What Customers Want From A Business Cleaning Company?

What Customers Want From A Commercial Cleaning Company
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Did it ever occur to you to stop and think of what your customers are really after? What are they looking for when they go and shop for cleaning providers? A customer or a potential customer has a long list of qualifications when they hire a professional Sydney commercial cleaners.

Why? Because all customers, regardless of which field are they in, want to get value for their money. No one wants to feel shortchanged. Now, this article will talk to you about identifying what your customers want and how will you live up to their expectations.

We have been in the Sydney Commercial Cleaning industry, and we had our own share of ups and downs. We are confident that this article will help you a long way if you just believe us when we tell you that you need your customers and your customers do not require you.

Always remember that. There is a heap of competition out there who will not miss a chance of getting your clients away from you. You really need to keep a close eye on giving your customers what they want, or you will lose them and your business.

Customer’s Wants in A Cleaning Business

A Proven Cleaning System

As you grow in the cleaning industry. You need to devise a pattern that your company and your employees will follow. The system that you will design for your business has to be tailored fit to every industry that you serve, for example, office, warehouse, and health facilities.

You have to come up with a cleaning system for each because they have their own unique needs. You cannot clean a health facility with the same approach that you do with the offices.

Sometimes, trial and error will help you identify which practices work and which do not. Once you have proven and developed a system, make sure to cascade it to your subordinate. Explain to them the reason behind the effort so that it will be easier for them to live by the system.

Follow through with inspection to gauge if they are delivering the quality of the service that you had promised your customer. Customers will always want something extra. Always remember to put a personal touch on it so that your customers will remember you.

An effective cleaning system strongly depends on how reliable your workforce is. You need to hire someone hardworking and trustworthy. These types of employees are the people you would like to have as you grow your business. They are gold.

Once you came across these employees, value them and do not let them go. Nurture them to their full potential because they will share the same values and virtue with your company.

Your cleaning system has to be designed to fulfil the reason why the customer had hired you in the first place. As a business owner of a cleaning business, do not forget the reason why you are cleaning in the first place.

Share this goal with your customers so that you can see the unvoiced needs of your customers. It will be easy for you to see it once you have put your heart to work.

Once you have secured your customer’s satisfaction, their loyalty will always be a giveaway.

Secure Your Customer’s Satisfaction

Do not overpromise and underdeliver. It should always be the other way around. If a customer has hired you because they want to have a shiny floor, then make their floor shine like it never shined in the past.

Again, a customer will always love getting something on top of what they asked for. Complaints may arise from time to time but make sure that you have strong customer care support that will manage these challenges.

After the complaint has been dealt with, do not be hesitant in following up or knowing how your customer feels after the last cleaning. There is no other perfect time to ask your customers for their feedback on the day that you offer the resolution. The crispness of the resolution will be embedded in their memory, and they will remember how promptly you resolved the issue.

Communication is always the key to securing their satisfaction. If your customers trust you, they will tell you what they need and how did they perceive having it done.

When they are not happy or unsatisfied with the first try, they will always tell you to correct it. That is the kind of relationship that you may want to build with your customers.

Trust and Integrity

In any kind of relationship, faith plays a very crucial part. In the cleaning business, customers are looking for trustworthy cleaning contractors. Why? Like any cleaning business, most of our cleaners access the premises after working hours. Our cleaners will have access to expensive equipment and sensitive data that are very important for your customer’s business.

We do not want missing items or documents. We want to save ourselves from these severe problems in the future. Your customer trusts you that you will take care of their premise’s security and property; it is your responsibility to maintain that trust. Being trustworthy is everything in the cleaning industry. All of your employees and cleaners should be trustworthy.

I do not need to tell you the benefits of being trustworthy because you should know it by now.

Always remember to maintain an excellent reputation as this will play an important role when you are creating your brand. Later on, as your company grows bigger, your brand will speak for your entire business.

Hardworking and Dedicated

It is already given, that a cleaner has to have a healthy physique to have him last a full shift. A cleaner should maintain the same level of endurance and enthusiasm for all the jobs that he has been assigned.

He cannot perform 100% for one client and just give his 50% to another client. Cleaning is a difficult task that is why your customers hire you in the first place. If you are hired to clean, make sure that you clean it from top to bottom.


If you were to hire a professional cleaner, we strongly suggest that you also do your own research to know your candidate’s reputation. Check their website and read through their feedback section.

The status of a company is often dictated by how long it has been in business. If they are in business long enough, they will surely know the hows and whys of the industry.

They have all the necessary experience to make them stay in this kind of job for so long. This means, they know the tools, cleaning agents, and techniques and have been a pro in doing so.

You will know and feel that they know what they are doing just by directly talking to them. They will show the confidence that you need to see to start trusting them.


You know how difficult it is if someone had fallen behind schedule. If your customer is expecting you to come at a specific date and you failed to show up, that is an automatic dissatisfaction right there. Your customer requested a specific schedule for you to follow because they have their own reasons.

It can be because they have VIPs visiting their office the next day or it can be any other reason. Show up when you are supposed to and deliver the quality of the service you had promised.


Your customers trust that you know what you are doing the moment you see the problem. Your expertise came from the knowledge and the number of years that you have been doing this job.

When your customer presented you with a request, feel free to give suggestions and tips on how to best address the request. They will appreciate an honest opinion because they trust that you know what you are talking about.

Your expertise may be determined by which cleaning chemicals are the best fit for the material that you are about to clean. What to do and not to do in order to prolong the life of the floor and such? You can tell them all the alternatives if you are thinking of one.

Your customers are most likely to buy whatever you are about to say to them because they trust your expertise in this field.

There is indeed a lot of competition out there. In Australia alone, a lot of cleaning business is being born every day. Do not be afraid of reinventing your whole company.

Focus on why you established the market and always remember what the customers really want from you. Most likely, if they are satisfied and happy, their loyalty to you will always be out of the question.

They will also refer you to other friends and family members that may need the same services. Your customers will do the talking for you.

Satisfied customers are happy to leave positive feedback on your website and other social media channels which will be right for your marketing needs. Think about this list one more time and tell me if you agree with me. Drop us a comment below or share your own best practices.

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