What Is a Business Cleaning and How Is It Different from Domestic Cleaning?

What Is a Business Cleaning and How Is It Different from Domestic Cleaning
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One might wonder about the difference between commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning, which are two popular types of cleaning. In general, commercial cleaning is regarded as being more difficult and superior in quality than domestic cleaning.

But, that’s not the only difference between the two. Here, the Clean Group CEO, Suji Siv, talks all about workplace cleaning and residential cleaning and how one is different from the other.

“Clean Group has been in the cleaning business for more than two decades now. Commercial cleaning services that the company provides are of the highest quality and totally different from what a domestic cleaner would do.

A commercial property is very different from a residential one and has different types of dirt and debris and there can be a lot of it depending on the type of the property. This is where the cleaning methods differ for each type of cleaning,” says Suji Siv.

Commercial cleaning is meant for commercial buildings and premises such as retail stores, offices, restaurants, hotels & more. Domestic cleaning is for residential buildings like homes and apartments. In terms of the methods of cleaning, the two types are very different from each other.

Commercial cleaning refers to cleaning a commercial facility or a place of business. Keeping a commercial or office space clean is essentially important both to make a great impression on the visitors and to ensure the safety of the staff.

Not many people would want to visit a store that is always dirty or poorly maintained or do business with a company that cannot even keep its own premises clean and tidy.

The condition of a workplace reflects in its business ethics and affects its market reputation, which is why it is super important to keep commercial premises well-maintained at all times.

There are generally two ways companies go about fulfilling their cleaning requirements: hire an in-house cleaning crew or outsource professional office cleaners.

Hiring a full-time, in-house team of cleaners can turn out to be a not-so-effective and expensive option in the long term. For one, these in-house cleaners may be untrained and not have enough experience and/or resources to clean a commercial space adequately.

When hiring and using an in-house cleaning staff, the company itself is responsible for the cleaners’ performance and cannot hold anyone else responsible.

This can also turn out to be a costly affair, where other than the weekly/monthly salary of cleaners, the company will also be required to invest in high-tech cleaning equipment and products, cleaners’ training and maintenance and may also need to appoint a dedicated manager for the team, not to mention the stress of interviewing hundreds of prospects to find and hire the right cleaning team.

Outsourcing commercial cleaning is almost always a more efficient option, both in terms of results and cost. These are experienced, professional and trained cleaners who clean commercial premises for a job, which certainly makes them more qualified than an average cleaner to clean a commercial building.

The results of a cleaning service by a professional team are always better. And that comes at a much lower cost because the customer is required only to pay for the particular service or for the number of hours it takes to clean the property.

The cherry on the cake is the fact that the customer can always go to the cleaning company to report an issue or if they are not happy with the results.

Clean Group, for instance, offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, where they will re-do a cleaning service where the customer reports an issue within 24 hours of cleaning.

Domestic Cleaning, also called residential cleaning, refers to cleaning a house or another residential property. It can be done by anyone as many people prefer to clean their own house, however, there are also professional residential cleaning services for hire.

Another thing to know about commercial cleaning is the areas and things that are covered. Since a commercial property is usually larger than a personal house, the area to be covered during cleaning is larger and may therefore quire the use of high-end cleaning machines and equipment.

Then, there is a difference in the type of waste and dirt. In commercial premises, one can expect to find all kinds of waste, including hazardous waste in medical facilities and industrial waste that need to be handled professionally. Residential waste is rather simple and can be cleaned much easier.

Businesses looking to hire a professional commercial cleaner or team in Sydney can get in touch with Clean Group for a free quote.

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