Workplace Parking Lot Cleaning – a Complete Guide for Process, Price and Services in Sydney

Commercial Parking Lot Cleaning - a Complete Guide for Process, Price and Services in Sydney
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Keeping your commercial parking lot clean and well-maintained will not only make your business look good but also ensure the health safety of your workers and customers. A clean parking lot is usually the first step to building a nice & clean image for your business. If you have questions about or want to understand how Commercial Parking Lot Cleaning Sydney works, you’re at the right place.

At Clean Group, we provide a complete range of commercial cleaning & office cleaning services, including parking lot cleaning.

Our expert office cleaners help hundreds of our customers with their routine parking lot cleaning needs. To know more about our commercial cleaning services or to request a FREE quote, call us today.

Why Do You Need a Professional Parking Lot Cleaning Service?

If your commercial place has a dedicated parking lot, it’s important to regularly clean it.

Did you know, the external cleanliness of a business is a very crucial deciding factor in whether or not a customer will stop to shop from it?

Commercial parking lots are usually super busy, especially if it is a large building such as a mall or strata. A lot of people visit the parking lot to park their vehicles, and they tend to leave substantial debris – dirt, tire tracks, mud, oil leaks, trash, etc. – behind.

Without proper cleaning and maintenance, your commercial parking lot can turn out to be dangerous and unsafe for your visitors.

Also, clean and properly maintained parking lots do make a good impression on the visitors. Even you wouldn’t want to visit a store or office that’s poorly maintained or is always dirty.

Regular Commercial cleaning of your parking lot is also important in order to keep the property compliant with the regional environmental laws. Pollutants arising from dirty places can end up contaminating the air and the water, making people around sick.
Other benefits of a clean parking space include:

  • Create a good impression on visitors;
  • Helps attract customers;
  • Helps minimize pollution;
  • Extends the building value and life;
  • Helps prevent erosion;
  • Helps avoid the rodent situation.

How Does a Professional Cleaner Clean Parking Lots?

So, now the question is how exactly can you ensure cleaner and well-maintained parking lots in your building. Well, the best way to keep your commercial parking lots clean is to hire the services of a professional commercial cleaning company.

An expert parking lot cleaner or team will help keep your parking area clean by regularly sweeping or vacuuming it, removing debris & litter from the place, and emptying all trash bins. In addition, they can also perform minor repairs, change bulbs, clean the lifts, as and when needed.

For example, when you choose to hire commercial parking lot cleaning services in Sydney from Clean Group, our cleaners will take care of everything, from regular cleaning and sweeping of your parking lots to pressure washing and trash removal.
Wondering how it works?

Here’s How Clean Group Professionals Clean Parking Lots:

Upon receiving a request for an on-site inspection from a potential client, our area manager will visit the premises to analyse the cleaning requirements.

Based on that, he/she will offer a custom cleaning plan and quote for commercial parking lot cleaning. It will usually comprise the following services:

1. Sweeping & Vacuuming: First, our parking lot cleaners will sweep or vacuum the entire area, including surfaces, stairs, lift, etc. to remove dust, dirt and debris and make the place look clean.

2. Sidewalk Cleaning: As the second step, the team will pick up trash, such as water bottles, wrappers, leaves, and debris from the premises, including sidewalks.

3. Pressure Washing: Depending on the cleaning needs of your commercial parking lot, our cleaners may also offer pressure washing, which involves washing the entire area using a pressure washer machine for complete cleaning. If the surfaces of your parking lot have hard stains such as oil or paint on them, we can also consider using our state-of-the-art iMop scrubber for in-depth pressure cleaning and washing. This technology comes with a built-in drier to make the place instantly dry after washing.

4. Trash Removal: In addition to sweeping and washing your parking lot, our office cleaners in Sydney will also regularly clean out trash and empty the bins, which helps maintain a healthy and fresh environment.

Garage Cleaning: Besides parking lots, we can also take care of the cleaning of your commercial garages, i.e. the places where vehicles are temporarily kept.

The process is nearly similar. First, we will sweep the floors, then remove the litter and trash, clean the bins, and pressure wash, as and when needed.

Also, we can occasionally perform minor repairs in your parking lot/ garage, paint it, as well as change light bulbs, etc.

We at Clean Group offer a comprehensive range of commercial parking lot cleaning services, from basic sweeping to pressure wash and trash removal.

Our ultimate aim is to make your business place look beautiful and feel welcoming to your employees, customers, and/or tenants. We’ll offer you the best quote based on your particular cleaning needs and offer services on a schedule that works for you.

Also, we take custom requests. So, if you have any particular cleaning needs or want us to clean in a particular way, we can offer a personalised office cleaning solution.

Parking lot cleaning service Sydney is offered as a part of our overall office cleaning & commercial cleaning services.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Parking Lot?

It’s important to consider the cost when choosing a parking lot cleaning service in Sydney. The cost to clean a parking lot may fall in the range of $50 to $150 per clean, depending on factors like the cleaner type & experience, parking lot area, amount & type of trash, and other costs (repair, etc.).

When looking to clean your commercial parking lots, you have two options – 1) Do it yourself 2) Hire a professional parking lot cleaner.

If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to hire a professional cleaner for your parking lot cleaning needs, the cheapest option is to do it yourself. But, of course, this is also the most time-consuming option.

So, opt for the DIY option only if you have sufficient time on hand and also if you have some experience in commercial cleaning. Then, you can follow the parking lot cleaning process mentioned above to achieve good cleaning results.

Alternatively, you can outsource the task to an experienced team of parking lot cleaners at Clean Group. Our office cleaning package covers the cleaning of the parking area and garage and offers the services at nominal rates.

The professional parking lot cleaning service of Clean Group covers the complete cleaning and washing of your parking area, garage, etc., plus constant maintenance of the premises for routine cleaning packages.

Our office cleaners have good experience in the cleaning of parking areas and can do it safely and with 100% success. Also, they bring their own cleaning tools & solutions, which further saves the cost of cleaning for you.

As I said, the cost of our parking lot cleaning service is the best in the market. And if you hire our office cleaning package or the routine cleaning package, you will get a special price for parking lot cleaning. To get a FREE quote, you can contact us right away.

I would strongly recommend not to go with inexperienced cleaners or regular cleaners for parking lot cleaning. In most cases, regular building cleaners having no experience in the cleaning of parking lots will end up doing a bad job and waste your time and money for no good. Also, these unprofessional cleaners will require constant monitoring, which can further take up a lot of your time.

When you are looking to hire cleaners for parking lot cleaning, always choose a professional & experience service, as it will be worth it in the long term.

Our comprehensive parking lot cleaning services are coupled with Clean Group’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you need not worry about results.

When working with us, you can just sit back and relax, knowing that your property is in responsible hands. We guarantee results and nothing less.

Conclusion – Commercial Parking Lot Cleaning Sydney

As important as it is to keep your commercial parking lot clean, it’s equally essential to choose the right cleaner for the job. A bad or inexperienced cleaner will most probably not give you the results you’re looking for.

At the same price, you can hire a professional parking lot cleaner from Clean Group, along with free maintenance and a 100% result guarantee.

Always do your research and consider your requirements & budget when looking to hire a parking lot cleaner in Sydney. The cheapest option is not always the best. It’s better to choose quality over quantity/price when looking for a cleaner for your valuable property.

Need help or want to discuss more? Feel free to contact us to know more about our office cleaning & property cleaning Sydney services. You can also send your cleaning requirements or request a FREE quote by visiting our website

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