How to Secure Cleaning Contracts in Sydney? [Effective Ways]

How to Secure Cleaning Contracts in Sydney

Having a solid foundation and system of winning commercial cleaning contracts will secure your success in this industry. We all know that it cannot happen over time. It requires hard work, dedication, and, most importantly, courage and determination. In any business, failure is always a possibility.

This article aims to help our fellow business owners who are starting in the cleaning industry. We also want to share our best practices to provide helpful insights for existing cleaning businesses that struggle in securing a steady flow of contracts for commercial cleaning in Sydney. Please join us as we talk about all of these in this article.

Effective Ways to Secure Cleaning Contracts in Sydney

The cleaning sector is at its peak during the height of this pandemic. Following the Victorian lockdown, businesses in Sydney are now on their second week too. Many companies all over Sydney are now employing third party cleaning companies that will give them the highest cleaning standard to protect their employees against this deadly virus.

There are indeed many fishes in the ocean, but a wise business owner will not lay back. Striking while the iron is hot, successful business owners will cast their net to these businesses looking for a commercial cleaning contractor in Sydney.

How likely are you able to get these contracts? Do you know how to cast a broader net to multiple your options of getting more cleaning contracts?

You rest easy if your cleaning business is already getting a steady flow of cleaning contracts in Sydney. It is guaranteed work and stable revenue for you and your employees.

Create a Catchy Website

Even if the cleaning industry is highly in demand, you cannot fully trust that the customer will just come knocking at your doorstep to offer you their business. The Digital era had long started, and competition is now on the rise via the website.

People who are in charge of looking for commercial cleaning companies often refer to the website to find legitimate cleaning contractors in Sydney.

Your website should give an overview of what your company offers as a commercial cleaner. It should also display helpful information like your phone number and email address as a way for your potential clients to connect to you. Hours of operation and services offered are two of the helpful information that should be displayed on your website too.

Reviews and testimonials will also support your cleaning in a good way. You will be able to establish instant trust with your potential clients if these are part of your website.

A lot of SEO companies can help you create an attractive, helpful website that can entice audiences. Knowing how technology works with marketing is one of our edges.

Clean Group Sydney invests in cleaning contracts for your office and makes sure that everything is up to date. All the information shown on our website strongly builds on our online presence.

Team Up with Local Organizations

Know the people working in other industries that will help you in your business. Perfect examples are real estate companies, schools, universities, medical facilities, and other companies requiring commercial cleaners.

You can team up with real estate brokers. They can give you potential leads like someone who is looking for a regular or one-off commercial cleaning. They can refer you to their clients. Word of mouth is a strong, classic way of marketing. It will always be true in this scenario.

Attend local business gatherings and do your own research about the people that can help you market your business.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service Experience

Price and length of the contracts are the two usual reasons a cleaning company loses on a bid.

Customer service plays a vital role in the initial stages of winning the contract. From data gathering to appointment setting – everything should be exceptional.

Make your potential clients remember you by how warm you were when you spoke with them on the phone. Let them rate how accomodating you were and how were you able to handle their peculiar requests.

You may not win on the price but never ever flunk on a contract because of lousy customer service. Exceptional customer service will help you a great deal. The cleaning industry strongly depends on customer service. As a business owner, banking on solid customer service experience is a must.

Create a Referral Program

Like any other business, a referral is one of the strongest ways to get a sure contract. A referral is easy if your customers are satisfied and overjoyed with the service that you provided.

It is okay if you ask your clients to refer you to their friends and family. You can offer discounts and other incentives or gifts to appreciate your customers who refer you to other people.

Clean Group Sydney has been in business for more than two decades. We mean business, which only proves that our customers are all satisfied with the service they are getting from us.

You can try different methods on how you want your cleaning business to be advertised, but it will help a lot if your company can build a reputation based on the cleaning you provide.

There are plenty of marketing efforts out there. You can try all sorts of methods until you get the desired number of leads that you prefer. You can choose between traditional and digital marketing.

We suggest that you invest in digital marketing as this is the norm. Almost everyone is mobile, and you cannot go unnoticed on the internet if you are doing the right thing on your website.

Always remember that the success of your cleaning business will depend on your effort and your ability to sell your business. A successful commercial cleaner in Sydney knows that consistency is a crucial element.

Having the right system in place will get you the profit you prefer. Do not be afraid to try other options to know which will work for you. It is not the same for everyone.

Please let us know your thoughts about this article. Write a comment below and share this article. We are sure that this can help other commercial cleaners in Sydney get to the spot that they want to be. Please join us on our next article.

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