What is Restaurant Cleaning? Why is it Important to Keep Restaurants Clean?

What is Restaurant Cleaning Why is it Important to Keep Restaurants Clean

Restaurant Cleaning is the process of cleaning a restaurant with the purpose to make it free of dust, dirt, allergens, harmful bacteria, viruses, and anything else that may cause infection or contribute to the spread of diseases.

The importance of cleanliness in restaurants is essential because having a safe, neat, and clean environment in a restaurant can help you gain the trust of customers. Messy and disorganized things can get the positive energy of your restaurant down.

Therefore, cleaning and sanitising in food businesses is necessary to maintain proper hygiene in your restaurant and kitchen areas for the success of the restaurant business

Besides the regular cleaning of restaurant floors, furniture, desks, bathroom/toilets, kitchens, etc., which can be performed on a daily basis, it is also crucial to occasionally disinfect and/or sanitise the place, kitchen surfaces and utensils in order to eliminate sticky bacteria, viruses, etc. and to ensure complete safety of the restaurant staff and customers.

If you are wondering things like how often should a restaurant kitchen be cleaned, what is the right cleaning approach, what is the restaurant cleaning procedures, what all other restaurant kitchen cleaning tips must be cover, etc., worry not.

This ultimate restaurant cleaning guide will tell you the basics of cleaning while answering all your questions related to restaurant cleaning services.

So, let’s get started.

Restaurant Cleaning Vs Disinfecting/Sanitising

If you think commercial cleaning services and disinfecting or sanitising are the same things, think again. Cleaning is a standard term, which generally refers to basic cleaning such as sweeping, washing, vacuuming, etc. that aims to remove dirt, dust and allergens from a surface and make it look clean.

On the other hand, sanitising or disinfecting is a specific process that involves using specialised chemicals with the aim to remove/kill germs, bacteria and viruses from the surfaces.

Both basic and advanced (sanitising & disinfecting) cleaning procedure in restaurant are needed for safety standard.

Is Cleaning a Restaurant (vacuuming, washing, scrubbing, etc.) enough?

Like I said above, only basic cleaning like sweeping and washing are not enough to achieve 100% safety in your restaurant. You must also follow the advanced cleaning approaches, including regular sanitising of equipment, surfaces, restaurant cleaning tools, etc. and disinfecting of toilet seats, bathrooms, surfaces, restaurant cleaning tools,furniture, phones, food items, proper way to wash dishes in a restaurant etc. to achieve the desired safety standards.

In a sensitive place like a restaurant where you have to deal with people’s food, it’s even more important to follow only the best cleaning and effective restaurant sanitizing approaches to ensure the maximum health safety of your customers.

How to Keep Your Restaurant Clean? A Complete Cleaning Checklist

It is necessary that one should always create a cleaning list for restaurant chores that they must do at the closing time of the restaurant to maintain good hygiene and desired safety for the customers

This is an important question and one that all restaurants must know the answer to. But, if you don’t, here’s a quick restaurant cleaning checklist of how often and what parts of restaurants should be cleaned.

Daily restaurant cleaning checklist:

  • Wipe down the walls & windows for splashes
  • Wash the utensils
  • Clean cooking equipment like the grill, oven, stove-top, etc.
  • Clean the sinks
  • Disinfect the surfaces
  • Wash towels, rags, aprons, etc.
  • Disinfect the trash bins and disposal area
  • Empty out the trash
  • Sweeping of storage, refrigerators, etc.
  • Restock the supplies, soap, towels, etc.
  • Sweep & mop the floors
  • Clean & sanitise tables
  • Clean the floors, walls, windows, desks, etc.
  • The proper way to wash dishes in a restaurant
  • Remove trash and cleaning of bins
  • Clean & disinfect toilets
  • Wipe down counters, salt & pepper shakers, etc.
  • Clean the napkins, tablecloths, etc.
  • Wipe down the sinks
  • Vacuum the carpets, sofas, etc.

Weekly restaurant cleaning checklist:

  • Cleaning of large ovens and deep fryer
  • Sanitising of walk-in refrigerators, freezers, etc.
  • Cleaning of mats & carpets
  • Drain cleaning
  • Dust & clean the light fixtures
  • Clean glass windows & doors
  • Disinfect the door handles, phones, light switches, etc.

Monthly restaurant cleaning checklist:

  • Wash the hotline
  • Empty grease traps
  • Clean & sanitise the freezer, coffee machine, ice machine, etc.
  • Clean refrigerator coils
  • Wash grease from walls & ceiling
  • Wash ventilators
  • Dust the wall paintings, decorations, etc.
  • Remove cobwebs

Why is it Important to Keep Your Restaurant Clean?

Ideally, you should pay as much attention, if not more, to keeping your restaurant sanitizing and kitchens clean as you do to making tasty food and presenting to the customers. Wondering why?

Irrespective of how good your food is, your staff well-dressed & mannered, and your services amazing, no one would like to visit a restaurant if it is dirty, unhygienic and poorly maintained. That’s the bitter truth of the food industry.

Food is something that is closely related to hygiene and health, and cooking such a thing in an unclean place can be detrimental to the health of the consumers. At the same time, unclean and unhygienic cooking habits can also be harmful to your restaurant staff.

So, if you care about the health safety of your customers and the staff, you need to keep your restaurant clean and facility cleaning hygienic according to the best safety standards recommended by the authorities.

Implementing all of these restaurant kitchen cleaning tips can help you to maintain the safety and hygiene standards in your restaurants for employees and customers

Not convinced yet? Here are some other reasons why Cleaning a Restaurant is important.

Customers’ Health Safety

The first and most important reason to keep your restaurant and kitchens clean, hygienic and properly sanitised is to ensure health safety of the customers.

By cleaning your kitchen, restaurant, floors, furniture, etc. on a regular basis, you can eliminate harmful pathogens, disease-causing viruses, bacteria & germs that might otherwise infect the food and make your customers sick.

If not for the customers, do it so that your restaurant remains in line with the Food Hygiene and Safety Guidelines recommended by FSANZ.

Staff Safety

Regular cleaning and proper sanitising of the kitchen will also reduce the probability of accidents that may be caused due to workplace hazards. For instance, an oil spill can very well result in an accident without proper cleaning.

Good Impression

Restaurants are all about good ambience. People visit a restaurant not just for the food but also for the environment. And you would not want to ruin their time with a poorly maintained place.

Remember, the first impression is the last impression. No customer would like to visit your restaurant again if you can’t even keep it clean and well managed.


Many businesses think that the brand image is all about service quality. That’s true. But, in case of a physical establishment such as a restaurant, the brand image of your business is directly linked with how well the place is maintained.

After all, you don’t want your customers to spread negative things about your restaurant just because you failed to keep it clean and fresh.

Improved Productivity

A clean and well-maintained workplace is known to boost the efficiency and productivity of the workers. When your kitchens are clean and everything is in order, it makes it easier for staff to work around, which may even encourage them to prepare the best dishes they can.

Restaurant Cleaning Services by Clean Group

Even after having the perfect restaurant cleaning checklist, you may not be able to achieve the desired quality without the help of a professional restaurant cleaning service.

Clean Group as Australia’s leading commercial cleaning agency offers high-quality and results-driven restaurant cleaning services to businesses across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

With over 20 years of experience in industrial cleaning, we are the best-choice cleaning agency for restaurants, retail stores, hotels and hospitality businesses in the region.

Clean Group’s Restaurant Cleaning Services

At Clean Group, we have a dedicated team to offer the following types of restaurant cleaning services to food businesses and establishments, irrespective of size and type.

Regular Cleaning

For regular/daily cleaning of your restaurant, cafeteria or any other establishment, you can hire the Clean Group team. Our daily restaurant cleaning services include wiping down the walls & windows for splashes, washing the utensils, cleaning cooking equipment like the grill, oven, gas top, etc.,

Cleaning the sinks, disinfecting the surfaces, washing towels, rags, aprons, etc., disinfecting the trash bins and disposal area, emptying out the trash, sweeping of storage, refrigerators, etc.,

Restocking of supplies, soap, towels, etc., sweeping & mopping of floors, cleaning & sanitising of tables, cleaning of floors, walls, windows, desks, etc., removing trash and cleaning of bins, cleaning & disinfecting the toilets, wiping down counters, salle & pepper shakers, etc.,

Cleaning the napkins, tablecloths, etc., wiping down the sinks, vacuuming the carpets, sofas, etc.

One-time Restaurant Cleaning Sydney

If you are looking to make your restaurant presentable for a special event, you can hire our one-time restaurant cleaning services, which covers complete cleaning of your restaurant, from top to bottom, including Restaurant disinfecting and sanitising of surfaces, toilets, tabletops, and more, cobweb removal, glass window cleaning, etc.

Weekly/Monthly Cleaning

Besides the basic cleaning of your restaurant, you can also hire our cleaners for a weekly, fortnight or monthly cleaning, which will cover the complete cleaning of your restaurant/premises, including the advance cleaning, sanitising & disinfecting.

If none of the above options fit what you’re looking for, feel free to reach us for a tailored restaurant cleaning solution/package based on your specific requirements and goals.

Why You Should Choose Clean Group for Restaurant Cleaning

As Sydney’s top restaurant cleaning provider, we are one of the most committed, skilled and trusted cleaning agencies you’ll ever work with. Choose us because –

  • We are a full-service commercial cleaning agency with over 20 years of experience
  • We provide complete restaurant cleaning options
  • We also provide one-day restaurant cleaning service
  • We have a specialist team of the best-in-industry restaurant cleaners
  • We only use the top-quality, eco-friendly, safe and highly effective cleaning solutions & techniques
  • We follow the cleaning & health regulations recommended by authorities
  • We are certified to offer commercial cleaning services in the region
  • We can also take care of the regular maintenance of your restaurant premises
  • We are affordable yet offer the best quality services you’ll ever get

To achieve the best cleaning results for your restaurant in Sydney, hire only the top and trusted restaurant cleaning agency after thorough research of your requirements and available options. For a free consultation, call us today!

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