How the Business Cleaning Industry Has Benefited from Technology

How the Cleaning Industry Has Benefited from Technology
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In this post, I am going to show you how the cleaning industry has benefited from technology by Clean Group. Keep reading.

The technology in the cleaning industry witnesses one of the highest number of injuries each year, but the best news is technology might be the solution. We are now moving towards an autonomous world and the commercial cleaners industry is benefiting from the lessons we learn.

Within the last several years, most businesses have focused on robotics and automation. The innovations have affected all the actors in this technology in the cleaning industry.

Consumers are always looking for low-priced services, but at the same time, they need high-quality ones.

Technology is helping them do that in a better way. Here are some ways in which technology is changing the cleaning industry.

Robotics and Multitasking Machines

Robotics and multitasking machines have been increasing in the cleaning industry. The available machines are environmentally friendly and more effective techniques for your cleaning business.

Technological advancement has also facilitated the development of quiet machines, and new cleaning smartphone apps to show several things such as the battery level, long-lasting batteries, low operating costs, great reliability, better filtration systems, ergonomics, and more comfortable and easier-to-use devices.

Manufacturers are now able to introduce easier-to-use devices of great quality in addition to other cleaning tools that offer optimal results.

Reporting Applications

The infrastructure for the smart device applications is now ready and the cleaning industry is using it too.

Most people own a kind of smartphone or tablet and the price of these devices is going down rapidly, which means that you can use them as a cleaning tools.

The applications help in the reporting part and companies in our cleaning industry benefited highly. The manual errors in reporting have diminished and the cleaning apps keep the employees honest when it comes to time management.

The reports show the clock in/out times, breaks and travel times. If there is any deviation in the reporting, the system can notify the supervisor. That has improved the service delivery service.

Online Booking has Made Cleaning Easier

Before the internet came into being, searching and contacting a cleaning service provider took a very long time for the technology in the cleaning industry.

The consumer would start by grabbing a large book and contacting many cleaning companies and have them quote their price.

After that, the negotiation stage would start. Some booking services like iRestify have eliminated most of the steps involved in hiring cleaners.

If you have a 900 square feet condo, you just need to log into one of the platforms, check the pricing and contact the commercial cleaners. Tell them when you would want the cleaning to start and they will show up at that time.

The transparent process does not involve any contracts or commitment and is also growing in the car industry, travel industry, and hospitality industry. It is much easier to book a commercial cleaner now easier than it was several years ago.

Raised Trust Factor

One of the important features technological giants are using is the validation systems. The users have to rate the cleaners depending on the service they received.

Online platforms like testify have rating systems too to allow the users to make their voice heard.

Before the age of technology, the consumer did not have a way of making his/her voice heard whether she received good services or bad.

Today, the validation systems are helping us get the right service, and build trust, credibility, and authority, which are important aspects.

Better Time Management

Some years ago, people based cleaning services on assumptions. For example, if you own a hotel and the cleaners must work for six hours each day – from midnight to 6.00 am – it can be hard to know whether they were present if you have not installed security cameras.

Today, you will always receive notifications on your smartphone each time a cleaner arrives at work and immediately complete the cleaning job.

Such systems have eliminated assumptions. The consumer also gets what he/she paid for. Read the Hotel Cleaning guide for more information.

Technology has made Cleaning Safe

Before the internet, people relied on homemade cleaning solutions. In fact, no one was aware of the negative consequences the products posed.

Mixing chemicals to come up with a cleaning solution is a bad idea because they can be corrosive or combustible.

Today, apps like good guide help cleaning professionals and consumers select the right products depending on their office, condo, house or business. Office cleaning can now be made more efficient and thus save the company from costs and stress.

We are now Aware of the Many Benefits Cleaning Offers

Before the internet, social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook did not exist and people saw the cleaning industry as a daunting task that was unnecessary.

Most people did not know the effects of dust and dust mites and how a clean home or office would improve their productivity and psychological state.

Technology is rapidly changing and it is making the cleaning industry transparent and safer. It also ensures that the needs and wants of customers are the first priority.

Robots have replaced mops, vacuums, and brooms and with smartphone apps, consumers and cleaning experts can now identify safe products. Technology has made the industry effective, efficient and safe.


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