Top 18 Diy Business Cleaning Tricks to Make Your Office Cleaned and Organized

Top 18 Diy Cleaning Tricks to Make Your Office Cleaned and Organized
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Every business today wants its office to look neat, clean and organized so that it can create a positive first impression in the mind of customers and clients when they meet up. The best way to make your office cleaned and sanitized is to avail of DIY cleaning tricks to keep your office clean. For example, commercial cleaners like Clean Group offer the highest standard of Sydney office cleaning services to businesses of all kinds.

Clean Group has also maintained its position as top office cleaner in Australia by delivering professional, yet affordable services to businesses as per their need.

However, if circumstances do not allow you to avail of quality workplace cleaning services, there are other ways that you can apply to make your office look neat, clean, and organized.

It is always a good idea to keep your office clean and organized on your own because a messy office could potentially cost you an important business deal or contract with a client due to the poor look of your premises.

Having a cleaner office will also help you and your staff concentrate better at work, resulting in better productivity and better business results.

On the flip side, keeping your best foot forward in front of clients or customers is always challenging when you have a dirty office. The harm of spreading severe disease among your staff also goes up when you have a messy and unclean office. The dirty office environment also affects your management and organizing skills and increases the chances of spoiling your client relationships.

So, to help you avoid all such cleaning problems, here is a list of some economical, safer ways to keep your workplace clean, green and organized:

Use Sticky Notes for Keyboard Cleaning

Do your employees also struggle with crumbs or lint down in between keys on their keyboard?

If yes, then your office team should start using the edge of sticky notes to clean out those small pieces from their keyboards, looking very annoying and dirtier from the outlook.

Whatever bizarre it may sound at first, it is always a good idea to use the adhesive sticky end of the paper note to accumulate and remove all dirt from the keyboard.

As a DIY, you don’t need a brush or other cleaning tools to clean your keyboard, when you apply this trick.

Clean Floors with a Specialized Scrubber

To keep commercial office spaces clean and dust-free, the ordinary vacuum cleaners and brooms used at home aren’t good enough. One of the best DIY hacks to clean your office is to invest in a good floor scrubber. It is a pretty good industrial cleaning device to clean large surface areas in a decent amount of time.

The Tape Is a Great Cleaning Tool for Keyboard

Similar to sticky notes, you can also use quality tape to bring out nasty, small objects sticking inside your keyboard, ones that are difficult to bring out at first. Again, there is a simple DIY solution to this.

You can use clean tape and lightly dab it areas around your keyboard where small dirt objects are placed. The tape will easily pick up the little pieces of dirt from your keyboard.

Utilize Powder for Paper Spills

If accidentally you have spilled water or any liquid on your office notes, book, notepad or some other important document, you can always use powder, so that it can absorb the moisture quickly; thereby, saving the document from getting wet completely.

Sprinkle powder on wet pages and then later blow-dry those pages to dry them off completely. At last, use a good quality soft bristle brush to remove the sprinkled powder. Chances are high that the content of the pages on which powder has been spread remains in a readable condition.

For Cleaning Broken Glasses, Use Bread

For broken glasses spread on the office table or floor, you can always use a slice of bread to pick them up and dispose of them safely into a bin. Not getting bread around the office? Wait!

Ask some of your colleagues, they might have some leftovers from their lunch.

Baking Soda Is Great to Keep Your Office Fresh, Smell Good

Closed office space can always grow into a musty smell zone if it lacks regular outside airflow or air vents. In-office pantry or kitchen space built in a closed area can also lead to bad odours, which might turn off your clients or employees.

Keeping pots of baking soda in closed office areas or working spaces is a great solution to this problem and an easy to implement DIY office cleaning hack.

Having fresh or soothing fragrances is a great way to cheer up employees, make them feel positive, and boost their overall productivity. A positive mood can be fostered among all staff by making the office clean, green and smell super amazing.

Sweep Meeting Tables with Hand Towels

Finding it hard to find Swiffer pads to clean up your conference table before an important meeting? Don’t worry. You can always rely on hand towels to complete the table cleaning task before a crucial client or employee meetups on your own.

Dust particles and debris easily stick to hand towels, making them useful for cleaning lightly buffering surfaces. Although make sure you clean up those hand towels before reusing them for personal stuff.

Put an Electronics Organizer in Office

Organizers are a great option to keep your office look neat and organized, You can always buy an electronics organizer to make your office look more tabulated and structured. Electronics organizes are good to store tablets, phones or other electronic accessories.

Using large organizers also gives you the flexibility to keep your books and notepads in them.

Baby wipes for Wiping Spills

Baby wipes are an excellent tool to help you keep your workspace nice and clean. Keep a box of them stashed away in your supplies and you’ll always have a simple way to wipe up spills and other issues that you have around your desk. You’ll have fewer tasks for office cleaning in Sydney if you stock up on wipes at all times.

Use Vinegar for Scissors

If you use scissors frequently at the office, you must be aware of the irritating situation when their blades start sticking with each other, because of some nasty dirt compounds sitting on the surface of the scissor blades.

There is a simple DIY office cleaning hack to avoid this situation. You can use vinegar to clean up dirty scissor blades, A vinegar solution is perfect to wipe out all little nasty bits that cause your scissors blades to stick together.

Once you apply the vinegar solution to your scissors it makes it a perfect functioning tool for regular office usage.

Use Hand Sanitizer for Whiteboard Cleaning

Hand sanitisers are a perfect cleaning tool for many different reasons when working at the office. Out of many, the first reason is it helps you avoid germs. You can also use sanitisers in your office to clean up the dirty whiteboard. Use a quality sanitiser to clean up your dirty whiteboards.

Compressed Air to Clean Up Dust

Compressed air can be considered a highly versatile option for your cleaning tasks at the office. It can be utilized for multiple cleaning purposes. You can use it to clean up crevices or small dust particles from your keyboard or areas where you can’t reach out properly.

Cleaning off the dust from your computer and maintaining a healthier work environment is all too easy with compressed air.

Clean Up Office Chairs Easy with Hydrogen Peroxide

Office chairs, along with computer systems and electronics are the most used material in any office. You stay in regular contact with these items. Out of all these items, keeping your office chair clean is most important as it is also used by your clients or customers when they meet up with you. Accidental spills, dust and scratches are some common problem problems with your office chairs.

Instead of replacing your office chairs frequently, you can use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing soap to clean up your office chairs.

You can do this every last day of the workweek as a part of your regularly scheduled cleaning. It will also help your chair look fresh as well as makes it germ-free.

Bring in Blow Dryers to Clean Up Water Rings

With time, water rings on multiple office tables appear and is a common issue due to overtime by office workers. Luckily, such water rings and their marks can be easily removed from tables by you on your own using a blow dryer. A blow dryer is a most simple and easily accessible tool that you can use at your office premises to remove stains or water rings from the table.

Use Vinegar and Sock to Clean Window Blinds

Are you also facing the dirt issue with window blinds at your office? If yes, then this DIY cleaning trick will help you a lot. You can use an old sock, put in your hand and then dip it into a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Now, rub this sock over each slat of the blinds present in your office to make them clean and sanitized.

As discussed above, vinegar is an amazing sanitiser that can be used at the office for cleaning tasks.

Sealed Travels Mugs Are Great to Avoid Spill Incidents

It is common at workplaces for employees to spill drinks at their desks due to losing attention and heavy workload. This can create major cleanliness issues; hence to avoid all such incidents, you can use sealed travel mugs at your office, It is a great DIY cleaning hack that you can implement to minimize spill incidents.

Artificial Plants to “Greenify” Your Workplace

To make your office look greener and eco-friendly, you can also put artificial plants, high in green density. Such plants are great in terms of creating a natural work environment for employees. You can also use real plants, but not in excess, as they might lead to the spreading of harmful pests or other small plant insects in the workplace.

Use Chai Mats to Protect Office Floor

The carpet or hardwood flooring of the office can go scuff over time due to the regular footfalls of the office staff. It is always recommended to use a chair mat below each office chair of office staff to keep the floors around the chair clean and tidy.

Summing Up..!

Cleaning your large office or work area is always a lengthy and cumbersome task. However, investing in office cleaning is very important to make sure you have a sanitized and healthier office environment all the time.

You can opt for quality office cleaning services from top office cleaners like Clean Group. However, doing some small DIY cleaning tricks at the office is an absolute must to maintain an even cleaner and healthier workplace.

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