Top Tips On How To Declutter Your Office Quickly

Top Tips On How To Declutter Your Office Quickly

It is hard, if not impossible, to stay productive in a cluttered office cleaning space. It makes you feel distracted, and you even can’t find the stuff you require. However, most people do not know where to begin when it comes to decluttering an office space.

Fortunately, you can start decluttering your office space today easily and fast. And why not? You won’t get anything else done anyway. So here is a look at the top tips on how to declutter your office space quickly.

1. Begin with a Section by Section

Decluttering your whole office space at once can be intimidating. However, you can get a lot done over a short time by doing one section at a time. For instance, you can start with just your filing cabinet, dishwasher, desktop, or drawers. Then, make a quick list of each section of your office space for you to declutter them one by one.

Start to declutter just one section and then work your way through the other sections around your office. This way, you will easily dig into the particular area to determine what you require to keep and what you can discard.

2. Keep the Essentials

It is effortless for random supplies and documents to accumulate over time. It is also likely that you will want to hold onto lots of stuff, thinking that you might require them just in case.

But the chances that you will need specific papers from years ago is meagre. So, you should only keep the stuff you are currently working on or anything you might require for compliance.

Take out anything that does not belong in the space. Go through your drawers, surfaces, and cabinets for everything required to be in the living room, kitchen, etc., and only keep the office essentials. Then, it is easier to begin bringing in anything you need in the office from elsewhere.

3. Digitalize the Important Documents

Paper files and documents can quickly stack up. However, they don’t have to. Most of the papers can be digitized. You can opt to scan other documents or forms to keep the copies digitally if you might need them in the future.

Consider digitizing your bills, receipts, invoices, and other critical miscellaneous papers. This way, they will be safely stored, and you can discard everything away. Also, declutter your computer to help maintain the digitized files well organized depending on your needs.

4. Properly Utilize Tech Options

Today, there are lots of tech tools you can use to declutter your office space moving forward. For example, register for a cloud storage service for backing up your digitized documents, so you don’t require to keep the hard copies of documents.

You can also use project management and collaboration tools such as Asana and G Suite to manage communication with clients and members. Utilizing these tech tools will reduce the need to keep lots of physical stuff in your office space.

5. Arrange Stuff into Categories

After you have discarded the non-essential things in your office space, it is now time to put everything in the right place. You can do this by sorting them into particular categories. There is no specific way of categorizing things, and it all depends on how you do your business.

However, you should arrange the items to keep track and recall where everything is located easily. For example, you can categorize your office space into sections of finance and marketing or areas for your different clients.

6. Develop a System to Store Physical Files

After you have the scope of the physical items you require to store, you should begin to look for a physical place or filing cabinet to store all of them. This will keep them out of your way but still easily accessible anytime you require them.

You don’t have to get an entire piece of furniture if you don’t have many documents to store. You can use some folders in your desk drawer or an organizer hanging from the door. Just ensure that the storage system you opt for has sufficient room to store your categorized sections.

7. Dust and Clean Everything

Now that you have removed and sorted out everything, you don’t want to have the office space looking all dusty and messy. This is hence the ideal time to sweep, dust, and clean the office surfaces quickly. Being surrounded by clean and fresh air instead of random things and paperwork feels better.

8. Have a Desk Outbox for Your Urgent Things

Regardless of how organized most of your supplies and files are, you will still be constantly receiving new things that require your immediate attention. However, it is not always possible to sort the incoming stuff right away, particularly if you need to be prompted to look at them.

In this case, it is recommended that you keep a small tray or outbox on your desk at an observable place from your workspace. This way, you will always know what requires your attention immediately and work through the items continuously while maintaining a well-organized office space.

9. Label all the Sections

To quickly find things when you require them, you should clearly label everything in your office space. Ensure it is easy to see and read all the labels clearly from your workspace.

Labeling will make it easier to locate things as you work without reducing your working momentum. You may even consider colour-coding things for strong color relations and a more organized look.

10. Keep up Proper Organizational Habits

Office clutter develops quickly over time. The most remarkable change you can make to maintain your office space clutter-free is keeping the habit of organization and cleanliness moving onwards.

Always arrange things back in place after using them and take some time to clean up and ensure everything is well organized at the end of every day. Finally, if the clutter begins to get out of hand, it is time to reschedule another decluttering.

With the above tips on decluttering your space quickly, you can now make your home or office impeccably clean in a short time. Doing this makes your office more convenient for you to work in, and you should even notice enhanced productivity.

Bonus Tip: Keep your desk clean and organised. Every day, before you start your work, dust or wipe clean your office desk with a clean microfiber cloth, including all items and electronics on the desk.

If you are concerned about germs, use a TGA-approved disinfectant to spray clean all frequently touched objects and surfaces. Besides that, avoid eating at your desk and clean the spills as frequently as possible so that they have no chance to leave stains.

If you need help keeping your workplace clean and decluttered, call us to book an office cleaning service anywhere in NSW. We are the best, affordable and totally reliable.

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