The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning High-Traffic Workplace Spaces

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning High-Traffic Commercial Spaces
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As important as it is to clean a commercial space in the first place, it is equally important to focus more on the commercial cleaning of high-traffic places.

What’s a high-traffic place in a commercial property?

Well, commercial high-traffic areas are places that receive heavy foot traffic or have more foot activity than other areas in a facility. Examples include commercial floors, carpets, and a variety of commercial facilities such as malls, supermarkets, hospitals, offices, etc.

When cleaning a commercial building, special attention must be paid to the cleaning of high-traffic areas and places. This is because these areas are used by more people, receive more foot traffic on average and will likely accumulate more dust, dirt and germs over time as compared to other, low-traffic areas in the building.

In this guide, we share some useful insights about identifying and cleaning high-traffic areas in a commercial facility.

If you are wondering what is commercial cleaning services or what refers to professional cleaning, it is everything commercial cleaning companies like Clean Group do. Basically, commercial cleaning refers to the cleaning of a commercial building like an office, hospital, school, gym or any other place of business. A commercial cleaner is a person who performs the cleaning of such business premises.

What do commercial cleaning companies do?

A commercial cleaning company provides professional cleaning services to business premises such as offices, gyms, hospitals, government buildings, etc. The difference between a normal cleaner and a professional cleaning company is in terms of cleaning quality, efficiency and cost.

Importance of Cleaning High-Traffic Commercial Spaces

Commercial cleaning of high-traffic spaces is important because these places can accumulate a lot of germs and dirt over time if not cleaned and maintained properly.

A typical office floor is a classic example of a high-traffic place that might receive huge foot traffic throughout the day. As a high number of people use the floors, the maintenance needs are equally increased.

Without proper care and regular maintenance, the office floors will not only lose their appearance and start looking dirty or faded but also might become prone to damages that can be very expensive to repair.

If you do not clean your office floors, carpets and other high-traffic areas frequently, chances are that germs will keep accumulating there, which will certainly increase the health risk to your workers and office visitors.

The requirement for routine cleaning and maintenance is even more significant in high-traffic spaces that deal with health-related services. Examples include schools, gyms, hospitals, clinics, childcare centres, etc.

Because these premises offer sensitive services related to health and children, the chances of infection due to germs in dirty and poorly managed places can be high. Medical facilities, for example, deal with all kinds of germ-ridden waste such as contaminated items, dressings, cotton swabs, etc., which might become responsible for spreading infection and exposing to various diseases if not properly and timely dealt with.

Besides that, all areas in a medical facility must be routinely cleaned and disinfected to limit the spread of infections. The same goes for childcare facilities and other similar commercial buildings.

Commercial high-traffic areas also include frequently touched surfaces and objects such as door handles, knobs, switchboards, water taps, handrails, lift buttons, desks and others. These must also be properly cleaned and disinfected on a routine basis.

How to Clean High-Traffic Commercial Premises

Cleaning of high-traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces in a commercial facility should be done with a predetermined schedule based on the area type, number, frequency and type of traffic, etc.

If you are not sure how to clean your high-traffic commercial buildings, our professional commercial cleaners can help you come up with a perfect commercial cleaning strategy to ensure your high-traffic areas are cleaned as often as needed and your business place is always clean, spotless and well-maintained.

Here’s how we clean busy areas in different types of commercial properties:

Childcare Centre Cleaning

A childcare facility is a place that offers care services to children. So, naturally, it’s obligatory for childcare service providers to keep their premises clean and free of germs.

This can be achieved through daily cleaning of entire premises, including floors, play areas, kitchens, toilets, and other areas. Besides that, all high touch surfaces must be routinely disinfected using quality cleaning solutions.

Toys and play areas must be washed regularly and all utensils and other food objects should be kept free of germs. Specialist Cleaners should use proper safety gear, gloves, masks, etc. and follow precautions to avoid the accidental spread of infections.

With children, special attention must be paid to avoid using toxic cleaning products that can cause harm to children. Both for cleaning and disinfection, only certified child-safe products must be used.

We at Clean Group for example will use TGA-approved chemicals with state-of-the-art electrostatic disinfection tech to keep your premises secure against up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria commonly found in commercial premises.

  • Clean up spills and stains as soon as possible.
  • Wash porous items daily.
  • Keep sick kids separate from others and disinfect their items daily.
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms daily.

Gym Cleaning

Gyms are another type of health-sensitive commercial premises. When helping people become stronger and healthier through workouts, yoga and/or other practices in your gym, you do not want to accidentally make them sick, which might happen if you are not focusing enough on routine cleaning and maintenance of your property.

While routine cleaning of gyms is essential to keep the premises looking attractive and make a good impression on the visitors and customers, it might also help minimise the risk of infections and diseases by germs in workplaces.

In commercial premises, especially in gyms, where people spend hours working out, the likelihood of germs on machines, floors, changing rooms, toilets, etc. can be extremely high.

Also, because people tend to sweat a lot when exercising, gym cleaning should be focused on removing odour as much as on the cleanliness of the area.

In addition, we strongly recommend disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces and areas in your gym as many times as possible during the day to minimise the risk of infection.

  • Wipe down and disinfect equipment diligently
  • Clean all machines and disinfect
  • Disinfect toilets, bathrooms and changing rooms after a thorough cleaning
  • Replace towels and toiletries
  • Use cleaning products that can help remove odour and maintain a fresh environment.

Medical Cleaning

For the cleaning of medical premises such as hospitals, verified cleaning methods and products are used by Clean Group cleaners.

Only use professional, trained and qualified cleaners for hospital cleaning. When providing cleaning servicess to a medical facility, cleaners must wear the right gear. Cleaners must frequently clean their hands and avoid direct contact with possibly contaminated things.

Choosing the right disinfectant that can kill medical germs and pathogens is also important. Floors should be cleaned using a disinfectant to minimise the volume of germs.

Cleaners must pay special attention when cleaning germiest places such as toilet seats, garbage bins, door handles, medical equipment, telephones, etc.

Hire commercial cleaning services from a professional hospital cleaning provider.

Office cleaning

Offices are premises of mass traffic. Large buildings occupied for office use may host hundreds of people every day, which makes it extremely important to keep these facilities spotless and germ-free through routine cleaning and disinfection of high-traffic areas.

For an office cleaning service, only a qualified team of trained and experienced office cleaners must be used. Office cleaning is the most common type of commercial cleaning service, but not many cleaners are actually trained to properly clean and disinfect offices. Using the right products and methods is the key to achieving 100% protection and efficiency.

Get your cleaners to clean the floors, toilets, kitchens and work areas around the place on a routine basis. Moreover, all high-traffic areas and frequently touched points should be cleaned multiple times during the day to avoid the risk of infection.

Infections can spread super fast in an office, which is why staff must be asked to use hand sanitiser and maintain proper hygiene.

Why hire Clean Group for High-Traffic Commercial Cleaning

As a leading commercial cleaning business, we have the experience, skill and resources to clean all types of commercial premises, with a focus on high-traffic areas. We provide carpet cleaning, industrial cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and window cleaning, among others.

All our cleaners are trained professionals and provided with cutting-edge cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products for high-quality commercial cleaning services. Our services are backed by superior customer service.

Cleaning your business’ high-traffic areas and keeping them clean is extremely important. Trust only professional cleaners who have good experience in the high-traffic cleaning industry to meet your cleaning needs without compromising quality.

We as a top cleaning service provider in Sydney are always willing to help all our customers with the best quality cleaning solutions through expert cleaners at cost-effective prices. We offer a free quote along with a full satisfaction guarantee for all our work.

If you need help cleaning high-traffic areas in your commercial property or want to know more, feel free to reach out to Clean Group to book an office cleaning service.

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