Different Types of Commercial Cleaning Services Provided By Clean Group In Melbourne

Different Types of Cleaning Services Provided By Clean Group In Melbourne

In this post, I am going to show you the different types of cleaning services offered by the Clean Group in Melbourne.

In fact, there are 30,463 cleaning service provider companies in Australia but few of them offer all services to their clients.

Clean Group has been the foundation of commercial cleaning businesses for over ten years. We have numerous loyal and satisfied customers all across NSW, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We take pride in the hard work of our professional commercial cleaners in Melbourne.

Their competencies and experiences had made a strong backbone in our business.
Now, Clean Group speaks premium quality commercial cleaning.

We cater to broad commercial cleaning markets, from routine cleaning to the most demanding commercial cleaning tasks. With Clean Group, no mission is too dirty or too challenging to clean. Our number one objective is to always be on top and to give every customer an experience that will make them hire us regularly.

In cleaning businesses, business owners will still be backed with how your commercial cleaners perform their daily routines.

This is why hiring hardworking, responsible, and reliable cleaners will be the soul of your business. You will not be able to tell someone to be diligent enough if their spirit is not into it.

They will not be able to see the small details that need to be seen and be addressed if your cleaners are doing their job half-heartedly.

Apart from the innovative and modern way of how we do business, Clean Group ensures that the tradition of communicating with subordinates and being passionate about the career and industry that we choose will always emerge. We always envision our company to be the very best not only in cleaning but also on how we manage our cleaners. We cannot stress enough that these commercial cleaners are the reason why our business existed and continues to exist.

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne deals with strata, medical facilities, schools, childcare, offices, stores, gyms, factories, warehouses, and almost all types of commercial businesses.

We are also known for steam carpet cleaning, strip, and sealing of floors, internal and external glass cleaning, and the whole nine yards of commercial cleaning requirements.

Clean Group never cut corners when it comes to cleaning. We get lasting impressions from our customers after we had given the deep cleaning. Our deep cleaning is unique because only Clean Group offers this service for the same amount of the routine cleaning charge if you hire us to be your regular cleaning provider.

From the ceiling down to the floor, Clean Group displays advanced techniques to ensure spotless cleaning quality.

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne also understands how you put emphasis on your employee’s health, and we are with you in this. Routine cleaning will make your office free from dust, dirt, and debris, which may cause allergies, colds, and cough.

We put health and safety on top of our list, and we only use the safest and effective cleaning chemicals to make sure that all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized correctly.

For businesses like hospitals and childcare, we can also use custom made cleaners that will match the business requirement as we also understand the sensitive elements of these businesses.

We take pride that our cleaning business has been successful for more than a decade. We were able to keep up with the constant change in the market, and we were ready to soar amidst all economic challenges in the past. Clean Group was able to to do because we were able to make a tailor-fit solution that is budget-friendly for each unique cleaning requirements of our customers. We also never treat an issue single-handedly.

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne makes sure that the Customer Service Representative is always on top of their game. The moment that a complaint comes in, they notify both the customer and the respective cleaner.

The day will not end without the issue not being resolved. Clean Group has excellent customer service support that will make sure all customers feel valued and taken care of.

This article will show you what types of commercial cleaning do we specialized in. Please go through each one of them and let us know which ones do you need. We can set an onsite visit and sit down and learn more about your needs.

We promise you that our Sales Managers are all experienced and they know how to make your budget fit. But first, let us define basic office cleaning.

What is Basic Office Cleaning?

There is really no straight answer to this question because requirements differ from one business to the other. In a nutshell, basic cleaning office cleaning includes:

  • Dusting
  • Wiping
  • Vacuuming
  • Collection of trash
  • Cleaning of toilets and bathrooms

Do not fret, your cleaning needs may not be mentioned on this list, but we promise you that we can give you the most competitive cost for whatever it is that you need.

What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Cleaning Services?

Here are the types of commercial cleaning that Clean Group is famous about.

Let’s kick things off with service #1:

Gym Cleaning

Most of us had experienced comparing the ambiance of big gyms like Anytime Fitness to a small community gym. In known, big gyms, it is always fresh, and everything looks like it is being wiped down every so often. When you are working out, sweat is a common thing. Using chalk when lifting is a normal process.

If you are keen, you may notice that cleanliness is not a top priority in the gym setting. Some people who are keen on working out sometimes do not mind some sweat, chalk build-up, and smell in the gym, but some do. With Clean Group, Gym Cleaning Melbourne, we will make sure that everything is fresh like it just came out of the package, no chalk, no dust, no sweat marks.

Offering the best gym assistance in Melbourne

  • Mirror or Glass Cleaning – standard practice is when you are cleaning, it is helpful to work from the top down. Get rid of the dust just by simply wiping it. Loose dirt will find its way down to the floor quickly. Just wipe it with a paper towel or microfiber cloth with a small amount of mirror cleaner. We love making the mirror sparkling because we want you to appreciate yourself as you work out.
  • Equipment – we dust our way to your equipment to eliminate chalks and dead skin that are embedded in the handles. Wiping equipment can also increase the lifespan of the equipment as it gets rid of rust build-up.
  • Toilet and Bathroom Cleaning – we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and sanitized toilet. We make sure that it always smells fresh and looks tidy all the time. Toilet supplies can also be purchased from us if you want your life to be more comfortable. We, too, hate to see soap scum or water deposits on the floor so you can leave it with us.
  • Carpet and Mat Cleaning – These are essential to gyms. We vacuum mats and floor thoroughly to make sure deep-seated dust is eliminated along with hair, dirt, and other debris that are very typical in a gym set up.

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Office Cleaning

This type of commercial cleaning is one of the most common services being offered in the market. A lot of commercial cleaners can perform this task without challenges. These businesses usually require their office to be presentable, safe, and welcoming for both customers and employees alike. Office Cleaners Melbourne offers a comprehensive office cleaning that will surely cover your needs.

Our Office Cleaning Services

Carpet care – we do thorough vacuuming to pick up deep-seated dust and debris that may have been trapped in the rug’s fabric. We also do steam carpet cleaning as regular maintenance to prolong the life of the carpet. Carpet cleaning will give you a fresh-looking rug like you just installed a new one.

Upholstery care – we steam clean office chairs, cushions, and office partitions. This process takes away the dust and dirt that may have been sitting on the surface for a while. This ensures that your employees and visitors will not suffer from any allergies caused by dust and dirt.

Dusting – We will make sure that the employee’s table will not be disrupted as we go along this process. We only touch and dust tables and desks when it is free from clutter.

Air Vents Dusting – Air Vents plays a vital role in maintaining the healthy air circulation in the office. Maintaining a dust-free air vent plays a significant role in this.

Toilet Cleaning – Like in any other facility, Clean Group loves making toilets and bathroom shine. You will not hesitate to sit on the toilet or touch the flush because you can trust that it is clean and sanitized.

Warehouse Cleaning

Clean Group offers complete warehouse cleaning. We adjust with our customer’s schedule to ensure minimal interruption to your business. Our cleaners are experts in the removal of all dust, dirt, and debris on all surfaces.

The floor work is also carefully managed, and we only use eco-friendly cleaners to scrub the dirt away. Cleaning a warehouse is not an easy task because the cleaners need to ensure that their job is in line with the code of conduct set by the government.

Services Offered:

  • Dusting of Shelves – warehouses have high shelves and hard to reach places. We are equipped with modern technology on how you will be able to achieve the dust-free shelving that you have been dreaming of
  • Floor Pressure Washing – This process will get rid of the deep-seated soil, dirt, and dust on the floor.
  • Bond Cleaning – our professional cleaners are well trained to perform this job. They are all diligent and deliver the highest cleaning quality
  • Proper Recycling Disposal – we understand that warehouses may keep a pile of unused boxes and cartons everywhere. You can rely on us to break and place the cardboard to its proper bins.
  • Strip and Sealing of Warehouse Floor – this process repairs the damage to concrete floors, including cracks and gouges. This ensures safety and protection.

Church Cleaning

Church is a high-traffic place, especially if there is mass, weddings, funerals, and other religious events. Maintaining a clean church in between events and regular mass schedules is a painful task. Your cleaner should be dedicated enough to make the church healthy and immaculate as possible.

Clean Group used a state of the art technology and eco-friendly chemicals that will leave the church dry, clean, and sanitized as little as two hours.

Best Cleaning Facilities:

  • High Dusting – Apart from the height, the church’s ceiling is intricately designed. Daily dusting cannot keep the cobwebs from being up there. Clean Group is equipped enough to reach high places to get rid of those webs, dust, and dirt.
  • Wiping – We wipe every single piece of furniture which is present in the church. Benches, tables, altar, and all the entire collection of furniture for the church to be more welcoming to the churchgoers.
  • Windows – We wash and clean windows internally and externally. We also can clean high windows.
  • Overall church cleaning – this includes cleaning of worship room or prayer room. We also vacuum, mop, and sweep floors. We can also do steam carpet cleaning and strip and seal of floors.

Childcare Centres Cleaning

Clean Group offers a state of the art cleaning that meets the sensitive requirements of childcare facilities. We understand that your children’s health and safety are your top priority, and that is also on top of our list. Quality cleaning does not only speak about appearance. Quality cleaning means that we are committed to cleaning the entire facility for you to focus more on teaching our children.

Our professional Childcare Cleaners Melbourne holds a valid police check and had undergone rigorous training on how to work with kids.

Childcare Cleaning Includes:

  • Upholstery and carpet cleaning – we offer steam cleaning rugs and carpets as well as sofas and cushions
  • Floor restoration – strip and sealing of floors to make it look new.
  • Routine childcare cleaning – ensures that your centre is clean and safe for your daily trade
  • Ceiling and wall cleaning – children can leave marks on walls like crayons, paints, and other things that you can think of. Rest assured that we can take it off to make the wall look new and fresh.
  • Window cleaning – Clean Group, performs internal and external window cleaning.
  • Toilet consumables – we can help with your inventory. We can also deliver toilet consumables such as toilet paper, hand towels, and hand soap

Carpet Cleaning

We all know that carpets or rugs accumulate dust and dirt over time. It can be a breeding ground of bacteria, germs, and allergens, among other harmful things. The frequency of how often your carpet needs to be attended to depends on the amount of foot traffic. Carpet cleaning extends and increases the longevity of the carpet itself. Dirt, dust, other allergens, and debris cause the fabric to deteriorate and split.

Knowing how to use the vacuum cleaner is not enough for you to be called as an expert with carpet. You need to hire experts like us to take care of stubborn dirt and stains that are very visible on your carpet.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning – steam comes out of the machine, and this is the agent that cleans and removes dirt and dust from the carpet
  • Carpet Drying– the process is being done by applying a biodegradable compound on to the mat. This compound will attract dirt and grime that are seated on it.
  • Shampooing – Shampooing of carpet requires a strong chemical and hot water.

School Cleaning

Classrooms are considered as the second home of every kid in the community. Cleanliness plays an essential role in children’s stay inside the school. Children tend to do a lot of unexpected things. School Cleaning Melbourne is on top of the game. We sanitize every corner of the classroom to make sure that your child will not catch viruses and germs during his or her stay in school.

In Clean Group, we leverage our tremendous experience in school cleaning schools and offices. We know and recognize the standard health and cleanliness issues that may affect the classroom’s productivity.

We make sure that:

  • Toilets are all well attended
  • Shelves and desks are free of dust
  • No graffiti on walls
  • Trash cans are not overflowing
  • Overall sanitation of the area

You must choose a cleaning company that understands the needs of your facility. Cleaning is not just on the surface. You need to make sure that it is sanitized. Providing a safe and clean environment is your primary responsibility to your students.

Medical Cleaning

Medical cleaning is a specialty type of cleaning that requires a keen eye for detail. Clean Group ensures that the medical facility is properly sanitized before the next patient comes in. Our cleaners secure a clean and sanitary area for patients.

The vital role of cleaners in Medical Facilities:

  • Exceptional handling and cleaning of examination rooms
  • We provide clean reception that welcomes patients, visitors, and employees
  • Doctors office are well maintained because this is where they receive their patients
  • We make sure that blinds and windows are dust-free
  • Our cleaners ensure that chairs, couches, and beds are germ-free
  • Cleaners also maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the toilets

Strata Cleaning

Strata cleaning is booming nowadays. A lot of homeowners, potential homeowners, real estate agents, and unit owners employ commercial cleaning in Melbourne to do a comprehensive cleaning for a home. We usually deal with common areas like the reception, shared toilet, office, hallways, and lifts. We ensure that these areas are clutter-free.

Cleaner’s Responsibilities:

  • Rubbish collection
  • Ensuring that walkways and lift are clutter-free
  • The reception desk needs to be appealingly clean and organized
  • Glasses and mirrors should be mark and streak-free
  • Toilets should be cleaned and sanitized at all times
  • Window ledges and frames should be dust-free

Commercial Cleaning

This is the bed and butter of Clean Group. We were known for the positive quality and thoroughness of our vocation. We ensured that Clean Group will always be the number choice of all the businesses throughout the states of NSW, Victoria, and Queensland. All of our commercial cleaners in Melbourne are tailored-fit to ensure the unique requirements of our customers.

Some of the many services that Clean Group offers:

  • Office Cleaning – top to bottom cleaning needs of an office set up. This includes cleaning of kitchen, toilet, reception, office rooms, and meeting rooms.
  • Restaurant Cleaning – Restaurants receive high traffic. Clean Group provides deep cleaning that will cover the floors, walls, windows, dining furniture, bar areas, and other dining facilities of the restaurant.
  • End of Lease Cleaning
  • Bond Cleaning
  • After Builder’s Clean

Reasons For You To Hire Clean Group

We strongly believe in providing an outstanding customer experience. We hire teams of competitive, well-trained, and hardworking individuals to ensure that our goals will be carried out to each customer who believes in us. Our Team Leaders ensure that quality work is calibrated all across the company.

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