The Top 5 Products You Should Have In Your Workplace Cleaning Caddy

The Top 5 Products You Should Have In Your Commercial Cleaning Caddy
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With busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles, it is hard to prioritize the things that make life blissful for you. Family time, decorating your home and walking your dog take a back seat as your professional life thrives. You may abscond commercial cleaning duty to take care of your young one or increase your paycheck; it is understandable.

While some homeowners blame their tight schedules, others blame their cleaning equipment. Both are equally true, and the wrong cleaning caddy won’t sterilize your house sufficiently. Others discount the importance of a clean home.

A clean house keeps germs at bay, lowering the risk of falling sick as well as bestowing a sense of harmony and tranquility in your home. The cleaning process is fun and enhances bonding amongst your family members whom you spend little time with owing to your strenuous work.

So, what is a Commercial cleaning caddy? Cleaning has its psychological and physical benefits if you use suitable cleaning accessories. A cleaning caddy is simply where you put all your cleaning equipment. A new Sydney Commercial cleaning caddy sterilizes your environment and protects your body from chronic effects.

Most cleaning products contain ammonia which irritates your skin and may cause bleaching. A cleaning caddy does not have to be fancy, but it should help keep your cleaning accessories organized to make cleaning tips quick and easy.

What Should You Look for in a Cleaning Caddy?

  • Handle – You want a sturdy handle to carry it with ease.
  • Color – You want a cleaning caddy that accentuates your décor.
  • Size – Your caddy should be able to carry all your cleaning essentials
  • Compartments – Compartments hold similar supplies in one slot.

What Should You Have in Your Cleaning Caddy?

It would be best if you had the following essentials in your caddy for taking on stains and dirt in your house:

1. Cleaning Sprays

You have a wide range of cleaning sprays, from antibacterial to degreaser sprays. However, an all-purpose cleaner will suit your finances as well as disinfect your surfaces.

There are a lot of multipurpose sprays in the market by different manufacturers. Some work better than others and vary with surface material. Essentially these work on a spray, wipe and go principle. They are gentle on your skin but ruthless on germs and stains.

Cleaning sprays are safe to use on all surfaces, and you can purchase them at your local store. However, it is imperative to note that products labelled cleanser instead of cleaner containing rougher abrasives may require protecting your hands before handling them.

2. Tile Cleaner

Tiles tend to wear and stain with age; however, reversing these effects requires special care of the tiles by using tile cleaners. Tile cleaners contain bleach that scours scum on your tiles. Some cleaners cut through the dingy and discoloured grout building up on tile edges.

The beauty of your home largely depends on the state of your tiles. Your tiles need grout-friendly and tile-friendly tile cleaners such as gel tile cleaner. While the tiles are still moist, a squeegee dabbed with a significant amount of tile cleaner to scour them. Cleaning your floor regularly will maintain your tiles’ aesthetic value.

3. Microfibre Cloths

Microfiber towels are gentle on smooth surfaces like marble and glass. They are blends of polyester ground into tiny fibres and conjoined without chemical treatment. A microfiber cloth is used with cleaning sprays when you want to disinfect your surfaces without leaving a scratch. This is by far the most valuable equipment in your caddy.

It would be best if you buy lint-free towels for your caddy. Use it when moist with a bit of detergent to wipe your surfaces clean. You can throw them in the laundry with other towels to keep them clean and durable.

Towels can be cut from bigger ones to save on cost instead of buying numerous towels that perform the same functions. However, microfiber towels are cheap, and they are a must-have in your caddy.

4. Rubber Gloves

Most of your cleaning agents are made with ammonia, sulphates, and acids. Handling them with bare hands may cause serious injuries or irritation. It would be best if you did not have to injure yourself while disinfecting your house.

The FHSA requires manufacturers to put precautionary labels on products that may irritate your skin. However, some manufacturers do not adhere to regulations, and you should only purchase products with a clear indication of ingredients and their abrasiveness. Abrasives and irritation should not deter you from cleaning.

Rubber gloves protect your hands from the chemicals. Crevices tend to pile up, which is tummy turning when you remove it with your bare hands. Gloves help to clean those tight spaces without feeling like you need a scrub yourself too.

Your wallet bears the brunt of replacing your expensive manicure after every cleaning process. Rubber gloves allow you to clean your house while still maintaining your gorgeous nails. Shopping for gloves is not as easy as it sounds, and you should only buy rubber gloves from a renowned stockist.

5. Scrub Brush

When dirt accumulates on surfaces and household equipment, it may slip into nooks hard to reach with your bare hands and micro towels. A scrub brush has bristles that reach those crevices to clean them.

Scrub brushes can double up as mops where rigorous cleaning is required. Their ability to scour and cut through grease is desirable for floors and tile surfaces.

You can incorporate different scrubs in your caddies, such as cordless, bottle brush, and spout brush. Modern brushes have foldable shafts and save on space in your caddy, allowing you to pack more cleaning accessories.

The best brushes use micro bristle technology that reaches the farthest of cracks. You can purchase electric scrub brushes and regular hand-use brushes at any local store. You should buy brushes with flexible but sturdy bristles that last you long and clean your home effectively.

These essentials in your cleaning caddy should make cleaning an enjoyable process with the family. You can choose to have several caddies in strategic rooms in your homes, such as the bathroom and kitchen. They may be slightly different. Get a cleaning caddy today to keep your home aesthetically appealing and free from disease-causing bacteria.

What Else Can You Have in Your Cleaning Caddy?

Besides the above-mentioned essential cleaning items to include in your caddy, there are various other cleaning products you may want to include in your basket depending on a particular cleaning job.

These include all-purpose microfiber cloths, disinfecting spray, window cleaner, floor cleaner, portable vacuum, glass cleaner, non-scratch sponge and dish soap, tile cleaner, toilet cleaner, spray mop, etc.

Need help choosing the right commercial cleaning products? Contact Clean Group to talk to our experts. Or you can call us to book a commercial cleaning service anywhere in NSW. We bring our own supplies so you can have your peace of mind.

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