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Are your professional cleaners showing up late or sometimes not at all? Are they vacuuming floors properly? Do you notice dust still on sills after they've been? Or smudged windows?

Are they leaving rubbish bins unemptied? Toilets not cleaned to the standard you expect? Doors left unlocked or not setting the alarm?

Are your so-called professional commercial cleaning services more like overpriced amateur cleaners?

Unfortunately, it happens a lot in this industry.

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be that way.

When we started Clean Group 20 years ago, we put in place systems and rigorous training to ensure that every one of our clients experiences consistently outstanding levels of cleanliness, sanitisation and customer care.

We believe that’s why so many of Australia’s leading companies choose Clean Group as their preferred commercial cleaning service. And we hope you will, too.

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Commercial Cleaning Services


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Why To Choose Clean Group

Why Clean Group Is The Right Cleaning Company For Your Office Space.

You're looking for a commercial cleaning company that will clean your premises to the highest possible standard.

And you want to find a reliable cleaning service that offers affordable prices.

In other words, the best commercial cleaning service with a track record of providing thousands of happy clients with the best cleaners, best quality products and consistently best service for the right price.

We believe it is. And we're so confident you will agree with that assessment once you've experienced our expert cleaners that we're offering a 100% guarantee.

All our cleaning services - whether it's industrial cleaning, warehouse cleaning, basic office cleaning or cleaning a medical centre - use properly trained cleaners with suitably advanced equipment and a dedication to providing the best commercial cleaning service in the country.

Full stop. That's our promise to you.

Here's what you get when you hire the premier commercial cleaning cleaning company in Australia:

  • TWICE AS CLEAN IN HALF THE TIME: thanks to our I-Mop Scrubber and other state-of-the-art machinery.
  • ROBUST VIRUS PROTECTION: with electrostatic disinfection using virus shield.
  • CROSS-CONTAMINATION PREVENTION: using colour-coded microfibre system and more.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND SAFE: products that eradicate carbon footprint, contaminants and allergens.
  • FULLY INSURED: with complete insurance coverage and bonded cleaning.
  • DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER Single point of contact with seamless communication and coordination
  • ONE-STOP SERVICE: all your cleaning needs under one roof including deep cleaning, steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and window and glass cleaning, pressure washing, rubbish removal and more.
  • … all at AFFORDABLE Prices that fit your budget.

Clean Group is the commercial cleaner you've been looking for. So don't wait...

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Maximise Disease Prevention and Quality with the Most Advanced Sanitising and Cleaning Service For Your Business.

A sparkling clean, hygienic result for any commercial cleaning work is achieved through a combination of three key criteria:

  • The right cleaning tools and products;
  • The requisite knowledge and expertise to use those tools and products; and
  • A relentless commitment to the highest standards and a sense of pride in attaining them day in, day out.

And that's it. Sounds relatively simple, but of course, it's not.

You can have all the cleaning gear in your bag of tricks, but if you don't have the right training and motivation to use them properly, you're wasting everybody's time and money.

This is why we at Clean Group invest in not just the very best quality cleaning equipment and products, but also in the people that use them every day. Our expert cleaners are given intensive ongoing training specific to their skillset - it doesn't matter if it's vacuuming floors for a clean carpet and a clean office space, or a complex cleaning project with specialised equipment - our cleaners care.

And they are very good at what they do.

So yes, we have the best equipment and technology available - like the i-Mop Scrubber, HEPA multi-filtration vacuums, and our proprietary electrostatic virus shield application technology.

But it's our people who give us our most powerful point of difference.

So call us today to arrange a free onsite assessment of your commercial premises and an obligation-free quote.

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

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GUARANTEE of Quality

Your 100% Iron-Clad GUARANTEE of Quality

We are serious about excellence in everything we do. And part of that is exceeding your expectations. That’s why we have a 100% delight guarantee.. Simply, if for whatever reason, you’re not happy with any of our work, simply advise us within 24 hours and we’ll promptly fix the problem free.

Clean Group - For All Your Commercial Cleaning Needs


What You Get

Clean Group is a highly trusted, reputable cleaning company with a 20-year track record of providing superior commercial cleaning services to commercial establishments in Australia.


Our complete range of commercial cleaning services is performed by highly-trained, experienced cleaners using equipment designed specifically for commercial cleaning premises. All our professional cleaners use eco-friendly cleaning products to reduce the impact on the environment and protect the health of your people. Clean Group offers one stop commercial cleaning in CBD

Why Clean Group?

Founded on the core values of reliability, honesty and integrity, our commercial cleaning company remains as committed to these values as it was two decades ago.

The standard of our commercial cleaning services is unmatched by any of the other commercial cleaning companies in the country. Our fully insured, highly trained cleaners are experts at cleaning commercial establishments of all shapes and sizes, from commercial cleaning to industrial cleaning, Janitorial services and more. Looking for deep Disinfection Cleaning? Contact Us.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is backed by exceptional customer service and our iron-clad 100% delight guarantee.

How to hire us?

To book a cleaner online, simply use our online form or email us and one of our friendly customer service team members will get in touch with you ASAP to answer your enquiry. You can also use our live chat tool for an instant response.

You can reach us by phone on 1300 141 946.

We offer affordable cleaning solutions for every type of cleaning project, so the best option for all our potential clients is for one of our cleaning service experts to visit your premises for a free onsite assessment to determine the types of commercial cleaning services that will best suit your needs, schedule and budget.

Our 3-Step Hiring Process

What Next?

3 EASY Steps to the Right Office Cleaning Provider

  • The Right Commercial Cleaner

    Arrange a Free On-Site Cleaning Assessment

    Some cleaning companies may be happy to give you a quote over the phone. But in our experience, the best cleaning solution that truly matches your unique cleaning requirements and offers the best value for money can only be done after a free onsite assessment by one of our cleaning experts. Call us, send an email, fill in our online form, or use our live chat tool to schedule a free onsite assessment with one of our commercial and industrial cleaning experts.

  • Discuss Your Cleaning Requirements

    Establish Your Unique Cleaning Requirements

    Following the onsite assessment, we will work closely with you to develop a proposal outlining the cleaning options that best suit your commercial or janitorial needs.

  • Review The Cleaning Quotes

    Review Your Cleaning Proposal and Decide On .

    Once you've reviewed your proposal, you simply select the option or combination of options that best suit your schedule and budget. It's that easy! So use one of the online options to get in touch or call us today on 1300 141 946.

Our Cleaning Programs are Trusted by Thousands of Australian Businesses Every Day

Clean Group is a company that takes pride in providing one of the best commercial cleaning and commercial cleaning services in Australia. Our team of experienced, friendly, reliable and trustworthy professionals will turn up on time, every time to ensure every touchpoint in your commercial, from light switches to door handles, are free from germs and other invisible threats to commercial health and safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial cleaning services is a vast market. Those who are experienced in the cleaning industry know that commercial cleaning companies differ from domestic cleaning. It can include commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, commercial cleaning, medical facilities, and a whole lot more. commercial cleaners are more experienced than domestic cleaners because commercial cleaning service providers have undergone rigorous training to give you the best service. We are not just talking about vacuuming floors. It also covers special cleaning services like waxing floors and high window cleaning. There's plenty of cleaning companies in Sydney that can do basic commercial cleaning. We do not want you to fall into the hands of a mediocre. We want you to experience the best commercial cleaning service possible! Call us at 1300141946 to experience the difference!

Several factors determine Sydney commercial cleaning costs, including time, materials, number of commercial cleaners required, etc., and the layout and nature of your premises. The best thing to do is for one of our team to visit you for a free onsite needs assessment. We can then design the right commercial cleaning program for you and submit an accurate proposal to you from there. Call us now on 1300141946

Commercial cleaning companies determine their prices based on three major categories. The first one is the area of the space that needs cleaning. Second is the number of hours a cleaner will take to complete the cleaning requirement. Lastly, the job scope or the cleaning tasks that you want your cleaners to complete. We understand your requirement and we want to explain to you the elaborate details on how a commercial cleaning service provider charges, let us dive into this conversation and make this discussion useful to you and your business. There are factors to consider in determining a price for commercial cleaning. In Australia (and I believe these are also applied around the world), businesses that operate in the cleaning industry considers the size of the premise, the amount of time that a cleaner will spend in completing a certain cleaning requirement, cleaning frequency, and how many cleaners are needed for the job.

Commercial cleaning service is cleaning of commercial properties such as offices, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, clubs, entertainment centres, and malls, etc. known as commercial cleaning. This type of cleaning is essential if you want to promote a neat, clean, and hygienic work environment. commercial cleaning refers to professionally cleaning commercial and industrial properties.

Price isn’t a good indication of the quality of the cleaning service you will receive. It’s also difficult to provide an average cost for commercial cleaning in Sydney because the price depends on various different factors. It also varies from company to company and service to service. The most preferred and common pricing method is by charging per hour. Meanwhile, hourly rates also depend on the following five things: Types of machine/tools/chemical needed Experience and reputation of the Company Tax Insurance cover Trial period We would like to mention one more time that the cost depends on various things, so make sure to do a quick research before taking risks.

Cleaning of Commercial Properties such as warehouses, office buildings, medical facilities, restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, clubs, entertainment centres, and malls, etc. is known as comm cleaning. This type of cleaning is essential if you want to promote a neat, clean, and hygienic work environment. It refers to professionally cleaning commercial and industrial properties. A company that hires a commercial cleaner provides commerical cleaning services known as commercial cleaning companies. So what does a commercial cleaner do, you might ask? Enlisting the services of a commercial cleaner means a variety of chemicals are used to clean effectively. They are contracted to carry out cleaning jobs on a variety of premises. Commercial cleaners can, as part of their duties, provide cleaning services by trained professional commercial cleaners tasks wise. These commercial cleaners are well trained and experienced and also take responsibility for all the cleaning works in a business

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