Quick Tips: Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Quick Tips Carpet and Tile Cleaning...
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This guide will show you exactly quick tips on carpet and tile cleaning by Clean Group. Keep Reading.

Let’s get real here. As a business leader, it is unlikely for you to personally take care of the cleaning chores in your office. You are always loaded with tasks and your schedule is always filled with meetings and deadlines.

Nonetheless, we’d like to share a few deep commercial carpet cleaning and care tips for your office and its assets. You can share them with your friends, colleagues or your own office cleaners. After all, knowledge is power.

These tips are proven to do two important things: (1) Clean and maintain certain areas in your office and (2) help you save money on your office cleaning costs.

Carpet Care Tips

Caring for and maintaining your carpets can take a lot of time, effort and money. That’s why most business owners choose to seek help from professionals.

There are many different ways of cleaning the carpet depending on the quality and fibres. But if you’re looking to save on your cleaning costs, here are some quick tips you can do to care for your office carpets:


How often you should vacuum your office carpets depend on the amount of traffic it receives on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum carpets in high-traffic areas at least once a day.

While you can vacuum carpets in low-traffic areas like corners or meeting rooms at least once a week.

Dealing with spillages

Remember to deal with spilled beverages immediately before it dries up. Because when it does, it will be tougher to remove. In most cases, it can even become a permanent stain.

When trying to remove a stain, avoid scrubbing as it will only set the stain deeper into the carpet. Instead, blot it out with clean dry paper and lukewarm water until it disappears.

You can also use a solution made of two cups of plain water, one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Slowly blot the stained section of the carpet with this solution until the stain disappears.

Tile Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the tiles in your office restrooms can be easy if only you’re not a busy business leader loaded with tons of tasks.

But if you happen to have the luxury of time, here is an easy 3-step process you can do to clean your tiles without damaging them:

1. Start by removing loose dirt and dust by sweeping the tiled floor with a fluffy dust mop. Avoid using straw brooms as this will scratch your tiles. Vacuum the floor, if you like, to remove excess dirt and dust the dust mop missed.

2. You can start removing dirt on the tiles using a sponge and traditional cleaning products. You may also opt for homemade alternatives if you’re particularly concerned about the environment.

3. Wipe your tiles down with soapy warm water to remove any residual product leftovers.

Follow these steps to keep your restroom tiles clean and undamaged. It is also important to make it a regular habit. Cleaning your tiles regularly helps prevent the accumulation of moulds and mildew. It also lets you eliminate the need for stronger chemicals that can cause tile corrosion.

Seek Out Professional Help

You can follow these simple carpet and tile cleaning tips if you want cheaper alternatives in caring for your office assets. However, it can become challenging in an office having a huge number of employees. It’s impossible to see what everyone is doing and look after the mess each one of them makes.

Teaching your employees these care tips can be a good way to get around this issue. However, achieving a high level of cleanliness in your office will be difficult.

To give your office better care, you’ll need help from cleaning professionals. There are reputable cleaning companies out there that offer commercial and office cleaning services. They can provide the best care for your office to keep it looking its best.

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