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Clean Group is one of the few cleaning companies in Sydney that is ISO accredited, i.e. has its cleaning process & techniques certified to follow the highest quality and environmental safety standards.


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Strata Cleaning & Strata Cleaners in Sydney NSW

Maintaining and cleaning strata is in no way a task that may be considered to be easy. Strata cleaning company Sydney, Clean Group, ensures that you in no way have to worry about the difficulty levels posed by the task. We have the personnel, the resources, and the expertise needed to maintain strata property in tip-top shape. Our clients vouch for us, and the outstanding quality of commercial cleaning is a thing that you may be assured of.

We are fully focused on the satisfaction of our customers, which, along with our expertise, elevates us to uncharted levels, and our integrity stands out in our dealings with clients. We extend our services to most of the types of strata property found in general. With the right blend of experience, expertise, and commitment we are, to put it, the best candidate for strata maintenance, you are likely to come across. Our other services include commercial cleaning, office cleaning and medical cleaning

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Complete Strata Cleaning Services Sydney

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning Sydney & maintenance services, including the ones that are not commonly provided by many other strata cleaning companies in Sydney.

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What Is Included in Clean Group’s Strata Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Clean Group is a full-service cleaning agency providing commercial and office strata cleaning services in Sydney. We offer a complete range of strata cleaning and maintenance services to both residential and commercial strata buildings, complexes, and warehouses. Our strata cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning of cobwebs in and around the common halls, areas, roofs, etc.
  • Wiping and disinfection of light switches, boards, etc. in common areas and halls
  • Cleaning of bins , removal of garbage and replacement of liners
  • Cleaning, wiping and disinfecting furniture in the common areas of the building
  • Cleaning of walls, windows, ceilings, floors , etc. all over the building
  • Cleaned and dusting of drawers, cupboards, shoe racks, and more
  • Cleaning, dusting and wiping of staircase handrails , doors, etc.
  • Cleaning of common kitchens , including wiping of spills and splashes
  • Cleaning of windows, rails, doors, etc ., including high rise window cleaning
  • Living room furniture cleaning and re-arrangement and cleaning of display shelves
  • Cleaning, maintenance, sanitization and repairing of lifts
  • Deep cleaning, scrubbing and mopping of floors and surfaces all around the place
  • Proper removal of garbage in a healthy manner
  • Carpet vacuuming and cleaning using high-quality and eco-friendly products that are safe and effective
  • Cleaning of bathrooms & toilets and restocking of supplies, tissues, hand towels, toilet paper and soap
  • Cleaning & sweeping of car park area of your building
  • Sanitization of sensitive places such as toilet seats, light boards & switches, door handles, telephones, etc.
  • Disinfection of all hard floors and surfaces , including staircases, roof, etc.
  • Cleaning and polishing of mailboxes for cobwebs, dust, etc.

What Separates Clean Group From Other Strata Cleaning Companies

We have invested substantial amounts in acquiring the equipment that the latest technologies afford us. But we do not stop there. We make it a point to see to it that our machinery, as well as the manpower, are upgraded on a regular basis. Our cleaners are certified professionals who take pride in the years of experience behind them.

The cleaning products that we use are of premium quality and are friendly towards the environment besides being safe for people. It is a longstanding commitment of ours to provide services that excel in all respects. So, if you happen to be on the lookout for or near by commercial and office Strata Cleaning Services Sydney near me, go ahead contact us today.

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Cleaning techniques that work –Having more than 20 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, we know which cleaning technique is ideal for what kind of project. Rest assured, our cleaning approach will give you a spotless apartment or building.

High-quality cleaning solutions & equipment –We use only the best quality cleaning solutions and products that are certified to be child-safe and friendly to the environment. This ensures that you get a properly and thoroughly cleaned building without safety issues.

Trained & certified strata cleaners –Our team of expert strata cleaners Sydney consists of highly trained professionals who have years of experience in commercial strata cleaning in the city. Our cleaners follow modern but inexpensive cleaning techniques for optimum results.

Reliable and Flexible – When it comes to strata cleaning Sydney in Australia, we are the most reliable and trustworthy company. Our services are affordable and high in quality. Moreover, we are flexible enough to offer cleaning services as per your schedule.

Satisfaction guarantee –For us, it’s more important to make happy customers than to make profits. So, we will do everything in our power to make you happy with high-quality strata cleaning. And if you’re still not satisfied, we have an efficient support team to help you.

Same-day strata cleaning – We also offer same-day strata cleaning service in Sydney to meet the urgent or immediate cleaning needs for businesses. This service is, however, on an availability basis. Contact our sales team today to check the availability.

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How To Hire Strata Cleaners with Clean Group

It’s simple. Hire the best-in-class strata cleaners Sydney in 3 easy steps.

  • Schedule a Free On-site Quote

    Contact us:

    Call us at 02 9881 5753 to schedule an on-site inspection of your place by our experts.

  • Discuss Your Cleaning Requirements

    Discuss Your Requirements

    Discuss your cleaning needs, requirements and preference with our team.

  • Review The Cleaning Quotes

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    Review all quotes and finalize the deal knowing that you have made the right selection.

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Why Clean Group?

The strata cleaners employed by us have loads of experience and have proven their dedication to their profession over the course of several years. When they go out to clean your strata, their sole aim is to ensure that the property is left spick and span when they are done through.

We conduct regular inspections and constantly evaluate the feedback we receive in order to even further better our services. Flexibility is another asset of Clean Group and we provide customized solutions for our clients.

If all you require is an occasional sprucing up of your strata property, there also we are present to help you out in your predicament. We take great pains to ensure that every nook and corner of your strata has been cleaned and is looking as good as new.

Regardless of whether the task is to simply mop up space or whether you need more complex tasks to be carried out, we are the name you want to turn to.

We strive hard to be a reliable and safe partner in your efforts to upkeep your strata property. So, choose the best option available and contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The concept of strata maintenance services originated in Australia. Strata Cleaners usually attends to subdivided rooms and buildings that can either be used commercially or as a residence. This management style was adopted by so many countries worldwide because it offers convenience to the tenant, and the building management can easily oversee the needs of the entire property. The common things such as stairs in a strata building should be cleaned regularly with attention to detail. As a top commercial cleaning services provider

We provide a wide range of strata cleaning services to properties like apartments, industrial & children facilities. We provide bond cleaning, move in/out cleaning, end of lease cleaning, spring cleaning, strata house cleaning, upholstery, and tile & grout cleaning services. The building management will get in touch with a commercial cleaner to find out if the cleaning company can cover the overall maintenance of the common area of the entire strata building. Some of the building managers that work in this setup choose to hire their cleaners internally.

Commercial cleaners are a perfect fit for strata setup. A building may have different maintenance and cleaning requirements depending on the type of business they wish to carry. Some buildings require extra care, especially those that have expensive finishing and floor coverings. Cleanliness has to be observed at all times because, for the same reason as the other businesses, strata also caters to customers and potential strata owners. The property will highly likely sell if the place is pleasing to the eye. You cannot just hire a person and have him clean the entire building. For one reason, this person may not know the proper ways of caring for your property. There are a lot of commercial strata cleaners in Sydney that offer the service for a reasonable price. Hiring one is a great choice.

I know you may be thinking of the economic cost of getting professional help when it comes to cleaning. A lot of building managers think that commercial strata cleaners can be costly. You will be surprised to know that commercial cleaning charges are reasonable. Many strata and building managers entrust their cleaning needs to professionals like strata cleaning services in Sydney because it gives them peace of mind.

We do strata cleaning not just as a job but as something we truly care about. Our strata cleaning will include the cleaning of your entire premises, floors, hallways, common spaces, swimming pools, walkways, elevators, common gyms, public phone, lawns, foyers, etc. We also clean & disinfect touchpoints such as door handles and lift buttons and can perform minor repairs. For fast & guaranteed start cleaning, call our customer care team to book a service now.

We try to offer the best value for money services on your budget. For information regarding our cleaning rates, you can call our phone number. We have no fixed costs but create customised packages based on a customer's requirement, cleaning goals & recommendations. Our cleaning prices will also depend on your property size, the kinds and amount of chemicals needed and the time it takes to clean the place. We want your tenants to have a great impression of your property and you have a strong image in the market. Read our testimonials or blog links to know more.

Yes, all our cleaners and staff are fully insured for your safety & peace of mind. Every strata cleaner in our teams has been verified and trained to offer great service without a question and do their part with honesty. Our employees follow a proven cleaning process and use high-tech cleaning equipment to perform their duties to add value to your place and provide high level cleaning for the health of your tenants and committee. You can hire our cleaners for a number of cleaning services and for whatever frequency (number of times) you want. Visit our blog page to find out more reasons to hire us or check our portfolio. Call us to book a quote.


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