What Does a Builder Look Before Choosing A Business Cleaner in Sydney?

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A commercial cleaner is a person or company that offers cleaning services to commercial properties and buildings. A builder or building owner, when choosing a commercial cleaner for their property, often considers a range of factors such as experience, skills, resources, flexibility, and professionalism, among other things.

As a cleaner, it helps to know about the various requirements or expectations of a builder as well as the factors that they might consider before hiring cleaner services.

For instance, a builder will almost always prefer a cleaner with previous experience in after-builder cleaning over someone inexperienced. So, it’s good to know about these requirements before cleaners approach a builder.

Today, in This Article, We Will Discuss the Things That a Builder Looks for in a Potential Building Cleaner.

When searching for a commercial cleaner in Sydney, a builder may have various requirements, many of which may not even be relevant to the cleaning process.

For instance, a builder may ask whether or not the cleaners are registered/certified and if they have insurance. They might also enquire about the cleaning products and equipment the company uses for commercial cleaning and how safe they are.

At the same time, the more important things, i.e. the ones that are relevant to the cleaning job and will have a direct impact on the results, must also not be ignored.

These include:

The Company Size

Of course, the size of the company or the number of cleaners is the first thing a builder will look for when searching for a cleaner. Many professional builders who build large numbers of homes in a year prefer to work with big agencies that can adequately meet the cleaning needs of large numbers of properties. At the same time, the company must have sufficient resources and a team to take care of a job thoroughly and on time.

For example, most builders in Sydney build over 200 homes in a year, so working with a contract cleaning company that can serve as many buildings all over the city (& suburbs) is both cost-effective and convenient rather than hiring different cleaners for different jobs.

Industry Knowledge

What kind of knowledge does the cleaning company have in this industry? Do they know about the right approach to cleaning a new property and what tools or equipment they use for the purpose? Can they also clean the outside areas like gardens and car parks?

Be ready to answer all these questions of a prospect builder client when approaching them for a cleaning job. A builder, whether small or big, will always prefer a cleaner with some knowledge and expertise in the industry over new, fresh cleaners with no industry expertise.

Skills & Experience

Other things that matter to builders are the skills and experience of their cleaners.

A cleaner or cleaning agency that has been providing services to builders for at least some years is certainly preferable over one that is just starting out in this industry.

After builders clean is a specialist job that requires a specific level of professionalism and expertise. This is why regular/untrained cleaners cannot do the job perfectly.

A cleaner must know about the areas to clean after builders, the kind of dirt & debris they can expect to find and the best approach to clean such premises. Also, they must have the right tools & resources to get the job done efficiently.

Cleaning Methods

What cleaning methods and techniques a cleaner follows is another important thing to consider for builders choosing a cleaning agency.

The cleaning company must be using the latest and safe cleaning technologies to achieve the desired results. In addition, they must have trained and reliable staff who are passionate about cleaning.

Also, they must be regularly trained in the highest standards to meet a cleaning job and the best cleaning process to use so as to achieve the best results without causing any damage to the property.

For instance, at Clean Group, we only hire trained and experienced cleaners and use the best-in-industry cleaning methods to ensure safe and efficient results.

Services Quality

Of course, the builder might look into the cleaning company’s history and past work to assess their work quality and experience level, so be ready with some good projects to show a prospective customer.

The competition in the cleaning industry is increasing with each day, and new cleaners are willing to offer their services at cheap rates. The only edge a professional cleaner therefore has is the quality and experience, so they must make sure to use these things to impress a potential client.

At Clean Group, we are committed to delivering quality cleaning services through our team of skilled and expert after-builders cleaners.

Care for Employees

Some builders might also consider the employee satisfaction level as a crucial parameter while choosing a cleaning agency.

It’s simple. The happier a cleaner is with his job, employer and pay (+ benefits), the better and more passionately he is likely to work on a project.

While many cleaning agencies continue to work with underpaid and unsatisfied cleaners, we at Clean Group take extra measures to ensure that our cleaners are happy with the work, have the best resources/tools and are regularly trained to do the work for the best results.

Ability to Listen & Adapt

Last but not least, a cleaner must always be a good listener. Until the cleaner will know about the specific requirements and needs of a particular builder, they cannot provide the best quality service, which is why it’s crucial to carefully listen to and understand the client’s requests and take an action accordingly.

Not all builders’ cleaning projects are going to be the same, so performing the same, predefined tasks for each cleaning project may not work.

In addition, a cleaner must be able to adapt his/her cleaning approach according to short notice demands of the customer. For instance, the builder may need you to high-pressure clean the carpets and/or driveway, so keep all the essential tools with you.

We at Clean Group always keep our cleaners prepared with top-notch resources, tools and cleaning solutions to be able to meet the instant demands of the customers. Regardless of the size of the property or builder, we are able to meet your cleaning needs perfectly and promise to do our job efficiently.

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