11 Signs of a Good Cleaner, Is Your Commercial Cleaner Doing a Good Job?

11 Signs of a Good Cleaner, Is Your Cleaner Doing a Good Job

Commercial cleaning is a profession that someone has to be proud of. It is a commitment that ensures the health and safety of all the people working in your business. They are more than looking after cleanliness. Commercial cleaners ensure that your company meets and exceeds your client’s expectations.

Your cleaner maintains the overall facade of your business and makes it attractive to potential customers. As a business that relies solely on this kind of service, how will you say that your cleaner is doing a good job? Join us as we elaborate more on this topic.

Must-Know Signs of a Good Cleaner

#1 Reliable Team

Reliable Commercial cleaners make an excellent cleaning company. Reliability is difficult to come by if your cleaning team does not know how to detect an unreliable person spot on.

It all started with the interview process. Commercial cleaning’s hiring team should know to ask the right questions that will show the reliability of a person.

Your cleaner should be able to deliver the service that you need on the agreed schedule. They should be there for you too if you are facing emergency cleaning.

A cleaning company should be able to assign a dedicated individual for a specific company that will carry the job all throughout.

#2 Consistency

Delivering a consistent job should be one of the highest priorities of a cleaning company. The cleaning quality cannot be jeopardized significantly during this time of the pandemic. It is human nature to be lax when you are used to what you have to do.

When this happens, attention to details is compromised. The quality is not as good as it was before.

An excellent commercial cleaning company has their way of ensuring that complacency is out of the way. They provide this by having a routine inspection regularly.

Good cleaners are also getting refresher courses to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to delivering a consistent, high-quality cleaning.

#3 You Are Confident That All Areas Are Spotless

You know and feel that it is clean the moment that you walk into your office. You can confidently touch anything without worrying that you can be in contact with viruses and germs. Dirt and dust can be easily seen in the naked eye. If you can spot these, your customers, visitors, and potential clients can see it too.

It can be a turn off for them. Sure they have a system that their management uses to look after their performance, but as their customer, you also need to be observant and gauge if you are happy with how the cleaning is carried out.

#4 A Good Cleaner Says No to Rushing

You can see if a job is rushed. Rushing in all aspects of life will get you nowhere. Sloppy, sub-par cleaning are the results of rushing. You need time to deliver quality cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies usually charge by the hour.

To be fair with your customers, consume the hours that they had paid you to ensure that they are getting the best cleaning possible. Never ever do a shortcut as it can bite you one way or another.

#5 Tidy and Organized Custodial Room

Being tidy and organized is something innate. A good cleaner keeps the custodial room clean and managed even if there is no one to inspect it. Some cleaners have this mentality that it will be a waste of time and effort to keep this same room clean and clutter-free.

Why? Because visitors and all the employees will not bother checking this room in the first place. A good cleaner stores the cleaning chemicals and other tools neatly. He takes good care of the cleaning equipment and makes sure it is stored properly.

#6 Prompt and Punctual

For some business, cleaners come during the day. The customer sets a specific schedule, and the cleaner agreed to it. The customer may want you to go into this particular day and time because this is when the traffic is low, or they just have their own reasons.

As a reliable cleaner, you need to respect this schedule and go based on the agreed day and time.

In case of emergencies, the cleaner may come in late. The cleaner should be courteous enough to notify the concerned party that they will be late and rearrange the schedule when needed.

#7 Communication

It is essential to maintain communication even after the closing of the contract. Let us not give the impression that we are only good at the beginning. The relationship between a customer and a cleaner will not always be rainbows and butterflies.

There will come a time that the customer may not be satisfied with the job that has been carried out.

Having a strong customer support team is also crucial in this industry. A reliable cleaning company knows how to listen to their customers’ feedback.

They know how to communicate effectively to make sure the issue is addressed promptly. After all, keeping the customer happy and satisfied in our rule of thumb always.

#8 Knowledgeable on Cleaning Supplies and Techniques

Have you ever heard of the word “professional”? This means that your chosen cleaning company has the best cleaning technicians at bay. They know the right cleaning chemicals, tools, and methods to carry out the job effectively.

They never compromise safety, and you are confident that they know what they are doing.

There are expensive furniture and other things inside an office setting. You can rest assured that the cleaner will not damage anything because they know the right thing to do. After all, this is the basic advantage of hiring a professional cleaner.

#9 Good Cleaners Are Easily Identified

Never fall into cheap labour offered by fly by night cleaning companies. It can be more affordable as compared to the legitimate ones. Contracting a legitimate cleaning team means you are entrusting your business to a legitimate business.

A reliable cleaning company employs people who have proper identification and complete documents. After employment, the commercial cleaning company can afford to give appropriate identification and uniforms to their appointed cleaning technicians.

#10 Equipped with Appropriate Warning Signs

A reliable cleaning company will not compromise the safety of the people working in your company.

They have appropriate signages that can alert the people to be cautious with their surroundings like wet floor signs. Cleaning while the trade is ongoing and people are moving about can pose hazards that can lead to serious injury.

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#11 Quality Cleaners Respect and Value Your Business

A reliable cleaner treats your business like its own. They will plan to carry out a specific cleaning schedule that will be less disruptive to the people working in the office. They will not come in your way and present options and solutions that will be both beneficial for you and to them.

With all of these being said, are you happy with your cleaner’s performance? Do they show these traits of a good cleaner that we cited? Or do you feel the need of looking for a different cleaning contractor?

Let us know how you think by leaving a comment below. Feel free to add traits of a good cleaner that you think we failed to mention. There are so many marvellous cleaners out there. Let us all give them a shout out!

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