Who is the Best Cleaning Contractor in Sydney, Australia?

Best Cleaning Contractor

Many commercial cleaning businesses claim that they are the best commercial cleaning in Sydney, Australia. From a customer’s perspective, how can you bank on these claims?

Claiming to be the best in the commercial cleaning niche is just a word. You need to bank on strong validation to prove to yourself that you are indeed the best.

I have seen different commercial cleaning companies in Sydney. A lot of cleaning companies are testing the water in commercial cleaning, which makes it more difficult for a searcher to determine if they are genuinely engaging with the perfect cleaning provider.

In this article, I will reveal to you my top choice for a hiring commercial cleaning company, and I will be happy to tell you the whys.

Have You Heard of Clean Group Cleaning Contractor Sydney?

If you are looking for the best cleaning contractor for reliability and value for money, I want you to hire Clean Group. They have the most amazing cleaners there are.

I can only tell you that my experience was mind-blowing. From the Sales through the after-sales part, you can tell that there is a human touch to each process.

Why? Because the company was owned and managed by the same owner for the past two decades. Amazing, right? With this, they are just growing and expanding and improving.

It may not always be rainbows every day, but I am telling you that I am here to testify that their customer support is also the best.

Most newly start-up cleaning companies failed to touch the human part of their prospecting leads. They are focused on closing the contract. The customer cannot even remember them.

This is not a paid article, mind you. I am so happy that I was carefree during the holiday season as I have the best cleaning contractor in Sydney, to back me up. They can provide you the ultimate commercial cleaning in Sydney.

Clean Group never runs out of solution to almost every cleaning hiccup that you may come across. You can entrust your whole cleaning regimen to these peeps, and you will never regret hiring them.

Why Choose Clean Group?

Top 5 reasons to choose Clean Group as your cleaning partner are as follows:

#1 Fair Cleaning Quote

Most of the cleaning companies out there charge based on an hour or by square footage. Clean Group is the best cleaning contractor, they charge per visit. It is a win-win situation for both the cleaner and the customer.

Sales Manager needs first to see the premise and name the price based on how big it is and the cleaning required for each visit.

#2 Trustworthy Cleaners

Clean Group recommends cleaning after hours. It allows them to move freely without disrupting your business. It is like letting someone at your own home. You will only allow those people that you trust the most to hold the key to your home, right?

You do not have to think twice about trusting their cleaner selection because they do their own background checks. You do not have to fear about missing knick-knacks in your office because they value integrity the most.

#3 Low Turnover Rates

Having low turnover rates only proves to say that their employees are happy. Clean Group puts employee satisfaction as their top priority. Sounds like your dream company – yeah? Since the turnover rate is low, you do not need to think about having different cleaners at your business. You will have your own assigned cleaner from the beginning to forever.

#4 Intensive Training

We all know that cleaning is no easy task. Commercial cleaning is more challenging than janitorial cleaning as you know. It requires physical strength and endurance.

Apart from these, an ideal cleaner needs to have a broad knowledge about the different cleaning techniques and approaches. A wrong cleaning chemical can ruin your investment.

These are the things that you do not want to experience as you decide to hire your very own commercial cleaners.

#5 Strong Customer Support

As mentioned earlier, it will always not be rainbows and butterflies. There will come a time that you will see things that you want to complain about.

With Clean Group, we are only stressing over minor things – never major ones. Their customer service team knows how to communicate effectively. You can easily reach out to them on both emails and phone calls. 

So you see, these are the five whys that I wanted you to realize and hopefully make you decide to join us in the Clean Group bandwagon. There are plenty of cleaning companies that will entice you with cheap offers.

Be cautious with these kinds of cleaners because most often than not, they also offer inferior service.

Cleaning your office is part of taking care of your investment. Get the Best Cleaning Contractor there is and live a worry-free life. I want to know your thoughts on this.

Do you know the brand? If you do, let Australia know how your experience was. If you don’t, please visit their website at www.clean-group.com.au or call them at 1300141946.

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Hi, This is Amelia. I work as a commercial cleaning operations manager at Clean Group. I also handle the customer support responsibilities on behalf of the company through a team of 10+ fully trained support professionals. Besides managing a team of cleaners and ensuring healthy communication between clients and cleaners’ teams, I handle customers’ complaints and grievances, especially the ones that need special or immediate attention. If you need help sorting out the best cleaning for you or just want to chat, feel free to connect.

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