Why Does Everyone Need Specialist Cleaners After Building Work?

Why Does Everyone Need Specialist Cleaners After Building Work
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Whether it’s new construction or a simple renovation of your residential/commercial property, it will leave dust and debris behind for you to take care of. Naturally, you cannot move into the house or use the commercial space until a deep after-builders cleaning has been performed. Depending on the property size, type and area, you can either do it yourself or hire an expert after builders cleaning services company. I would strongly recommend you to go for the latter. Read this to know why.

In this article, we will discuss everything about after builders cleaning, including why it is essential and how specialists after construction commercial cleaners can help you.

Why You Should Clean Post-Renovation or Construction

A construction or renovation activity may involve the use of all kinds of building materials, from stones to wood and cement. During the construction activity, a considerable amount of dust and dirt is likely to generate, which will, at the time, accumulate on the windows, walls, floors and other areas of your property.

In addition, builders are expected to leave a lot of dirt, debris and construction waste behind them, which also needs to be taken care of before the place can be used (again).

Soft furniture, sofa, carpets and curtains on your property will easily attract and accumulate dust from construction, which can be detrimental to the health of those who are going to use the place. A clean environment with improved air quality can help keep your loved ones safe from diseases.

There can be all kinds of construction waste in your recently constructed/renovated place. These include building materials, hazardous materials (chemicals, etc.), paint, oil, treated materials, and others. Only a specialist construction cleaner can properly deal with this type of waste while ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

Even if your builders clean and tidy up after their work is done, it is strongly recommended to get the place fully deep-cleaned by a professional post-renovation cleaning provider.

In order for a renovated place to be used again, it has to be returned in a picture-perfect condition, which can only be achieved through deep post-renovation cleaning.

Moreover, cleaning after construction/renovation will help protect the health of anyone who is going to use the space.

What Is Involved in an After Builders Clean?

Whether you are hiring a specialist post-renovation cleaner or doing it yourself, it is a good idea to divide the cleaning job into the following two stages:

1) Basic Clean

After you wait sufficiently for the dust to settle, you can start by cleaning large particles, waste, rubble and debris.

If your builders haven’t already cleaned or tidied up the place, your cleaner might have to do the extra work of collecting and throwing away heavy construction waste, which may include stones, sand, cement, paint, rubble, and more. Depending on the amount of debris, basic cleaning might easily take a couple of hours or more.

Remove all the waste immediately from the premises, leaving only smaller surface dust to be cleaned.

2) Deep Clean

In the next stage, the cleaner’s main job would be to remove dust and other smaller particles from all areas of the property, including floors, windows, doors, carpets, sofa, walls, ceiling, etc. This is easier said than done.

Start with upholstery and carpet cleaning. The cleaner will first vacuum your carpets, curtains, sofa, etc. to remove any dust and dirt that might have accumulated during the renovation/construction work.

If there are stains on upholstery, it might need deep cleaning or stain removal. Vacuuming may need to be done multiple times over the next few days to remove any extra dust.

For the cleaning of floors and surfaces, a good quality cleaner with a mop or microfibre cloth should do the job. The mop or cloth will seize any dust on the surface, whilst the cleaning solution should be able to remove germs and basic stains.

If there are harder stains of oil, paint, etc. on the floor, a stain remover can be used for thorough cleaning. Also, the cleaning person will need to examine hidden areas like corners, lockers, closets, etc. where dust might have settled, and clean out the spaces.

All curtains and blinds in the affected area must be washed at least once after the construction work is completed.

Then, our cleaners will wipe clean or wash all windows, doors and walls to make them clean and remove dust. If there are air vents or filters in the room, they must also be cleaned in order to remove any accumulated dust to avoid the risk of letting it degrade the air quality. Any uncleanable filters must be replaced with new ones.

Other than that, the cleaner will dust and clean picture frames, electronics, bedding, appliances, light fixtures, fans, etc. and remove garbage.

If the construction/renovation was performed outside the property or in an open space like the corridor, parking, frontage or garden, the place needs to be cleaned accordingly.

For example, outdoor renovation may have affected your plants, which might need more care than usual. A professional can suggest the right steps after assessing your property’s condition.

What else should you know?

  1. A professional construction cleaner who has experience in after-builders cleaning is generally good to go for any type of property.
  2. Allow the dust to settle after construction/renovation, which might take one to two weeks before you get the property cleaned by professionals.
  3. Avoid cleaning after construction yourself, especially if the amount of dust is huge. A professional commercial cleaning company can do a better job, saving you time and energy.
  4. When getting your place renovated, either remove all soft furniture, carpets, etc. or properly cover them to avoid letting the dust accumulate. Otherwise, these will be much harder to clean than hard surfaces and objects.

Why Should You Hire a Specialist for After Builders Cleaning Services (& Not Do It Yourself)

Wondering why cleaning services are important or why you should hire a professional for after builders cleaning?

It is crucial to know that post-renovation cleaning might be much deeper and involve more work than a routine cleaning job. There can be a lot of heavy debris or waste lying around your property, which you might not be able to handle properly.

Also, much of the dirt and dust from construction can be hidden away in corners. You may need specialist help to identify and remove dust from these areas.

This is why we strongly recommend hiring professional cleaning services from a company that specializes in the post-construction cleaning.

Construction cleaning services are provided by professionals who have experience in the cleaning of properties after

construction/renovation and have resources for the same. This type of cleaning service is different from routine cleaning and often requires special tools and skills to ensure a thorough job.

Not many commercial cleaning companies or cleaners will have the required experience or resources for this kind of job, which is why one must be very careful in selecting the right professional cleaning service provider.

After builders cleaning is a type of commercial cleaning service, which involves deep cleaning of a property after a recent construction or renovation work. Traditional cleaning methods might not be suitable for construction cleaning because the types of dirt and debris can be very different.

Also, the amount of work involved in building cleaning services is way too much than a routine cleaning job. The cleaners might need to use specialized cleaning equipment and cleaning materials for tile cleaning and to remove stains.

Clean Group Offers High-Quality Construction Cleaning Services at Competitive Rates

As a leading commercial cleaning services provider in Sydney, Clean Group specializes in builders cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties.

We have a team of trained professional commercial cleaners who can help you make your place clean and ready to use after building work.

Clean Group provides builders cleaning services for all types of properties, from office cleaning to routine commercial cleaning, strata cleaning, and more.

Our qualified cleaning professionals have years of experience and cleaning knowledge and are provided with specialized equipment for building cleaning. All cleaning teams are accompanied by a dedicated cleaning supervisor or manager to oversee the job.

Many business owners in Sydney search for reliable cleaners to help in the post-construction cleaning. They can call the Clean Group cleaning company to seek professional help from our experienced cleaners for all their cleaning requirements.

We can clean business premises after building work as well as help clean the environment to reduce dust and improve air quality.

Contact us for personalized commercial cleaning contracts for after builders cleaning services in Sydney, NSW.

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