What is Deep Commercial Cleaning? Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning

Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning

Whether you are running a restaurant, a hospital or any other commercial facility in Australia, deep cleaning of your place once in a while will ensure your premises remain beautiful, attractive and safe for visitors and employers.

Deep Commercial cleaning refers to the process of thoroughly cleaning a place or thing so as to remove dust, dirt & debris and makes it beautiful and safe again. Ideally, a commercial facility should be cleaned on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the type of business.

For example, sensitive places such as kitchens (restaurants) and hospitals must be covid-19 deep cleaned every week along with proper sanitising & disinfecting in order to remove the bacteria and make the place look clean. Homes & residential premises, on the other hand, can be deep cleaned a few times per year.

The thing about Depending on the property type, cleaning can have different purposes. Cleaning is that the longer you avoid doing it, the more difficult and costly it will be to finally do it.

In most cases, especially when you are looking to get your business premises or a commercial/residential property deep cleaned, hiring a professional cleaning service is the best idea, as it saves the headache of doing all the hard work and heavy lifting yourself.

Moreover, a professional cleaning agency will have the experience and the resources to thoroughly clean your place, even the areas like vents, under the furniture, etc. that are generally avoided when doing it yourself.

Depending on how dirty your place is or how deep you want it to be cleaned, the cost of the cleaning services may vary. So, make sure to enquire about the cleaning company cost before hiring them.

In order to be able to hire the best cleaning service based on your specific needs, it’s important to understand the basic differences between deep cleaning and routine cleaning and which option is suitable for which purpose. If this is what you’re looking for, this article is for you.

Before we start discussing the various differences between deep cleaning & regular cleaning, let’s first get to know a little about these two types of cleaning.

Regular/Routine Cleaning

Regular Cleaning, as the name suggests, is a type of cleaning work that is done on a regular basis. The best example of journal cleaning is the daily dusting, sweeping and/or mopping of your home or office.

Regular cleaning is what we do every day or on a weekly basis. Most people, especially households, prefer to do this type of cleaning on their own, as it requires less time, limited resources and no experience.

However, a study shows that more than 50% of residents choose to hire cleaners for routine cleaning as they are too busy to do it.

The primary purpose of regular cleaning is to make your place look clean and maintain a safe & healthy environment for the residents/workers. Common things to include in a journal cleaning job are –

  • Cleaning/sweeping the floors
  • Mopping the floors
  • Dusting the furniture, sofa and other things
  • Cleaning of toilets & bathrooms
  • Basic cleaning of the kitchen
  • Tidying up

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning requires more time and effort. Its sole purpose is to remove the deeply stuck dirt and dust all over the place.  

Not like routine cleaning, deep cleaning is only needed at least once or twice a year. Deep cleaning serves different purposes. Among these are: 

  • End of lease cleaning 
  • After builders cleaning 

Like regular cleaning, deep cleaning is required to keep the place free from deadly viruses and germs that threaten human health. 

Apart from health reasons, deep cleaning promises to take care of your business’s furniture and equipment. 

The need for deep cleaning differs from business to business. If you cater to more foot traffic, the more you will require deep clean.

What should be covered in a deep cleaning? (Deep Cleaning Checklist)

At Clean Group, we offer deep cleaning services through a dedicated team of cleaners who are trained to cover the following things while cleaning your place:

Dusting & Vacuuming: This will cover dusting and/or vacuuming of the entire place, furniture, windows, doors, hard-to-reach areas, under furniture, etc.

Floor Cleaning & Maintenance: Besides regular dusting/vacuuming and mopping of the floors, deep cleaning of floors will cover the removal of stains, litter and debris.

We use top-quality chemicals & machines to remove grit, sand particles, allergens/dust and other things from your floors, making them look like new again. We can also perform minor floor repairs, including floor renovation.

Walls: Our deep cleaning service also covers the cleaning and basic maintenance of your walls, including scraping, cleaning and painting.

Windows & Doors: All the doors & windows, including window sills, door frames, etc. at the place should be wiped down and then vacuumed to remove dust, cobwebs, bugs and smudges.

Furniture & Blinds: When cleaning your furniture, you should also clean the blinds, cabinets, drawers, etc. for dust, dirt, pet hair and other things.

We can take care of the job with the complete cleaning of your chairs, couches, desk and other furniture and electronics at your place.

For the cleaning of blinds, we use special vinegar solutions that are eco-friendly.

Carpet Cleaning: Our dedicated carpet cleaning team will thoroughly clean, vacuum and wash (if needed) your carpets & upholstery to remove dust, deep-stuck dirt, stains, pet hair, etc. from it.

Toilet/Bathrooms: Toilets & bathrooms being the most sensitive places on your property should also be deep cleaned with proper solutions. Besides cleaning, we will also disinfect your toilets & bathrooms.

Faucets: All the faucets, taps and showerheads, etc. at your place must be properly cleaned, wiped and sanitised.

Vents/ Vent Covers: Besides cleaning the vents for dust, cobwebs and bugs, it’s also important to remove and clean/wash HVAC vent covers once in a while.

Ceiling Fans/ Coolers/ ACs: Unlike other cleaning agencies, we also clean the ceiling fans, coolers, ACs, TV set and other electronics at your place.

Garbage Removal, Cleaning & Restocking: Besides removing the garbage and cleaning the bins, we will also restock common supplies such as toilet paper, soaps, etc.

Sanitising & Disinfecting: Once the cleaning part is done, we will also sanitise the touch-sensitive places like the remote, toys, door handles, telephone, keypads, etc. to remove any bacteria or germs.

Kitchen Cleaning: Unless you’re a restaurant, the basic, in-depth cleaning of the kitchens at your place is covered under our standard deep cleaning package.

For restaurants, a separate kitchen cleaning package is offered that includes the cleaning of the oven, stovetop, large refrigerators, microwave, freezers, dishwasher and other heavy-duty equipment.

That’s all the things to be covered in a cleaning project, whether you’re doing it yourself or getting it done by a professional cleaning company.

By now, you must have a decent idea of how deep cleaning is different from regular or routine cleaning. Now, let’s explore this topic a little more to remove any confusion you may have.

Deep Cleaning Vs. Regular Cleaning

Summing up everything we have discussed above, deep cleaning refers to the in-depth cleaning of a place, including the areas that are generally ignored during routine cleaning.

For instance, the areas under the sink or behind appliances like the washing machine, refrigerator, inside of the vents, the oven and window frames, etc. are not generally cleaned during regular cleaning tasks.

This is why it’s crucial to deep clean your place at least once in a few months to ensure overall cleaning and safety.

Deep cleaning is different from regular cleaning in the following aspects:

Based on cleaning frequency
While regular cleaning is done on a daily or at least a weekly basis, deep cleaning is done not more than once a month or year.

Based on the type of place
Journal cleaning is done at home or office and other places that are not highly prone to dirt, dust and similar things.

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is preferred for places that are highly sensitive to dust & dirt, such as factories, and the places where health safety is very important, such as hospitals and food establishments.

Based on the purpose
As mentioned before, the main purpose of routine cleaning is to keep the place clean and free of dust/dirt and to make the place look nice. Deep after builders cleaning, however, is done to remove deep-stuck dirt, stains, bacteria, etc.

From the place. It is usually done on specific occasions, like when a tenant moves in or out of your property, or when moving into a newly constructed building/property.

Based on inclusions
Well, we have already discussed the methods to both deep clean and regular clean in detail above. In short, deep cleaning includes the cleaning of everything in a place, including less-accessible areas such as vents, behind heavy machines, carpets, etc.,

Whereas regular cleaning covers the dusting and/or mopping or wiping of only the visible areas and surfaces.

At Clean Group, we offer both regular cleaning and deep cleaning services in Sydney. To know more or to get a cleaning quote, feel free to contact us.

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