How To Clean Floor Tiles in Your Business (Step by Step Tips)

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When you’re running a physical office with lots of employees, it’s only natural for your office floor and tiles to get dirty after some time. Regular office cleaning and maintenance are the only way to keep your floor tiles clean and extend their lives.

If you think that office floor cleaning is a simple job and can be easily done by your regular office cleaners, think again. Cleaning the floor tiles and keeping them clean for at least a day is a very sincere job that may even turn into exhaustive work if not done properly.

Besides ensuring that the tiles are clean and shiny, you also need to keep them sanitized and free of germs & bacteria in order to protect the health of your employee and staff.

So, how do you do that? How do you make sure that your office floor is always clean and sanitized? So, how do you do that? How do you make sure that your office floor is always clean and sanitized? Basic office cleaning trick for your office premises. The first step is to understand the science behind floor cleaning.

3 Office Floor Tiles Cleaning – How it should be Done

Step 1: Identifying the Problem

The question you should ask yourself is – Is my office floor dirty? Do the tiles need cleaning?

It’s easy to identify dirty tiles from clean ones. They look yellowish and faded, with stains here and there. Normally, an office floor should be cleaned on a daily basis, as it’s prone to a lot of dirt, dust and debris coming from the shoes of the users.

The reason why many office owners choose tiles over carpets and other floorings is that they are relatively easier to clean. While carpets can easily absorb liquids, dirt, dust, and stains, floors do not. Nevertheless, it’s important to regularly clean your marble floor tiles in order to keep them attractive and free of germs.

Some of the common types of germs that may be found on your office tiles include fungi, bacteria, etc. Fungi do not commonly accumulate on tiles, unless the place is wet or in constant contact with water, such as your bathroom and toilet floors.

Bacteria are also commonly found on wet tiles and may automatically die once the tiles are dry. But still, there can be a lot of germs on your tiles, especially if there are moisture and grout on them.

Before we move on to the next step, which is the process to clean the office floor, it’s crucial to understand the problem and the goals behind floor cleaning.

Are your tiles in the need of just basic cleaning to remove the dust and spots? Or does your floor need deep cleaning in order to remove stains and return back the shine?

Step 2: Understanding the Challenges – Grout Cleaning

Though it’s easy to clean the tiles and surface using any good quality soap or detergent solution, the actual problem arises when you need to clean the grout.

Grout is the material used between the tiles in order to keep them steady and fixed. It’s made of water and cement and is, therefore, absorbent. The grout between your tiles is the main place where germs, bacteria, and mould can be found. It’s also a challenge to keep the grout lines straight and prevent them from degrading over time because of the constant touch with water, dirt, etc.

Besides the grout, rough tiles can also present a big challenge when cleaning the tile floors. If the tiles or grout aren’t smooth enough, it can be difficult to remove dirt and dust and sanitize them properly. In addition, these rough surfaces can become home to bacteria, even after regular cleaning.

Step 3: Cleaning the Floor Tiles – Different Cleaning Techniques for Different Goals

Cleaning your office floor tiles is comparatively easier than other flooring types. If you already have an in-house team of cleaners, they can do the job satisfactorily with a little guidance. To start with, make sure to use a high-quality detergent/soap and cleaning solution to achieve the desired results.

Alternatively, you can consider hiring a professional office cleaning agency that comes with all the best quality cleaning products and resources and will get your office floors cleaned in no time. They are quite affordable nowadays.

2 Common Floor Cleaning Methods Employed By The Clean Group Cleaners

Based on research and experience, here the two common floor cleaning methods employed by the Clean Group cleaners based on specific cleaning requirements:

Method 1: Regular Tile Floor Cleaning

It’s the simple or basic floor cleaning technique, which involves cleaning the floors and tiles with water, detergent and mop.

This method is effective for the regular cleaning of office/home office with the aim to remove the dirt, dust and other debris accumulated on the surfaces.

If needed, the floor is first cleaned with a dust mop or vacuumed to remove any dust. Tap or warm water is used in a bucket along with a clean mop to properly wash the floors and remove basic dirt, stains, etc.

Instead of detergent, water along with vinegar and/or scouring powder can be used if there are stains on the surface.

Regular cleaning can be performed by your in-house cleaners or regular cleaners.

Method 2: Deep cleaning of tile floors

The second method is the deep cleaning method, which involves cleaning the tiles and the grout using specialized products and with the help of professional cleaners.

Most organisations prefer to hire the services of professional office cleaners for the deep cleaning of their floors once in a while (a month or so). This helps ensure clean and healthy floors for your staff.

Different cleaners may employ different techniques at this stage, but the ultimate aim of this method is to make the floor clean, shiny and free of bacteria.

As we discussed before, your tiles, especially the grout lines, may store lots of bacteria. This cleaning method will ensure the bacteria are removed and the floor is safe and healthy for everyone. Here’s how it is done.

Here at Clean Group, we use specialized sanitizing solutions (eco-friendly and free of chemicals) for the cleaning of tiles and removal of bacteria. The solution is applied throughout the floor using a spray gun and then it is extracted back using a vacuum. According to research, this method is capable of removing up to 90% of bacteria from the surface.

For the cleaning of grout lines, we use high-quality cleaning brushes (for scrubbing) along with a chemical-free solution that does the job perfectly. To remove the bacteria stored in the grout, we use the above (spray gun) method with a high-quality disinfectant, which effectively removes up to 99% of bacteria from the lines.

Office Floor/Tiles Cleaning Tips for the Best Results

Cleaning the office floors is not an easy task. Your office floors are likely to get dirtier than your home floors, which is why they need more and better cleaning.

Besides the regular and frequent cleaning of the tile floors, It’s also crucial to regularly scrub, vacuum and deep clean the floor to remove stains and bacteria from it. Use a good quality floor scrubber to remove the dirt, stains and grout from the tiles. If your tiles are quite old and look faded, consider using wax to make them shine again.

Use a tile/grout protector if needed. They can keep the floor safe from wear and tear and make them last longer. Regularly check your floors for cracks, minor holes and irregularities and get them fixed as soon as possible.

Tips to keep your office floor and tiles clean

Once you’ve got your floors cleaned, it can be hard to keep them so when you have visitors and employees wandering around constantly. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning can help extend the life of your office floors.

To keep your floors spotless and shiny for long, here a few tips you can try.

  • Clean up spills immediately to avoid staining and discolouration
  • Sweep or vacuum the floors regularly to avoid scratches from dirt
  • After washing it with detergent, properly rinse with clean water
  • Do not use chemical-based detergents or disinfectants that can be harmful to your tiles
  • Make and keep the tiles dry to avoid bacteria and moulds
  • Avoid using shoes on the tiles, especially if the shoes are dirty
  • Change the water bucket every time

Office Floor & Tiles Cleaning Services by Clean Group

Clean Group is Australia’s leading commercial cleaning agency with over 20 years of experience in the cleaning and maintenance of offices, residential and commercial properties in and around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

We have a dedicated team of office cleaners who have been trained in specialized cleaning techniques and equipped with the best-in-class cleaning resources (solutions, tools & machines) for deep cleaning and sanitization of the office floors, tiles, toilets, windows, and more.

We employ only the best and results-driven cleaning methods to ensure 100% client satisfaction. We take pride in being Sydney’s no. 1 choice for commercial cleaning at affordable rates.

At Clean Group, we have extensive experience along with best-in-industry resources and a team of trained cleaners to clean your office floor tiles. We can regularly or deep clean your office floors to remove bacteria and return back the shine. To know more or to request a quote, please call us at 1300-073-089.

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