooring. But before we dive into cleaning, ensure that you have the appropriate cleaning tools:

  • Microfiber mop– Make sure your mop is absorbent. You can also use a mop with a swivel head and reusable pad so you can clean efficiently.
  •  Vacuum cleaner– Choose a vacuum cleaner service that can easily pick up dirt with a soft roller head.
  •  Dustpan and broom– In cleaning a hard surface floor, you need a soft bristle broom. 

Using Olive Oil to Clean Your Floor

In cleaning for polishing hardwood floors, use olive oil. The oil will provide a shiny finishing which increases its elegance. You can use olive oil only or mix it with a solution of vinegar and water. 

To do this, you need a cleaner to help in vacuuming and sweeping the floor. Remember to raise the vacuum beater bar to prevent damaging the hardwood floor.

You can prepare the solution by using a mop bucket and adding a gallon of hot water. After that, you can add four cups of olive oil and half a cup of white vinegar. Next, get your mob, let it absorb the solution, and wring out water.

You can begin to mop from the interior areas of your room. But make sure to avoid excessive water. Ensure you change the water when it becomes dirty as you mop.

How to Clean the Floor Using Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most effective, non-toxic, and readily available cleaning products that you can use to help your floor glow. Aside from that, vinegar contains disinfecting features that can assist in killing bacteria, molds, and viruses.

Furthermore, white vinegar is colorless and cannot stain your hardwood floor. If you decide to use vinegar in cleaning your floor, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you begin to mop, make sure to clean your floor by removing heavy objects, including tables, drawers, and cupboards, from the areas where you want to clean. 

Step 2: Cordon the Area

When you are cleaning, your pets and children might tend to step on the floor. Also, your floor might be slippery and can result in accidents. Therefore, you should keep the place safe until you finish cleaning it and it dries.

Step 3: Dry Clean

You can start by sweeping and removing dust particles and dirt on the floor surface. Remember to eliminate tiny particles of dust and dirt on the surface before mopping, wiping, or dragging the furniture back. To dry clean your floor, you can either use a vacuum, broom, or a dry mob.

Since you will be moving the vacuum around the house, you can check for any debris of dust or dirt which can contribute to scratching. In most cases, a vacuum cleaner with rubber wheels can be ideal for your hardwood floor than using vinyl or plastic wheels, which can scratch your floor finish.

Mop the Floor Using a Mild Cleaner

If you have a stained hardwood floor, you might need to use an alkaline-based solution to achieve a thorough clean. Ensure you dilute the solution with adequate water before using it to mop your floor.

When it comes to mopping hardwood floors, a microfibre mop is what expert recommends. Moisture can also damage the floorings, keep it dry. After cleaning the floor, you can use a dry, soft cloth to make the drying process faster.

Precautions for Cleaning Your Wooden Floor

Squeeze dry your mop so that you can only damp them clean. Do not allow water or other kinds of liquid to stay for an extended period on your hardwood floor.

  • Avoid using steam cleaners, soap-based cleaners, vinegar, and water on your hardwood floor. For instance, water and vinegar can dull the finish of your floorings, while wax and soap can leave a residue. In contrast, a steam cleaner can exalt heat and lots of water on the wooden floor resulting in long-term damage and cupping.
  • Wipe any food spills, pet urine, and liquids immediately on the surface.
  • Look for certified hardwood floor cleaners because they will use safe cleaning materials, even if you have pets and children.
  • Lessen the dirt in your house by having protective mats to trap dust and dirt.

How to Handle Marks and Stains on Your Wooden Floor

The following tips can assist you in cleaning your wooden floor if it has spills, marks, and stains.

  •  You can remove sticky items, including chewing gum, by placing ice on them until they become brittle. After that, you can remove it using a plastic scraper.
  •  Use baking soda to remove deep scratches: sprinkle some baking soda onto a damp piece of cloth and use it to rub on the scratch.
  •  Use alcohol to wipe paint or nail polish: Use a piece of cloth to rub a solution of alcohol onto a stain.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Hardwood Flooring

A hardwood floor that is scratched and dirty makes every homeowner feels uncomfortable. You don’t want your kids to play or walk on floorings with plenty of bacteria, dust, and dirt. So it’s better to clean your hardwood floor regularly to avoid illness.

Cleaning your hardwood flooring is inexpensive. But if you allow dirt and contamination to damage the floor, you will spend a fortune on replacements and repairs.

When you clean your floor, you significantly extend its overall life expectancy and minimize the need for costly repairs and maintenance in the future. In addition, regular polishing and cleaning can reduce signs of aging or wearing so that your floor always appears beautiful and shiny.

Having credible knowledge in cleaning can make a huge difference in your hardwood flooring safely. With the tips above, you will find your wooden flooring and house cleaning hacks you wish you’d found out sooner professional cleaner cleaned them.

NDIS Cleaning: 5 House Cleaning Hacks You Wish You’d Found Out Sooner

Cleaning may seem time-consuming in most cases. From pet hair and vomit stains to clogged and dust sinks, it seems like scrubbing is a daily task in your home. Most often, it happens in cases when you are expecting a guest or when performing spring cleaning. 

Do not worry, though. Although cleaning in Sydney may be an actual bummer, there are many tricks and hacks you can apply to ease your chores. Here are the five cleaning hacks you wish you would found out:

1. Use a Vinegar Power Spray

At home, we use vinegar in cooking. However, many people do not realize that it can work as an effective cleaner due to its acidic, non-toxic, and natural nature. 

Vinegar can dissolve all kinds of stains, including hard water stains, sticker residues, and soap scum. White vinegar produces the best results when it comes to eliminating dirty particles in your house.

Nevertheless, if you find out that your white vinegar is too strong for cleaning, try using apple cider vinegar. Mix ten parts of water and one part of apple cider vinegar in a spraying bottle. This quantity is enough to clean the whole house. 

Notably, there are some surfaces that you ought not to clean with this vinegar cleaning spray. For instance, granite and marble countertops do not thrive well with vinegar on their surfaces. Also, avoid it when cleaning solid wood furniture, egg-based messes, and kitchen knives.

2. Fuss-free Oven Spring-cleaning

Usually, the oven is one of the most challenging kitchen appliances to spring-clean, making the task appear like an eternity. However, there is a more effective way in which you can wash this huge appliance easily. 

Fill an oven-secure pot or bowl with water. Then, put the mixture in the oven and heat to around two hundred and thirty degrees celsius for 15-20 minutes. By doing this, you will have created steam to loosen the dirt, grime, and grease that might have accumulated in the oven.

Then, allow the oven to cool down before you start wiping first. The dirty particles will start falling off. Next, make a paste of water and baking soda and apply it to the oven’s enamel countertops.

3. Use of Table Salt for Carpet Stains

Most people think that baking soda is one of the top cleaning hacks for eliminating carpet stains. Nevertheless, if the dirt is fresh, then the most efficient solution is using ordinary table salt.

Table salt has various moisture-drawing features to help get rid of the new liquid contamination on your carpet. The technique is also known as the capillary action by scientists. And most of us know it as a seeping activity.

When you notice some stains of coffee or any other type of fluids on the carpet, resist the thought of dabbing it with a piece of dry cloth. Pour some amounts of table salt into the dirty area instead.

When you see the table salt mound beginning to saturate, it means that it is already eliminating that fluid from your carpet. Allow it to dry off. Then, get the vacuum and start cleaning up the whole mess. Salt is also known to work best on mud stains.

4. Sanitize and Clean the Sponge

The sponge is the most used whenever you’re cleaning your house. With every scrub, this foam contraption tends to collect germs, grime, and dirt. You can dip it in hot water and wring out the excess amount of water.

However, you cannot tell if you have eliminated the germs sticking on the inside of your foam. If you’re about to use it to clean another surface, you will be transferring the contamination to your next appliance. It won’t help your cleaning activity.

You have to clean your sponge more frequently for an extra-clean and germ-free home. Dunk it in hot water and ensure to wring out the excess water. Ensure to keep it wet.

Pop it in your microwave and heat it for around 30 seconds. That will get rid of the grime and kill all the germs. Then, please wait for some time before taking it from the microwave since it can be hot. Be cautious in disinfecting your cleaning sponge.

5. Use a Vacuum Air Freshener

Cleaning does not only have to result in a neat home. It ought to also lead to a nice-smelling place. Sure, you can spray an air freshener immediately after the cleaning procedure. But there is always a better cleaning hack than this. 

Dunk a cotton ball in a scent of your choice, such as vanilla. Then, put the ball in a vacuum bag and begin spraying your home. It is an effective cleaning hack that not only cleans your home but also leaves it with a pleasant smell in just a sole pass. It is ideal for eliminating cooking smells, nasty pet odors, and other offensive smells in your home.

Other Essential Cleaning Hacks You Should Try:

  • Unclog your sink– We know. It is one of the most annoying household chores. Place 4 Alka-Seltzer tablets and one cup of distilled white vinegar down your drainage system. Wait for ten minutes and use hot water to rinse out the mixture.
  • Ultimate mattress cleaner- You might think that cleaning your mattress is not necessary- that is wrong. Fill a power or spray bottle with vodka and spray it across your mattress bed. Allow it to dry. The mixture will get rid of all odors and germs.
  • Vomit picker-upper- Cleaning off vomit from your carpet is annoying, though there is an incredible option. Combine water and baking soda, so you get a pasty mixture. Smear the substance on the messed surface. Allow it to sit overnight and clean it off in the morning.

All these cleaning hacks will guide you in cleaning up your home. However, nothing compares to an expert clean from firm-leading cleaning specialists. We, Clean Group AU offers domestic and commercial cleaning services for a couple of decades now. From window cleaning to carpet cleaning, we will ensure your business or home scrubs up nicely, and we give tips about how to create a manageable NDIS cleaning roster also.

How to Create a Manageable NDIS Cleaning Roster

Cleaning a house may become a disappointing task sometimes for various reasons. One reason is that you may find that every time you do the cleaning, there are always missed parts, and it demands that you go back to the cleaning attire. You may also feel like you are always given the cleaning work every time or share the more significant cleaning duties, especially in a house share, while the rest do not do much.

Sometimes, you may find that cleaning everything is overwhelming every time you try to accommodate it within your busy schedule. Unfortunately, most people do not consider taking the time to look over some important things while creating their rotas. Therefore, they find these problems recurring frequently.

While creating a cleaning rota, there are several areas that one has to keep in mind for it to be effective and manageable. These areas include considering the things that require cleaning, what demands constant cleaning, the amount of cleaning needed, and the time constraint.

1. Considering the Things that Require Cleaning

If you want an effective rota, you have to consider all the areas that need to washing machine cleaning tips. This is a step that most people overlook and find themselves failing to perform some cleaning chores because they haven’t thought about the scope of this work.

For instance, you may find that the kitchen, table room, and bedroom areas are cleaned, but you forgot to do one of the bathrooms. Therefore, it requires one to assess the entire house and note down all the sections that you go through while cleaning.

In this step, a person needs to go through every room in the house, assess every section in these rooms that demand cleaning, and record other chores in the compound that require office cleaning Sydney. You may note that some cleaning chores can be custom to a specific house.

For instance, several dogs may be on the premises, which adds more cleaning chores to the rota. It is also wise to note down how often each area requires cleaning.

Once everything is written down, it will be easy for you to follow up while the chores are being done and efficiently ensure that everything is managed. Therefore, minimal or no cleaning chores will be overlooked.

2. How Constant is the Cleaning?

Once the house areas that demand cleaning are listed, it is time to understand how frequently each area requires attention. Some areas are rarely used, while others demand constant cleaning. For example, the guest bedroom might be in use only once a month. Therefore, daily cleaning of the room would be a waste of time.

However, in the instance of the main bathroom, it is an area that is frequently used and demands daily cleaning. It is also wise to keep in mind that some people require some areas to be cleaned every day even though they are not frequently used. Therefore, there is a need to consider what you desire to see daily.

Once the list is ready, the next step is to assess all these areas and note down every section that requires daily cleaning, and group them on one side. Next, check the other sections that need cleaning once in a while and note down the frequency of their cleaning as well.

With this information, one can now group these tasks into frequency categories like daily chores, weekly chores, and monthly chores. This will ensure that the cleaning rota has a schedule that prioritizes the essential areas of the house and thus will save time wasted on things that are not regularly used.

3. Cleaning Workforce

Another area that demands consideration is the number of available human resources and their capabilities. Some people may have housemates that they share chores with, while others have several cleaners employed because of the size of the house.

In some cases, cleaning is a responsibility given to the children who are of age. In the case of an office setting, an employee might be available specifically for cleaning, or cleaning could be a shared responsibility. All these are instances that should be considered.

If the place is shared, the cleaning rota should accommodate all individuals on the premises. You may not be lucky enough to have responsible housemates or workmates. Therefore, they could be messing up the schedule frequently.

Some people would require the guest bedrooms to be dusted every day because they have enough employees to do it. If you live alone, the rota is significantly different because you may not cover everything alone.

4. Time Availability

Lastly, you should consider the amount of time available to do these cleaning chores. It is usual for people to be busy in their workplaces and have squeezed schedules. Therefore, it would be wise to have a rota that accommodates the available time.

For instance, when someone lives alone and works a nine-to-five, there is not much that they can manage regarding cleaning daily. However, a homemaker may have enough time at home, and therefore their cleaning rota would be different.

If the house in question has a cleaner or a team of cleaners, the duties in the rota can accommodate all the cleaning chores. However, in an office setting, the rota would have to be developed carefully considering the time allocated for cleaning.

With this information, tasks with a higher priority would be given more time, while those that do not have a high priority would be given the remaining available time. When this is considered, the rota developed is realistic, better organized, and leaves minimal chances of overestimation.

A cleaning rota demands a lot more than listing the chores. For the rota to be effective and manageable, the tasks done, the frequency of cleaning, amount of time, and people involved have to be assessed.

When these aspects are considered, there are minimal chances of the rota failing, less time is wasted, everyone affected can get involved, and the often overlooked chores are easily handled. Overall, the rota has less pressure on the people involved, and thus maximum output can be expected.

How to Create the Most Effective Commercial Cleaning Routine in Sydney

The pressures of modern society require you to tend to your professional life strenuously. Water bills, health bills, utility bills, and other expenses may necessitate working late hours. It is easy to be engrossed in your professional life and forget the small details that make life blissful.

Cleanliness is an integral part of your health and overall wellbeing. Prioritizing cleanliness creates a sense of harmony and serenity. The balance in your life translates to your family and workplace in Sydney NSW.

Commercial cleaning has been proven to have both physical and psychological benefits. However, it is possible to create a customized cleaning schedule that utilizes little time between work schedules while making the process fun.

A clutter-free workspace fosters your productivity to enable you to smash targets by the end of the quarter. Formulating a cleaning routine can make a world of difference to your life.

Disorganization makes for easy distractions at the workplace. Jobs demand total concentration, which is only possible with a clean and organized workspace. However, prioritizing cleanliness in your workplace can be a daunting task.

Time is limited, and you need a routine that saves time while effectively cleaning the work area. You can create a cleaning routine that does not interfere with work hours by following these tips:

1. Better Organization

You often spend a lot of time looking for misplaced car keys or files. Arranging your items on clearly labeled shelves causes minor inconvenience when finding something. Furthermore, marked neat shelves in the workplace quickly pinpoint where to find specific files and stationery.

Disorganized material can get in the way of productivity since you spend a lot of time searching through the mess rather than working. You can purchase a foldable compartment to store your files, stationery, and valuable tools neatly. A cleaning process is incomplete without organizing the cleaned items inside the room.

2. Empty Your Sink

Time is essential in a workplace, and no employer would want you to sacrifice your work-time to clean. Unfortunately, utensils may clamp up your workplace and limit your productivity. Your peers only add to the suffering with their greasy lunch boxes.

A general rule to help you is always empty the sink. Before you sleep or leave your workspace, ensure you clean all the greasy utensils. Grease builds up the nastiest stains with time.

You can use standard detergent to clean your sink and the utensils; mild bleach will suffice where you lack household detergent. When cleaning your sink, also clean the lower facet to scour the grime on the sink plug. This saves you a lot of precious time next time you clean.

3. After Shower Cleaning Routine

A post-shower cleaning routine is a time saver. You do not need to set aside a whole day to clean your tiles and maintain their porcelain finish. Dingy tiles and grout lower the aesthetic value of your home and workspace.

Cleaning tiles do not have to be a tedious task that requires specialized skill and cleaning products. A microfibre towel dabbed in tile cleaning gel is enough to clean your tiles. Wipe the stains off your tiles while they are moist. You can also use a scrub brush to scour the dirty grout that builds on tile edges.

4. Cleaning Caddy

A cleaning caddy is an integral part of your cleaning routine. Workplaces have tight schedules that won’t allow you to find cleaning equipment in time and clean effectively – a cleaning caddy stores all your cleaning products and equipment in one compartment. You can strategically place your caddy in an easily accessible spot. Common caddy locations are

  • Greasy workspaces
  • Company’s cafeteria
  • Lavatories

Your cleaning caddy should have cleaning essentials such as cleaning sprays and microfiber towels that you can use to disinfect surfaces instantly without dampening tabletops. You should consult a sanitation expert to help you purchase and stock your cleaning caddy.

5. Choose Rooms

Choosing where to start cleaning is the easiest part of your cleaning routine and the most important to save on time. It is advisable to start on the less greasy rooms during weekdays and devote weekends to cleaning the dirtier rooms when you have more time.

Start cleaning from the inner rooms towards the doorway. While cleaning an individual room, it is imperative to remember cleaning from the top down. Declutter your space by first arranging it before undertaking any cleaning procedure. Tackle one room at a time; straining won’t do you any good.

6. Stick to the Routine

There is no point in making a cleaning routine if you don’t make it a habit. Once your cleaning routine is incorporated into your schedule, you will never abscond from cleaning duty. Your cleaning routine should be in between breaks to make cleaning fun.

You can assign various cleaning duties to your peers at work who are comfortable doing so. Like-minded peers should welcome your suggestion to a healthier, distraction-free workplace. Make a budget depending on the frequency of your cleaning routine. Cleaning products sell at relatively the exact prices, and you only need to choose whatever works best for your pocket.

7. Cleaning Products

A significant part of your cleaning routine involves using various cleaning products. While you need to cleanse your environment effectively, some cleaning products are a peril to your health.

For example, anti-bacterial cleaning reagents are designed with abrasives and hazardous chemicals. Antimicrobial reagents are inherently dangerous as they are made to kill bacteria but don’t necessarily make your surfaces healthier. With these chronic effects, you should avoid using harmful cleaning products in workplaces or where kids frequent.

Instead, thoroughly wash your hands with running water regularly after handling abrasives. Then, keep you and your loved ones safe and clean by using less harmful reagents.

A clutter-free workspace will maximize your concentration and productivity. Research shows that employees at clean workspaces have lesser anxiety and stress levels. A company with mentally calm employees will flourish.

Plan a cleaning routine today that saves on time and allows you to clean your environment effectively. The importance of a clean workplace cannot be overstressed, and it is imperative to improve your life quality.

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