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Hi, I’m Amelia Annand. I am a Commercial Cleaning operations manager at the Melbourne branch of Clean Group. I oversee cleaning operations and manage day-to-day cleaning jobs in and around different suburbs of Melbourne on behalf of Clean Group. Cleaning is my passion and also my dream. During my leisure time, I like to write about cleaning tips, cleaner hiring guide for companies, among other things. You can also find me on Twitter.

What is Deep Cleaning? Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning

Posted On April 30th, 2020

Whether you are running a restaurant, a hospital or any other commercial facility in Australia, deep cleaning of your place once in a while will ensure your premises remain beautiful, attractive and safe for the visitors and employers. Deep Cleaning refers...

Category: Cleaning Glossary

How Much To Pay For Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne?

Posted On March 5th, 2020

Carpet is one of the most expensive investments of a business. It gives a beautiful and sophisticated finish on the floor. It needs special care to increase the life of the carpet. The material offers a home to dust, germs,...

Category: Cleaning Cost

School Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Children Safe From Coronavirus

Posted On February 14th, 2020

As a parent, I worry a lot, especially now that CoronaVirus may be around the area. I want to make sure that my child is safe no matter where she is. As a person who works in the cleaning industry,...

Category: Cleaning Tips

A Complete Cleaning Guide for Childcare Center

Posted On February 7th, 2020

A childcare facility is a place for kids to learn, grow and make new friends. Unfortunately, this is also a place for kids to expose to germs and contagious diseases. Have no fear; you can definitely hire a childcare centre...

Category: Cleaning Guide

Ideas To Please Your Customers in Cleaning Business

Posted On January 30th, 2020

As business owners in the commercial cleaning business, our primary goal is to please and wow our customers. Their loyalty depends on their satisfaction. Our number one question is how to please them and make them stay with us. This article...

Category: Cleaning Training

What Are The Challenges That Commercial Cleaning Companies Face in Australia ?

Posted On January 24th, 2020

Owning a business requires hard work and dedication. All businesses face different challenges. The commercial cleaning industry is not an exception to this. This article will talk about the challenges that most commercial cleaning face in their everyday. We also...

Category: Cleaning Tips

Man vs Woman Cleaning – Who Is The Better Office Cleaners

Posted On January 17th, 2020

This article is not to compare what men can do better than that of women. Cleaning has nothing to do about gender. In whatever fields, men and women are given equal opportunities. We cannot generalize every aspect by concluding which...

Category: Cleaning Training

How To Become A Better Office Cleaner?

Posted On January 15th, 2020

In a world where there are different cleaning providers who claim to be the best, how will you set yourself apart from the rest? Commercial cleaning is a growing industry, and many cleaning companies are offering almost the same services...

Category: Cleaning Training

Top 18 DIY Cleaning Tricks to Make Your Office Cleaned and Organized

Posted On January 7th, 2020

Every business today wants their office to look neat, clean and organized so that they can create a positive first impression in the mind of customers and clients when they meet up. The best way to make your office cleaned and...

Category: DIY Cleaning

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Office Cleaning Staff Motivated and Happy

Posted On January 2nd, 2020

In the office cleaning sector, it often becomes difficult for cleaning companies to retain their quality employees. The work performed here is often hectic, time-intensive, strenuous, and low-paying for cleaning staff, which also leads to customers complaining about poor services....

Category: Cleaning Training

Industries Clean Group Serve for Cleaning All Across Australia

Posted On December 9th, 2019

When hiring a cleaning service or outsourcing cleaners’ team from an external agency, you must know about the various services the cleaning company provides to better assess their skills & experience in your industry. Keeping that in mind, here we...

Category: Cleaning Guide

Law Office Cleaning : Services and Cleaners Skills Required in Melbourne

Posted On November 29th, 2019

The image of your office equates to the quality of the service or product you provide. Clean Group Melbourne has been setting unprecedented records in cleaning commercial spaces. In this article, we will show you how we were able to...

Category: Cleaning Training

Hospital Cleaning – The Ultimate Guide for Hospital Cleaner in Melbourne

Posted On November 28th, 2019

It is common knowledge that medical institutions, especially hospitals, follow the highest standard of cleaning and sanitation. A lot of patients, visitors, employees, and other people coming to and fro can be exposed to cross-contamination and other diseases. Study shows that...

Category: Cleaning GuideCleaning Training

What is After Builders Cleaning? Including Checklist, Job Skills and Services in Melbourne

Posted On November 27th, 2019

Clean Group takes pride in providing after builders cleaning services to different commercial businesses in Melbourne. We are known to be the number one provider of after builders cleaning all over Melbourne. Recently, Clean Group ventures in construction companies. We make...

Category: Cleaning Guide

Cleaning Industry Statistics Australia By Melbourne Cleaning Company

Posted On October 28th, 2019

How does your desk look like? Does it look clean? Look closer! This article will cite surprising cleaning industry statistics and facts in Australia which will give you enough reason to hire a professional cleaner. You might as well take a...

Category: Cleaning Guide

Different Types of Cleaning Services Provided By Clean Group In Melbourne

Posted On October 24th, 2019

In this post, I am going to show you the different types of cleaning services offered by the Clean Group in Melbourne. In fact, there are 30,463 cleaning service provider companies in Australia but few of them offer all services to...

Category: Cleaning Guide

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