7 Types of Workplace Spaces That Need Specialist Cleaning

7 types of commercial spaces that need specialist cleaning
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Commercial cleaning has become a mandatory thing for businesses in Sydney and other parts of Australia. Routine cleaning of your business will help keep your staff safe and uplift your business reputation, attracting more customers to shop from you.

Whilst it is important to get your workplace routinely cleaned by a professional cleaner or team, it is equally essential to choose the right type of cleaning to ensure the best results for your particular requirements. In this article, we will talk about 7 common types of commercial properties and the most suitable cleaning methods for them.

This article will give examples of the types of commercial cleaning that can be done, like for offices, restaurants and apartment blocks.

Types of Commercial Buildings and How to Clean Them

Here are some of the common types of business properties to which we (Clean Group) provide commercial cleaning services.

Office Cleaning in Sydney

Offices are one of the most common types of commercial buildings in Sydney. All businesses have offices, and they must be cleaned routinely to keep them looking attractive, fresh and germ-free.

Types of dirt in an office may include sand, clay, loose soil, mud, spills, and stains.

How to clean an office in Sydney

Choosing the right commercial cleaning equipment is crucial to achieving the perfect results. Depending on the type of dirt in an office, some of the cleaning equipment you might need include

As for cleaning the office, It’s usually a good idea to start from the top. Dust everything from ceilings to walls, window cleaning, vents, shelves, closets, desks, furniture and upholstery.

Clean and wipe the desks, electronics, computers, shelves, keyboards, countertops, tabletops, etc. using a microfibre cloth as required. Once you’re done dusting and wiping, it’s time to clean the floors. Sweeping or vacuuming first is recommended to remove all the loose dust and dirt from the office floors.

This should be followed by mopping with a water-soap solution or disinfectant. Depending on the floor size and type, you can do it manually or use an automated machine like the i-mop floor scrubber for efficient and quick cleaning.

Dust or vacuum the carpets as needed. Empty and clean garbage bins and replace liners. Clean and disinfect toilets, toilet seats, basins and urinals.

Disinfect all high-traffic areas and places like door handles, telephones, light switches, lift buttons, water taps, etc. multiple times a day. Every once in a while, vacuum and clean vents and other hard-to-reach places in the office.


Restaurants are everywhere and used by thousands of Australians every day. Because they deal with food and other eatables, restaurants must follow strict cleanliness and hygiene practices at all times. Commercial cleaning of a restaurant is easier said than done.

Types of dirt in a restaurant: Besides the usual dust, mud and soil, you can expect to find food particles, grime, oil stains, and filth in a poorly managed restaurant.

How to clean a restaurant

A restaurant commercial cleaning company will use high-tech equipment and trained commercial cleaners for deep cleaning of your restaurant.

They will clean the restaurant from the inside out, remove bad smells, clean and scrub hard floors, wipe the tables, deep clean the kitchens, remove stains and anything sticky, clean and disinfect bathrooms, remove the garbage, and maintain a high level of cleanliness and freshness to keep the customers happy and coming back.

Also, all tables and chairs must be regularly cleaned and sanitised, preferably multiple times during the day or before and after each use. Try to keep the menus and other items on the table neat and well-maintained. Pay special attention to the entrance and make it attractive.


Schools are sensitive premises as they deal with children and teens who can be more sensitive to dirt and get sick quickly when attending classes in a dirty and poorly managed school building. Routine cleaning of schools is extremely important.

Schools may have all kinds of dirt, from dust to debris, filth, mud, soil, food particles, and others.

How to do school cleaning

Many commercial cleaning companies in Sydney offer high-quality school cleaning services. Clean Group is one of them. Our professional cleaners can help keep your education premises clean, spotless and germ-free round-the-clock for the complete safety of your staff and students.

We employ only experienced, trained and police-checked cleaners and use certified eco-friendly cleaning products for effective and safe cleaning of school premises.

A typical school commercial cleaning service will include day-to-day cleaning of the facility, including floors, toilets, classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, kitchens, canteens, playgrounds, gyms, and other areas. All frequently used areas and surfaces will be disinfected to keep germs away.

In addition, deep cleaning at least once a week or fortnight is recommended for schools in Sydney.

Childcare Centres

A childcare centre or playschool is a facility that offers childcare for working parents. In the absence of parents, it is the responsibility of the childcare operator and staff to take good care of children, which is not possible in a dirty or poorly managed facility.

Childcare centre cleaning will involve routine, preferably daily, cleaning of the childcare facility, including vacuuming and scrubbing the floors, cleaning all play areas and children’s rooms, and cleaning and sanitising toys, pantry areas, and food preparation areas and utensils, disinfecting toilets and removing spills and stains as quickly as possible to avoid accidents.

Childcare centres must employ only professional and experienced staff, including cleaners. Clean Group has years of professional commercial cleaning experience with a specialisation in the cleaning of childcare facilities, preschools, daycare and kindergartens.

Our team is highly experienced, qualified and police-checked. We can offer high-quality services at very low commercial cleaning prices. Contact us to know more.

For commercial cleaning of a childcare facility, only green cleaning solutions must be used, as regular cleaning products might contain toxins that are harmful to children.

Gym Cleaning

A dirty or mismanaged gym can seldomly help keep anyone healthy. Is your gym always smelling bad or consistently dirty? Then, it is time to hire professional gym cleaners in Sydney.

Having years of experience in the cleaning of gyms and health clubs, we can help you maintain a clean, fresh and germ-free environment for your gym in Sydney. Here’s how we do it.

Before you start cleaning a gym, know that the most common type of dirt in a gym is human hair and tissues. And also expect to find a lot of sweat and smell on machines.

So, it is crucial to routinely clean and disinfects the gym, including all equipment, changing rooms & toilets. Basic cleaning of the gym will include vacuuming & mopping the floors, wiping down & disinfecting all exercise machines and free weights, cleaning and disinfecting locker rooms, and cleaning all common areas.

The goal is to minimise contamination and make the place look as attractive and fresh as possible. Our commercial cleaners bring all the tools and eco-friendly supplies needed for a gym cleaning service.

Medical/Hospital Cleaning

Cleaning a medical facility is probably the hardest job for commercial cleaners. It requires extensive experience and the right set of skills to identify and clean the various sensitive areas properly.

A medical facility will have specific kinds of dirt, which may include human tissues, blood, used cotton, bandages, syringes, etc. If mishandled, they can lead to the spread of infections in patients and medical staff, which is why medical cleaning should only be done by professionals.

A commercial cleaner with a specialisation in medical facilities cleaning can help keep your facility clean. Not all commercial cleaners will have that kind of skills or specialisation, which is why it is crucial to choose your cleaning partner carefully.

Commercial cleaning businesses with an experience in the cleaning of medical premises and the right tools for it are rare these days. And the ones who have the necessary skills might charge a high commercial cleaning cost. But, worry not.

Clean Group offers highly trained and experienced medical cleaners at very low commercial cleaning rates, which are less than any other company in the market.

Apartment Buildings/ Strata

Commercial cleaning of an apartment building, especially large strata buildings, is not an easy job. But that doesn’t mean you can avoid cleaning your apartment.

This might put your tenants at risk of catching diseases. And nobody likes to live in dirty or filthy conditions, which means you might even lose customers if not getting your strata cleaned regularly. Wondering how to do it?

As I said, it is not easy. But a professional strata cleaning company like Clean Group can do the job perfectly. We can help keep your commercial space clean and well-maintained around the year at a very low per month cost.

Despite being heavily experienced and well-trained, our commercial cleaners charge much less per hour than the competition. We bring and use high-tech equipment, including industrial vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and can clean any strata building of any size.

Having more than two decades of experience in the cleaning industry, we’ve done it all and also entertain special services such as external window cleaning, deep cleaning, office maintenance, industrial cleaning, and others. To request a free on-site assessment of your property and cleaning needs, call us today.

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