What Do We Offer With Our Coronavirus Cleaning Service

What Do We Offer With Our Covid-19 Cleaning Service

Covid-19 is a global pandemic that has negatively affected a lot of businesses. As more companies begin to open up amid the pandemic, health should be a top priority. Facilities should be cleaned and disinfected to minimize the risk of contracting the virus. Our company, Clean Group Commercial Cleaning Services, follows the required Covid cleaning services and sanitization regulations. Below is all you should know about our cleaners services.

Type of Cleaning Services We Offer

Clean Group has been in the industry for over ten years. We serve a broad commercial cleaning market, from the most demanding cleaning tasks to routine cleaning. Our company has a lot of satisfied and loyal customers in different parts of the country. We take pride in our professional commercial cleaners. Their experiences and competencies make a good backbone for our business.

Clean Group is Australia’s number one leading cleaning company. We clean schools, factories, warehouses, medical facilities, strata, childcare, and almost all commercial businesses.

We also provide other services like sealing floors, glass cleaning, and steam carpet cleaning while following the Covid-19 cleaning service protocols. When you hire us as your regular cleaning provider, we will offer you our deep cleaning services at the same price as routine cleaning. We put the health and safety of the clients on top of our list by using the safest effective cleaning chemicals.

What We Do

Our company understands the importance of your employees’ health. Therefore, we conduct routine cleaning to ensure your business premises remain free from the debris, dirt, and dust which may cause colds, coughs, and allergies. In addition, we follow strict Covid-19 cleaning service standards for businesses such as child care and hospitals because we understand the sensitivity of such companies.

Clean Group provides custom-made cleaners to match the specific requirements of different businesses. As a result, our company can keep up with the constant change in the market. We tailor-fit every solution to match the needs of our clients because each one of them is unique.

We have a customer service representative who takes complaints from our customers and notifies the respective cleaner immediately. Thus, we ensure that all our customers are taken care of and feel valued.

How We Do It

We are a licensed company that provides sanitation services. When you hire our company to come and disinfect your facility, we understand that you are giving us access to your business. Our team consists of trustworthy cleaners who provide quality and reliable services. Also, CG cleaning company has qualified team leaders who ensure our employees follow the set standard procedures such as risk assessment.

We use all the necessary cleaning procedures and standards to help contain the spread of Covid-19. Hire our company and be guaranteed of getting top-notch services. We use non-hazardous materials and high-quality disinfectants to get the job done in the right way. When hiring our Covid-19 cleaning service, it is paramount to know the type of disinfectant used.

We use tested disinfectants, procedures, and equipment to clean our clients’ spaces. We will take time to evaluate your premises. This process will help us recommend the areas that require routine cleaning and those that require weekly cleaning. We also listen to what you want our cleaning crew to do and tailor our disinfecting services to meet your specific needs.

Why It Is Important To Clean Properly and Professionally

If you have tried to clean a commercial business yourself, you may have realized that it is a demanding and challenging task. The result may not have been pleasing despite your best efforts. However, there are many benefits of cleaning places adequately and professionally. If you are still undecided about whether hiring a professional Covid-19 cleaning service is worth it, think of your health and safety.

As professionals, we are aware of all the different innovations and developments in the cleaning industry. Therefore, we have invested our resources in purchasing the latest cleaning equipment and materials. As a result, we have a wide variety of cleaning products, specific tools, and supplies for every job.

Clean Group has a vast team of trained and skilled staff. They are professionals who have undergone many hours of training. As a result, our clients can be confident that they are working with trustworthy and reliable cleaners. We conduct background checks and security vetting before hiring them.

We are a reputable cleaning company with a commitment to ensuring our products are environmentally friendly. We use safe cleaning solutions to help preserve the environment and protect our customers.

Why Work With Us?

The main advantage of working with us is the physical transformation. You will be surprised by how much difference our cleaning service can make to the overall look of your business. Your business will be spotlessly clean and free from viruses. We are flexible and ready to work within your business hours.

Our company can quickly mobilize our team if extra work is a requirement. We can change and adapt based on your schedule to fit your business needs. Our cleaning services experts will leave your premises hygienic and sparkling clean every time. We have adequate systems to ensure our clients experience the best sanitation, customer care, and cleanliness levels.

We use a color-coded microfiber system for cross-contamination prevention. We are a fully insured Covid-19 cleaning service with complete insurance coverage and bonding. We guarantee to cater to all of your cleaning needs. High technology is everything when it comes to producing hygienic and clean results.

At Clean Group, we use high-quality and the most advanced commercial cleaning equipment. They include hospital-grade germicide disinfectant cleaning to get rid of disease-causing germs and the Covid-19 virus. We also have HEPA multi-filtration vacuum cleaning to help improve air quality.

The Covid-19 outbreak has led to devastating effects. If you are still operating your business, you need to ensure your employees and visitors are protected. The best prevention is following the set guidelines. We provide regular and one-time cleaning services and pay extra attention to detail. Some of the best companies in Australia choose our company for their Covid-19 cleaning services. Request a FREE onsite quote now.

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