Hire a Professional Cleaning Company in Sydney During Covid 19

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company During Covid 19

People around the world were hit by the effects of Covid 19. Different countries, along with the government work hand and hand with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Slowly, businesses like retail stores and offices are opening. Employees who were working from home are now transitioning to the new work environment thus it has become more important to hire a professional commercial cleaning company during Covid 19 and keep the employees safe to increase productivity.

Antiviral sanitisation and disinfection cleaning should be the number one priority of all businesses, including the office that you are working in. This is precisely the same reason why your workplace should be considering a full-time office cleaner during Covid deep cleaning Sydney.  In this article, we will tell you more reasons to validate a cleaning technician’s role in providing a safe workplace for your workers.

Covid 19 and Commercial Cleaning Companies

We all know by now that Covid 19 spreads through droplets. All businesses and employers should entrust the safety and health of their workers to the benefits of getting a premier commercial cleaning company in Sydney that will do the work for you.

Commercial cleaning employees are all equipped with the proper knowledge. They combat Coronavirus by the information set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC.

The Health and safety of the people in your workplace depend on how well will the cleaning and disinfection be carried out by the cleaning employees.

How Do Commercial Cleaning Companies Deal with the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment, PPE

Cleaners know that the use of PPE is critical. Their health and safety depend on it, especially if there is a positive Covid 19 case in the workplace that they are assigned.

Apart from the usual protocol set by the CDC like social distancing, hand hygiene, and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces, cleaning staff need to ensure that they are following the disinfecting hours.

Gloves, masks, and protective suits have to be present at work. PPE will protect the cleaning staff against Coronavirus and the harmful effect of the cleaning chemicals that they may get in contact with while at work.

Commercial Cleaning Staff Know the Proper Cleaning Chemicals and Methods Needed in Covid 19 Cleaning and Disinfection.

Cleaning chemicals are supplied by the cleaning company. Familiarity and expertise with the use of these products should not be questioned when it is being handled by a professional. Corona cleaning Sydney needs more than soap and water.

You need to use disinfecting chemicals to ensure that germs and viruses are gone before you go back to business. The professional cleaning team knows how to follow proper dwell time to make the disinfectant work effectively before leaving your workplace.

Know the Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting.

Cleaning – getting rid of visible contaminants, including dust, dirt, and small debris on a surface. This is the act of cleaning a visibly dirty area.

Sanitizing – it controls the number of bacteria on the surface, but it cannot kill or eliminate the pathogens. Sanitisers like hand sanitisers reduce bacteria and viruses to a safe level.

Disinfecting – Various high-level disinfectants are used depending on the type of business that they service. The disinfectant will not do its job if the surface is contaminated or dirty. Most disinfectants require time to dwell on the surface.

Always read the manufacturer’s label to know more information about the product’s dwell time. You need to make sure that proper dwell time is followed to ensure the health and safety of all the people working for your business.

What are the Ways How Can You Stop the Spread of Covid 19?

  • Hiring a cleaning professional that will target Covid 19 cleaning. Your coronavirus cleaning techniques should follow cleaning guidelines as outlined by the CDC.
  • Manage and pay attention to the air quality circulating in your office.
  • Strict social distancing should be in place to stop the spread of the virus.
  • Your employee should not report to work if he feels sick. Return to work check-ups may be presented as proof that the person is safe to be using the common areas in the office.
  • Follow proper hand hygiene. Frequent hand washing is one of the easiest ways someone can take to stop the spread of Covid 19. Make hand soap available in every common area in your office. Clean hands are the first step to health and safety. If soap and water are not available, an alcohol-based hand sanitiser may do the job. Do not leave the restroom without washing your hands.
  • Visible information and signages should be posted in areas that will remind your employee to be vigilant with safety controls in place while we are fighting Covid 19. Signages may also spread awareness. People can easily follow the procedures on ways to clean and disinfect a certain area if they are aware of how to do it.
  • Consider getting the public, frequently-touched surfaces to be disinfected every four hours. Frequently touched surfaces include door handles, water tap, light switches, elevator buttons, computer mice and keyboards, and anything that comes in contact in public.

How Can Covid 19 Affect Your Business?

Covid 19 is something that we need to take seriously. The general public had been warned about its effects. The government had set controls in the hopes of mitigating the fast spread of the virus. We have seen the drastic impact of the Coronavirus on our economy.

Some businesses had indeed considered having their employee working from home, but that will not stop there. There are plenty of industries that rely on person-to-person interaction.

Most employers have tried all the possible ways to have their revenue afloat, but Coronavirus poses a severe threat to many establishments. Here are some of the adverse effects of Coronavirus on many businesses.

We do not want you to experience this. We want you to consider hiring professional cleaners.

Absenteeism Rate: Your employees may be worried about their health and safety. Some of them are having second thoughts of returning to work because of the fear that they may bring the virus to their families at home. Your employees are exposed to the virus every day, and getting contracted with the virus is one of the possibilities that they have to face daily.

Employers are anticipating a possible spike in the absenteeism rate during the pandemic. Remind your employees to have themselves check if they are not feeling well. Alert all other employees if a positive case raised.

Changes in how we do our everyday business: to make social distancing possible, employers have reduced the number of employees required to come into the office. In a general sense, people will be less likely to go to places during peak hours to avoid the massive stream of people gathered in one place.

How to minimize the impact of covid 19 in your workplace

Businesses should not take covid 19 lightly. Basic cleaning is not enough to deal with the coronavirus or prevent its spread. What you need is professional deep cleaning and disinfecting services of expert covid-19 cleaners.

Once entered into your workplace, the covid-19 virus can quickly spread to frequently touched and used surfaces, thereby increasing the chances of your workers getting infected. Also, the government is not going to allow you to continue working if even a suspected covid case is reported in your facility. To avoid any loss to your business or workers, make sure that your facility is kept well-maintained in accordance with local health authorities’ guidelines.

Here are a number of things you can do to minimize the covid impact in your workplace.

  • To start with, make it mandatory for everyone in your office to wear masks and maintain social distancing. There is a high chance of covid infected through personal contact, which is why social distancing must be observed strictly in commercial premises. If possible, make seating arrangements so that workers are not sitting too close to each other.
  • Place hand sanitizing stations at all entry points in your facility, including in toilets and bathrooms and on workstations.
  • Instruct your workers to follow proper hygiene practices, avoid sharing foods and other eatables, keep their desks clean and tidy, change and wash their clothes daily, and avoid unnecessarily roaming around the facility.
  • Sydney Gets Its Seventh Omicron Case, Covid-19 Cleaning Recommended for All Business Premises. Get your cleaners to deep clean the entire facility at least once a week and frequently disinfect all high traffic areas and objects to minimize the virus spread. If they are not sure how to do it, hire professional covid cleaners in Sydney for the job.
  • For big organisations and businesses, it is advised to restrict the number of employees working from the office. For emergency businesses like medical centres and grocery stores, all workers must be provided with basic covid safety and hygiene training.

We hope that we have made you realize the importance of hiring a professional cleaning team to back you up in times like this. You need to get full coverage for the sake of your employees and your business.

Do not let this pandemic take a toll on you. Professional COVID-19 cleaning company can clean and disinfect your workplace entirely.

Let me know your thoughts on this. I want to hear from you. Please drop us a comment below and let me hear your thoughts about hiring a dedicated cleaning staff to do the work for you.

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