Sydney Gets Its Seventh Omicron Case, Covid-19 Cleaning Recommended for All Business Premises

Sydney Gets Its Seventh Omicron Case, Covid-19 Cleaning Recommended for All Business Premises

Nsw Gets Its Seventh Omicron Case

A new COVID-19 case has been reported in southwest Sydney, which takes the total count of Omicron cases to seven in the NSW state. The said person reportedly visited a couple of stores, including a chemist store, before finally being tested COVID positive.

All businesses in the area have been put on alert and the local government is looking to isolate and test all people who were at the said stores on Monday night. At the same time, businesses have been strongly advised to follow COVID norms, including regular cleaning & disinfection of their premises.

Clean Group, a Sydney-based cleaning company, has recently issued a release requesting all its clients and local businesses to stay safe from COVID by following the government recommendations and guidelines.

The Clean Group company provides routine office cleaning and COVID disinfection services to all types of commercial properties in Sydney and nearby areas.

They have successfully completed over a thousand COVID cleaning jobs during the pandemic period over the last two years and are now recognized as one of the top providers of COVID-19 cleaning services in the NSW region.

The company founder Suji Siv is a visionary who was the first to come forward and offer affordable & efficient COVID cleaning services to businesses last year when most of the other cleaning companies had to shut their operations due to lockdowns.

In its release, Clean Group said, “It is high time for businesses to refocus on the safety of their staff and customers. The COVID-19 virus is back, and it’s more dangerous this time.

To prevent the COVID from entering business premises, it is crucial to routinely clean and disinfects all high-traffic areas and touchpoints. All offices, schools, chemist shops, grocery stores, care centres, etc.

That is currency operating must have strict COVID norms in place and must be ready to clean as and when required. For professional COVID cleaning services, call Clean Group.”

Clean Group Is the Leading Omicron Cleaning Company in Sydney, NSW

Clean Group provides Omicron cleaning and disinfection services to all types of commercial and residential properties, including offices, strata, schools, childcare centres, gyms, hospitals, homes, warehouses, and others.

They also provide disinfection cleaning services for commercial vehicles including medical vans, cars, trucks, etc. The company has more than 20 years of commercial cleaning experience and a dedicated staff of 50+ trained cleaners.

For the past two decades, Clean Group has been providing quality-driven cleaning services at affordable prices to Sydney businesses and is trusted by hundreds of property owners for high-quality services and results.

Things to Know When Hiring a Covid-19 Cleaner

As the COVID-19 cases surge again, many businesses will start looking to hire covid cleaning or disinfection services for their facilities in Sydney. However, one should know that not all companies are certified or authorised to provide COVID cleaning.

Cleaning for COVID is different from any other type of cleaning. Any regular or untrained cleaner will fail to do it. The first step to COVID-19 cleaning is, of course, to identify the areas/surfaces that are the most likely to get the virus through frequent touch and personal contact.

A COVID cleaning must be able to recognize these areas and would have the resources and the right tools to effectively remove the virus without causing any further spread.

At Clean Group, they will first seal the place to be disinfected to limit the further spread of the virus. Their team consists of trained & expert COVID cleaners who are equipped with the latest disinfection tools & machines for effective commercial disinfection.

Hire Clean Group for All-Round Covid Cleaning in Sydney

Those who are looking to hire the best all-around COVID cleaning services for offices, stores, hospitals, schools and other commercial premises in and around Sydney can contact Clean Group.

As one of the top office COVID cleaning services providers in Sydney, NSW, Clean Group is trusted by hundreds of local businesses and property owners for their routine cleaning and disinfection needs.

The company offers complete COVID-19 cleaning solutions and services, including in-depth property cleaning, routine disinfection, touchpoint disinfection, full decontamination, and more.

Their prices are among the lowest in the industry yet they provide top quality cleaning services consistently as well as offer a full satisfaction guarantee.

Clean Group is also known for its green cleaning policy, where the company cleaners only use cleaning products and methods that are certified eco-friendly and 100% safe for people and the environment.

Sydney businesses that are concerned about the safety of their staff and customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic and want to hire professional COVID cleaners for comprehensive cleaning can contact Clean Group for a free quote.

Summary: As another COVID-19 Omicron case is reported in NSW, local businesses get more serious about workplace safety and are looking for professional COVID cleaning services.

Blog Summary: Clean Group, a top COVID cleaning company in Sydney, has reported that another Omicron COVID-19 case was detected in NSW, taking the total tally of newly infected people to seven.

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