Hotel Cleaning – A Detail Guide You Should Read Before Choosing A Hotel Cleaner in Sydney

Hotel Cleaning
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“Hotel Cleaning” – This is a complete guide you should read before choosing a hotel cleaner in Sydney. Let’s dive right in.

When you hear “hotel”, the first thing that will come to mind is a vacation or anything related to travelling. As a traveller, you have your expectations and needs when choosing a hotel.

Your number one concern is the cleanliness of the facilities and all the amenities that you will be given access to during your stay.

This article will serve as your comprehensive guide on how we do what we do in the hotel commercial cleaning industry. There are a lot of commercial cleaning Sydney companies that claimed to be the best, but only Clean Group remains at the top.

Statistics about Hotel Cleaning

  • A bad review can lose a hotel around 30 guests
  • 97% of the travelling population across the world say that cleanliness is a vital requirement when choosing a place to stay
  • 90% of potential guests will not book into a hotel described as “dirty.”
  • 40% of guests will opt to stay out of a hotel with more than three negative feedback
  • Good reviews can potentially increase the hotel’s sales by 4.4% only.

These statistics are based on Emprise.

Dirty Hotel Rooms and the Negative Impact on Traveller’s Loyalty

It is basic. Why would you like to stay in a place that is not cleaned and sanitized? Most of the travelling population will choose a hotel that is fresh and clean. A place where they are free to touch the light switches and the remote control.

Where they can walk barefooted knowing that the floors are well-vacuumed and germ-free, why would a tourist check in to a hotel that is dirty and unsanitized in the first place?

The hotel’s reputation strongly depends on its general cleanliness. Of course, the friendly staff and good food are good reasons too, but sanitation holds the number one spot. Hotels, motels, and accommodation industries have their way to maintain their facility fresh and welcoming to their guests.

Hotel cleaning can be done by their own in-house hotel cleaner. Some accommodation industries opted to hire hotel cleaning companies like Clean Group. Cleaning companies like Clean Group employs individuals who are trained and equipped with this kind of cleaning.

Hotel Cleaning Tips to Increase Your Hotel Revenue and Booking

Let us take a look at it from a customer’s point of view. What do you think of ordinary travellers whenever they book a room or a place to stay? From there, we will narrow the long lists of how a hotel can ace getting more guests to sustain and make their desired profit. There are various tips for hotel and restaurant cleaning services.

Always Provide a Fresh Bed for Your Guests

The fancy bed cover that is often used as an accent and decoration on the bed is not washed as often as a customer would want the hotel to do. Most of the travellers that I know just shoved them off of the bed and did not use them during their stay.

As a hotel, it is your responsibility to provide your guests with a fresh bed with clean mattresses and pillows to sleep on. I will generally call my hotel cleaner to have the bed sheet changed if it did not meet my standards.

Make Sure the Beds That You Provide for Your Guests Do Not Have Bed Bugs

As a guest, it is easy for you to check if your bed is infested. You have to remove all the outer cover until the mattress is exposed. If the bed is infested, you will surely see one crawling on it. One of the signs of an infestation is if you see a brown or yellowish border on the edge of the mattress.

All Touchpoints Should Be Clean, Disinfected and Sanitized

For all we know, all the people who rented that room before you had touched the same touchpoints that you are touching. Some of them may be sick, or some of them may have done something that we do not want to know about.

As a frequent traveller, I kind of get used to inspecting these pieces of equipment. For remote controls, just put it under the light and see if there are any visible finger marks and dust build-up.

Always Check the Condition of the Furniture in the Hotel Room

As a hotel owner, you should always look after the pieces of furniture that are inside the place which is being rented. These are all part of the package. Maintaining it clean is also a good indication that your hotel cleaning vendor is on top of their game.

Make Sure to Replace the Glasses and Utensils That Are Inside the Room

Replace these even if it does not look like the previous guest has used them as a courtesy to the present guest.

Floors Will Determine the Overall Cleanliness of the Hotel

Hotel cleaners need to make sure that it is free from any dirt and hair. Soap scum in the bathtub or even on the shower floor should not be there.

Each guest has different standards. If you feel like your hotel is not living up to it, you might as well call the concierge and let them know that they are not doing a good job and it is time for them to improve their services.

10 Step by Step Process to Clean A Hotel Room in Less Than One Hour

Marketing is a sure way to increase a business’s revenue. Running a hospitality business has different components to consider as a sure way to increase their income. Below are the cleaning guidelines that will ace the success of your business:

  • Clean Group assigned an executive housekeeper that will lead the hotel cleaners on a day-to-day basis. At the onset, the executive housekeeper will distribute the hotel services among the cleaner who will be assigned to the hotel cleaning services. Each of the hotel cleaners will have the responsibility to take care of a certain quantity of rooms and some common areas including hallways, elevators, and stairs spaces.
  • For hotel cleaners to enter the rooms, at the beginning of the day, the hotel cleaner receives a master key for the floor that opens all of the doors. At the end of the day, the hotel cleaner needs to return this master key to the executive housekeeper. As long as the key is in his possession, the hotel cleaner holds complete responsibility for it.
  • To save energy and reduce the wear and tear on the appliances while guests are not in their rooms, many hotels have adopted a system that is activated by a key card that the guests hold onto as well as the housekeeper.
  • The hotel cleaner should be especially careful with the master key. They are not allowed to leave it at the door. They are also not allowed to lend it to someone or lose it.
  • At the beginning of the cleaner’s shift, the hotel cleaner receives a document called the room assignment sheet. The hotel cleaner should fill it out within the shift putting the status of each room using the symbols according to the given legend. At the end of the shift, the document will be left to the executive housekeeper along with the master key.
  • One of the main tasks of a hotel cleaner is tidying up the cart in the closet at the beginning of her workday. The cart should be organized placing the item separately. It is necessary to supply the cart with all the materials to be replenished in the rooms such as sheets, pillowcases, face and bath towels, bathroom mats and robes. The quantity of each item should be sufficient for the rooms that are cleaned by the hotel cleaner.
  • The amenities are usually placed in drawers or generally on top of the cart such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower caps, and toilet paper.
  • If the hotel cleaning company is responsible for replenishing the mini bar, the hotel cleaner should bring a box with all the products to be replaced.
  • It is necessary to place a trash bag in the trash can to pick up the trash in the room. The cart also holds the cleaning supplies and tools. Maintaining the cart in proper order demonstrates the cleaner’s good work and organization. The cart is to be pushed to the side of the hallway so as not to get in the way of the guests. Never leave the card in a place that blocks the emergency exit.
  • When arriving in front of the door, the hotel cleaning personnel should park the cart in a way that blocks the entrance of the room that is being cleaned. It should remain in the opening facing the door facilitating the removal of objects considering the safety of the hotel cleaners and also guests.

10 Reasons to Use Environment-Friendy Cleaning Products in Hotels

In this day in age, more and more people are switching to non-toxic chemicals and cleaning products. Why? It is because a lot of people are now becoming more aware of how chemicals affect our daily lifestyle.

There are so many reasons why we should consider doing so. I have asked hotel cleaners to gauge their standpoint, and you will be surprised to find out that they, too, are concerned with mother nature.

  • Safety Reasons – with non-toxic products, hotel cleaners should not worry about the toxicity of the cleaning product that they are using every day. They will also not worry about mixing incorrect chemical combinations. These products simply reduce the danger of using an active cleaning agent.
  • Do-it-Yourself – everyone is after DIY products nowadays. With green products, you have the freedom of concocting your cleaning chemicals.
  • More people will switch to green cleaning too – if more people learn that the majority of the population had changed to green cleaning, they are most likely to follow suit. In this way, we are working our way to a safer environment.
  • Self-protection – hotel cleaners are exposed to cleaning chemicals every day. This makes them susceptible to skin irritation if not used properly. By telling them to use green products, you are helping them safeguard their health by using less active chemicals with the same effectiveness.
  • Cleaner air – with this eco-friendly cleaner, we can breathe freely, knowing that we are not inhaling harmful chemicals that can trigger allergies and are highly dangerous to our health.
    Extra Savings – green chemicals are more affordable in the market. Your hotel cleaning company business will make more profit by purchasing these chemicals which are as effective as those commercially produced chemicals
  • More natural and effective cleaning – same as the widely produced commercial cleaners, green chemicals are also as strong. As useful as the ones that contain chemicals, only that, they are safer to use.
  • Giving back to the community – since you choose to participate in the green campaign, you are helping the environment. You assist in creating a safer environment for your employees, customers, and family members.
  • Transparency – most green cleaning products use ingredients that are familiar to you. It will not leave you guessing. Most of it is safe and effective.
  • You are helping mother Earth – you are technically an advocate of green cleaning. These chemicals do not emit gases that will eventually become pollution or irritants.

Booking a hotel for most travellers can be a challenge, especially if they are not familiar with the place. I hope that this article offers basic knowledge of what to check and how to hire an effective hotel cleaner in your area.

Let us know what you think about it. Write your comment down below or share your experiences with us.

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