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Clean Group is one of the few cleaning companies in Sydney that is ISO accredited, i.e. has its cleaning process & techniques certified to follow the highest quality and environmental safety standards.


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Your search for reliable cleaning ends here. At Clean Group, we offer a complete range of cleaning solutions for big and small businesses to help keep their workplace spotless always. Call us for professional cleaning at affordable prices. We service Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Commercial Cleaning

Contact us for regular or one-time deep cleaning of your business. All types of cleaning for your place of work, factory, etc. are covered. Deep cleaning plus disinfection.


Office Cleaning

Wherever type of office in any industry or size, we can get it cleaned in the least possible time with guaranteed best quality standards. Sweep, vacuum, mop, toilets, kitchens, all covered.


Warehouse Cleaning

Be it a big or small warehouse you own, we can help keep it clean through regular professional warehouse cleaning backed by our quality guarantee. Skilled staff with years of cleaning experience.


Strata Cleaning

Hire us for deep cleaning of your strata property. Our service covers the cleaning of all common areas, toilets, corridors, gardens, lifts, staircases, etc. on your residential complex or large buildings.


Gym Cleaning

Hire experts to clean your gym or health club to keep it spotless and kill germs for the safety of your members. Deep cleaning of the gym floors, machines, washrooms, pantry, etc. is followed by disinfection for a 100% healthy gym.


Childcare Cleaning

Hire professional, police-checked staff for your care centre. Let us worry about keeping your centre clean while you provide the best care to your children. Best quality childcare cleaning at affordable rates.


Medical Cleaning

For all-inclusive medical centre cleaning at inexpensive rates, call Clean Group. We provide cleaning to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, hospital labs and all other types of medical facilities in multiple cities of Australia.


School Cleaning

Premium quality school cleaning at the least expensive rates by expert and verified staff. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Best-in-class customer service and cleaning using eco-friendly products. Call now for details.


COVID-19 Cleaning

Let us take care of all your Virus disinfection needs. We specialise in cleaning & disinfecting buildings after Virus infection and will make your workplace ready to open in no time.

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Do you wish your cleaners were more forthcoming and had a positive

    The Benefits of Hiring A Professional Cleaning: How Cleanliness Can Boost Your Business's Success

    Cleanliness can have a significant impact on the success (or failure) of your business, as a spotless & tidy office will help maintain a strong and clean image of your company. Your safety and satisfaction matter the most to us. Call us for comprehensive office cleaning. Here are some top benefits of our cleaning:

    Affordable Office Cleaning Strata
    Enhance productivity

    A clean and tidy work environment can positively affect workers' productivity by allowing them to find things easily. Professional cleaning gets rid of clogging in the workplace and keeps things smooth for workers, which also helps keep their stress levels to a minimum.

    Improve health

    Without routine cleaning, there will be dust, dirt, food particles, and spider webs all over your work space in no time, which can lead to a lot of health problems and start making your employees sick. You need professional window cleaning products & equipment.

    Reduce stress

    If your workplace is cluttered at all times and is not being cleaned regularly, it will eventually lead to stress among employees as they'll have to work harder to find things and getting a job done may take more time than usual. Hiring a cleaner is the way to go.

    Impress visitors

    A dirty and poorly maintained work space can be a big turn-off for any potential customers and/or partners visiting your place. Professional cleaning companies can help keep your spaces clean and your people safe through routine maintenance with attention to detail.

    Boost employees morale

    When you hire professional cleaners for your business, your employees can work confidently knowing that their workplace is clean and safe. This helps enhance their peace of mind and boosts morale towards their commitment to giving their best to the company.

    Save money

    Cleaning can help you save money and reduce costs in the long run. It reduces the number of off days by eliminating the risks of workplace diseases due to uncleanliness. Our cleaners have the best cleaning equipment & expertise to add value through cleaning.

    3 Steps to Hiring Professional Cleaning

    Expert performing Cleaning

    Step 1: Contact Us

    To request a FREE onsite cleaning quote from Clean Group, all you have to do is call our team at 1300141946 or send a query using the contact form on our website.

    Step 2: Onsite Quotation

    Our team will arrive at your place on a predetermined schedule to have a full assessment of your facility and cleaning requirements. Based on that, they will offer an instant quotation.

    Step 3: Review & Confirm

    You can talk to our team, discuss the cleaning plan, suggest changes if any and provide your approval, after which we will finalise the team and get started on your cleaning project.

    Reliable and Trusted Cleaning Company

    Do you wish your cleaners were more forthcoming and had a positive attitude? Well, now you can work with a professional cleaning team coming from an extensive background in cleaning and providing the best quality cleaning with a 100% results guarantee. All you have to do is call us.

    Hire Office Cleaners

    Hire Expert Cleaners

    Our staff are experienced, well-trained and professional to the core. Hire a reliable cleaning team that is always on time, have a can-do attitude and an eye for detail, along with best-in-class customer support for clients.

    Best Office Cleaning Services

    Best Cleaning in Australia

    We provide all-inclusive & affordable cleaning , which will cover deep cleaning of your facility from floors to furniture, walls, doors, dust bins and bathrooms. Plus, we’ll disinfect all high-traffic points to minimise the risk of infection.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Professional cleaners provide cleaning services to individuals and businesses that need help keeping their properties clean. Our cleaning professionals are well trained and have years of experience in the cleaning of premises ranging from small offices to large strata buildings and factories. A professional cleaning will help keep your workplace spotless, fresh and free of germs. In addition, business owners get the advantage of 24*7 assistant from our support agent.

    A cleaning company is an organisation or team dedicated to providing cleaning services to other businesses or individuals. Clean Group is a cleaning service provider company. We have a team of 50+ full time, trained cleaners who provide cleaning services to our clients, NSW. You can hire a cleaning company for regular cleaning, deep cleaning, event cleaning for Sydney homes or any other cleaning needs.

    cleaning is an approach to cleaning commercial properties like offices, restaurants, schools, etc. cleaners use cleaning solutions and chemicals to clean everything in your building from concrete floors in all rooms and windows to chairs, desks, doors, the office kitchen, restroom, blinds, air ducts, ceiling fans, roof, conference rooms, meetings, carpet cleaning, and light fixtures. Some services such as upholstery and house cleaning are not generally included in cleaning.

    cleaning is about cleaning any type of commercial property like an office or a gym. Industrial cleaning refers to cleaning an industrial facility like a factory. Janitorial cleaning is also a type of cleaning, but it’s different from a housekeeping service. To request a free quote, you can visit our office for a face-to-face meeting or call us or drop a voicemail or message with your name for us to call you back.

    There are a variety of services in the cleaning industry. These include office cleaning, restaurant cleaning, shop cleaning, childcare centre cleaning, gym cleaning, church cleaning, strata cleaning, warehouses, standard cleaning, deep cleaning, covid cleaning, touch point cleaning, contract cleaning, janitorial services, carpet cleaning, green cleaning, post construction cleaning, etc. Different cleaning companies offer services in different industries.

    Cleaning helps keep your workplace safe, boosts employees' morale & productivity, helps you make a great impression on visitors, and can save you money in the long term by reducing off-day and maintenance needs. We at Clean Group use the best cleaning methods & practices with high-tech tools to help maintain a fresh work environment in your organization. We make sure that your surfaces are always clean and that the tile is free of grime and mold.

    Here are some factors to consider when hiring a cleaning company - cleaners' experience & expertise, training, dedication, professionalism, reliability, communication, excellence, ability to adapt, choice of cleaners, company values, quality level, your expectations & goal, and the estimate price of cleaning services. Always choose quality over price when hiring a cleaner in Sydney. It should have a solution to your every cleaning problem.

    The list of common cleaning supplies & items includes microfiber mops, microfiber rags and cloths, buckets, dusters, floor scrubbers, brooms, spray bottles, squeegees, stain remover, etc. Hire cleaners in Victoria, east Melbourne, South Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, North Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Southbank, South Yarra, Fitzroy, Docklands, Collingwood, and Abbotsford. We bring our own cleaning supplies and all our resources at royalty free.

    The first step is analysis & planning. We check the place for its cleaning needs and create a cleaning plan accordingly. The next step is to arrange the required resources, cleaning supplies and equipment for the cleaning job. We clean one room at a time with the mission to remove dirt, dust & stains and maintain a great appearance in your workplace. We are taking requests for cleaning and providing free quotes. Get yours today!

    Yes, every cleaner and company needs to follow certain regulations in terms of the standard of cleaning service quality and to ensure the safety of the people involved. We at Clean Group follow top Australian standards when cleaning the property of a client. Our cleaners routinely take part in cleaner awareness & training programs and have full responsibility to maintain cleaning in your workplace without affecting your business operations or family health.

    Our cleaning approach is rather simple. It's all about selecting the right products and paying attention to detail. We make sure to leave no area or surface unattended when cleaning a commercial property. Following hand hygiene and using safety gear is also important to prevent the spread of diseases. Our cleaning techniques are focused on using eco-friendly products and reducing the use of water for cleaning. We use before-after photography to check the difference our cleaning has made.

    Cleaners must always use protective gear, gloves, masks, etc. when cleaning. We avoid using harsh chemicals in our cleaning process, especially when cleaning childcare centres or schools. Routine maintenance of cleaning equipment to increase its life. We use pressure washing for power cleaning the exterior and siding of a building but are careful not to damage it. For your safety, we recommend allowing cleaners access to only the area that needs to be cleaned.

    The best way to find a reliable cleaner is to ask around. You can search Google for the best cleaning company in your area or city and contact them for a free quote. Alternatively, you can look out for a cleaning company banner, flyer or resume when looking to hire one. Make sure to check the reviews of cleaning companies. You can visit our website for information about contact details, business address, operating hours, etc. Cleaning is a lucrative business for entrepreneurs in many countries. New York for example has cleaners operating through mail forwarding for receptionists and providing outstanding content features at the client’s office address.


    Service Area: NSW, VIC, QLD
    Services: Commercial, Offices, Strata, Gym, Childcare, Medical Facilities
    Contact: 1300141946
    Email: sales@clean-group.com.au

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    We now operate in all major suburbs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland, NZ. To find out more about availability in your location, just call our sales team.

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