How to Determine the Cost of a Lawn Mowing (Garden Maintenance) Service in Sydney?

How to Determine the Cost of a Lawn Mowing (Garden Maintenance) Service in Sydney
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As a property owner in Sydney, you must have a lawn or garden in your commercial property, office or strata building. Regular maintenance of your strata garden will keep it in a healthy and beautiful condition and help make a great impression on your building visitors. While lawns are supposed to add beauty to a building, poorly maintained lawns can not only destroy the appearance of your place but also can be detrimental to the well-being of your tenants and community.

If you are wondering how much professional lawn mowing and garden maintenance services cost, you’re at the right place. In this article, we talk about the various factors contributing to the price of a lawn commercial cleaning & mowing service.

Why do you need a garden maintenance service?

A well-maintained and immaculate strata garden will not just add to the beauty of your building but also it might make your property more valuable, which would be quite beneficial if you are looking to sell or rent your place.

A mismanaged lawn with grass that is of different heights and with many shades of green will not be good to look at. It might even turn off any prospects looking to buy or rent your property.

In the worst-case scenario, a poorly-maintained lawn can ruin your image in the market and affect the value of the entire property even if the rest of the building is superbly maintained.

Hiring a professional strata lawn mowing & maintenance service is not an expense but a worthy investment that will add life & value to your building and might increase your expected returns on investment.

Determining the Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Cost in Sydney

Before you start shopping around for a lawn maintenance service or company, it is good to have a general idea of the lawn maintenance cost so that you know what to expect when approaching a company for a service.

Knowing the exact price of a lawn mowing service is not possible without consulting a company. But, of course, you can come up with a near idea by considering the various factors that affect the cost of lawn maintenance.

For instance, what services you want from a garden maintenance company will determine the cost. You may only need lawn mowing, or you might be looking for a complete package including plant care, trimming, watering, mowing, pest control and overall maintenance.

Factors to Consider When Determining the Cost of Garden Maintenance in Sydney

Type of Lawn/garden

The first thing a lawn mowing company will inquire about is the type of lawn or garden. Simple, straight field lawns with minimal plantation are easier to mow as compared to small, domestic lawns with a lot of plants or other disruptions.

Similarly, gardens located on a sloppy field or in a hard-to-access area are also difficult to clean and mow, which may also increase the cost of lawn maintenance.

A garden maintenance company would ideally want to visit your place to inspect your gardens based on the type and other things, based on which they will determine a quote.

Type of Service

If you are looking only for lawn mowing, the average cost of lawn mowing services in Sydney is around $50 per hour. Depending on how much time it takes to mow your lawn based on its size & other factors, you can calculate the estimated cost of lawn mowing.

On the other hand, you might be looking for a complete strata garden cleaning & maintenance service from a professional company like Clean Group. In that case, the cost of service will include the cost of different tasks and will be based on the time & resources it takes to complete the job.

Size of the Lawn

The size of the garden is, of course, a crucial factor to determine the maintenance cost. The bigger the garden, the more time and probably more labour it will take to maintain, which will add to the cost.

However, large gardens that are simple with limited plantation are generally easier to clean/maintain than smaller lawns with a lot of plants, which may also affect the cost of lawn mowing.

If you can figure out the size of your lawn, you can get an instant quote from any lawn mowing company in your area by telling them about the size and type of your garden.

Time Since the Last Service

Another factor contributing to the cost of lawn mowing & maintenance is the time since it was last done, i.e. when was the garden cleaned or mowed the last time? Unless you are keeping up with routine care of your strata gardens, be ready to pay a higher than the usual price for professional maintenance of your place.

Wondering why routine maintenance of the lawn is needed. Because your gardens will accumulate dirt, debris and a lot of rubbish over time and the grass will keep growing in all shapes and lose colour if not properly and regularly maintained.

Time of Year

The lawn mowing season, i.e. the time when lawn mowing services are in high demand will also affect the service cost. If you keep mowing your lawns during all seasons and maintain them properly, you may avoid paying higher prices for mowing services during the peak season. Find out when lawn maintenance services are the cheapest or come with discounts in your area.

Number of Experts

One factor that a garden maintenance company considers when determining the cost of lawn mowing is the number of persons it will take to finish the job in a specific time period.

Cleaning or mowing a large garden will clearly take more persons more time than it takes to clean a small lawn. So, if you have a big lawn that will take a team of experts to mow it down and need at least a few hours to complete the job, be ready to page higher than usual.

Similarly, the complexity of your lawn will also affect the kind of person and machine used to mow it. For instance, mowing a small lawn with a lot of closely-located plants will require professionals to mow with a hand lower, as a riding mower might not work well in restricted spaces. The more time & effort it takes to mow, the higher will be the overall maintenance cost.

The Time It Takes to Clean/maintain

As we mentioned above, the time it takes to clean, mow & maintain your garden will also be taken into account by the company when determining the cost of lawn maintenance.

Large and/or complex gardens, such as ones with a lot of plantation, will be more difficult to maintain and require more effort and probably a team of experts, which means the cost will be higher than cleaning or mowing a simple lawn.

Additional Costs

There are many things not included in a standard lawn mowing service. For instance, the service provider might not clean & tidy up after mowing. Make sure to ask about the services included in the price they are quoting. You might have to pay extra for certain services such as garden cleaning and maintenance.

Type & Experience of the Company

The cost of lawn maintenance will also depend on the provider company and their experience. A new company with limited knowledge & experience might offer you a lower price than a seasoned cleaning company like Clean Group.

But, there will be a clear difference between their services in terms of quality, professionalism and reliability. A company that has been providing garden mowing services for many years will naturally have an edge over a newcomer. So, choose wisely.

The cost of garden maintenance will also depend on what all services you are planning to hire from the company. Clean Group, for instance, also offers complete strata cleaning & maintenance, garden cleaning and care services, which you can hire for an attractive offer price.

Cleaning Frequency

How many times do you need garden maintenance services, per week, month or so? This will also affect the price. You might need a one-time lawn mowing service, which will have a flat fee.

However, if you opt for a contractual service or routine strata maintenance, you might have to pay less per service because many companies offer discounts on their routine service packages. Make sure to enquire about this when hiring a garden cleaning service in Sydney.

The Best Strata Garden/Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Services Provider in Sydney

Or you can simply hire the best garden maintenance & cleaning services from Sydney’s #1 commercial cleaning company, Clean Group. We have been providing high-quality garden care & maintenance services to strata property owners in and around Sydney for nearly 20 years now. Our team consists of skilled, experienced & trained strata cleaners who can efficiently care for and maintain any kind of lawn or garden of any size.

You can hire our cleaners for either routine garden maintenance & strata cleaning or a one-time lawn cleaning project, or both. We make sure to provide high-quality, reliable services with consistency so that our customers always choose us over the competition.

Besides lawn mowing & maintenance, Clean Group also provides many other commercial property services, including cleaning, garden care, covid disinfection, strata cleaning & maintenance, and more. Contact us to know more about our garden maintenance services or to get a free quote.

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