5 Business Cleaning Industry Trends for 2022

5 Business Cleaning Industry Trends for 2022
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Commercial cleaning is no longer something businesses could take for granted. In the post-pandemic era, cleaning is one of the easiest and best ways for businesses to ensure the safety of their premises from the virus. In this article, we talk about the 5 newest trends in the commercial cleaning services industry for 2022 and beyond.

How does commercial cleaning help from infections?

Commercial cleaning refers to the cleaning of commercial premises like offices, gyms, childcare centres, schools, and others. Cleaning helps not only to keep the premises look good, attractive and inviting but also will reduce disease-causing germs that can affect the workers and staff and make them sick.

Many areas in an office, especially high-traffic places and touchpoints, can become hotspots for bacteria and viruses, and from these places, infections can quickly spread to other areas and people through touch and respiratory actions.

In fact, this happens to be the primary way the coronavirus infection spreads in a commercial facility. Now, frequent cleaning of such high-risk areas and surfaces can help reduce germs and the right disinfection method can kill up to 99.99% of pathogens, thus effectively increasing both the safety and value of your property.

Even in residential premises and homes, cleaning is one of the best ways to keep germs away and ensure the all-around protection of your loved ones.

Today, we’ll talk about everything from commercial cleaning meaning to the ideal frequency of cleaning, the importance of thorough cleaning, green cleaning, and more.

Whether you are a cleaner or a company looking to know and adopt the latest cleaning trends or a business in search of the best commercial cleaning company, here’s everything you need to know about the emerging cleaning industry trends this year.

More Frequent Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning has a special place when it comes to the cleaning of commercial spaces. In comparison to routine cleaning, deep cleaning is more intense and thorough and also involves touchpoint disinfection to reduce and skill germs for the safety of workers.

Deep cleaning refers to an in-depth cleaning of premises and involves more intense cleaning activities, ranging from floor scrubbing to identifying and cleaning corners and under the furniture, vents and other hard-to-reach areas that are otherwise missed in regular cleaning.

In general, commercial facilities are recommended to undergo heavy cleaning every once a month or so and more frequently for high-traffic places such as malls, public places, washrooms, and others.

However, these are not normal times we are living in. In the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic, deep commercial cleaning needs to be done more frequently and deeply than normal. This is because the likeliness of the spread of infections in a commercial facility is now more than it was ever before.

So, what’s the ideal frequency of cleaning now? “Ideally, every commercial place should be deep cleaned at least once a week or more frequently, depending on the traffic,” says Clean Group CEO, Suji Siv.

The Push for Green

Another trend that has been seen gaining pace in the commercial cleaning industry is a push toward the use of green and non-toxic cleaning products.

Green cleaning refers to the cleaning process that involves the use of equipment, supplies and methods that are certified sustainable and cause minimal impact on the environment.

In other words, green cleaning is all about the use of non-toxic, natural cleaning products. These cleaning supplies and methods are safe for the environment and cause no harm to the cleaners and people around them.

Eco-friendly cleaning is no longer just a ‘nice’ thing to do, but it’s now much more essential than ever for commercial cleaning services to be sensitive to the ecosystem and people around us.

The use of natural cleaning supplies and the number of commercial cleaning companies that offer green cleaning services are increasing every day, and thankfully, businesses in Sydney now have many options to choose from.

The Development of High-Tech Cleaning Solutions

The cleaning industry has changed significantly over the past years, especially so during the last couple of years, which is famously called the pandemic era.

There has always been a push toward creating new-gen cleaning solutions and equipment that are faster and more efficient in every possible way. The innovation in the cleaning service was never as prominent as it is today.

The biggest example is the high-end cleaning equipment and machines that commercial cleaners use these days. The i-mop floor cleaner and scrubber that we use at Clean Group is the most innovative commercial floor scrubbing machine created to the day.

The machine features counter-rotating brushes with the power of an industrial scrubber and the flexibility of a regular mop, which enables it to efficiently clean all types of surfaces, including corners and hard-to-reach areas. It requires minimal water and zero chemical to operate and will also instant-dry to make the place immediately ready to use.

There are many other examples of how today’s professional cleaning service machines are beating the norms and enabling faster and more cost-effective cleaning services.

Enhanced Cleaner Training Practices

Another trend that has been noted is a significant change in the cleaner training practices observed by commercial cleaning companies in Australia. Today, most cleaning service providers are training their cleaners on the use of modern equipment and cleaning methods that are safe and driven by results.

As many of these companies are offering green cleaning services, their cleaners are being provided with specialized training on how to use advanced cleaning products for the safest and most efficient cleaning results in line with customers’ requirements.

After the pandemic, the definition of professional commercial cleaners has changed a lot. People are more aware of their cleaning needs and know about the things to look for when hiring professional cleaning services, which is why cleaning companies are leaving no stone unturned in offering the best training to their staff or hiring professionals who are well-trained in the latest techniques of commercial cleaning service.

Software Tools for Better Client Management

As the world goes digital, the cleaning industry is not left behind. A large number of cleaning companies in Sydney now have their dedicated websites, through which services like online cleaner booking, requesting a quote, cleaning service scheduling and re-scheduling, etc. are being offered for the convenience of customers.

During the COVID pandemic, when physical movements were restricted, online cleaner booking proved to be a boon for thousands of Australian businesses providing essential services, including grocery stores, government offices, private offices, medical facilities, and others.

Many of these cleaning companies even have dedicated mobile apps to allow customers to hire professional cleaners or book a cleaning service on the go. Online and in-app payments are another way customers are being benefitted from innovation in the cleaning industry.

Digitalization is beneficial not just for customers but also for cleaning service providers, as they can use software tools for better, more efficient management of their cleaning business and save cost and time by streamlining various tasks such as scheduling of jobs, cleaner assignment, employee management, payment management, salaries, and more.

Contact Clean Group for High-Tech, Most Cutting-Edge Professional Cleaning Services

Clean Group is a professional commercial cleaning company providing cleaning services to businesses across Sydney. As a local, family-owned business specializing in commercial and industrial cleaning, we are trusted by hundreds of businesses for reliable and high-quality cleaning services.

Clean Group provides a complete range of business cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, gym cleaning, and more through a team of well-trained commercial cleaners.

All our cleaners are police-checked and fully insured, so you can be assured of top-quality cleaning. We do not offer domestic cleaning services exclusively, but you can hire our cleaners for apartment cleaning, builders cleaning and end-of-lease cleaning.

Clean Group has been a leader in the covid-19 cleaning space and is famous for its most innovative electrostatic disinfection technique, which can kill up to 99.99% of office germs, bacteria and viruses.

Over the last couple of years, we have been consistently working with businesses across Sydney for their covid professional cleaning and disinfection needs round the clock, helping them maintain clean and germ-free premises for their workers and clients. Our cleaning processes are systematic and results-driven and involve the use of the latest equipment and eco-friendly products.

You can hire a Clean Group cleaner for any type of commercial cleaning service as well as special cleaning requirements for a professional cleaning service. Finding a reliable and expert commercial cleaner in Sydney can be difficult, but we make it easy for you.

Trust our cleaning process and hire a professional cleaner to maintain a clean environment on your commercial property. We are ready to work with all types of business premises and are committed to providing you with all the benefits of a professional cleaning service, including a healthy environment for your staff and a workplace that always smells fresh.

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