The Key Differences Between Janitorial and Workplace Cleaning?

The Key Differences Between Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning
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Cleanliness is part of our life. It is important as the environment in which we reside gets dirty and the major cause of making it dirtier and unhygienic is you. All the unhygienic dirt comes from you, your people, office employees, etc. The germs and bacteria from you get accumulated inside your house and offices and affect the environment. Also, the customers and visitors will not get comfortable in such offices or houses.

You must make the work environment clean and tidy so that every individual in your surroundings will not get affected. Commercial cleaning services are the most prominent method to clean and make your space hygienic.

Your premises look more open, airy, and enjoyable which poses a positive impact on your employees and business. Janitorial cleaning is basically held in a small way i.e in-house onsite cleaning and thus did not need any more training skills.

Commercial space comprises offices, malls, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, railway stations, bus stands, airports, etc. if you have your own office or any other commercial space or you are on rent then you are urged to maintain a daily cleaning so as to maintain the healthy environment for you and your employees. As in your daily life germs and bacteria get accumulated in your surroundings and reside there.

These germs and bacteria get spread in the air and on the objects which you along with your employees, visitors, and customers mutually touch or come in contact with. Commercial cleaners need training and are subject to cleaning the particular space which poses some risks and needs a complex tools and equipment so as to get the space clean and tidy.

It is sad to know that various house owners along with business people are not aware of the difference between janitorial and commercial cleaning companies. They were just not able to find the services that furnish them with their cleaning needs.

It is true that janitorial and commercial cleaning are closely associated and the same, however, there is a difference thus it is a recommendation that you shall learn more prior to giving a contract to the commercial cleaning company.

What Is Janitorial Cleaning?

A janitorial service is concerned with the commercial property which consists of professional offices, medical and industrial business cleaning. While commercial janitorial services consist of maintenance or handling of the property. The people who perform and engage in all these aspects are said to be custodians, janitors, or cleaners.

When it is best to opt for commercial cleaners, it is mandatory to determine the distinct kinds of professional cleaning services available. Clean Group checks out the need for the janitors to clean the business premises however they look towards the everyday cleaning duties.

They are enabled to clean the bathrooms, sweep and mop floors, tidy break rooms, dust, vacuum, and disinfect surfaces through basic cleaning products or cleaning solutions.

The Janitorial or custodial staff indeed looks for small repairs or building maintenance and facilities maintenance. Also, you can see some janitors are hired as an employee in the house to look after the house as well.

It states that they are part of your company so they are said to be employees who possess payroll, insurance, sick leave, paid leave allowances, and taxes.

It also gives the direction that they are present on-site during major business hours. It reveals that they are required to carry out their work besides the other staff members going about their daily work.

However, it is effective that if the janitors are present on site all day to help through the emergency repairs or other clean-ups, this could conflict with other objectives for instance they are about to clean the washroom when people might use them.

There is no training needed for the commercial janitors. People in these roles often possess experience through the household or professional shopping centre cleaning services or get trained while they continue to join through the experienced janitors.

The in-house janitors and cleaners are security screened during their recruitment for look after of the particular space that does offer you some specific level of flexibility, quality control, and certainty.

The major advantage of having a janitor cleaner is you can ask to clean the specific space if needed or whenever you feel like the place is somewhat dirty or poses dust.

As a cleaner in your house cleans shall have the routine of cleaning and wiping all the inhouse things like floor, door handles of fridge and microwave along with doors and windows. In addition to that, you may ask for cleaning services apart from his routine cleaning wherever you want.

Task Included in Janitorial Cleaning

In the Janitorial cleaning services, there is various space which is needed to get cleaned. Routine cleaning is needed in the janitorial cleaning. Below are some services that come beneath janitorial cleaning.

The janitorial cleaning services consist of:

  • Hard-surface floor cleaning and maintenance- Cleaning of the floor and maintaining the space by regular cleaning through broom and wipes.
  • Daily carpet care- Carpet cleaning is to be done as the carpet captures the dust and dirt from the shoes and sandals of the people who walk through it. The carpet must be cleaned through a vacuum cleaner or washed with time as needed.
  • Reception area or lobby cleaning- This area draws the attention of the people and visitors thus it is needed to be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Dusting and window washing- Dusting can be executed through a broom or through a vacuum cleaner. Window washing needs complex tools which can be cleaned through it.
  • Office system cleaning- Office cleaning consists of daily cleaning of the space with a vacuum cleaner, and broom up the webs or the spider then wiping down space with a wet cloth.
  • Waste removal- Waste can be eliminated by dumping the unwanted things and then cleaning after waste gets removed.
  • Sanitation programs- It is more important in the current time as in the house, or at commercial places, etc. things are in contact with people mutually such as door handles, Fridge handle, microwave handle, taps, etc and all these consists of germs which get exchanged from person to person. Hence daily sanitization of these objects along with the space in which people sit should be done.
  • Kitchen/restroom cleaning/restocking- All these need daily cleaning before you go out with the related operations. Cleaning, washing, and disinfectant must be done all through the said space.
  • Daytime cleaning- Brooming is the initial process or vacuuming all through space is to be done and post to that wipeout space with wet broom or wiper takes place.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning consists of harder, bigger, and more specialized tasks which the janitorial staff shall not be able to execute. It consists of things such as carpet cleaning, window washing, power cleaning, or hard floor deep cleaning.

All these jobs come under the regular jobs implemented once or twice in the year or you shall have a commercial cleaner which comes in for the particular job role.

These commercial jobs proceed on a bigger scale and come through with some more health and safety guidelines or may engage tough conditions for the workers.

For instance, cleaning a commercial window that is at some height has a risk and thus needs safety with intricate tools and equipment.

Commercial cleaning is itself a specialized area in which only people with training and experience can execute the cleaning operations safely. A risk is engaged in it and is unsafe for those who are not experienced with it such as custodial staff.

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company poses another bonus. It implies that there is no payroll or tax to be anxious about. You shall be required to pay the flat fee, or fixed rates relied on the kind of services implemented. These can be executed on the prescribed quote of the company.

So as to ensure security and safety your cleaners are trained in the professional standard and screened through our security during their recruitment.

They are flexible to work when it suits your business which is basically outside of standard working hours of cleaning so that they don’t disrupt your daily work.

Cleaning deep inside the space such as offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc is said to be commercial cleaning. The commercial cleaning space consists of tile cleaning, door cleaning, ground cleaning, hard surface cleaning, power washing, window washing, etc.

Making your office clean and germ-free is needed which can not be executed by you on your own due to a lack of cleaning skills and knowledge.

This can be done with the help of a professional commercial cleaning service provider. They are trained professional cleaners in Sydney and pose with experience in cleaning vital surfaces and objects. They have the latest technology equipment and tools. Also, they get regular training for different cleaning skills.

They just very well know how to clean the object with quality. Though commercial space poses large and bigger walls thus the non-professional person does not know how to execute the cleaning process in a proper manner that a professional cleaner knows.

Making your business look effective needs cleaning. Through the assistance of the commercial cleaning company i.e Clean Group who possess technical trained experts with equipped tools, every inch of your space shall look clean and tidy and sparkle and thus attracts the visitors to sustain for a longer time which also increases your business revenue.

From upholstery care to building windows crystal clear, we produce a range of specialty cleaning services in Sydney that improve both your working environment and your perception and your business image.

The Clean Group has been chosen by a majority of people in Sydney Australia. They are just happy with the service provided by us. There are various factors which are needed to be considered before hiring commercial cleaning services such as:

Portfolio of the company: It is the most important aspect that you need to think about the commercial company. As the brand shall tell you about the company profile and how much experience the company has and how much efficiency the company can provide the cleaning. Customers can best determine the services through their brand value and that is the reason why the portfolio of the company matters a lot.

Additional services: It reveals how capable the company is to give you its services. You must not come beneath the consideration of the discounts that companies are providing as they are generally indulging in these activities so as to boost up their sales.

But the companies who offer you services are in a state of confidence saying that they are here to assist you in every process. You should only trust only those types of companies as they are your true well-wisher for offering you the cleaning services.

Company background: No cleaner can provide or sustain itself without any training in their field or they are running themselves by hiring other vendors. Vendors do not possess any specific training in cleaning and do not know about the latest cleaning tools and equipment thus outsourcing effects both the clients and the company as well.

Equipment, supplies, and Processes: Latest and updated equipment help to clean the space in less time. Indeed it produces effective quality cleaning as compared to the older tools.

The professional cleaners use bigger machines and tools so as for easy and quick cleaning of the premises. It reduces physical work. They use industrial grade with several modules which can make the cleaning work simpler.

Task Included in Commercial Cleaning

It is clearly known that cleaning commercial space is somewhat harder as compared to a residential one. This is due to the difficult infrastructure, in order to make assets of your office’s life longer such as office equipment, office floor, furniture, and other office elements, here are the most basic daily commercial cleaning services which can be cleaned on hiring a commercial cleaner:

1. Daily Vacuuming: The dirt and debris should be cleaned off from the floor of the office on the daily basis. Vacuuming makes your office clean and urges visitors to visit the offices.

Daily vacuuming assists to maintain a dust-free area that is helpful for employees or clients who have allergies and wants a clean and healthy environment so that they can work efficiently.

2. Mopping of Tile and Hard Floor Area: As people walk on the floors inside the commercial spaces and from that, a bunch of germs and bacteria gets accumulated on the way of the floor or it blows in the air that goes inside you.

This hard floor should be mopped daily. It disinfects the surface area and maintains the tidiness of the floor. It makes the life of the floor much longer.

3. Wipe Down and Disinfect All Glass Surfaces: In your environment, there are various germs and bacteria which fly in the air in your space. Disinfecting through the cleaning solution on wiping makes your glass surface lessening the germs in your office.

It indeed protects your office staff and employees healthily from getting in contact with such surfaces which makes sure that they are all safe and able to work with no stress every day.

4. Wipe out the door handles and electric switches: Both the switches and the door handles are the two things that people regularly touch and both of them are the most touching things on the office premises.

Germs and bacteria get accumulated on Switches and door handle hence there is a majority of chances of getting an infection as switches and door handles are getting touched mutually. It needs to be disinfectant and cleaned regularly so as to avoid illness or any other disease.

5. Empty all the waste bins and properly wash all of them: You or your office servant must empty your office bins on a daily basis. If you do not regularly do it then it drives unpleasant odours, upsets customers, and can leak or stain the surfaces around it. After emptying the bins you should wash them with cleaning solutions and then pour the water in them and then clean them properly.

Professionals Can Save Time and Efforts Here Is How

Professional office cleaning companies are fast developing themselves with time, some are developed and some others are still developing. A professional cleaner is a term which means the company time to time provides training to their cleaners and makes them expert with the companies training compliances, also the company has the training skills that how to clean the space with quality and no germs and bacterias left, they are enabled to do so because of the kind of skills they pose.

Indeed the professional cleaning companies truly gain some experience from their past records and learn from various ups and downs or from their cleaning drawbacks.

The above are some major aspects of saving time and efforts in cleaning the space, but there are some other conditions of professionals which helps them for saving time and effort and cleaning, these are mentioned below:

1. Schedule Cleaning

The Clean Group’s professional cleaners schedule all of their cleaning time down to the minute. The Clean Group does not show up on Monday to clean the shower and return Tuesday to clean the toilet.

2. Prepare Before Vacuuming

Clean Group when vacuuming ensures that the room has been prepared. You must opt for everything from the floor, move the furniture and pick up the area rugs. Implementing that shall assist you to move through the room faster and decrease starts and stops.

3. Dust BEFORE Vacuum

Cleaning companies like Clean Group remove the dust from the floor and from the usable objectives before vacuuming as vacuuming shall not clean the dust and they need to do the process again if you do vacuum before dusting.

4. Effective Tools and Equipment

A Clean Group has proper effective equipment and tools which are of the new and latest technology. All these tools set themselves automatically as per the surface which is about to clean.

5. Training

Training professionals have the skills and knowledge about cleaning spaces. The trained cleaners are set to be the experts who have immense knowledge in cleaning specific surfaces. The skills help the cleaners to save and securely clean the space with quality.

6. Set Start and Stop Time

The professional cleaners of the Clean Group set their start and stop times by planning each and everything they are needed to clean. They can even work at night with your permission so your business and employees won’t get disturbed and affected by them.

7. Shut the Distractions

The professional cleaners have the skills that they do not distract themselves from any other thing or person while executing their work and this helps them to specifically produce quality cleaning.

8. Follow the Cleaning Procedure

Whatever be the size of the premises the Clean Group’s expertise follows the step-by-step procedure of cleaning the premises. These step-planned procedures help themselves to clean at a faster rate without any hurdles.

9. Mange and Tuned Up the performance and Tools:

As per space, the professional cleaners will handle their performance and the tasks, along with that they shall set up the speed of the electrical equipment according to the space needed for cleaning.

10. Quicker Sink a Bath:

The Clean Group uses the herbal bath to wash and clean your sink as this not only saves time but also it protects your sink from Abrasive cleaners that might produce scratches on your sink.

We use various bunches of rosemary or thyme in hot water for some hours, then strain. Stop up the sink, pour in the herb solution, and let it sit overnight. In the morning, you’ll see a glistening, fragrant sink.

11. Fizz Your Toilet Clean

You may see that most professional cleaning companies use harder solutions to clean your toilet such as acid. The Clean Group uses a gentler solution that does not have any side effects on the life of your toilet.

During cleaning the toilet the experts drop two denture tablets into the bowl and leave for at least 20 minutes. Then brush the inside surface of the bowl and flush it. The same action that brightens dentures will leave your toilet shiny.

12. Quick Carpet and Mat Cleaning

A carpet and mats are the major things that catch dust along with germs and viruses. All this unwanted dust gets accumulated inside the mats and carpets. Such unwanted things came from the shoes and sleepers that the people wear and walk through outside of the office or house.

But you do not need to worry at all about contracting the Clean Group, the experts with the help of the latest technology vacuum cleaner that has a high-frequency speed can just take less than 15 minutes to clean even the bigger size carpet that saves your time, work and energy.

Clean Group the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

We can assist you with daily school, commercial office, and restaurant cleaning or we can take on the more specialist and difficult jobs such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and floor polishing.

The major thing you need to consider is that you can trust the Clean Group’s highly trained and security screened experts to do their work in a safe way with quality.

The Clean Group poses all the required safety measures which are needed during the cleaning of the surface or the premises so as to ensure that no one can be hurt during the cleaning operations.

The most qualitative services that the Clean Group provides are office cleaning, strata cleaning, gym cleaning, school cleaning, carpet cleaning, warehouse cleaning, house cleaning, and church cleaning.

The Clean Group is a cost-effective cleaning company it only places the cost as per the need of the client and the premises. It does not impose the cleaning cost which does not require any cleaning.

Also, no other expert of the Clean Group shall recommend you to clean that particular area that does not need any cleaning and liable to pay for that.

Our plans for cleaning cost is also lesser with respect to the other cleaning companies along with that if you feel that the specific area has not been cleaned properly or left with a mistake then the only thing you need to do is to call us and we immediately come and clean that particular space with any charges.

The Clean Group provides green cleaning which implies that it lessens the inorganic supplies and is environment friendly. It does not have any side effects on cleaning the space. This ensures that it lessens the environmental allergens or respiratory objective that are surely damaged if they use chemical supply.

You should talk to your cleaning service provider. They will tell you the difference between organic and inorganic cleaning solutions. You must ensure that they should follow all the safety guidelines and authoritative guidelines from standard bodies like OSHA and CDC during their work.

The Clean Group itself has its own wide variety of cleaning tools and equipment which can clean the surface with quality. We are regularly upgrading with the newer technology tools available in the market. You can approach the Clean Group for your in-house or office cleaning.


From the above discussion, the major thing revealed is the difference between janitorial and commercial cleaning where janitorial cleaning the cleaners involved are not at all trained one but can be used to work for the personal onsite inhouse cleaning, they are not much aware of the use of tools and equipment and does not know how to clean the bigger space as of lack of cleaning skills.

While commercial cleaning poses the experienced and trained cleaners who have been provided with skilled training by their companies and also have the latest technology tools and equipment. They very well know how much tuning is to be needed for the cleaning premises.

The tasks and the activities of both the janitorial and commercial cleaning differ from each other the janitorial cleaner only practices cleaning the houses, lobbies, and corridors, while the commercial cleaner cleans the whole building from inside and outside, over the walls, heightened windows with the help of stairs and practices equipment for cleaning purposes.

It is known from the discussion that commercial cleaning is more appropriate and accurate for providing quality cleaning than janitorial cleaning.

It is also concluded that professional cleaners can save time and money for the customers. They too are also saving time when they actually concentrate on the space to get cleaned. They use their trained skills and then implement the cleaning part with the help of the latest technology and upgraded tools which assist in the higher removal of dirt, germs, and bacteria and produce high-quality cleaning in a lesser time. The professional cleaner decides and sets the time for cleaning the spaces and does manage the operation accordingly.

There seem to be various companies who provide professional cleaning services, one of them is Clean Group which is a licensed company and can produce the best guarantee, it has been present in Sydney Australia for more than a decade. The Clean Group has a stronger and bigger customer base and provides services all across Sydney Australia.

The group is involved in providing Commercial Cleaning, Office Cleaning Warehouse Cleaning, Medical Centre Cleaning School Cleaning, Child Care Centre Cleaning, Church Cleaning, Gym Cleaning and

All these services are provided with the help of our company-owned upgraded cleaning tools and equipment through our skilled cleaning technique posed by our cleaning experts.

It is the most important part that you must trust your commercial cleaners when you are leaving the whole responsibility of the space which is needed to get cleaned on our hands. As Clean Group presents in this business for more than a decade and this is possible because of your trust and faith in us. 

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