Why Business Cleaning Companies Must Raise Their Game in Clean Innovation

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Every business has its objectives and goals. In commercial cleaning, we can say that our main three goals are profitability, customer retention, and growth.

Professional commercial cleaners services are one of the biggest markets in Australia, especially now that we are far from being over with Covid 19.

Every workplace is in search of the best commercial cleaning companies that are raising their game in clean Innovation technologies and are delivering the highest quality of cleaning without a doubt.

Unlike any other trade, cleaning businesses rely heavily on the performance of their employees.

The cleaning management needs to qualify their employees based on their experience and expertise before they can be qualified for the job.

Indeed, office cleaning cannot be as easy because of its unique requirements. Clients in Australia who outsource commercial cleaning services have stricter guidelines because of Covid 19.

Cleaning businesses should balance quality and efficiency effectively to be able to survive and be successful in this chosen field.

Today, we want to talk to you about the new innovation in cleaning that will help your commercial cleaning business. First, let us define the objectives that you need to have to become successful.

What are the Objectives of Cleaning Business?

Always raise your standards when thinking about your objectives. Years of experience have honed your skills to offer the best cleaning service in Australia.

Your cleaner’s work will be the basis of your brand, and this is something that you need to take pride in.

Do not undersell the cost of the cleaning service. Always bank on the efficient cleaning methods that you have in place and you will surely get to the top.

Business Growth

All business owners envisioned their companies to be successful in their chosen trade. It is always good to set a high bar when it comes to gauging the success of your business.

Your company will ensure success if you can secure a good number of customers that will ask for regular services.

The cost will play an important factor because this is where your profitability relies on. Start by making a list of companies that you would like to partner with and find a way to know the people in charge and introduce your brand.


Money is the game-changer in all businesses regardless of what services and products they offer. Based on a book that I read before, you need to take 60 per cent profit to cover your overhead expenses which include the salary of cleaners, office staff, and other expenses.

Office Cleaners are also expected to use certified cleaning chemicals that are safe in the environment and effective.

The cleaners need to manage their time in cleaning as cleaning duration is a top part of making a profit.

Excellent Client Experience

Remember, when we mentioned that you need to have a steady stream of regular clients? Not only it will define your success, but it will also help you in marketing and putting your brand out there.

Word of mouth and referral is a big thing in Australia. It takes a lot to get a recommendation from a reputable company, and it will definitely look good in your profile.

You need to provide exceptional client services. Deal with the issues and cleaning complaints that may damage your company’s reputation right away.


Above all this, every business owner wants to have a smooth flowing operation. It can only happen if everything is balanced out.

Master your skills and ensure that you are providing the highest cleaning quality all across Australia.

Let your work speak for your company and amaze your clients for going beyond their expectations.

You must take care of your cleaners as your business strongly relies on them. Train them well to follow the standards and address their issues accordingly.

Cleaning Innovations

Over the years, commercial cleaning has become the bread and butter of so many business owners in Australia.

Commercial cleaning has experienced many technological revolutions and innovations that have improved and helped the cleaning industry.

Cleaning services can provide a safe environment for the people who chose to hire them.

Innovators see to it that these products and equipment will help improve the cleaning business by reducing the time required for the cleaners to clean. This cleaning innovation also promises top-quality results.

We generally think of things like new apps or gadgets that make our lives more comfortable and more organized when we talk about cleaning innovations.

In this section of the article, we will discuss innovative products that will make cleaning more efficient.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Imagine how easy it is to switch on this new cleaning equipment, and you just have to sit there and relax while the robot vacuums its way? Magnificent! The vacuum has a feature where you can set a schedule on when it needs to clean and do its thing.

It creates minimal noise and will not be disruptive to the workplace. It can maintain the cleanliness of the carpet, making it dust and dirt-free.

You are ensuring that allergens will not be present by having this robot suck up all the dirt regularly.

Spin Mops

A streak-free floor is a big deal for every cleaning business. Mopping is an essential part of cleaning. You need to make your staff understand that a shiny floor is a hallmark of every cleaning business in Australia.

Spin mop makes it possible. It is not cheaply made as compared to the traditional mop. The mechanism involves a foot pedal that spins the mop head and gets rid of the excess water.

You do not need to bend over just to wring the mop dry. It also makes it possible to control the amount of water in the mop head, which leads to dry, streak-free floors.

It also has a splash guard to not spray the dirty mop water all over the place as it spins. Spin mops have an adjustable wand length that makes them comfortable for all cleaners regardless of what their heights are.

The mop head is pivoting too, which makes it possible to go around and under all surfaces.

Touchless Rubbish Bins

The rubbish bins place a part in the daily cleaning routine. It automatically opens as you approach the lid. It is convenient and great, especially now during Covid 19.

It is highly suggested not to touch anything that can be contaminated with germs and viruses that can be deadly to you and your colleagues. It is an excellent innovation for those people who have limited mobility.

High-Efficiency Washing Machines

Unlike conventional washing machines, this innovation uses only half the water consumption. Based on recent research, it can save up to 25 gallons per cycle.

When used with proper detergent, the clothes are washed clean and fresh. The machine tends to spin faster, which leaves the clothes with less water in them, which results in a faster drying process.

Microfibre Cloths

This is one of the best disruptive innovation in the cleaning industry. Microfibre cloth is a must-have in every cleaner’s tool kit.

The cloth makes the average cleaning tasks more convenient, and it gives a fantastic result in capturing dust and dirt on almost every surface. It also does not leave any lint and streaks behind because it is absorbent.

How do I get Clients for my Cleaning Business?

Now that you have set your career objectives and you have defined the things that you wanted to achieve in being able to grow your business, we will tell you the basics in getting a steady stream of cleaning jobs.

This is something that you need to have as it will determine your future success. Apart from getting new clients, cleaning companies want to get regular office cleaning jobs that will help them sustain a healthy business cash flow.


This is the cheapest way to advertise your service but the hardest job to fulfil. You need to prove your worth before you can get one person to refer you to the other.

It is best for you to take care of your patrons. Let them see that you value them by providing what they want.

Create a Strong Online Presence

Do you know how it is that almost all businesses are trying to create their online presence? This is because they want to have a wide reach to all new potential patrons.

Study and understand the principle behind digital advertising before you jump into it because it is not an overnight process and may become expensive depending on what you want to achieve.

Digital marketing is an investment of time and effort. Your website needs to be strong.

Use your website as a way to introduce your company to the world. Display your contact information to all your pages to make it accessible should someone become interested to call you.

It will help to show the new trend that you learn along with the offer that awaits your potential customers.

Traditional Marketing

Your commercial cleaning company can also try the traditional way of marketing like newspaper and magazine ads, flyers, mailers, etc. It can be expensive and the return is not as promising.

I want to hear from you. Can you share with us your thoughts about these new innovative cleaning technologies that we listed in this article? Have you tried using one in your business and does it work for you? I want to hear your best practices by dropping a comment below.


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