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Why is a Healthy School Environment Important for Students in Australia?

Professional School Cleaning That You Deserve

School and learning facilities receive high foot traffic. Traffic creates dirt, accumulate dust, and welcomes virus and bacteria that can be harmful to anyone, especially the young ones who have a weaker immune system. This is the reason why a school needs to get professional school cleaning needs.

Clean Group offers child care, schools, training facilities, universities, and colleges cleaning.
Our cleaning technicians are equipped with excellent training and expertise to do the following:

  • Efficient cleaning methods
  • Knowledgeable and well-trained cleaners that know how to overcome cleaning challenges
  • Routine inspections to measure customer satisfaction rates

Apart from a competitive price, Clean Group promises security and safety. Our company is insured and bonded, which gives you an extra layer of protection. ...  read more

Influence of Right Commercial Cleaning on Brand Image

In this post, I am going to show you the influence of the right commercial cleaning on a brand image by Clean Group. So let’s get started.

Your brand is what connects your customers with your business – be it the products, the brand logo, product experience, customer service, and even the facility you work from.

A reliable commercial cleaning service provider would understand your necessity of keeping your facility clean and would strive hard to keep your facility spic and span all the time. Many owners might feel reluctant to invest in cleaning for their establishment often asking themselves how important cleaning is for their reputation. ...  read more

How to Keep Your Business Healthy During the Flu Season (Flu Prevention Tips 2021)

How to Keep Your Business Healthy During the Flu Season (Flu Prevention Tips 2021)

Flu season is now around the corner. With the Covid 19 still not eliminated from our site, we should prioritize our health and safety even more. This article will talk about Keep Business Healthy During the Flu Season tips and practices that will make your workplace safe and sound during the flu season amid the Covid 19 pandemic.

The flu season is typical during the change in the weather or season. It will make sense if you will prepare the office for the influx of people calling in sick because of the flu. ...  read more

Office Post Party Cleaning – A Guide For After Party Cleaners in Sydney

Professional Office Post Party Cleaning Guide - How to Do It

After party cleaning is usually not a part of normal cleaning for many organisations as well as cleaners. So, it’s natural to get confused or frustrated when getting ready to clean an office after a recent party. Looking for help? Here’s a step-by-step guide to office post party cleaning along with some really useful tips.

Nothing can better prepare you for after party cleaning than a hands-on experience. But, if this is your first time after office party cleaning is an a or if you are looking to up your event cleaning skills, this comprehensive guide to the process and tips for doing an excellent office cleaning job is the next best thing for you, I promise. ...  read more

Your Guide To Daily Office Cleaning Maintenance

A lot of us had underestimated the importance of having our workspace clear and clean. Disorganized environments decrease a person’s focus, performance, and time management. It also increases the stress level.

Maintaining a clean office will save you a significant amount of time in decluttering, and it will promote harmony in the workplace. When someone is disorganized, that person will tend to be frustrated. It is frustrating that you cannot find something when you need it.

When you are productive and efficient, you are confident, and you feel good because you are accomplishing things. Join us as we ponder on some guide on how we do the daily and monthly cleaning in an office set up. ...  read more

Must-Haves When Looking For Office Cleaning Services

During this pandemic, almost all businesses are looking for the right cleaning company that will make their workplace a haven. Commercial cleaning business is indeed on the rise.

A lot of business owners who operate office cleaning services make sure that they are faring well in terms of the competition in the market. Employee productivity depends on the cleanliness of the workspace.

Employees are happy and more confident when they know the smart office cleaning tips to take care of.

Customers are highly likely to do business with offices and stores that are welcoming and spotless. Keeping superb health conditions is the number one priority of a business that operates a cleaning service. ...  read more

Awesome Hacks and Tips in Office Cleaning

We all believe that a clean office makes your employees productive. Customers trust businesses that are spotless. Also, by keeping a clean office, you are offering your employee a safe and healthy workplace.

Your people can trust you more, and you will benefit from the confidence that they gain from a clean space. Please continue reading this article if you want to learn practical office cleaning ideas that most cleaning companies do.

Think about the many benefits a clean office can give you.

The new virus further dictates the needs of the offices and workplaces to be clean and healthy. Luckily, there are a lot of cleaning services in Australia that can take these worries off of your shoulder. ...  read more

10 Awesome Tricks for Cleaning Without Chemicals

10 Awesome Tricks for Cleaning Without Chemicals

Chemical-free cleaning is possible. Let us all admit that cleaning can be tedious without the use of special cleaning agents and cleaning products. For commercial cleaners like ourselves, we all know different cleaning tips that can make life easier.

Let us talk about 10 awesome tricks for cleaning that is made possible without the chemicals involved.

All you need to have is resourcefulness and common sense to make it a success. Cleaning products can be substituted with so many household things that are free of toxic chemicals. This is the next big thing to green cleaning if you know what I mean. ...  read more

Cleaning Tricks for Every Occasion

It is a universal truth that if your office is dirty and messy, employees will find it hard to do a good job and perform well. Many studies had shown that cleanliness in workspaces affects the employee’s behaviour towards their job. In this article, we will be sharing with you 12 brilliant tricks that many of us are unaware of before.

Some of these cleaning tricks are also our personal favourites. Always remember that there are tricks for every difficult cleaning situation if you are resourceful and creative. ...  read more

Factory Cleaning Problems- No Problem! When To Call Warehouse Cleaning Services

Many industries rely on professional cleaners to maintain the health and safety of their employees and customers. Office cleaning is entirely different to industrial cleaning.

The definition of commercial cleaning is too broad, and the demands of the job differ from one another. In this article, we will talk about the common issues that cleaning companies encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Industrial cleaners offer cleaning solutions to places like factories, warehouses, and schools. It can also include pressure cleaning and industrial floor cleaning with superior cleaning equipment and cleaning products. ...  read more

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