3 Tips on Keeping School Floors Clean

3 Tips on Keeping School Floors Clean

Schools are important places in everyone’s lives. We go to school to learn, which is a great reason to take care of our schools. Whether as a teacher, student, or parent, cleanliness must be a top priority. 

Why is a healthy school environment important for students in Australia? We can all agree that learning in a dirty classroom with dirty floors can be disturbing. It can also affect students’ focus—moreover, it’s a safety risk. There are various ways of school cleaning and tips on preventing dirty and slippery floors in school. School caretakers can venture into some of the following methods and investments to ensure school floors are sparkling every time:

1. Put Cleaning Mats in Every Door Entrance

Mats will keep dust, dirt, and even snow during winter from reaching classroom floors. All students coming in will wipe off their shoes and leave the soil on the mat. It is an excellent way of preventing the school floor from getting dirty quickly. 

Caretakers need to sanitize the mats regularly. There are also different types of rugs and mattings. The main entrance gets the heaviest mat to ensure heavy dirt does not get into the school compound. Smaller mats, on the other hand, can be placed at doorways inside the school compound. You may place it in classes and halls to hold any remaining grime and dust from shoes too.

2. Keep Garbage Bins Accessible.

Investing in trash cans is also a great way of handling cleanliness on the school floors. Litters like paper, candy wrappers, and other forms of small waste can land on the floor. To keep the floor clean, students must have access to the nearest garbage bins.

Ideally, you can place trash cans in various corners of the school. You can start in the classrooms, halls and near playing grounds too.

Proper segregation is a must. To avoid mixing the waste, place the wastebaskets in different areas. You can put colors and labels to make it more visible. There is no definite standard of recycling bins color; you can follow the example below:

  • Biodegradable – Green
  • Cans & Glass – Yellow
  • Paper – Blue
  • Plastic – Red

Recycling is one great way of minimizing mess and germs in the school area. Proper waste management can be critical and help save costs of waste management.

Things like glass, plastic, and paper can be recycled and used for different purposes. Encouraging students to create clubs for such motives can be a good idea since it will help them develop skills on how to recycle these waste products. 

Aside from cleanliness, campaigns raise awareness on living a sustainable life, zero-waste reduction, and eco-friendly lifestyle. You can start in your school and community too.

3. Scheduled Mopping and School Cleaning Day

If you’re the head of the school, it is a great idea to organize for school cleaning day. You can schedule a day or an entire week. The purpose of this program is for general cleaning, and every student and teacher will participate in the process. 

Specific areas assignment to every student and teacher, maybe in groups or classes. However, some areas are critical and must be clean on this day. Areas like;

  • Walkways
  • Floors under the desks and chairs
  • Ventilations
  • Tables, chairs, and desks
  • Sanitation of doors and door knobs
  • Sports areas and equipment, including the gym

When we’re focusing on cleaning, it ensures the school is clean and limits dirt from spreading. These cleaning days also enable socializing among students and teachers, creating a solid bond among them. In addition, it is their chance to learn cleanliness outside the four corners of their room. Programs like this are essential for the school as an institution.

School caretakers should ensure that school floors are clean regularly. But it doesn’t mean they’re the only person responsible for getting the job done. Everyone can take action and keep it clean.

Spills should be taken care of with immediate effect since they can cause accidents in walkways and halls. You can also hire a regular commercial cleaning services provider to ensure the school floors remain clean.

Benefits of Cleaning School Floors

Cleaning of school floors and the environment too comes with a lot of benefits. To name a few, it helps improve and maintain the safety of the school. And can boost the institution’s morale to students and parents.

Safety for Everyone

Cleaning of school floors will ensure hygiene and reduce the risks of accidents and tripping incidents. Dirty and slippery floors which are poorly maintained can cause a lot of harm to both students and teachers and even anyone visiting the school. Reduction of all these risks can ensure clean floors around the school.

Improved Learning Environment

Learning is the reason why schools exist. Clean floors and environments around the school can encourage more efficient learning by ensuring students and teachers focus on classes. 

Dirty floors and school environments can quickly shift that focus away. Students will improve on their grades when learning in clean surroundings. A better learning environment also equals better teaching. Teachers will also have ample time and focus when school floors and surroundings are clean. It will enable them to give maximum output in their education.

Reduce Sickness and Absence 

Unclean environments and floors can cause health hazards. Germs and diseases linger around dirt. These germs instead cause sickness, which in schools will affect children and teachers. If any of them gets sick, this will mean they will have to be absent for days.

Clean floors and surroundings in school create a good environment and ensure no germs and diseases spread. It will keep both learners and teachers in school and enable even better grades from learners. 

Happy Parents

A clean school with sparkling floors gives a good impression about the school and even the administration. Parents will realize that the school head cares for their children and will, in return, trust the school. It will give them confidence and even create a good name for the school outside in the community.

It is necessary and critical to keep school floors clean. Not only does it have numerous benefits, but it also is the right thing to do!

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