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Commercial Cleaning

We specialise in commercial cleaning services with a focus on quality, have an excellent team of skilled & trained commercial cleaners. Call us for an affordable business clean.


Office Cleaning

Loved & trusted by hundreds of office buildings for the best quality workplace cleaning services at the most competitive prices. Request a free onsite quote for office cleaning.


Warehouse Cleaning

Be it a big or small warehouse you own, we can help keep it clean through regular professional warehouse services backed by our quality guarantee. Skilled staff with years of cleaning experience.


Gym Cleaning

Complete, affordable cleaning solutions for your gym and healthcare centre. High-grade cleaning and disinfection of floors, gym equipment, exercise machines, toilets, etc.


Childcare Centre Cleaning

100% satisfaction in childcare cleaning, safe and affordable childcare cleaning services by verified professional cleaners. We use high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning products.


Medical Cleaning

We offer world-class medical cleaning services at the lowest prices for medical premises, hospitals, clinics & nursing homes. Best quality cleaning supplies and full disinfection.

There are two ways to ensure the upkeep of commercial spaces. One is hiring your own team of cleaners. Another is outsourcing commercial cleaners Sydney. The former seems ideal, but its pros don’t outweigh its cons when it comes to office cleaning Penrith.

Financially, speaking outsourcing is the wiser choice between the two. Firstly, you won’t have to add more people to your payroll. With outsourced commercial cleaners, you only have to pay for the service that you require only when you need it.

Secondly, you won’t have to shoulder the expenses for cleaning supplies and equipment. That’s because commercial cleaning Penrith companies provide their own. You can even opt to avail of consumables like paper towels, toilet rolls, liquid soap, and bin liners.

Thirdly and most important of all, you’ll get high-quality cleaning. People who work in this industry are experts. They have adequate training, knowledge, and experience to do the job. Most even have nationally recognized skill certifications. So you can be sure you won’t just get expert clean, but also a safe and secured service.

If you’re a business owner with any office cleaning services needs, make the wiser choice. Contact  Office cleaning Penrith and enjoy the perks we can offer. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning services in Sydney you require.

Commercial Cleaning Penrith

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Office Cleaning Penrith

Affordable Cleaning Services in Penrith NSW

All of us like high-quality services. So it’s just normal for any clients to be picky about which commercial cleaning Penrith company to choose. We totally understand if you do the same. It's vital to make the best selection to ensure the best upkeep for your property. It’s also important to ensure you won’t be wasting money on unreliable services.

What differentiates Clean Group Penrith from other office cleaning companies is our reliability and reasonable service. Most cleaning companies charge additional fees for customised cleaning services and unconventional requirements. But not with Clean Group Penrith.

We acknowledge the fact that not all businesses share the same operational methods. Their cleaning needs would always vary and so would the cost of the cleaning services they require. This is why we have made our custom-made cleaning plans available at a reasonable price.

The cost of our office cleaning Penrith services depends on the actual scope of our work. However, we don’t charge additional fees for custom-made solutions and schedules. In fact, it is our objective to offer such services. This is so because we believe that only a bespoke approach can bring impeccable results.

It's effective in bringing protection to your property. We can clean every installation and fixture without posing any risk to its structural integrity, functionality, and durability.

The combination of reliability and affordability is rare among commercial cleaning companies in Penrith. But for us, it’s simply our standard policy.

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Commercial Cleaners Penrith

Cleaners in Penrith with Preventive Maintenance

Regular commercial cleaning helps maintain the aesthetics of a workplace. But while its good appearance is essential, the durability of its assets shouldn’t be taken for granted. For that reason, Clean Group also offers preventive maintenance services.

Our proactive maintenance can prevent future problems in your office. It can prevent and defer the needs for repairs and upgrades.

We’ll do this by conducting regular site inspections to spot signs of damages before it gets worse. Not only will we find problematic assets, but we’ll also take the necessary corrective actions.

And if we do spot any needs for repair, we’ll inform you immediately. We will also suggest the best course of action for the specific issue.

Office Cleaners Penrith

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Everything You Need To Know About Penrith

Penrith is on the western side of Cumberland Plain, which goes all the way to Windsor in the North. The Nepean River defines its boundaries on the west. It is known for long hot summers and short and mild winters. Penrith has charming apartments, which open trades to new shops, restaurants, and different businesses. It is very close to the train stations. Many real estate companies state that investing in the west is easier. Studies had anticipated that over a million people would inhabit the greater Penrith area by 2031. 40,000 new jobs will open.

Penrith is one of the cities in Greater Western Sydney. It is situated in the western part of the business district. The earliest recorded history in this place goes far back as 1789. Europeans first explored Penrith through the stretch of the Nepean River.

History has taught us many things about where it all started. Who would have thought that Penrith will now stand as one of the greatest cities in the NSW Region.

Because of its proximity to the business district, it has become home to 13,295 people based on the 2016 census.

Penrith has a booming construction industry.

Penrith is known to be diverse when it comes to ethnicity. Most of its inhabitants are born in Australia, but their population comprises of people that were born in Europe, Asia, and Southern America.

Nearly 47% of Penrith's land area is already occupied with private dwellings.

Neighbouring Suburbs are as follows

  • Castlereagh
  • Cranebrook
  • Cambridge Gardens
  • Cambridge Park
  • Emu Plains
  • Jamisontown
  • South Penrith
  • Kingswood

Penrith has its own railway transport called Penrith Rail Station. It traverses on the North Shore and Western Line of the trains network. This is the most common transportation that people take when going to and from the city.

Travelling by land is easy by buses and cabs in Penrith. You can travel to Penrith from St Marys and Mt Druitt via the Great Western Highway. If you are travelling from the south side, you can take the North Road and Mulgoa Road.

Penrith is an interesting place. It has a lot to offer to both residents and tourists alike. It is a very friendly city.

In terms of schools and universities, it is proud to have Penrith High School in High Street and Jamison High School in South Penrith.

Different retailers and brands are showcasing their product between the two shopping centres in Penrith. There is Westfield Penrith that is located within the main commercial centre. There is also Nepean Village, which is a one-floor shopping centre.

Museum of Fire This museum showcases the preserved service vehicle for fire fighting that goes all the way back from 1841. Apart from the vehicles, it also displays manual ladders and water pumps that were used in fire fighting back in the early days. This museum is children friendly and very educational.

NSW International Regatta CentreIf you are feeling outdoorsy and want to traverse the body of water, you have to drop by NSW International Regatta Centre. This place was built for 2000 Summer Olympics for rowing and canoe sprint. Since 2000, it has become popular for water sports. This is where the Head of the River Regatta is being held.

The Rock LookoutIt shows a breathtaking view of Nepean River from the Blue Mountains National Park. This place has been boasting the beauty of rock formation along the Nepean River for over 200 years. Tourists and residents can go for a walk and just be mesmerized by nature.

Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural and Education Centre A cultural centre that shows how the traditional owners of the area lived. Muru Mittigar shows the aboriginal history, their culture, the areas that they reign, and the arts that they had made and imparted to our new generation. Museum performers prepare dance performances. If you are in for a treat, traditional foods are also available for grabs.

Nepean River The Nepean River is the main body of water that runs from southwest and west of NSW. It runs 15 kilometres from the Tasman Sea. The Nepean River powers the Nepean Reservoir where NSW gets its potable water from

Penrith Regional Gallery You can find this beautiful art gallery along the Nepean River. It offers an interesting and dynamic mix of art exhibitions, programs, and workshops. The best part is the exhibition is offered free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean Group Penrith offers a wide selection of cleaning services you can choose from. Starting with routine cleaning, carpet cleaning, internal-external window cleaning, office cleaning, gym cleaning, childcare cleaning, medical centre cleaning, school cleaning and the list goes on. Just check our website to know more.

Clean Group Penrith cleaners are all professional, reliable and well trained. We only employ full-time cleaners. This ensures that the cleaners are committed to high cleaning standards.

The cost will depend on how much time, how much material and what type of equipment needed for a cleaner to perform the cleaning that is required for your business. Our friendly sales managers can do a free onsite visit to determine the best price and cleaning program for your premises. Call us now on 02 91607469

Absolutely! We are fully insured. Certificate of our insurances will be mailed to you with our quotation so you can have peace of mind.


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