6 Ways to Clean Worksite Spaces to Boost Business Profits

6 Ways to Clean Worksite Spaces to Boost Business Profits
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Commercial cleaning is often associated with productivity, and rightly so. A number of studies and research have been conducted on the impact of cleaning on employees’ morale and productivity, and they all came to the same conclusion that business cleanliness has a direct impact on productivity.

In this article, we take a detailed look at the studies and research into how clean comfortable offices inspire happier teams and how a happy staff can help boost business profits.

Why Cleaning in the Workplace Is Important

We understand the importance of cleanliness in the workplace in terms of attractiveness and appeal. We know cleaning helps keep things tidy and ensures the place makes a great impression on the visitors.

We also know cleaning can help reduce germs in the workplace, thereby ensuring the safety of workers and visitors. But, most of us probably do not know that cleaning can also help boost the productivity of workers and impact business profits.

Office cleaning is important not just to keep the work environment clean and healthy for everyone but also it helps boost the productivity of workers and may even bring more profits for the business. Here’s how.

Impact of Commercial Cleaning on Employees’ Productivity

According to a study by ResearchGate, cleanliness is directly correlated with work satisfaction level, i.e. workers are likely to be happier and more satisfied working in a clean and well-maintained space than in a dirty or poorly maintained office. And higher work satisfaction will often lead to higher productivity.

When the office space is clean and tidy, there are minimal distractions and workers get to focus more actively on their work. This helps make room for creativity.

When the brain has limited distractions or clutter to deal with, it can better focus, which will likely result in improved productivity. We’ll explain more in the following points:

Employees are happier when working in a clean space. Studies have found that almost always employees feel happier and more satisfied working in a clean and well-maintained office space.

And since they are spending a big portion of their day at work, they ought to have a reason to be happy, which might even lead to increased productivity and creativity. A happy mind will always work more efficiently than a sad or dull mind.

Cleanliness allows for creative thinking. Having excessive dirt and clutter at the work desk can hamper creativity and might make you disheartened, which is certainly not a good thing for the employer.

Keeping all things clean and in order will not only help boost workers’ moods but also can stimulate creativity, allowing them to think more clearly and creatively.

Office cleaning increases confidence and reduces stress, especially in the present scenario, when the world is fighting against the covid-19 virus. It is natural for employees to be worried about working in a shared office space, where the chances of getting an infection are always high.

But, cleaning can significantly reduce the probability of catching a virus by reducing and killing germs in a commercial facility, which in turn will help boost workers’ confidence and reduce stress.

Employees have more time to work and create when they have less clutter to deal with. In a poorly maintained office space, workers will always be struggling to keep things in place, which might give them little time to focus on the actual work, which will certainly impact their performance.

A clean workplace means fewer diseases and fewer sick leaves. When the office is being cleaned and disinfected routinely by professional cleaners, the chances of infection are minimal, which means employees are less likely to become sick, which is again in the favour of the company.

All in all, a cleaner workplace motivates employees to work harder and creatively and keeps them happy and satisfied. Now, let’s come to the other point – how office cleaning can help boost the profits of a business.

How Can a Clean Office Help Increase Your Business Profits?

Office cleaning has many benefits, but probably one of the biggest ones from a business point of view is its capability to help boost your profits. Wondering how? Here are some ways a clean and well-maintained office space can help your company make more money.

Bring More Customers

First impressions are everything when it comes to retaining your business customers, and cleaning happens to be a great way to make a brilliant first experience for your new customers.

Not only does a clean and tidy space look appealing to people and might encourage them to visit but more importantly, it shows that you actually care about the safety of your customers and employees. This will definitely encourage more people to shop from you and many of your existing customers may want to retain your services.

People will generally feel more confident and safe when visiting a clean store and might even be impressed by your efficiency and customer service. More customers mean more profits for the business.

Clean Offices Make for More Efficient Working

It is proven that clean premises can help boost workers’ morale and increase their productivity. According to a commercial cleaning industry report, 70-80% of employees consider cleanliness a prerequisite in the work environment and attach it to workplace predictivity. An increase in productivity will certainly result in an increase in the company’s profits.

Pristine Medical Facilities Build Trust with Consumers

Cleanliness in medical and other sensitive premises such as childcare centres and schools is of utmost importance. Why? Because these businesses are responsible for the health of their customers, i.e. patients, children and students respectively.

So, they must make sure to keep their facilities clean and tidy at all times. There is another benefit. There will be a low probability of accidents in a clean and well-maintained medical facility or school, which means no surprise expenses.

Attracts Skilled Employees

Cleanliness in the workplace will make it easy for you to hire and retain skilled employees, which is one of the most important things for a company. A study found that professionals are less likely to work for a company with dirty or unhygienic premises.

Everything from carpet cleaning to floors, office toilets and the reception area has an impact on a worker’s decision to take a new role in a company. If you cannot retain your most skilled workers, how can you expect to grow the business?

Save Money

Saving money is also a good way to make money, and your office cleaning habits can help you save considerably. A dirty and unhygienic work environment might make your workers sick and will lead to an increase in the number of paid sick days, the cost of which is normally borne by the company.

By keeping your premises clean and germ-free, you can decrease the risk of infections. This includes disinfecting all high-traffic areas and touchpoints on a routine basis.

Improves Your Business Reputation

No matter the industry or type of business you’re in, your customers will judge you by the quality of how your business looks and is maintained. In fact, they might even form ideas about your products and services based on the condition of your facility.

In simple words, a clean and tidy office environment can represent you as a professional, high-quality business and might help improve your reputation in the market, which in turn will help you get more business, customers and money.

How to Keep Your Business Space Clean (Hiring a Professional Commercial Cleaning Provider)

When looking for the best way to keep your workplace clean and tidy, commercial cleaning companies are your answer.

Clean Group is a commercial cleaning company that offers cleaning services to a large type of facilities and properties. Our commercial cleaning services include office cleaning, carpet cleaning, professional cleaning services, regular office cleaning, steam cleaning, window cleaning, deep cleaning, floor cleaning, shopping centres cleaning, and other business cleaning services.

The best way to keep your work environment clean and fresh round the clock is to hire a professional commercial cleaning company to manage and automate our day-to-day cleaning jobs.

Our professional office cleaners can perform all cleaning duties as needed on a daily/weekly basis and will keep your premises well-maintained at all times.

Our standard commercial cleaning service will include the cleaning of floors, reception area, offices, toilets, upholstery, etc., the routine dusting of fixtures on walls and windows, basic carpet cleaning, and garbage removal, among other things.

It is important to properly check and only hire the best, qualified commercial cleaners for your cleaning job. All our cleaners at Clean Group are police-verified, skilled and well-trained to fulfil the commercial cleaning needs of our customers in a variety of industries using the most advanced equipment and eco-friendly products.

We aren’t here just to get the job done but also to make sure that your premises are always in pristine condition to attract more customers and profits to your business. And we ensure great customer service always and consistently for all our customers and commercial cleaning services.

If you need to talk to an expert about your commercial cleaning needs or want to book an office cleaning service, call us today or visit our website.

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