What You Can Expect From Clean Group’s Cleaners Team

What You Can Expect From Clean Group’s Cleaners Team
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Clean Group is a Sydney-based commercial cleaning agency that offers high-quality and affordable commercial cleaning services to businesses and residential properties in Sydney.

With over 20 years of experience, Clean Group is Sydney’s most trusted and highly recommended commercial cleaners company that serves the regular as well as occasional/deep cleaning needs of all kinds of businesses and properties, including hospitals, warehouses, offices, retail chains, medical and childcare centres, residential buildings, and more.

We employ only the best and most qualified and certified commercial cleaners team, who have been trained to do their job to perfection. All our commercial cleaners in Sydney are skilled individuals and humble to the core.

They will take care of all your cleaning needs as per your preferred schedule (even at the night) without disturbing your regular working and/or compromising the health of your staff or family.

At Clean Group, we only use the best quality and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to achieve desired results for all our clients at the most competitive rates.

When you hire us, you can expect to be amazed by our extraordinary service and brilliant results. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our commercial cleaning projects.

However, in order to get the best out of your association with Clean Group, make sure that you understand your specific cleaning requirements. Here’s what I mean.

Your Purpose of Hiring a Cleaners Team

When you have decided to hire a professional cleaning agency like Clean Group and are willing to spend money on it, you must have a clear idea of your goals.

For example, you might be looking to hire cleaners for the regular (daily/weekly) cleaning of your place. In that case, your goal is to hire an agency that can provide the best cleaners team on a daily or weekly basis and according to your schedule.

If you run an office and want to hire cleaners who can clean the premises after regular hours, you need to look for the same.

On the other hand, if you are looking to hire a cleaners team for a specialist or one-time cleaning such as after builders clean, after tenant clean, deep cleaning, etc., you must search for the same. Not all commercial cleaners can manage to do such a job, as it may require specific experience and resources.

Whatever your cleaning requirements, purpose or goals are, make sure to convey the same explicitly to your cleaning agency so that they can work hard to achieve the desired results.

What to Expect from Clean Group’s Cleaners

When you hire a cleaning team with the Clean Group, you can expect to get the same level of brilliance and quality work that we offer to all our other clients. At Clean Group, we are committed to making you satisfied with the best-in-class cleaning services that you can avail at the most competitive rates.

Our cleaning solutions are tailor-made based on the specific cleaning requirements of our clients. So, you can be assured of getting the desired results and maximum return on your investment with us.

Commercial Cleaning Services by Clean Group

Whatever your cleaning requirement or property type is, we are accustomed to offering the best-in-class cleaning services at the lowest prices. At Clean Group, we provide the following types of cleaning services with our best cleaners team:

Office cleaning
For all types of office buildings, commercial places, warehouses, etc. We have a dedicated cleaners team, who can perform regular house and outsourced deep cleaning services of your place as and when needed.

Hospital cleaning
For the cleaning of sensitive places like hospitals and childcare centres, we follow strict safety regulations and use eco-friendly solutions to both clean and sanitise/disinfect everything at your place.

Restaurant cleaning
Besides the regular cleaning of your restaurant, visitor area, furniture, etc., we can also perform in-depth cleaning of your restaurant kitchens, equipment, machines, vents, etc.

Strata cleaning
We are also equipped with proper resources to clean and maintain high-rise buildings and strata in the Sydney area, including the cleaning of both exterior and interior windows of strata buildings.

Gym/Healthcare cleaning
For the cleaning of gyms, health clubs and other healthcare premises, we use special equipment for cleaning and disinfection of the machines to get rid of sweat and other infectious things.

School cleaning
We also have a dedicated team for the cleaning of schools, colleges and other education institutions while protecting the safety and health of students and teachers.

Here’s How it Works:

When you approach us to enquire about our cleaning services or to hire a cleaners team, we prefer to have an on-site inspection before giving a quote.

You can contact us at any time to schedule an on-site inspection of your property/place that needs to be cleaned, at your convenience.

During the on-site inspection, our team/manager will visit your property and closely inspect the condition of the area in order to assess the cleaning needs. They will also discuss the project requirements and other details with you in order to understand your goals and expectations.

Based on the initial analysis and discussion, we will prepare a customised cleaning plan for your property to achieve the desired results. We will give you a price quote based on our analysis.

If you like our price quote, you can proceed to hire our best team of cleaners, who will get started with the job on the very same day or as per your preferred schedule.

What We Do

At the time of cleaning your property, building or place, we will take care of every minor detail and consider every aspect of the project. Our cleaners will address even the most remote as well as common areas of your property and make your place clean, safe and fresh to live/work at.

At Clean Group, we are not afraid of going the extra mile to meet the targets and achieve the expected results. Here are a few things you can expect our cleaners to do during your carpet cleaning lowest cleaning cost.

Clean the floors to remove dust, dirt and debris. Vacuum and/or mop the floor as and when needed. Perform minor repairs, straightening of grout lines and removing extra grout. If you are performing the first clean after builders, we can also take care of that to return back the finishing of your floors.

Clean and disinfect surfaces and other common touch areas like doorknobs, railings, etc. to get rid of germs and make them clean.

Clean windows and doors for stains, dust, fingerprints and dirt. Wipe the window sills and bars to make them clean and shine.

Vacuum and clean the carpets to remove dirt, dust and stain. Wash the carpets (if needed) to remove deep-stuck dirt and debris.

Clean and wipe furniture, chairs, etc. to remove dust and stains. Dust and vacuum sofas, desk, desk drawers, cupboards, and all other furniture in and around your place.

Clean and wipe light switches, boards and all other panels to remove dust and prints and disinfect the surfaces to remove any germs.

Wipe the equipment, machines, electronics like telephones, computer, keyboards, remote, television, refrigerator, monitors, handsets, and other things to remove dust. Clean behind furniture and desks, sofas, almirahs, etc.

Clean the kitchen areas, including floors, surfaces, desk, furniture, equipment like microwave, freezer, etc. and wipe all items like cupboards, sink, fridge, oven, gas stove and others. For deep cleaning of kitchens, we also use high-grade machines and quality solutions to remove sticky junk and stains.

Clean the bathrooms & toilets to remove dirt, stains, etc. from the floors, walls and windows. Spot clean the toilet seats, taps and basin. Sanitise toilets to kill germs.

Clean the walls, remove any stains and marks, perform minor repairs (if needed), clean the roof and ceiling.

Clean the staircase & lifts thoroughly to remove bad odour and make them clean and safe for visitors.

Cleaning of corridors, veranda and balconies

Sweep the outside area of the building (if applicable)

Cleaning and maintenance of the garden only if it’s a part of your building.

Clean the car park area if there is one in your building.

Empty garbage bags and bins, clean the recycle bins and restock supplies like garbage bags, soap, paper, etc.

This is the standard list of our cleaning methods and the approach we take when assigned a cleaning job. The list can be modified to add or remove ideas based on your specific cleaning needs.

Rest assured this is just an overview of what we can actually do to make your place look cleaner, beautiful and fresher than ever. Our regular cleaning services cost much less than the competition yet offer the best quality and results in the industry.

If you are looking to know more about what we can do for you or how Clean Group’s cleaners team can help increase your local business reputation through clean, safe and well-maintained premises, give us a call right away. If you are looking to hire our cleaning services for any type of job, visit our website to request a free on-site quote.

We promise you to offer only the best quality cleaning services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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