Is it More Cost-Efficient to Outsource a Cleaner or Hire Your Own Employee?


It has been a long-debated issue in the cleaning industry. The competition between cleaning staff vs shop workers will never end. Why? The answer to this very question will vary depending on each business. There are different pros and cons when it comes to hiring your own cleaning staff as opposed to hiring an outsource cleaners.

Some companies are small, and it will make sense if they ask their own employee to take care of the cleaning duties in their shop. This will not apply to large scale corporations. To some companies, getting your own employee as outsourced cleaners is an added burden. This is when outsourcing comes in. As you all know, there are a lot of commercial cleaning companies which offer various cleaning services all around Australia.

These are the experienced cleaners who know the proper use of different cleaning equipment, understand the different types of cleaning methods, and have undergone intensive training.

Now, we want you to fully grasp the difference between the two and help you make the best decision to achieve a clean and safe workplace.

In-House Cleaning

In-house cleaning means a business will hire cleaning staff. This setup applies typically to schools and universities.

Usually, jobs in school and the same companies require employees background checks like child check and police check.

Some shops and businesses will require shop workers with the exact requirement.

Full-time Schedule

Most of the businesses that hire in-house cleaners are required to do full-time shifts. More often than not, their cleaning tasks are dedicated to each area and office inside the company.

Cleaners are expected to work to maintain specific cleaning methods to mitigate risks of contamination and hazards.


As mentioned earlier, when industries chose to hire their own cleaners, they have the liberty to get all the necessary documents that will support the credibility of the applying individual.

They can ask for all the clearances from the police and can even go as far as asking for recommendations from previous employers.

They can demand the highest standards of background checks just to secure the safety of the office and the people who come and go to the said business.

The shop workers will need to need to submit identification like a driver’s licence and other clearances.

Knowledge About the Place

This item is the undisputed benefit of getting your own cleaners to work for you. They are more familiar with the place because of the long shifts that they have to complete day in and day out.

They also know the health settings of each office. They are more familiar with the standards of the company and see each point with each cleaning method.


The staff knows that they belong and plays an essential part in the organization. They may know each person who works in the office across their cleaning shift.

They are working from the company’s side, which means they can get in touch with someone directly if they need anything. Tasks and other cleaning instructions can simply be passed on to the staff.


The companies who hire their own cleaning staff will take care of the training. They will have to discuss what are the cleaning materials that they have to be using and the machinery that may go together with it.

Each of these companies needs to purchase their own cleaning equipment and products eg paper towel, hand soap, disinfectants, and bin liners.

The cleanliness of their office will solely depend on how they will train their commercial cleaning staff for the entire cleaning shift.

Impact on Cost

I would say that hiring your own cleaning staff can be a bit expensive as compared to outsourcing. You need to put time and effort into sourcing qualified cleaners in the area.

You may do so by placing an ad on the website to advertise what you are looking for. Your number one priority should include getting the right pull of people for the vacancy.

Unlike the cleaning companies that offer this service, you need to purchase and store your own equipment, disinfectant, materials, and chemicals that you need to complete the tasks.

You will also need to train your staff in proper waste management. In other words, you will need to put much effort into the hiring process, and this will cost you money and time.


When you make up your mind to hire your own staff to do your routine cleaning, you need to make sure that your company is ready for the work.

Apart from the labour cost, as mentioned above, you will need to invest in equipment, detergent, chemicals used for cleaning, and other cleaning materials to have your staff ready for their shifts.

Outsource High-End Cleaning Services

Most commercial cleaning companies in Australia bank on their wide variety of cleaning menus. Many times over, this is the criteria where they win over hiring an in house staff.

Outsource cleaners are so experienced that they know most of the processes of cleaning for each workplace. They are also well versed when it comes to cleaning equipment and cleaning products.

Commercial cleaning people are the ones who know what to use on different floors and surfaces.

Apart from the expertise of these people, there are also other things that outsource cleaners are proud to showcase. These are the following:

Impact on Cost

Most of the commercial cleaners are banking on the cleaning contract. This serves as their bread and butter. Having that said, you will pretty much get a cleaning company that has the proper equipment and has its own products.

Not only that, you will be able to save time and effort during the hiring process. You will only have to trust them to take care of the cleaning side of the business.

During this pandemic season, cleaning contractors are also required to use PPE or personal protective equipment.

If you go with an outsource cleaners service, you will not have to worry about buying this stuff to protect the people who are in charge of cleaning.

It will be a one-stop deal for you because you are hiring them to perform the labour and the service also includes the product that they will need to use to complete the contract.

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Supervision and Training

Outsourced workers have their own set of protocols when it comes to managing their staff. Training will be done in the workplace to make sure that the job will be carried out to the highest standard.

As we all know, commercial cleaning is entirely different from general office cleaning. Often times, these two are being seen as the same.

If you have professional workers in place who know all the points in cleaning, you can rest assured that your workplace will be kept safe and healthy for your employees and customers.

This is an excellent way of saving because you do not have to spend time and money on educating your workers on the proper way of cleaning.

On top of that, outsourced workers have inspection points wherein they will send their Cleaning Supervisor to perform random checks on surfaces and the overall hygiene of the area. Build up is not likely to happen if you have a regular inspection in place.


Since outsource cleaners have a good number of employees, it will not be a challenge to them if a person calls in sick.

They will have a way of sending a reliever to make sure that your workplace will still be attended based on the agreed schedule.

Unlike in the house, your shop will end up not being cleaned until your employee is ready to return to work.

Discounts on Supply

Some cleaning companies in Sydney offer toilet consumables. These are some of the points that you need to consider when hiring a cleaning service.

They can do the work, and they can also supply you with toilet papers, hand towels, hand soap, and other things that are needed for your hygiene.

Usually, they buy these items in bulk which is why they can offer this to you at a more attractive rate.

Flexibility on Budget

Let us say that your business cannot afford the rate of hiring an in house staff to do the cleaning, and you will still have a fall back by hiring outsource cleaning staff.

Why? Because they have more flexibility in terms of offering you the cleaning package. They can tailor fit a cleaning quote depending on your needs.

You need to let them know which surface you will want them to wipe and which work is required.

Now, I will leave you with your choice. Think about the pros and cons of both options. Each of these has its own strengths, and we want you to benefit from it.

The answer to whether the cleaning staff vs shop workers will be more appropriate to your business lies within your hands.

How about you, do you have an existing cleaner to take care of your outsource cleaners needs? Are they outsource, or did you hire your own staff? Is it working to your advantage?

Let us hear from you and write a comment below. See you next time.

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