Workplace Restroom Cleaning Checklist 2021 [Facts You Should Know]

Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist 2021
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Why Restrooms Are the Dirtiest Place in the Office

A restroom is said to be a public toilet. It is a publicly accessible location or in a private residence, any person can use it. The restroom is just used by the people so as to make them feel more comfortable. It is the most private space that anyone uses.

Using anything makes the thing dirtier or makes it abolish just like that people use the restroom which makes it dirtier or looks creepy when it is uncleaned.

Why restrooms are the dirtiest place in the office? People use it to dumb the extra consumed edibles, do sneezing activities in which the majority of germs gets accumulated in the washroom and especially in the sink and urinals.

A clean, sanitized, and stink-free restroom gives the slogan of a healthy and hygienic environment and diminishes the spread of diseases and infection. It is no matter that whether the restroom is bigger or smaller the only thing is that it must be cleaned and free from germs and bacterias

Various other activities are being practised in the restroom such as people using it to make their looks even better than before. Restroom commercial cleaning is very must for every premise whether the residential or commercial space.

The residential space consists of fewer restrooms with respect to the commercial space. Also, the area of the commercial cleaning is bigger and has more facilities as compared to the residential restrooms.. The percentage of people using the commercial restrooms is more as compared to the residential restrooms.

Commercial restrooms need much more maintenance as compared to residential as commercial restrooms are used by multiple people whereas residential restrooms are used only by the members of the family.

In the restroom people also relax by washing their face and body and you know that on washing the dust along with the germs and bacteria gets removed off which gets fallen to the floor of the restroom and when the floor gets dried then these viruses gets spread in the air of the restroom and affect people when anyone enters.

The restroom is the most needed place in people’s lives. Without a restroom, your life cannot run. You cannot spend your good time only outside the restroom but indeed the restroom is the space where you spend most of your comfortable time.

Also in your life wherever you go and enjoy it, but you must know that your day lasts inside your restroom to get a more effective feeling after your day ends.

Some Facts You Should Know About the Cleanliness of Restroom

everyone executes that but people do not talk about that. Going to the toilet. It is no wonder why there are various secrets of daily morning habits. Helpling, the leading marketplace for household services in Australia, breaks the silence on World Toilet Day on the 19th of November and lists down the surprising facts you didn’t know about your restroom, Some facts you should know about the cleanliness of the restroom.

  • With respect to any other place, the seat of the restroom is 400 times more infected and it seems to be so unpleasant.
  • How many times did you use your washroom? You yourself cannot count what a restroom is to you. Can you just imagine a day without the restroom?
  • You are worried that for how many days a standard roll of toilet paper will last in your bathroom? People choose to use toilet paper in their daily livelihood. Did you just imagine your life without toilet paper?
  • Why bleach tablets don’t belong in your home restroom? Bleach tablets mask bad odors and give an effective performance in public toilets. It is just not needed in your home restrooms. The ingredients present in it make the surface of your porcelain surface of the toilet bowl rough which will make the dirt stick even more! So as to prevent the bad smell the most effective solution is cleaning thoroughly and flushing subsequent to every use.
  • What wrongly are you implementing during cleaning your restroom? You must not clean the toilet bowl too gently as most people execute that. So as to prevent the accumulations inside your bowl you need to scrub the bowl through the toilet brush in all corners. For simplicity, soak the bowl for at least 5 minutes with the toilet detergent so that the sticky dirt comes off on its own. An additional mistake we perform is that we just forget to dry the toilet bowl post-cleaning it from the outside. It is the major cause of why germs and bacteria sit and spread on warm and sticky surfaces.
  • That men don’t wash their hands as frequently as women? In the research, it is found that there are 32% of men who had washed their hand’s post using the toilet with respect to the women who stood at 62%. But washing your hands only with the help of water does not make your hands clean and won’t protect you from germs anymore. Thus for mitigating the effect you should use the soap and take all the time you’re required to wash the hands one needs to wash their hands for at least 20 to 30 seconds so as to kill all the viruses and bacterias from the hands. You must not forget to cover all the surfaces of your hand and fingers.
  • Why should you free your clogged toilet with Coke and Mentos? This home cleaning myth produces the important pressure to resolve the blockage however it might damage the pipes and contaminate the whole system of the pipeline inside the restroom which also creates other problems. The effective trick is to pour the hot water from the 1-meter height. You must note that it should not be boiled. The energy produced with the fall resolves the blockage quickly.
  • How can you prolong the life of your toilet brush for months? However, you must still change it every 6 months and if you do not do that then you may spread the germs through the used brush rather than scrubbing them away. The secret of this is to fill the holder of your toilet brush with a mixture of water and toilet cleaner when not in use. This also ensures that your brush is totally clean when you are going to clean your restroom in the future.
  • why men spend much more time in the toilet than women? In the study, it is revealed to be the opposite for what we think, men take nearly 15 minutes in the restroom as compared to women who take 5 minutes in the restroom. The major cause of this is that the majority of the male think that restrooms are the safest place. One of the two men accepts that they take their newspaper or their mobile phones or extra reading materials to the restroom where they spend their time.
  • If you don’t flush the toilet, which country needs you to furnish $150 as punishment? In some countries, cleanliness is their priority. One of them is Singapore, which has its own reputation of being the cleanest country in the world. Public toilets make no exception here and for that, the police not only guard the country but check out if the person who before has used the toilet has left the toilet with a flush or not. Through this, it is said that it is effective to flush the toilet twice so as to confirm that there should be nothing left in the bowl.
  • Why should you close the toilet lid while flushing? It is not a good feeling to think that while flushing you need to put the lid down. It is the ability of the toilet water to splash out of the toilet for up to 6 meters and contaminate the whole bathroom. Starting from tiles to the floor and reaching up to your toothbrush. Thus you must note that before flushing the water you should close the toilet lid to prevent the splashed water from reaching your toothbrush and the other restroom things like hand-used towels, taps, restroom doors, etc.
  • Know that the restroom is not the dirtiest place in your home? During cleaning, we furnish the most attention to our toilet and because it is one of the cleanest portions of our home or the commercial space. Moreover, the smooth and cold ceramic tiles prevent bacteria from surviving for a long time on them. Most of the dirtiest part of the home is the kitchen sink that consists of 10000 bacteria per square meter, 1.250 times more than on a toilet seat.

Why You Need Professional Cleaners to Clean Restroom

We cleaning companies very well know that the owners of the residential place along with the commercial place people work so much and are busy in their profession in their offices or want to spend quality time with the family in their residence.

They do not have any time to clean their restroom and some have time but they feel disgusting in doing so. But it is also important that they have their restrooms cleaned and free from viruses and intended to get rid of any diseases spread from the restrooms.

Why you need professional cleaners to clean the restroom? The restroom is the area in any place where dirt gets accumulated at any time and required maintenance daily or when needed with an effective level of cleanliness and it is thus advantageous to hire a professional cleaning service to keep your restroom look effective. Some of the advantages are mentioned below:

Keep Everyone Else on Track

As a business owner, you shall pose various things to focus on. Maybe maintaining the restroom cleaning might be the last objective in your mind. But at that point, you should know that this makes your employees at risk. Your employees shall be unhappy if they see the office restroom in a bad state.

While it is well-established that contaminated restrooms are a risk to human health, many business owners may not realize the significant impact of unhealthy restrooms.

In the research, it is revealed that the contaminated air inside the restroom possesses harmful germs that might block your inhalation power or you might infect with some other diseases.

The human cognitive system gets diminished from the dirty, and unhealthy indoor air present in the restroom. However, various businesses know the need for ongoing employee training and acknowledge that a healthy restroom is more important inside the company because they just hire professional cleaners for their restroom.

This makes the restroom environment clean which implies that the whole premises get free from germs and the employees and staff are free from viruses and come under a healthy environment which implies that the performance of the company shall get boosted.

Less Stress

Your progress will slow down even when you take care of the minute things inside your office. For instance, if the restroom runs out of toilet paper, then people just need to wait for the same. But the professional people just ensure that your supplies will remain in stock.

You shall have no reason to take the burden on your own on hiring professional cleaners like a clean group. Our professionals are waiting to give you an assistive hand so that you do not take any headache on your own in making your restroom giving an immense look.

Affordability in Hiring the Professionals

If talking about our professional cleaning company i.e Clean group then we do everything to build our services as cheap as possible. The flexibility of our budget prolongs all the way to provide you the effective assistance for your restroom so as to create a difference in your life.

Gives 24-Hour Warranty

Our intention is to offer you a sense of peace. If from our side you shall ever get not satisfied with the services provided to you then you can call us and we shall arrive at your place in just 24 hours and solve the issue with no cost.

Long Term Cost Savings

There are various less competent office cleaning firms that execute only the basic cleaning process such as dust lingers on top of cabinets, shelves, on blinds, and in harder-to-reach areas inside the restrooms.

Maintaining your restroom consists of making your furniture clean and tidy, shelving, desks, floors, and other areas free from dust, dirt, and contaminants. Cleaning the restroom assists in removing the dust and debris from the floor and from the corners of the restrooms through our high tuned cleaning equipment and tools. This increases the life of the restroom and helps in saving the long-term cost of your restroom.

Provides Customized Cleaning

When you hire us then you should trust that your home will be cleaned your way. We will discuss your needs and priorities for your restroom cleaning. The effective cleaning for your restroom shall be given to you through our clean group and provide you the best cleaning possible.

At your location, our experts arrive and inspect your house, and as per that they will tell you about the cleaning needs and then customize your space cleaning so that all the space cleaning needs shall undergo properly.

Produces Quality

There is no better feeling when you go into a cleaned and fresh environment in the restroom. The clean group is proud to make you feel your restroom clean and tidy with fresh air.

The clean group provides effective quality in cleaning the restroom for the last 15 years. We just want you to feel more comfortable in your restroom and spend the time in a hygienic environment.

Build Trust

The families that exist can trust that we truly care about their restrooms. When you approach the clean group services then you can expect us to maintain an open and transparent communication that has all the clarity towards cleaning your restroom and under the said cost.

We just pay attention to the close line during the communication process and show the commitment towards cleaning the restroom so as to provide you 100% satisfaction.

Meet Clean Group: a Professional Cleaning Company

The clean group is a professional licensed company and gives a guarantee of quality cleaning for your space cleaning company. The group has been providing its services in Australia for more than 15 years.

The clean group is an expert in offering the most effective cleaning services for various spaces such as Commercial Cleaning, Office Cleaning Warehouse Cleaning, Medical Centre Cleaning School Cleaning, Child Care Centre Cleaning, Church Cleaning, Gym Cleaning. We have a stronger customer base and people are happy to opt us for their office restroom cleaning services.

The clean group owns the experts who are being trained with the latest skills needed for cleaning the restrooms, they just easily understand the scenario of the restroom in just one visit. Their training education from time to time gets updated as per the trends. Our experts are familiar with the restroom cleaning part.

We have cleaned various types of restrooms. In most of the restrooms the objects such as the floor, taps, door handles are different and we are just experts in cleaning the same. We own the latest technology tools and equipment used for cleaning.

This equipment is so tuned that it automatically adjusts itself as per the cleaning needs. The tools and equipment possess to give much efficient cleaning with less hardship of the body which might be reversed in the older equipment.

Green cleaning is said to be the most effective cleaning that shall not be executed with the help of chemicals and other harmful solutions. The use of inorganic supplies for cleaning the space is good for the environment also it mitigates the harmful effects which are caused due to man-made chemicals and solutions for cleaning.

The green cleaning is used by the clean group. This green cleaning can be executed even in the presence of the people whereas cleaning cannot be implemented while people are present if it is done through the chemicals.

You will see that if a Clean Group follows the safety rules and authoritative guidelines under the companies of bodies like OSHA and CDC during their work.

Indeed if you find that any object or space is left uncleaned by mistake then you can tell us, we then come immediately and cleans the uncleaned part without any charges.

If we talk about our pricing system then we want to assure you that our price quotes are as per the needed plans and possess lower cost as compared to the other professional restroom cleaners. Also, some companies impose any price on your restroom cleaning which we think should not be done.

Hence our experts will tell you only that amount that is appropriate and relevant to the restroom cleaning portion and no additional cost will be implemented on you if not needed.

Our Restroom Cleaning Checklist

A restroom will seem to look clean, healthy and hygienic, and free from viruses if it gets daily clean and sanitized. It is important to follow a proven restroom cleaning checklist that attracts people.

If you are the owner of the company then you are liable to provide your employees a healthy and hygienic environment. You must keep your whole office clean along with the restroom as the germs and bacteria begin with the restroom. This is because the restroom is said to be the breeding area.

For your restroom, you do not need to get worried as you can approach us for cleaning your restroom. We will solve every issue of your restroom relevant to cleaning. As soon as you approach us you shall come to your location and check out the restroom issues.

After that, we will tell you our reliable price for cleaning the same. Our cleaning plans are of lower prices as compared to the other cleaning company. Along with that, we tell you the appropriate price as per the cleaning needs.

After revealing the issues and telling you the operation cost we further start the operation by making the checklist that is needed to get cleaned. Our clean group makes a checklist so as to ensure that nothing shall be left uncleaned.

The checklist also helps us to think about the time that is to be given to the specific object. Making the checklist shall help us not to forget the chores which are required to get cleaned and it helps in deciding how much time is to be given to the specific task.

Below is the mentioned restroom cleaning checklist that will transform your restroom in a few hours.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Arrange Cleaning Equipment

It is crucial to start the cleaning and disinfection process by arranging important cleaning tools, commercial cleaning supplies, and environmentally-friendly products. Our clean group owns needed products for cleaning the restrooms.

  • Mild Cleaning Sprays
  • Floor Squeegees
  • Brooms
  • Dustpans
  • Mop buckets
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Dust Mop
  • Sponges
  • Wipes
  • Gloves
  • Paper towels
  • Natural Deodorisers
  • Disinfectant
  • Window/glass cleaner, etc.

Note: we use natural cleaning agents by using white vinegar, baking soda, castile soap, salt, lemon, and some other natural ingredients that can work so effectively in removing stains and disinfecting the whole restroom.

2. Start with the Pre-Clean Process

After accumulating all the needed cleaning equipment and solutions we start with the process of eliminating the loose dust and debris from in and around the restroom.

You should clean the floor by removing the visible soil and debris with the help of a multi-purpose cleaner or disinfectant. As you know that the toilets possess the major pain point of a filthy restroom, you must ensure that you flush the toilet. This will also assist you to understand whether it is clogged or not.

Note: Before entering the restroom you must ensure that there is no one inside.

3. Thoroughly Clean & Disinfect

Wipe off all the high-touch point spaces and objects in your restroom engaging:

  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Doorknobs and handles
  • Toilets
  • Urinals
  • Dispensers, etc

Note: we practice the white vinegar and water cleaning agent to clean and disinfect these areas. We ensure to wipe off through a clean microfiber cloth for the sparkling outcome. Leave the solution for 10 to 15 minutes prior to wiping this shall keep germs and diseases away and gives comfortability.

4. Clean the Toilet Bowl

While cleaning the commercial restroom it is important to clean and disinfect the toilet bowl.

Flush the toilet and apply the bowl cleaner in every nook and cranny. stay it for 15 minutes to break down the yellow stains, calcium, and other tough stains.

Rather than practising the chemical-based cleaning product, you can apply an eco-friendly solution that produces shiny results.

Note: You shall require professional assistance for the thorough cleaning service of your restroom if you did not maintain it in the given time duration. Fully-trained people shall assist you to eliminate hard water stains and mineral stains from the toilet bowl.

5. Dusting is Important

So as to convert your commercial or residential restroom from a bad to a good state then you are required to eliminate the dust and debris from every nook and cranny of the room. It is effective if you start from the top and then go in the downward direction.

First dust the ceiling wall, air vents, cabinets and drawers, windows, and blinds, and then remove dust from floor surfaces.

We ensure that the floor gets a mop and sweep via mop cleaner so as to prevent tough stains and grime. We also make sure that every corner of the restroom must be cleaned so as to remove the debris and dirt particles.

6. Spruce up Walls and Stalls

You must not forget to spot clean restroom walls and stalls to remove the visible soil. Rather than practising the scrubber, we use a disposable microfiber cloth to apply the eco-friendly cleaning agent.

We clean and disinfect walls and stalls to prevent streaks. We also ensure to apply the cleaning solution applied from bottom to top for effective results.

7. Refill Dispensers & Empty Trash Cans

It is indeed a portion of our cleaning procedure. We check out the products in soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and toilet paper dispensers. We previously ensured to refill them if required prior to leaving your restroom.

After our cleaning operation for your restroom gets completed we empty the trash cans and disinfect them by putting the two halves of the lemon in them. It shall kill the bacteria and indeed eliminate the bad smell.


The above discussion recommends the need and importance of cleaning the restroom. It is important as it is the source of the beginning of human diseases which are caused due to germs, bacteria, and the insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc.

but for the same concern, you shall not need to get worried as our clean group experts pose skills to remove this stuff from roots. We have the latest technology tools and equipment which helps us in easy and quick removal of viruses. Our trained cleaning education to experts shall help them in removing even the difficult stains and germs.

The mentioned checklist is so urgent that it is to be made so that we just work under its compliance. our complete restroom cleaning checklist which shall help us to maintain the cleanliness of your residential or commercial restroom.

It is thus important as it helps us to assist throughout the restroom cleaning process. it is just similar to the road map which reminds me of the cleaning process and the technique needed to apply for cleaning the specific part.

The major important thing is that you should trust our restroom cleaners when you are leaving the responsibility of your premises on us. This is because we possess certified team members in our group who have been verified truly as per the cleaning needs for the residential and commercial space.

Our clean group has been present in this business for more than 15 years and has a trusted customer base which is possible because of your trust and faith in us.

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