Business Cleaning Go Green? How Does It Work

Commercial Cleaning Go Green How Does It Work
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Did you know commercial cleaning (products) happens to be one of the contributors to water pollution and air pollution? Each year, thousands of toxic cleaning products are drained off in steams, rivers and oceans, leading to pollution of water.

Many cleaning chemicals are released into the air during cleaning and can make the air toxic as well as add to smog. And we all know how destructive pollution can be for the environment, the earth and our health.

Green cleaning is an initiative to help reduce the environmental impact of commercial cleaning or make cleaning more sustainable and friendly to the environment.

Sustainability and Commercial Cleaning

As businesses globally are starting to understand the detrimental impact of the use of toxic commercial cleaning chemicals on the environment, the cleaning industry has, in recent years, witnessed a great shift towards the use of greener, more eco-friendly alternatives for cleaning solutions.

Even the customers and cleaning services users are starting to realise the importance of green cleaning and are choosing commercial cleaning companies that provide services in line with sustainability policies. This has given a boost in the demand for green cleaning service providers.

What Is Green Cleaning?

In the simplest terms, green cleaning refers to cleaning practices that involve the use of cleaning products and methods that are safe for the environment and human health.

Green cleaning products are free of toxic chemicals that are harmful to air, water and humans. This way they can help reduce the environmental impacts of commercial cleaning.

Because of the increasing demand for green cleaning and products, there are now available eco-friendly cleaning detergents, chemicals and solutions from different manufacturers, allowing customers to choose from a wide array of options.

Moreover, companies in the consumer electronics space have come up with many technology-driven, eco-friendly products, including vacuum cleaners and mops, that are not only more efficient but are also contributing to protecting the environment by reducing water consumption in cleaning, using less or no chemicals, minimising waste production in cleaning, or other ways.

Commercial cleaning companies in Australia now have access to better options when it comes to selecting, purchasing and using cleaning products and equipment that have minimal impact on the environment.

There are multiple other ways a commercial cleaning business can reduce its environmental impact and adopt green cleaning services, which we are going to discuss here.

How to Make Your Commercial Cleaning Friendly to the Environment

Let’s talk about the top cleaning techniques, products and equipment that can help create a safer, greener environment for all.

Green Cleaning Technology

Sustainable office cleaning starts with replacing your existing cleaning methods (& products) with more sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives. It’s all about using green cleaning techniques that are safe for both the environment and people.

Eco-friendly products refer to cleaning detergents and supplies that contain zero toxins. Even when released in the water or air, they cause minimal damage. Natural cleaning products such as vinegar and baking soda are good examples.

New-age, technology-driven products are also being made to be more environmentally efficient. For example, the HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners we use at Clean Group are designed to automatically filter microparticles from the air, thus improving air quality.

Green cleaning techniques should be focused on everything that can help reduce the negative impact of cleaning on the environment and people.

Not many people are aware that the packages or bottles that a lot of cleaning products come in are made of ‘single-use’ plastic, which happens to be one of the biggest culprits of land pollution.

Saying a big “No” to these cleaning products packed in non-recyclable packings is something every business should seriously consider.

Sustainable Cleaning Methods & Processes

There are a number of things office cleaning services providers can do to ensure no harm comes to the environment from their cleaning activities. These include:

  • Proper waste management, ensuring no waste is left unattended. Recyclable products to be sent for processing.
  • Use reusable cloths, mops and other cleaning equipment to minimise waste.
  • Find and use cleaning tools that use less water and chemicals.
  • Go for toxic-free cleaning products and non-toxic cleaning fluids.
  • Use natural, homemade cleaning detergents and cleaning supplies.

In addition to reducing the cleaning impact on the environment, these tips might also help businesses save huge by adopting green cleaning techniques.

Clean Group as a leading green commercial cleaning company in Sydney has been implementing many cutting-edge methods and cleaning equipment with a focus on minimising its environmental impact. For example, we use microfibre cloths that can remove dust and germs without the use of water or chemicals.

Our i-mop floor scrubber machine has been globally acclaimed as one of the most efficient floor cleaning equipment that also saves water, cost and time.

The scrubber not only cleans floors at double the speed of a typical mop but also can work with very less water or chemicals. It is suitable for both large and small office cleaning.

Commercial Waste Management

Waste management is a crucial part of sustainable cleaning. Industrial waste, especially the waste generated by the commercial cleaning industry, can be detrimental to the environment, but there are ways to properly manage this waste in order to reduce its environmental impact. A typical industrial waste management process will comprise three steps: reduce, reuse and recycle.

The first step is to reduce the use of cleaning chemicals to minimise waste. Commercial businesses, including cleaning services companies, should at all costs avoid buying and using harsh cleaning chemicals.

The second step is to try and reuse whatever cleaning and industrial/commercial supplies as possible. This will further help reduce waste and save the environment.

The third but not least step is to recycle what you cannot reduce or reuse. For this step to work, it is important that the cleaning products and other supplies that you are using in your business are recyclable.

Another thing that commercial cleaners can do is avoid using plastic liners for trash bins that only contain dry trash.

Ensure People’s Safety

When looking to adopt green cleaning practices, it is also important to consider the safety of cleaners and customers. If you own a cleaning business, it becomes your responsibility to make sure that the cleaning products or methods you are using are not dangerous for your workers and commercial clients. That said, going green will also help you ensure the safety of your people.

Here at Clean Group, we make sure that our cleaners are trained in high-tech methods of cleaning that are also environmentally friendly and have access to the best cutting-edge resources to ensure efficient cleaning every time. All our staff is well-trained and follows requisite safety norms such as using gloves, masks, etc. when cleaning.

Green Driving & Vehicles

Besides using eco-friendly cleaning products and methods, a commercial cleaning company can also consider choosing sustainable commercial cleaner vehicles for their work.

“An industrial cleaning business involves serving clients’ locations all over the city. A typical cleaning company like Clean Group has a fleet of 2-5 cleaning vehicles.

Implementing sustainable vehicles is definitely a smart move, especially when you are looking to shift to green cleaning,” says Clean Group CEO, Suji Siv.

What you can do is consider cleaner fuel options such as electric vehicles when making fleet decisions for your cleaning business. At the same time, cleaning customers can also encourage this trend by choosing service providers who use green vehicles.

Save Water in Cleaning

Though we have already talked about some methods that we use at Clean Group in order to reduce water consumption in cleaning, there are a number of other things a business looking to go green can do. This includes:

  • Adopting water-saving cleaning methods such as flat-mopping and the use of microfibre cloths.
  • Using less water and chemicals in cleaning
  • Use a bucket & mug instead of a running tap when cleaning
  • Install and use a water pressure controller
  • Use residual water from indoor cleaning to wash outdoor areas, car parks, etc.

Many new-age cleaning methods and equipment are designed to automatically save water or consume less water when cleaning, so it is a good idea for commercial cleaning businesses to invest in such high-tech, sustainable cleaning tools.

So, to answer the question (can commercial cleaning go green?), yes, it’s totally possible for commercial cleaners and companies to adopt green cleaning practices.

With the ongoing global revolution for environmental safety, it is in fact easier now than it has ever been. In this article, we have discussed in detail the different methods or ways in which a commercial cleaning services provider can go green, i.e. reduce their environmental impact.

Clean Group is one of the leading green commercial cleaning services provider companies in Sydney. We have been following sustainable cleaning practices for many years now and provide professional cleaning services, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more to all types of commercial and industrial properties in and around Sydney.

We use certified eco-friendly products and a number of efficiency-focused cutting-edge equipment, including the state-of-the-art i-mop floor scrubber machine.

To find out more about how we ensure environmental safety in our cleaning practices or to book a green cleaning service for your business, contact us today.

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