List Of Business Cleaning Services Terminology (Glossary of Cleaning Terms)

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The cleaning industry has many branches. The biggest of them all is the commercial cleaning. Many had tested setting their foot and venturing in this industry. Many had triumphed and now enjoying the financial freedom this business had given them. Clean Group is one of the many few that surfaced in the cleaning industry for over twenty years.

In this article, we will tell you the different cleaning services under commercial cleaning. We aim to give you the knowledge and maybe answer some of the questions that may be lingering in your mind for quite some time.

This article hopes to inspire you that with hard work and dedication, you can also establish a cleaning business that will be famous all across Australia. 

What is a Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning services have a variety of methods and specialties. Commercial cleaners specialise in cleaning other businesses like offices, child care facilities, strata, health care facilities, churches, factories, and many more.

Commercial cleaning is anything other than home cleaning. It requires training and knowledge about different cleaning methods and familiarisation with varying uses of cleaning chemicals.

Usual cleaning ordeal like vacuuming, wiping, and dusting is part of the job. Commercial cleaners are also expected to perform more rigorous

What is Deep Cleaning?

The very definition of deep cleaning can be described based on its actual words. It is not an easy cleaning task. Commercial cleaners are expected to clean top to bottom and leave the place spotless. It can include scrubbing soiled toilet floors or removing cobwebs that have been there for ages.

Deep cleaning includes cleaning tasks that are not being covered in the routine cleaning. Some of these tasks are internal and external window cleaning, high dusting, air vents cleaning, and the like.

Deep cleaning is also needed when an infectious disease breaks out on a particular premise – like in childcare settings. 

What is Sanitising?

Before the Covid 19 pandemic, many people have not treated sanitising as a necessity. Covid 19 pandemic had brought so many cleaning jobs on the table because of this sanitising needs.

Businesses need unique sanitising jobs to protect their business, employee, and customers from contracting the virus. Sanitising cleaning in the commercial cleaning business can be done through fogging or manual wiping. 

What is Strata Cleaning?

Strata, apartment blocks, and condominiums have common areas that need attention. The building manager hires a commercial cleaner that will clean these common areas like lifts, reception, stairs, and hallways.

Commercial cleaners who are able to secure a contract for strata cleaning services are also expected to do basic gardening and lawn mowing for shared patios and gardens. 

What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Electrostatic disinfection is the latest disinfection technology. It is a gunlike handheld device that emits disinfecting fog. The disinfectant’s electrostatic charge allows it to wrap around the surface, giving it good coverage. Many commercial cleaners had invested in this technology, and many businesses had availed of this service. 

What is Medical Facility Cleaning?

Hospitals, medical clinics, dental clinics, therapy centres, and the likes are part of this group. Commercial cleaners in the medical cleaning sector are fully aware of the health hazards they may encounter. They are keen to work around patients.

Proper waste management may also be part of their job. Commercial cleaning companies who are in this field use special personal protective equipment to protect themselves. They also know cleaning techniques that help significantly in avoiding cross-contamination. 

What is Restaurant Cleaning?

A restaurant is a place where people meet to dine and enjoy the ambience of the business. Cleanliness is their top priority – the very reason, food! You cannot play around with the food business.

Food poisoning or infestation can be the end of your business if it is not managed correctly. Commercial cleaners can take care of Restaurant Cleaning, bars, outdoor dining areas, kitchen, and toilets. You can entrust your commercial cleaners from a simple table and 

countertop wiping to your restaurant’s entire health and sanitation system. 

What is Gym Cleaning?

Imagine the foot traffic in the gym – the sweat and smell that people leave after their workout. Only commercial cleaners have the proper know-how of taking good care of your facility.

The gym has special equipment and different floor materials that require various approaches. One wrong Gym Cleaning chemical or method can cause damage. 

What is Church Cleaning?

Churches, especially the old ones, have so many expensive woodworks inside. Apart from the vast floor area, the commercial cleaner will also have to deal with its ceiling heights.

Woodworks require special cleaning. It can cause severe damage and expensive repairs if not handled with care and proper knowledge of other construction materials and surfaces.

Church cleaning can include dusting and wiping of the altar, seats, and kneelers. It may also require stripping and sealing of floors from time to time. Commercial cleaners also take care of cleaning microphones and other electronic pieces being used inside the church. 

What is Office Disinfection?

Since the Covid 19 pandemic, offices have slowly opened back to trade. Along with this, business owners called upon commercial cleaners to ensure the health and safety of their employees and customers by regular office disinfection.

As mentioned above, office disinfection service can be done through electrostatic disinfection or manual wiping of surfaces with hospital-grade disinfectant. High touchpoints are the usual spot of disinfection. It includes door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, and phones. 

These are the different cleaning services offered by Clean Group. We hope that you can choose the niche that you want to focus on as you advance your way up the ladder of this cleaning industry.

Please feel free to write us a comment below if you have questions about commercial cleaning. We are telling you that we are equipped with all the knowledge to get you through this.

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