A Complete Cleaning Guide for Childcare Center

A Complete Cleaning Guide for Childcare Center
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A childcare facility is a place for kids to learn, grow and make new friends. Unfortunately, this is also a place for kids to expose to germs and contagious diseases. Have no fear; you can definitely hire a childcare cleaning service like Clean Group to cover all of the things you need in providing a safe and healthy place for these young ones. We will teach you the ABC of safe and healthy childcare.

Seven Steps Cleanup and Disinfection for Childcare Center

Not everything that is dirty has a lot of germs like window sills and walls. But do not be fooled by appearances. Places like diaper tables and hands can be loaded with bacteria. That is why we will share with you the proper way of commercial cleaning and disinfecting. First, you clean and then you disinfect.

Childcare Cleaning removes dust, dirt, grease, and other foreign matter and germs by physically removing them off of the surface. A perfect example could be mopping the floors, scrubbing counters with water or soap and commercial cleaning chemicals.

Disinfecting kills all germs virtually. This can be done with the use of a particular chemical which is called disinfectants.

It is vital to disinfect things that are likely to have lots of germs. These are the surfaces that are likely to come in contact with blood, mucus, and urine.

How do you know when you are disinfecting? You use a particular chemical like bleach or any other product that is labelled as the disinfectant. Always remember that most cleaners are not disinfectants.

So please be sure that you are picking up the right chemical, saying that it is really indeed, a disinfectant. Read the directions on how to use it.

Cleaning is a dirty job, but someone has got to do it. Always remember that you are doing it for the welfare of the kids that are enrolled in these facilities. Most of the commercial cleaners out there do not spend enough time to do the job right.

  • Block off your working area
  • Use the right equipment, tools and cleaning chemicals
  • Use rubber gloves
  • Clean Up
  • Disinfect
  • Clean up after you are done with cleaning
  • Wash up the gloves that you used in cleaning

How to Sanitize Toys

Did ever occur to you how does your commercial cleaner attend or clean the toys that the kids have in their mouth all the time? Most of the childcare workers use a disinfectant spray and directly shower the box of toys at the end of the day.

Some soak the toys in disinfectant, and they are done. We researched how to disinfect these toys effectively.

It is not wrong to spray Lysol directly into the box of toys, but this product can only sanitize at thirty seconds. Meaning, if we spray this, we need to keep the toys waiting for 30 seconds to sanitize. It will only kill a very minimal amount of germs.

If you are to use a particular product, make sure you use it the way the manufacturer designs it. The strength of the disinfectant strongly relies on its dwell time.

Most of the childcare facilities keep their toys in a box. We design our own box to use in the process. We devised a plastic box with holes surrounding it, and this is where we put all the toys that we intend to disinfect.

On another plastic box, we mix a disinfecting solution. We just have to submerge the box full of toys into this disinfecting solution. Once you are done with the dwell time, you can just simply take the box out and let the water drain. Let it air dry.

The critical thing is, you need to make sure that the toys are saturated or wet for the dwell time. You need to make sure that all of these products that you follow the instruction to achieve the best result.

Cleaning The Facility

Remembering the cleaning scope for a child care facility is a handful. Being organized is a continuous challenge for some. Hiring a professional commercial cleaner will help you ease the process. Most professional cleaners have a checklist that helps them stay on top of every task. 

If you are a start-up cleaning business, you may download the cleaning sheet off of the internet. There are a lot of templates available for you to utilize. 

You can also try and create your own by simply taking notes of the things that are needed to be carried out on a day to day basis.

There is already a lot to do when you open your daycare in the morning. With Clean Group, your morning cleaner is advised to ways to maintain cleanliness in a childcare centre :

  • Prepare a pail of water mix with bleach. We also suggest that they write today’s date in the bucket to make sure that this solution is fresh.
  • Stock the fridge with lunch and snacks
  • Put out toys
  • Set up the rooms
  • Cleaning the Playroom
  • Cleaning the Lunchroom
  • Cleaning of Bathroom
  • Floor, Rugs, Bedding, and Carpet Care

Following safety, regulation is one of the essential factors we need to follow every day.

In Closing Up, the Cleaner Is Also Task To:

  • Mop
  • General Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Rubbish collection

There are also smaller cleanup jobs, but these vary from daycare to daycare so keep an eye out for the weak spots in your chores.

As much as the little things that make the house a home are the little details and extra care that will make your daycare go from okay to great. You can also download a free detailed checklist of all childcare cleaning and daycare cleaning duties.

Most of the time, it is always good to bring professionals to assist your daycare centre’s needs and give you tips for keeping it up to standard.

This can be sometimes costly; that is why we highly recommend that you collect a few cleaning quotes to compare price ranges.

The checklist takes care of your cleaning duties, so you can entirely focus on the kids and your daycare.

Why do Infections Spread Quickly In Child Care Area?

You are dealing with kids, and these kids are not yet conscious about what is dirty and what is needed to keep clean hygiene. These natural habits of children contribute a lot to spreading germs all over the place.

Also, some of the childcare facilities are under staff and employees may not have adequate hygiene training.

Cleaning Tips on How to Fight the Spread of Germs

  • It is essential that childcare controls the spread of germs and keeps every child safe from toxic chemicals. We can protect children by choosing more reliable products and using all chemicals carefully. Disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning are all different jobs.
  • Applying soap and water, cleaning, and hand washing will eliminate most germs. Lots require more than just general cleaning in a few areas.
  • Disinfectants are your most potent germ-fighting tool. They are mainly required in toilet and diaper areas. Disinfectant kills all germs.
  • For food contact services and mouth objects, you will need sanitiser. Sanitisers are not as quite strong as disinfectant, but it reduces germs to a safe level.
  • Household bleach is a standard sanitiser and disinfectant. It is a natural product, so it is easy to forget that it is toxic. A tiny amount of bleach in water is all you need. Using more bleach than is required is not good and creates unnecessary exposure and risks.
  • Bleach breaks down quickly with water, so you will make your solution fresh for each day. A disinfectant is your most potent solution. Start with regular strength unscented bleach. For accuracy, you will need a measuring tool or a calibrated pump. Getting the concentration right is simpler when measuring in quartz rather than in gallons. Mix a tablespoon of bleach for quartz of cold water or a quarter cup per gallon.
  • To make a sanitiser, mix a quarter teaspoon per quart or a full teaspoon per gallon. Test your sanitiser strength after mixing.
  • Before using your solution, wash your surfaces with soap and rinse with water. Debris and soapy residue will interfere with killing the germs. Apply your solution from the bucket or use spray. Keep it away from your face and do not forget to ventilate your area and keep children out.
  • Once applied, allow your surface to air dry. If you need it sooner, wait for two minutes and then wipe it dry. Remember, like all chemicals, store bleach in a safe place and away from children and food.

Childcare Cleaning Melbourne has been in business for two decades, and we had dealt with too many childcare centres. Big and small, they are both concerned about the welfare of the children.

This article right here will give you the basic knowledge on how to make your premise a safe and healthy place. Let us hear from you and drop us a comment below.

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