Data Centre Cleaning: A Detail Guide for Services and Checklist

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Data Centers play a very crucial part in Telecommunication and Industrial Technology businesses. Most of these gigantic computers need to be stored in a cold, dust-free area.

Many businesses bank on expensive technology that helps a lot in running their day-to-day operation. These computers are sensitive to dust and dirt. It requires special care as this can be one of the most expensive investments a business will spend. Do not entrust your data centres to unprofessional. Hire someone that knows how to do it right. Commercial cleaners Sydney has been in the cleaning industry for more than 20 years, and we started to venture into cleaning Data Centres. 

Commercial cleaning is fully equipped with the knowledge required to safely and effectively clean your data centres.  We know that Data Centre Cleaning is more than just wiping and dusting.

Caring for these computers is not as simple as wiping the dust away. In this article, we will share with you how we get into this area of expertise and how we became successful in this field.

Data Centre workstation Cleaning maintains not just the health of your equipment but also ensures the health of your employees and the environmental aesthetic of the room.

You do not have to stress out the importance of maintaining your area clean and dust-free because we know how to do it by heart. Clean Group Sydney understands that it is crucial because this is the nerve of your business.

Data Centres have to be reliable, provide the highest and fastest performance without fail, and need to function with no delay. Downtimes will result in loss of work and revenue.

Clean Group Sydney cleaners are backed with multiple years of experience. All our professional data centre cleaners are aware of the precautions in handling sensitive devices like electrical joints, wires, and plugs.

Improved system performance and increasing efficiency will be observed if routine data centre cleaning is done.

Data Centre Cleaning Services

Clean Group offers the following cleaning solutions to businesses such as medical, school and IT institutions that have data centres. These cleaning solutions provided by Medical Cleaners Sydney and School Cleaners Sydney are proven to be effective and are absolutely in line with the strict and sensitive requirements that a data centre may have.

Floor Cleaning

Data Center floors are designed to reduce or irradicate static electrical charge by creating a conductive path into the ground. If the floor is dusty and dirty, it significantly reduces the floor’s ability to protect your equipment from static.

Improper use of chemicals and equipment can also damage the surfaces of the floor. The inappropriate use of cleaning chemicals can damage the protective coating of the floor that shields your equipment from the unwanted ground and static. Clean Group knows the right procedure for protecting your floor against chipping and delamination.

Hardware Cleaning

A controlled environment has a high cleaning requirement that will protect its exterior against dust and contaminants. All of our cleaners are certified and trained in properly handling chemicals used in cleaning this type of facility.

Underfloor Plenum Cleaning

The plenum gives filtered air to the equipment being housed inside the data centre. Most of the computer rooms have raised floorings. The space in between is where you can see the Plenum.

This works like a small air vent underneath the expensive computer boards. Like all other propellers, the plenum may suck up the accumulated dust and dirt up the mainboard panel. This can damage the equipment. Apart from that, this can clog the circuits which can lead to fire and severe health hazards.

Before and After Construction Cleaning

Like any other services we offer in the commercial industry, we also provide initial and post-construction cleaning. We understand the risks of what dust can do in your business. We make it spotless onset to make sure that sources of unwanted contaminants are eliminated before you go fully operational.

We also offer routine cleaning and wiping for:

  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Switches
  • Firewalls
  • Modems
  • Storage Devices
  • Display Screens
  • Telecommunication Devices
  • Load Balancers
  • External cabinets and wall-mounted equipment
  • High Dusting

Checklist for an Effective Data Centre Cleaning

All cleaning has to follow a specific list. You cannot expect a cleaner to remember every procedure and area that the cleaner needs to attend to every day. Here is the simple yet effective checklist that our company follows. This ensures our success and your satisfaction with the service that we provide.

Surface Cleaning

  • Vacuum the floor, and remove visible dirt or grime build-up using the right vacuum cleaner with the appropriate attachment.
  • Machine scrub the floor if necessary to remove dirt and stain. This will restore the original colour of the floor.
  • Remove spots, gums, adhesives, etc. that may be sticking on the floor
  • Damp-mop the floor to remove stains and dirt

Subfloor Cleaning

  • Clean and wipe the bottom of all tiles that can be removed
  • Vacuum all subfloor areas
  • Remove as minimal tiles as possible to make sure that proper airflow is maintained

Server Cabinets Cleaning

  • Clean and wipe the inside and the outside of all cabinet doors including the cabinet tops
  • Clean the inside of the server’s cabinet floor
  • Clean and wipe the bottom of all tiles that cannot be removed

Data Center Support Area

  • Detail clean the entire room
  • Clean all surfaces except for printers, PCs, and monitors
  • Clean the floor tile surface and the subfloor
  • Vacuum front grills of the UPS systems
  • Clean and wipe all water line support pipes

Approved Cleaning Materials and Equipment for Data Centers

  • Cleaning materials that are neutral and qualified by computer manufacturers
  • HEPA or S Class Vacuum Cleaner Stable stepladder
  • Electrical cords that are in good condition
  • Floor scrubbing machine
  • Lint-free wipes
  • Lint-free mops
  • Canned Air

All cleaning chemicals that are to be used in the Data Center need to have the appropriate material datasheet.

Here are the Standards of Operation in a Data Center Environment

  • No food and drink allowed inside the data centre
  • Do not prop the door
  • Cleaners are not allowed to interfere with the operation of any data centre equipment
  • No one is allowed to enter the data centre without the proper authorization or badge
  • Cleaners need to clock in and out of the Command Center before and after they clean.

We hope that these pieces of information will be beneficial to you and your business. We want to hear more about your thoughts on this article.

Is it helpful? Did you like the information on data centre cleaning that you read? Share your insights by dropping your comments below and let us all start a conversation that will become helpful in the industry that we chose to master.

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