Effective Ways How to Get Cleaning Contracts With Banks and Offices

Effective Ways How to Get Cleaning Contracts With Banks and Offices

Many commercial cleaning companies in Australia aim to close a deal with banks and different financial institutions all across the country. We all know that cleaning a bank is not your typical office cleaning. It requires a certain degree of hard work plus immeasurable security.

Are you wondering how successful cleaning companies manage to close a deal with these financial institutions? Join us as we discuss this further. We cannot deny the impossible opportunities in the cleaning industry. Closing commercial cleaning contracts are advantageous, and they can do an excellent review of your brand.

Amongst the three niches in the cleaning world, office cleaning is deemed to be the most profitable as compared to the residential and other real estate cleanings.

Most of the businesses that we serve in commercial cleaning need a routine cleaning, which means continuous profit to cleaners, like us.

Cleaning business, like banks, is one of the most desired cleaning contracts of commercial cleaners. They receive one of the highest traffic every day. Plus, the reputation and integrity of the bank rely heavily on its facade.

Who will trust a bank that is not well-maintained? Most banks and financial institutions choose to hire their in-house cleaners because of their strict security requirements.

Winning cleaning contracts with banks need effective strategies and careful planning. In this article, we will talk about how to get cleaning contracts with banks.

Today, we will share with you some of our practices on how we can secure banks in the city and all over the country. We want you to realize that it is not an impossible task.

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7 Guaranteed Steps to Get Cleaning Contracts With Banks

1. Know Your Target Market.

More likely, you know all the banks and other businesses in your area if you are marketing your cleaning company locally. Most of the time, a commercial cleaning Sydney business will start with the biggest ones.

Cleaning contracts are not easy to win. Start with listing the names of the banks in the area that you hope to do business with. Once you are done with that, you may start with your more intensive research.Often cleaning contracts for sale is an option chosen by people who start their business.

You need to know who is the best person to speak to. It will also give you a stronger edge if you know who is your competition. Get the rates and what is the scope of work provided at that price. With these, you can better present your company and what you can offer to your prospect.

2. Propose A Better Offer:

If you do your homework nicely, you will know who you are competing with. Do not just match the price for whatever services do they offer. Come up with something extra. Even banks will not mind getting something free. You can express your eagerness to win a contract presenting these extras.

3. Present Your Company in a Letter.

Do not just barge in without even knowing who to speak with. Always aim for the right person. You do not want to be barking at the wrong tree. Proposals should be presented on your company letterhead and written formally.

You need to present your company as someone who is a master of all the commercial cleaners. Writing a lousy business proposal will not do you any good.

Make your proposal crisp and striking. They should remember you. Give the details that you want to highlight and introduce all the facts about your cleaning service.

Do not make a mistake of writing to a random person who works in the bank as your proposal can end up in the trash. To ace this, you need to know the right decision-maker.

4. Make Your Meeting Memorable.

You have gone this far. If the bank had invited you for a meeting, it only means that you were able to capture their attention. Come in your best suit.

Prepare all the documents that you want to present to them at least a day ahead. Practice your pitch and pay attention to what they are about to tell you. Impress your clients by banking on the first impression.

If possible, go to the meeting with your Cleaning Supervisor and your best Cleaner in their complete uniforms and submit a portfolio of the other companies that can vouch for your performance.

Do not give out generic answers when they ask you about the services that you do. Make sure that all of your responses will point to the direction of why do they need to hire you. Showcase the other benefits that they can get if they hire you as their regular cleaner.

Security is number one with any banks. You can start by telling them that all your cleaners had undergone background checks.

5. Contract Signing

This means that you are hired. You won your first bank cleaning contract. Do not rush on this. Make sure that the paperwork reflects all the cleaning requirements that you need to perform regularly.

As a business, you need to be smart in listing and following everything that is on the job scope. Your clients will be happy if you can also present this job scope every time a cleaner goes to clean the premise.

It will serve as a reflection of all the tasks that you perform in a day.

6. Referrals and Word of Mouth

When you start collecting cleaning contracts with reputable banks and other businesses, word of mouth will do its work. A bank contract is not easy to win. You need to be proud of yourself when you manage to close one.

Having experience in this business will surely buy you a long way. It will speak about your company’s value and brand.

Connect with the managers and CEO and ask them if it is okay to get recommendations. If they are happy, you will never need to ask for it because they will give it willingly.

We have been in the cleaning business for so long, and we have offered different services to all sorts of business. Clients will always have different requirements, and it is our job to keep up with it.

If you want to be successful, you need to expand your business by offering different cleaning services to different niches. We want you to secure the contracts.

How about you? How were you able to get cleaning contracts? How was your experience? Please write us a comment down below on what are the services that you included in bank cleaning.

We want to help our fellow friends in the cleaning services industry to realize that they should aim for cleaning contracts. Am I making sense? See you around.Our workplace cleaning guide has more information on everything you need to know about office cleaning.

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