Industries Clean Group Serve for Workplace Cleaning All Across Australia

Industries Clean Group Serve for Workplace Cleaning All Across Australia
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When hiring a cleaning service or outsourcing a cleaners’ team from an external agency, you must know about the various services the cleaning company provides to better assess their skills & experience in your industry. Keeping that in mind, here we explain in brief the various cleaning services we provide to specific industries.

Some of the major industries we serve through our commercial cleaning services include hospitals, factories, corporates (offices), restaurants, banks, law firms, builders, and more. We are capable of offering tailored cleaning services according to the specific needs of your business in any industry.

Law Firm Cleaning

Clean Group understands the strict requirements for law firm cleaning. We just do not do the cleaning. We provide superb cleaning by hiring the most trusted and trained cleaners.

We can vouch for our cleaners credibility. Clean Group provides routine and specialty cleaning for law firms so you to achieve a lasting impression on your clients. An impression that only shows credibility on what you do best. Here are some of our cost-effective services that you will surely love:

Pressure Washing – This is the best floor care solution for parking lot and open spaces. Surprise your customer by giving them a pristine parking space. Let us give them the first impression that will surely last.

Microwave Cleaning – Healthy employee is a happy employee. Safeguard your employee’s health by providing them with a clean and germ-free microwave and kitchen. Clean Group offers Kitchen cleaning that can be a part of your routine maintenance.

Office Partition Cleaning – Over time, office partitions tend to collect dust and dirt. When it becomes really bad, it can emit an unwelcome odour too. Clean Group had formulated a way to effectively clean office partitions to get rid of the smell and bacteria that used to live in these spaces.

Internal and External Window Cleaning – Due to its sophisticated facade, glass needs special attention. It has to be streak-free. Small dirt or smudge can easily be seen on glasses and get noticed by your customers. Window cleaning is one of Clean Group’s specialty cleaning.

Hospital Cleaning

Clean Group provides cleaning to many medical facilities all across Australia. That being said, it is clear that we had established our reputation because we know and we deliver the strict cleaning requirements that many medical facilities have.

We will never compromise the health and safety of your patients and health workers by not doing the right cleaning that your facility deserves. You can trust our Medical Centre Cleaners with the following list of services and many more:

Toilet Deep Cleaning – One of the common areas in a hospital set up is the toilet. Patients, visitors, and healthcare workers use the same restroom. Clean Group makes sure that toilets look immaculate and proper disinfection was done to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria.

Walls and Partition Cleaning – Clean Group ensures that all areas are getting the necessary cleaning it requires. Partition is often neglected because it does not give much significance to health workers and patients alike.

These partitions also catch dirt, germs and bacteria that can harm and spread further illnesses if not attended to.

Regular Cleaning of Reception Desks – Aside from the aesthetic reason, the reception and waiting area have to be kept clean and sanitized. This is where patients and visitors wait and lounge. Clean Group understands that medical practices such as hospitals and health clinics need optimal cleanliness and sanitation.

Lift Cleaning and Sanitation – A lift or elevator is a place for high traffic. High traffic means more germs and bacteria that can further contaminate a space.

Clean Group always prioritizes health and safety by cleaning and disinfecting all the touchpoints inside the elevator to avoid germs from spreading.

Factory Cleaning

Every factory has its own unique cleaning needs. Clean Group offers factory cleaning to ensure the health and safety of your employees, customers, and visitors. Study shows that customers feel more comfortable with business partners who work in a neat and clean manufacturing firm.

The factory is an action-packed workspace and the demand for cleaning is significantly high. We offer the following services:

Strip and Sealing – This is a perfect restoration solution for floors made out of vinyl, tiles, natural stone, and terrazzo. To make the floor shine like new, we strip the old seal from the floor and apply a fresh coat to make it look like new.

Strip and sealing floors is a sure way of protecting your expensive floors. Apart from the aesthetic benefit that you get out of it, this whole process will protect the floor from damage and scratches to extend the life of your floor.

Internal and External Window Cleaning – Clean Group makes window cleaning easy and affordable. We make streak-free and shiny windows all year round.

Steam Carpet Cleaning – It is the most effective method of cleaning and restoring your carpet. Clean Group has established its reputation on steam carpet cleaning all across Australia. Our business depends on the quality that you can rely on.

Pressure Washing – Pressure washed floor is essential to factories considering that chemical spills are part of the daily routine. To make your workplace safe, call us and be amazed by what this process can do.

Corporate Cleaning

Every smart corporate owner is aware that the key to a productive employee is a clean workplace. This is one of the driving factors that drives the employees to be more productive. Clean Group takes pride in what we do.

We offer all possible quality cleaning solutions to every need that you may encounter. Our usual resume includes the following list of services:

Steam Carpet Cleaning – Clean Group offers convenient and affordable carpet cleaning solutions. We make old and soiled carpets look new and fresh. Check out our website and call us today to experience the change!

Microwave Cleaning – We all understand that food hygiene should always be on top of our priority list. Clean Group understands these needs, and we will make it happen for you. We do microwave cleaning regularly to make this appliance energy-efficient and germ-free.

Fridge Cleaning – Your office fridge can also be a home for germs and mildew. Hire a professional cleaner to do the routine cleaning that your fridge deserves. Create a safe place where your employees can store their lunch or snack. Your employee’s health is our top priority.

Upholstery Cleaning – Office upholstery bears everyday dust, dirt, and sometimes stains. That does not mean that you have to purchase a new one to make your office presentable again. Clean Group offers a cleaning solution that will make your upholstery stain-free and smells fresh

Restaurant Cleaning

Clean Group has years of experience in restaurant cleaning. Our cleaning solutions make sure that your restaurant is ready for everyday action.

We understand that your business strongly relies on cleanliness to pass your customers’ expectations and pass the health inspections. Clean Group provides the highest quality of customer service.

We work around the clock to meet your desired schedule 365 days, all year round. Here is the list of our professional services:

Internal and External Glass Cleaning – Apart from good food, the excellent ambience is also one of the factors why a customer chooses a particular restaurant. Clean Group uses techniques and procedures that will make your glasses clear and streak-free.

Upholstery Cleaning – Restaurant upholstery is prone to wear and tear because of everyday use. Save yourself the hassle of spending on new upholstery. Clean Group offers a cleaning solution that will make your upholstery look and feel new.

Light Fixtures Cleaning and High Dusting – High surfaces are often neglected because it is difficult to reach! Do not let your restaurant be a place where the spider lives. Dust and dirt accumulate in this space over time. Hire Clean Group, and we will get rid of these for you!

Deep Cleaning – We all know that routine cleaning is good, but it will never be enough. Restaurants will still call for quarterly or once-a-year deep cleaning. Regular deep cleaning will ensure that neglected spots will always get the attention it requires and the cleaning it deserves.

Bank Cleaning

A clean, bright, and welcoming branch are essential in playing an important role in creating a lasting impression on your customers. With Clean Group, you can be sure that your bank branch is well maintained, making you proud of your own facility. We provide top-notch cleaning that will display security and credibility. Here is what we can do:

Vandal and Graffiti Removal – You can rely on Clean Group for emergency cleaning. There are occasions that will call for it. Do not let vandalism and graffiti affect the credibility of your business. Hire us to get rid of these messy problems.

Renovation Cleaning – Office improvement can be stressful. You will need to hire your trusted cleaning provider in cleaning up after the construction. Cleaning after a renovation can consume a lot of time and effort so leave it to the professionals.

Floor Restoration – Different floor materials require different care. Clean Group professionals are all well versed when it comes to proper chemicals and equipment used for each floor type. Give your floor the appropriate attention it deserves.

Light Fittings and Fixtures Dusting – Often, light fittings are fixtures home to cobwebs leaving your place looking like a haunted space. Clean Group takes care of our customers by cleaning the office from left to right and top to bottom, leaving no space left untouched.

Hotel Cleaning

Cleanliness and sanitation play vital roles in the hospitality business. How can your customers relax if their room is dirty and their toilets are beyond disgusting? Clean Group offers a one-stop cleaning solution for all of your cleaning needs.

From top to bottom, left to right, we leave your entire hotel spotless and fresh. We give that welcoming vibe the moment your customers walk into your hotel door. We do impressive services like:

Carpet Steam Cleaning – Hotels should always provide a clean and comfortable stay for each and every customer. Dirty and smelly carpets should never be an issue. Clean Group had mastered the technique of state-of-the-art cleaning which will keep your carpet germ-free.

Quarterly Deep Cleaning – Due to high human traffic, hotels are highly likely to get dirty. Routine cleaning will keep away the dirt but not the deeply seated dust.

A quarterly clean or Spring Cleaning is the best cleaning solution Clean Group has to offer. This is a one-stop, affordable, and convenient solution for your cleaning needs.

Internal and External Glass Cleaning – Glass is a sophisticated material that enhances the interior of every space. It would be nice if there were no finger marks and steaks on it. Clean Group offers a special cleaning solution to make your hotel interior and exterior glasses remarkably clean.

High Dusting – Over time, high surfaces will accumulate cobwebs, dust, and dirt. Clean Group can easily get rid of these by having the high dusting part of your regular cleaning.

Industrial Cleaning

There are a lot of industrial cleaners in the cleaning industry. Clean Group’s brand bears quality in its logo. A lot of our customers applaud our dedication to cleaning. We want nothing but the best for each of our customers.

We understand that providing a safe, clean, and healthy working environment for their customers and visitors is their top priority. Some of the many services that we offer for industrial cleaning include the following:

Wall Cleaning – Businesses and commercial spaces need to have clean walls. It should be part of the routine cleaning. Customers and employees are always delighted to see a well-kept wall. Clean Group can offer this service for you at an affordable price.

Hardfloor Cleaning – Hardwood floor gives an office a sophisticated look. Wood is one of the most expensive floor materials and has to be dealt with with optimal care. Clean Group provides techniques and procedures on how to provide excellent floor care.

Emergency Cleaning – After-flood cleaning is one of the common emergency cleanings that Clean Group can help you with. We are just a phone call away to solve your problems.

Pressure Washing – Parking lots, balconies, foyers, and all other exterior floorings can be maintained by regular pressure washing.

Builder’s Cleaning

The dirt and amount of work to clean all the debris after a construction or renovation is too much work for an unprofessional. If you want to experience the most cost-effective cleaning in this kind of job, you better hire Clean Group.

We assure you that you will save time and effort by hiring us to take care of the mess. Our strata cleaners can make your building shine as if nothing happened. We are proud to offer the services listed below:

Carpet Care – Floor cleaning is essential for all businesses. Dirty floors often constitute poor business practices. Regular vacuuming can do the trick but germs and deep-seated dirt are still stuck in your carpet.

Hard Floor Surfaces Care – Hardwood floors are now being used for modern office looks. To ensure that your expensive flooring investment will be taken care of, you need to hire a professional that knows how to properly care for this. Do not throw your investment away, hire Clean Group to get the most out of your expensive floors.

Vandalism and Graffiti Removal – Most of the sites that undergo construction are vacant. Vacant properties are prone to vandals. Vandalism is pretty difficult to get rid of and requires the help of a professional cleaner. Clean Group offers a one-stop cleaning solution for builder’s cleaning.

Now that you are aware of the specific cleaning services we offer in different industries, you can better hire the most suitable cleaning package according to your needs.

We also offer complete offices-and-co-working-offices cleaning services in Australia and may even offer tailored solutions for businesses with specific cleaning needs.

Our cleaners are equipped with the latest and best-in-class cleaning solutions, machines & resources to provide top-notch cleaning services to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

If you have a query or need a cleaning quote, feel free to contact us now!

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